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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Melted heart Episode 15 & 16

15 min read
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( Lost in your ♡ world )


Episode 15♥♥♥♥


😍 Preet’s pov 😍

” why did you ignore my calls?” He asked ,,,I cleared my throat trying to say something but nothing came out.
” You did that knowingly?? ” he asked again
” I’m sorry ” I said and bite my lips ,,am not good in telling lies
He said nothing and faced his phone again ,,but where are we going??

Soon the car stopped and I looked out ,,,,a wow escape my lips ,,,is this a house or ,,,,,,it’s just too beautiful.
” Preet,,, come down ” that was when I came back to reality,,I nodded and got down from the car still checking the house out ,,,it’s just too amazing.
I felt a hand holding me and I turned to see him dragging me with him,,I chuckled ,,maybe i was starring at the mansion too much. But ,,did he leave the Silver House ??

” welcome sir ” the maids all bowed their heads as we walked in
” wow ,,” I said ,,,,,
” What ??” He asked
” oh ,,,nothing ” I shook my head feeling embarrassed,,, it’s not my fault ,I’ve never seen something like that .
” are you sure you can walk right now ?? You’re too

slow ” he said and faced me
” show me the way ,,am gonna run ” I winked at him and he smiled
💋Is she his girlfriend??
💋 Awwn ,,they look so good together

The maids murmured that I have to keep quiet,,, Ronnie smiled and took my hand again ,we both went upstairs,,,

” Wait ,,,,” I said as we entered into a large room ,he turned and faced me with a questioning face
” What are we doing here ? I have to go back home ” I said
” you can go ” he replied
” what ?? How can I go back alone ??” I asked
” Don’t go anywhere,,,, stay ,,,you don’t know how much I was worried about you when I didn’t see you ,,so now you’re leaving?? ”

” Why will you be worried about me ??” I asked ,,,he ignored my question and pulled me into a hug
I stood still and inhale his scent,, he really smell nice ,,,,
He unlock from the hug and my eyes went to his wrist,,, I grab his hand and he winced like he was in pain.
” Hey,,what happened?? Did you hurt yourself??? Huh?? Did someone hurt you?? Tell me what happened ” I rushed the questions almost in tears
” Oh,,,,,well,,it’s nothing ” he replied
” But you just ,,,,”
” Am fine okay ?? You don’t have to be worried ” he smiled ,,,

Is he keeping something?? But it’s weird though ,,,
” stay here

,,am gonna take my bath ” he said and went into another room I don’t know.
I breath out and collapsed on the king sized bed,,,,
Why is he taking much time ??? As if he heard me ,,he came in ,,,,I immediately pretended to be asleep. I felt him moving closer to me ,,he covered me with the duvet and left ,I opened my eyes and saw him somewhere in the room ,,,laptop again!!
I cleared my throat and he looked back ,,,,,
” I thought you slept off ” he said with a smile
” not again ” I laughed
” Am hungry,let’s go and eat ” he said
” are we going to walk downstairs?? Damn,,am tired ” I pouted
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” If you can’t walk ,there’s an elevator,,,but I have another plan ” he smiled .
” What plan ?” I asked
He stood up and walked up to me ,,before I could talk ,he carried me in a bridal style and I became shock
” But ,,,my legs are fine ” I said
” I know ” he replied and carried me out of his suite ,,,we got downstairs and he dropped me
” Thanks ” I said

” Sit down and eat ” he said
I sat down and watch as the maids opened different plates ,,,,,I took a fork and had a taste
” wow ,,it’s good ” I said
” Thank you mam ” a maid said
” What ?? Mam ?? Am not ,,,,,,”
” Eat ” Ronnie whispered

I nodded and continue eating,,, he also ate a little and we both got up again ,,wait what about the rest ??is it gonna waste like that??

I immediately ran upstairs to prevent him from carrying me again ,,I guess he caught me because he laughed.
I love his smile, its really cute. Just keep on laughing Ronnie,, don’t ever get sad.
” Sir ???” I called
” Just call me Ronnie ,,R.O.N.N.I.E ,,,call it out ”
” Okay ,,,Ronnie ” I said .
” Wow ,,I love the way you pronounced it ” he winked and I suddenly blushed
” I need to,,, uhm,,,take my bath ,,,,” I told him
” Go on ”

” I don’t have anything to change with ” I said looking down and playing with my finger ,,I always do that when I feel embarrassed, I don’t know why though.
” Oh ,,,,,am going to get you clothes ,,wait here ” he said going out
“no!! ” I screamed and he stopped
” I mean,,,, we can just go to ,,,,,,,my house ,,,my clothes are there,, you don’t need to buy anything ” I said avoiding his face

” Just go and take your bath ” He said and went out
I roughed my hair and walked into the bathroom,,, wow,, its even bigger than the one in the Silver house,,,
I immediately got into the bathtub ,,I still know how this one works, I can’t disgrace myself 😂

After taking my bath ,,I took one of the towels and wrapped it around myself. I walked into the room and gasped,, wait ,,I thought I only said I need something to change into ,,and besides am leaving tomorrow so ,,what is all these bags doing here ???
I started checking the clothes,, I finally saw a pajama,, I immediately put it on before he comes in. I took another outfit ,,am going to wear that to school tomorrow,, he can just return the rest.

The door opened and he came in ,,,
” Sir ,,,no,,,I mean,, Ronnie ,,,,I already choose the one I want ,you can return the rest ,,thank you ” I smiled
He scoff and ignored me
” They are all yours ” He replied
” What ???! No ,,,I can’t take that ” .
” Are you rejecting my gift now??” He asked starring into my eyes and I became lost again

Damn ,,,he won
” Thank you ” I said softly and he smiled
So much effect !!!!
I sat down with him checking what he was doing,,,, he was chatting with,, Oh ,,Ryan.
📨 You’re really with her right now ??

I saw the message,, he faced me and I looked away ,,,
I left him and went to the bed ,,in a minute ,I was already asleep.

👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑

📨 Tell me ,,,we are best friends. Do you love that girl??
Ryan asked
I smiled and checked on her ,,she’s sleeping already???
📨 I think am in love with her,,,i don’t know how ,,,but I am really crazy about her

I replied and sighed ,,,,
But is she going to accept me as her boyfriend?? What if she think she’s going to be in trouble if she accept me ??
I stood up and walked to her ,,,I covered her well and slept beside her ,,I keep on starring at her, she’s really beautiful.


😍 Preet’s pov 😍

I woke up and stretched my arms ,,,,I sniff in the morning air and smiled. Wait ,,,,why am I alone ?? Did he left already ??
I got out of bed and went into the bathroom,,, after taking my bath I walked back into the room ,,,,
I put on my clothes,,, a trouser and a shirt ,,,,I packed my hair in a messy bun and put on a black snickers, I checked myself in the mirror,,

” Everything looks good on you Preet ” I said and smiled
Wait,,, no bag ,,nothing nothing??

” Oh no ,,,,” I said and throw my hands in the air
I was so carried away that I didn’t remember?? I roughed my hair angrily,, suddenly I saw a hand bag inside one of the bags Ronnie got last night ,,I smiled and immediately took it ,,even if there’s nothing in it ,I hate walking without bags. I arranged my hair again since I already roughed it.

I went downstairs and a maid rushed to me ,,,
” Morning mam ,,,your breakfast is ready ” She said with a bow
” Can you just call me Preet ??”
” Am sorry ,,but I can’t, I may loose my job ” she replied
I sighed and walked to the dinning room ,,I sat down ,,she helped me with the bread and egg ,,,after eating she gave me a cup of tea ,,

” Thank you,, I really enjoyed it ” I smiled
” Thank you mam ”
This mam of a thing ,,,

I walked out of the house,,am taking a taxi to school ,,,,I was about going out when one of the guards ran after me
” Mam ,,,,am sorry ,,but I will be the one to drive you from now ” he said and I scoff
From now?? Did I tell him am already living here??

” Thank you ” I smiled and followed him

🎻 Romeo’s pov 🎻

I walked into the band’s mansion,I met Ryan and Ronnie chatting and laughing. I ignored them and went upstairs,,,he really thought he won right ??
Am gonna deal with him ,,that’s a promise.

After taking what I came here for ,I went back downstairs.

” Hey Romeo,, we are going out ,wanna come along?? ” Ryan asked
” Go with your friend ” I snapped
” Why are you acting so childish ??”
” I told you he’s the devil himself ,,why wasting your time ??” that’s Ronnie’s voice
I turned back and glare at him angrily

” One more word from you and I will hit you twice the one you did to my face ,,,” I said pointing my finger at him
” Since that’s what you are good at ,,you can come and give it a try and watch as I feed your bones to the birds ” He replied

I moved closer to hit him but Ryan held my hand,,

” Let go of my hand !!”
” Hey Romeo ,,,,stop ,,you guys are taking it too far ,,you’re the one at fault,, just apologize and everything will be fine ” Ryan said and I felt like hitting him with something
” Apologize to who ??”
” Your twin brother ” he replied
” He’s not my twin Ryan ,,,I am doubting if we are brothers already ,,,,” Ronnie said and stood up
” Am just gonna warn you ,,,,don’t let me see you get close to Preet or am gonna destroy your face ” He said and walked out
” Ronnie wait ,,Ronnie!! ” Ryan called but he ignored him

” You guys are too stubborn ” he said ,,I pulled his hand away from Mine and also walked out.

🏯 Silver House🏯

💋 Writer’s pov 💋

” Honey ,,,,you caused everything. You shouldn’t have supported Romeo alone,, you hurt Ronnie with that ” Mrs Silver said sounding angry
” What else do you want me to do ?? He refused to apologize to his brother,, is that my fault ??” Mr Silver asked turning to face his wife
” You did not even investigate properly,, what if Romeo was wrong?? Now Ronnie left ,,,my son ,,,” Mrs Silver burst into tears

” Stop crying,, you know I hate seeing your tears ” He said patting her back.
” You really hurt him ,,,he never talked back at you ,,but did you see the way he was angry that day ?? I can’t take this anymore ,,,am going to see him tomorrow, I miss him ”

” It’s fine ,,,,,” Mr Silver hugged his wife


Episode 16♥♥♥♥

😍 Preet’s pov 😍

” Preet!!!” Someone screamed out my name and I turned back in total shock ,,
” Flora ?? Oh my God,, why did you scream that way ?? I almost fainted ” I said holding my chest
” Oh,,sorry ” She said and smiled
” Morning,, good to see you anyway ” I said as we both walk
” Is the rumor really true?? ” she asked
” What rumors??” I asked still confused
” Are you dating Ronnie Silver ?” She winked
Oh no ,,this girl is crazy

” Of course not ,,there’s is nothing like that ” I said
” Are you kidding?? You even came to school in one of his cars ,,what else do you want to prove ?? Am really happy for you!!” She jumped on me .
” Flora ,,we are not,,,,, ”
” When are you going to introduce me as your friend?? I’ve always wanna talk to him ,,maybe I can even hold his hands,, oh God!! Please Preet ,,introduce me to Ronnie Oopa ” She blabbered nonsense into my ears
” You’re crazy Flora ” I laughed

” I know it sounds crazy ,,but I really wanna talk to him ” She pouted pretending to be sad
” Then go ahead and talk to him ,,what does that have to do with me ??” I asked
” Oh Preet ,,,you’re really hard to believe,,, ” she sighed
I smiled inwardly ,,,can Ronnie ask me out for real ?? I don’t think so ,,does he love me ? He’s just too sweet to be with someone like me ,,

We finally walked into the class ,,,,the students all turned their attentions to me ,,
❤Hi ,,can you please tell us the truth
❤ Are you really dating Ronnie Oopa ??
❤ Please tell us
❤ We really wanna know !!

” We are not ,,,,”
” Yes that’s true ,,she’s Ronnie’s girlfriend ” Flora interrupted and I faced her in shock
” Are you crazy ??” I whispered

❤ Omg !! Is that so ????
❤ I am so sad right now !!

I shook my head and walked out of the class ,,,someone can’t even rest right now ??

” Hey You ” I turned back and gasped ,,Jennie and her friends
She walked closer to me and shot me a wicked glare
” What the hell is your name ??” She asked
” I’m ,,,,I’m,,, Preet ” I said without looking up
” Preet indeed ,,what the f**k were you doing with my boyfriend???! “She yelled
Her Boyfriend??
” I don’t understand,, who is your boyfriend ” I asked
“Psst , I can’t believe this right now ,,Ronnie is my boyfriend, so stay away from him!!” She yelled

” You guys broke up already,,,,, and that’s because you cheated on him ,,and now you’re claiming him to be your boyfriend?? ” I asked
” How dare you talk to me that way you harlot!!” She yelled angrily and I scoff
” You’re the harlot ,,not me ” I replied and turned to leave
She grab my hand and made me faced her before she slapped me twice in the face ,,,
I held my face feeling the pain ,,,,

I wanted to slap mine but her friends prevented me by holding my hand

” Next time ,,you don’t talk to me like that or I may do something even worst ” She said with a smirk
” Let’s go girls ” She said and they left
I fell on my legs as tears rolled down my eyes ,,,we are not even dating yet and all these are happening??
” Preet right ??” Someone asked ,,,,I looked up
Wait ,,,,Ryan ??
I nodded and wipe my tears ,,he smiled a little and brought out his hand to help me up

I took it and stood up ,,,he cleaned my tears with his handkerchief,,
” Why are you crying?? ” he asked
” It’s nothing,, am fine ” I replied
” Hi ,,,am Ryan ,,,,nice to meet you ” He said stretching his hand for a shake
” Preet ” I said and took the hand
” You should not let anyone make you cry,,,,,, see you around ” He smiled and walked away
He’s so nice ,,,,,

I touched my cheek ,,am sure it’s red right now ,,I better get some ice before I get home ,,I walked to the school clinic. Jennie ,,you will never change will you ??

🎻 Jennie’s pov 🎻

” That brat really have some guts ” I scoff angrily
” We need to teach her a lesson she won’t forget ,,,I can’t believe Ronnie fell in love with her ” Mia said
A call came on my phone ,,
” Guys ,,,silence ,its Wilson ” I said ,,they nodded and I picked the call
📲 Yes??”
📲 Hi mam ,,,I found out everything about the girl ” He said and i smiled curiously
📲 So ,,who is her father in this country??” I asked

📲 Mam ,,she’s a commoner,, she stays with her single mother who only make beads ” He said and I suddenly laughed out .
📲 Send every information to me right now ” I said
📲 Okay mam

I hanged up and smiled

” What’s happening? Did he find out anything?? ”
” Guys ,,I think we won ” I said
” Tell us ”
” She’s a commoner ” I said and they gasped
” Commoner?? That girl looks like a president daughter! ” Mia screamed in shock
” Thank God she’s not ,,its easy for us to send her out of Silver Rings ” I smiled
” Do you think it’s gonna be easy?? Ronnie won’t allow that to happen ” Ava said

” I know ,,,and am asking Romeo for help ” I smirked
” That’s true,,, but won’t that cause,,,,, ”
” Who cares? They never got along with each other as long as I can remember ” I said with a scoff
” But still,, Ronnie will ,,,,”
” Mr Silver always listen to Romeo ,,,don’t you understand?? And that is why am asking Romeo for this ” I snapped
” Okay ”

💖 Akeelah’s pov 💖

I breath out as I carried my luggage into the car ,,,,my friends were right after all ,,he will never accept my love.
He didn’t even bother to ask of me ??
A tear dropped from my eyes and I quickly wipe it off ,,

” Goodbye Michael,,, my first love ” I said before walking out of the room
No matter what,,,am still going to keep on loving you.
” Mam ,,,we have to leave now or we are going to miss the flight “the driver said
I nodded and entered into the car,,am going back to my normal life.
I will keep on waiting,,, I don’t care how long it takes .

I love you so much,,,

I took my headphone and began listening to Crystals songs,, I really love them all. A smile escape my lips as I heard Michael singing his part ,,he’s so cute.
I got down from the car ,,after doing the necessary things, I went into the plane ,,I sat down beside the window, I love the view .

” Goodbye Korea ,,,,for now ” I smiled and plug my headphone again
🎤 Tighten your seatbelt,, the plane is about to take off

😍 Preet’s pov 😍

I can’t believe I didn’t see Elena throughout today,,, I really miss her ,,but I miss Ronnie more. Talking about Ronnie ,,should I go to ,,,,,no I can’t, I will just go home directly.
I carried my bag and brought out my phone as I walked out of the class,,

I decided to call Elena ,,she picked at first ring ,was she expecting my call ??

📲 Hi Bess,,am so sorry for not showing up today. I am damn busy ,,,we will be going for an interview soon ,,,the Crystals will also be there ,so I was with my manager all day
📲 Its nothing Elena ,I understand. You’re a celebrity,,, I know it’s not as easy as people think it is
📲 You still have many explanations to make ,,you know that right ?

📲 I know
I laughed out
📲 So tell me,,, you and Ronnie ,,are you now a thing?
📲 Not yet ,,,,I will tell you when it’s true
📲 I can’t wait !!

📲 Elena ,,,,I met with Ryan today ,,I can’t believe he talked to me
📲 Really?? Ryan spoke to you ?!!!
She sound exited
📲 Yeah
📲 Wow,,,that’s amazing

📲 Hey Elena ,,,you can’t wait for him to tell you he likes you first,, you can also make the first move ,,,you really love him a lot
📲 I know,, but I don’t think be likes me
📲 You can’t be sure ,,what if he do ?? What if he doesn’t know how to tell you?? You’re pretty and good ,,,the type of girl every ,,,,,

📲 Don’t preach to me Preet,,,, go and meet your Ronnie.
She laughed and I also did
📲 But ,,,I will think about what you said.
📲 Reason why I love you
📲 See you tomorrow,, muaahh

I smiled and hang up ,,

I finally walked out of the school,, I immediately got a taxi

I told him my destination and he started the car ,,,
Soon we approach our house,, I saw two cars in front of our house, what’s going on ?? When did mom started bringing visitors ??
I smiled with a scoff ,,,

” Thank you sir ” I paid the taxi driver and walked slowly into our house
Mom was talking to someone but I can’t hear their conversation
I walked in ,,

” Oh ,,,Preet ,you’re home ” Mom said
” Its like you don’t want me home ” I smiled and hugged her
” Of course not ,,it’s good you’re here ” She said
” Mom ,I saw some cars outside ,,,,who are they?? ” I asked
” Come with me ” She said
I became confused and followed her to the small living room ,,

A figure was sitting on one of the couch ,,who is this??
I guess he noticed that we were there and he faced back,,,

I gasped immediately I saw his face

” Ronnie ??!!” I said almost shouting



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