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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Melted heart Episode 13 & 14

16 min read
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( Lost in your ♔ world )


Episode 13♥♥♥♥



😍 Preet’s pov 😍

The door opened and I almost faint ,,,,,I looked up ,he was quite surprised to see me in the bathroom,, my hands covering my chest ,,he stare at me from my head to toe ,,can’t he just look away ??
He moved closer and I also moved back,, he brought out something from somewhere I don’t know,,, I faced him and saw a towel in his hands ,,he covered me with the towel.

” you are going to get cold ” he said
What ?? That is it ?? I still can’t believe this ,,,,
” thank you sir ” I said shortly
He nodded and went out ,,,I also followed like a sheep ,he turned back and I stopped again.
” do you have any clothes to put on ??” He asked
” what ?? Ahh,,I mean ,,,,no ,,I don’t have any ” I replied without looking up
” wait here ” he said walking into the bedroom,, I breath out. He came back and hand over a shirt to me ,,
” you can put this on ,,,am going to ask one of the maids to get you clothes ” he said

What is he doing ?? Am also a

maid right ??
” thank you sir ” I said
” Can you just stop the sir ?? Call me Ronnie ” he said
” Sir ??” I asked and suddenly got embarrassed,,, how can I call his name ?
” Damn,,,never mind,, you can go and change in the room
I nodded and went in ,,,,why is he treating me like am someone important??

I took off my wet clothes and put on the shirt ,,,it’s kinda short and showing my laps ,but do I have any choice?
After putting it on ,I got out of the room. He faced me and I suddenly got nervous ,,I was playing with my fingers.
” must you always play with your fingers? Am not gonna hurt you Preet ,,you don’t have to feel nervous around me ,” he said
I only nodded ,gosh Old Nana will be waiting already, what will I tell her that happened ??

” Have your seat,, you can’t stand all day ” he said
” but I have to,,,,,”
” work?” He interrupted and I nodded
” Just sit down and rest ,,you don’t have to do anything ” he said
” But,,,”
” Why are you so stubborn?? ”
I kept quiet and sat down ,,I am scared right now, what if someone come in and see me here?

He was doing something on his phone ,,must he always press phone ?? Am feeling sleepy already ,,no Preet ,you can’t sleep ,you must not sleep here ,,I rub

my eyes softly to prevent the sleep but it was like I was not helping matter at all ,,,,

👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑
I turned to her and smiled ,,she’s sleeping already?? She never seem to amaze me ,,,,I dropped my phone and moved closer to her making sure she’s not waking up. I carried her and went into the bedroom ,,I dropped her on the bed She really look so beautiful in her sleep ,,I can’t forget the day she told me Romeo was forcing himself on her ,girls like her really do exist??

My eyes went all over her body ,,it look so smooth and beautiful. I noticed she was not putting on anything under the shirt ,,,I smiled and covered her with the duvet ,,,I left the room and went out ,I really have a lot of things to do.
I got downstairs and the nanny ran to me ,,she have been taking care of us ever since Romeo and I are kids ,,but I guess she likes me more ,Romeo is such a brat.

” Hey Ronnie ,,where is Preeti?” She asked almost in a whisper
” in my room ,,she’s asleep ” I replied and she gasped
” are you kidding?? What if someone finds out?? She’s going to be in trouble ” she said
” Don’t worry about that ” I said
” Do you,,by any chance like her ??” She asked ,,,I roughed my hair slowly
” I don’t know,,, I just ,,feel safe around her. The feelings I haven’t felt for so many years ,,,” I replied

She touched my cheek ,,,,
” I understand,,,, but ,,,,do you think she’s the best for you ?? She’s just a poor lovely girl,, she knows nothing,, she’s really Innocent. You won’t want her to get hurt right ?? Am sure she won’t be safe enough to be with you ” she said
” I know ,I’ve not concluded my feelings for her,, if it’s really love ,,,I will do everything to protect her ” I said
” I trust you ,,,,” she said with a smile and rough my hair

” I will see you when I’m back ,,,” I said and went out of the mansion
” don’t worry ,,am going alone ” I told the guards and entered the car
My phone rang and I picked the call using the ear bud without checking the caller

📲 Yes?? This is Ronnie
I said .
📲 Ronnie ,,,,we need to talk
That is Jennie’s voice ,,why the f**k is she calling??
📲 We have nothing to talk about ,,it’s really over and that’s it
I replied and hanged up

She really have the gut to talk to me ??The phone rang again,,

📲 Can you just stop calling??!!
📲 Ronnie ,,,if you don’t come ,am gonna kill myself !!!
She shouted in tears ,,,,

I sighed and roughed my hair in frustration,,
📲don’t do anything stupid ,,tell me where you are ” I said
📲 The band’s mansion ” she replied
📲I will be there,, don’t try any rubbish

I hanged up and turned changing the destination,,,,
I drove into the house and got down ,,,
” welcome sir ” the guards bowed ,,I nodded and walked in ,,,I met Elena and Mia in the living room ,
They seem surprised to see me
” Ronnie??” Mia said with a smile
” Hi,,where is Jennie?? ” I asked
” you really came here for her?” Elena asked
” where is she ??” I asked ignoring her question
” her room ”

I nodded and went upstairs,, am sure she have some stupid plan but I won’t fall for it,,,
I knocked on her door ,,she opened almost immediately. She hugged me ,,
” I knew you’re going to come,,, I know you still love me ” she said tightening her grip on me
I loosed her hand and pull her off ,,,
” that’s a stupid thought Jennie ,,,,I don’t love you one bit,, I only came here for old time sake ” I said
She burst into tears
” is it because of that slut with you?? Tell me who the heck she is !!”

I scoff and ignored her ,,

” Ronnie ,,you can’t do this to me ,,I love you so much ,,please don’t leave me ” she cried and hugged me again
” I don’t love you again ,,,try to get that ” I said
” Just tell me what you want ,,,my body ?? Am gonna give you ,,just don’t leave me ” .
” I have someone who doesn’t give her body out to guys freely,, she’s the best for me ,,not you ” I said and went out of room
” you’re leaving already??” Mia asked
” did I come here with my luggage? ” I snapped ,,I heard Elena chuckled
I walked out of the house ,,,,,this is the last time am gonna come here ,,,they all irritates me. I don’t know how Elena choose to be different from them anyway ,,

🎧 Romeo’s pov 🎧

I drove into the mansion,,, I don’t know why I feel really bad after seeing the picture of Ronnie and a girl. Why is he always the one who get the best thing?? But the girl looks familiar,, who the hell is that Angel in human body ?? I have to find out,, no matter what .

” is Ronnie inside?? ” I asked the nanny
” What ?? Ronnie ?? He’s not ,,,,I mean ,,,” she stammered
” don’t worry ,,you seem restless. I will go and check him myself ” I said
” no ,,,you can’t! ”
I faced her in shock
” what do you mean by I can’t?? What is in his room?? ” I asked
” nothing,, but he said ,,no one should enter ”
” that doesn’t include me ” I snapped and went upstairs

What is Ronnie keeping?? I entered his suite ,,,no one is here,,,, I decided to check the bedroom ,,,,someone was sleeping on the bed. Wait ,,,is Ronnie bringing a girl home right now ??
I moved closer ,,,,,wait ,,,is this not ,,,The girl I ,,,,Preet ?? Was she the girl everyone is talking about?? But ,,,how come??

I was about touching her face when she opened her eyes ,,,,she looked shocked and jumped out of bed wrapping the duvet around her body ,,,
” what are you doing here ??” I asked
She moved away from me looking scared
” wait ,,,are you sleeping with my brother ?? Then why were you acting all innocent when I requested for ,,,,gosh ,I can’t believe this.
” come here ” I grab her hand
” No ,stop !!” She cried out
” you should know that nobody is gonna hear you ,,just keep calm and let me do what I want with you ” I said with a smirk

” Please,, don’t do this ,,,please!! ”
I ignored her plea and took off the duvet covering her body ,,,wow ,,,she’s even putting on Ronnie’s shirt?? She looks so hot ,,,I pulled her closer and pinned her against the wall ,,,
” Stop !! Please !!!!” .
” don’t worry,, am gonna be slow with you ,,,,” I smirked .
I cupped her face in my hand and kissed her soft lips with force,,f**k ,this girl is just too sweet ,,,,,
She pushed me away but I was too strong and I grab her hand again

” why are you proving stubborn?? Did you not sleep with my brother??!!” I yelled angrily and kissed her again pressing her hard .

👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑

I drove in roughly ,,,,I hope that bastard doesn’t hurt her ,,I swear I won’t forgive him ,,,,Old Nanny was the one who called me and I have to cancel my schedule running down here again .

” welcome sir ” ..
” move out of my way ” I shouted and ran in .
” thank God you’re here ,,,you have to go to your,,,”.
I ignored her and ran upstairs,,,, I got to the door to my suite and opened ,,,what the f**k ,,I can’t believe this bastard locked the door ,,
I can hear her weeping ,,.
” Romeo !! Don’t you dare try to touch her or am gonna kill you !!!” I yelled banging the door

The bastard refused to open ,,,,,

” Romeo ,,open this door right now!!! ” I yelled
Still no answer,, I was only hearing her cries ,,,is he really doing,,, no I don’t want to believe that ,,,,
I went back downstairs,,,
” is she okay?? ” the nanny asked
” An gonna kill Romeo,, trust me ” I replied and called Elvis ,he ran in immediately
” give me the spare key to my room ,,,you have one right ??”

He gave me and I went back upstairs getting more angry ,,,,I opened the door and met Romeo forcing himself on the poor girl,,
I pushed him off,,,,she was almost naked ,,damn ,,Romeo is really a bastard,, she immediately covered her body with a cloth .

I punched Romeo’s face angrily,,
” how dare you !!! Bastard!!” I yelled angrily
He was about hitting me back when Elvis came in receiving the punch instead of me.

” Get the f**k out !!” I yelled and pushed him out of the room
Elvis also left ,,,,I turned to Preet who was still weeping silently,,,
” did he do anything to you ??” I asked and she broke into tears
Does that mean he was able to get into her ??
” that devil!” I roughed my hair ,,,,
I pulled her into a hug ,,,,

Am not going forgive Romeo for this


Episode 14♥♥♥♥


👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑

I walked out of the room immediately a maid came to tell me that father want to talk to me ,,,I wonder what he’s going to talk about.
I just can’t think straight after what happened some hours ago ,,I can’t believe Romeo can do that ,,,she later told me that he was not able to take advantage of her, that was when I became calm.

I got into father’s suite ,,he was sitting with mom while Romeo was sitting on another couch ,,,devil.
” am here ” I said and sat down making sure I was not close to Romeo
” We heard what happened ” father was the first to talk and I looked up waiting for what he’s going to say.
” Ronnie ,,,what were you doing with your brother’s girlfriend?? ” father asked .
I turned my face to Romeo who rolled his eyes and looked away ,,

” What do you mean ??” I asked
” Your brother explained what happened to us,, and I still can’t believe you hit your brother because of a girl who is not ,,,,”
” Don’t tell me you believed the lies he told you ,,,,for goodness sake he almost raped the poor girl,, do you know what he would have done if I didn’t get there in time?? ” I asked ,,,,my anger was boiling already.

” I met that girl first ,and I love her ” The fool said
I stood up to beat the hell out of him ,,mom was the one who held me back
” You call that love??? Is that your own love!! Forcing yourself on ,,,,,when did you become a devil??! ”
” Ronnie stop!! ” father shouted
” father,,, you know I have always obeyed ,,but I don’t like the fact that you only believe what Romeo said ,,,”.
” What else do you want me to believe?? That he actually wanted to rape his girlfriend?? How is that ,,,,”.

” She’s not his girlfriend father ,try to believe me ,what Romeo did is wrong and you don’t get moved?? ”
” You should apologize to your brother!” He yelled
” I still can’t believe this ,,,,even if I have to die ,I can’t apologize to this bastard,I
will rather get the f**k out of this house since am not needed ,,am going to leave for him ” I said pointing to Romeo
” Son,,you can’t do that ” mom said holding my hand
” you should tell your husband that ,,not me ” I said
” Ronnie ,,he’s your father ”

” He’s Romeo’s father ,,,,he always do this mom and you know that!! He always support him !! He always take everything Romeo tells him not minding if it’s right or wrong ,,,I can’t take that anymore ,,,am leaving ” I replied and walked out of the suite,,,
” Hey Ronnie ,,,what happened?? I heard your voice ,,” nanny said
” Not now ” I snapped and went out of the mansion

” Get ready you all ,,,,we are leaving ” I told the guards
” yes sir ,,,which of the mansions?? ”
” I don’t care! Just get me out of here!!” I yelled
One of them opened the door and I went in ,,,,

🏯 Ronnie’s Mansion 🏯

I walked out of the car and went in ,,the guards bowed their heads ,,I ignored them and went in.
I got to the living room and screamed out in frustration,,, these people always make me mad ,,,,
I kicked the table which was made with glass hard that it broke into pieces ,,,
” Hey Ronnie ,,take it easy okay ?” Elvis said trying to touch me
” get the f**k out !!” I yelled angrily

🎻 Ryan’s pov 🎻

A call came on my phone and I checked,,, a strange number ??
I decided to pick the call
.📲 Hi,,it’s Ryan right ??
📲 Yeah ,,who is this ?
📲 Elvis ,,Ronnie’s manager
📲 Oh ,,is anything wrong??
📲 It’s Ronnie ,,,he’s gonna hurt himself if you don’t come right now
He cried on the phone

📲 What ?? What happened?
📲 come to his house right now,,,I can’t explain anything
📲 Which of the house ??
📲 The one you know ,,,

I hanged up and immediately rushed out of my room ,,
” hey why are you running?? ” Wyaat asked as I got downstairs
” I heard Ronnie is hurting himself,, I need to see him right now ” I replied and took one of the car keys on the table
” That guy has anger issue ,,who made him angry this time?? Let’s go with you ”
I nodded and we all walked out of the house ,,I wonder what happened to him. Everyone knows that Ronnie always do stupid things whenever he gets angry ,,he may hurt himself so badly .

😍 Preet’s pov 😍

I walked into our house and met mom in the sitting room making beads ,,,,I entered and greeted her.
” your face look somehow,, did you cry ??” She asked
” no mom ,,am fine ” I replied
How can I tell her that I almost got raped??
” Are you sure ??? But ,,,,,,your neck is red ,,,,,did someone hit you?? ” she dropped the beads and touch my neck

Of course that is Romeo’s work ,,,
” it’s nothing,,, I am going to my room ,,I have to sleep ” I said and went in leaving her
Am sorry mom ,I can’t tell you what happened. Thank God Ronnie was able to come earlier ,,,what would have happened?? I can’t go to that house again ,,never

I sob quietly as I remember everything,, i can’t believe Romeo did that,, how could he ??

Next Morning

I felt a hand on my head and I opened my eyes,,, mom was sitting next to me with a wet towel on my forehead
” what happened ??” I asked
” you got high fever overnight,,,, are you sure you’re okay ??” She asked
I hold her tightly to myself,,
” I can’t go to school today ,,,,I want to rest ” I said
” it’s fine ,,you have to be healthy first ” she said and kissed my hair

She walked out of the room and my mind went to Ronnie,,,,,I sighed ,,why can’t I get him out of my mind??
I hope he’s fine ,,

My phone started ringing and I smiled a little when I saw that it was Elena ,,
.📲 Hey babe ,,,,what’s going on ??you are not in school?
📲 Am sorry ,,am a little bit sick ,,see you tomorrow

I replied and hanged up before she ask another question,,, I slept off again.

💋 Elena’s pov 💋

She sounded somehow,, she even hanged up on me, what’s going on ??

👥 Omg !! The Crystals are here !!!
👥 They look so handsome!!!
👥 Wait ,,did Ronnie hurt himself?? He’s got a bandage on his wrist
👥 Oopa !! Are you okay ?? Did you hurt yourself??
👥 Get well soon !!! We love you!!

I turned toward their direction ,,,did something happened?? They don’t look really happy like usual ,,

They even ignored the students,, it’s unlike them ,,,,,they got to where I was standing and they stopped,, Ronnie walked closer to me ,,
” You’re Preet’s friend right ??” He asked
Omg ,,this is the first time he will ever talk to me ,,he always ignore me .

I replied with a nod,,,
” Do you have any idea if she’s in school?? ” he asked
” Oh,,,I called her and she said she won’t be coming because she’s sick ,,,” I replied
” she told you that?? ” he asked
” yeah ,,,that’s what she said ,,what’s going on??” I asked
” Can you just give me her contact?? ”
” of course ”

I gave him Preet’s number,,, but am suspecting something,, did something happen between them ??

They walked away after that and I keep on thinking about it.

😍 Preet’s pov 😍

” eat ,,why are you picking on your food ?? Are you really okay ??” Mom asked
” am fine mom ,,you dont have to worry about me ” I said

A call suddenly came on my phone,,,it’s a strange number but I picked it anyway

📲 Hello ?
📲 It’s Ronnie ..

I gasped and stare at mom’s face,, she glare back asking me what’s wrong. I immediately hanged up and switched off my phone ,,I can’t believe this,,,
” what’s going on??”
” it’s nothing ” I said and stood up
” where are you going?? ”
” I just lost my appetite ” I replied and entered my room

👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑

I threw the phone away angrily,,,
” she really hanged up on you ?? But why ??”
” this is all because of that good for nothing brother of mine ,,,” I said and roughed my hair
” You should just calm down okay ??’ Ryan said patting my back

” I don’t know if she’s okay ,,what if she’s not fine ?? I really need to see her ” i said

I don’t get myself right now ,,,I just want to see her,, that’s all .

” Elena said she’s going to be here tomorrow,,, ”
Romeo suddenly walked in with his manager beside him ,,the two were talking. I stood up ,,
” Am leaving ” I said
” But ,,,,we still have to ,,,.”
” I can’t stay here with this d**khead ” I said and walked out


I put on a cardigan and a jean trouser,,I packed my hair and walked out of the house ,,mom won’t be coming home tonight ,,she will be staying with a friend so I decided to take a walk before coming back home,,, I am still thinking maybe I will go to that school tomorrow,,, I just can’t see Ronnie right now ,,,,

I may act silly ,,,,

I continue walking ,,I heard a car coming and I decided to wait for it to pass ,,,wow the car looks so beautiful and expensive, the person must be f**king rich.

The car drove past me but suddenly stopped and turned back,, it stopped right beside me. What’s happening?? The door opened and someone came out ,,,
I was already scared ,,,am I getting kidnapped ?? I turned back and started running,,, I don’t think I ran for a minute before he caught me.

” let me go !! Where are you taking me?? ” I shouted
” am not hurting you ,,,but if I don’t bring you to my boss ,,I may get fired,, so please follow me,he’s waiting for you ”
I became a little bit calm ,,I followed him to see who his boss is .

He told me to get into the car and I did ,,I turned to face the person and it is Ronnie ,,,

” It’s,,,,,,,, You,,” I said nervously
He faced me and I stare into his beautiful eyes sweetly ,,,,I think I am lost already’




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