Melted heart Episode 17 & 18

( lost in your ♔ world )
Episode 17
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
” Ronnie??!!” I said and mom faced me
” you know him ??” She asked
Wait ,,he didn’t say anything to mom? Then why is he here ??
” Oh ,,,,yes,,,but what is he doing here ?” I asked
Ronnie stood up with a smile
” Are you leaving alre-ady ?”
” yes mom ,,I will come visit some other time ” He said
Wait ,,mom ???
” Okay ,,bye Son in-law ” Mom said
What ?? Son in-law?? What are these two up to ??
” Won’t you see him off ??” Mom called me back to reality,, I nodded and followed him out ,,,his guards are alre-ady waiting.
” Sir ,,,I mean Ronnie ,,,how did you ,know where I live ??” I asked feeling nervous
” I can find out anything,,, ” he win-ked
” But ,,,what did you guys talked about ?? She even called you son in-law ” I said staring into his eyes
” Well ,,,I guess your mom want a cool guy for her daughter ” He whispered
” What ??? ” I asked in shock
Mom always advice me to stay away from guys and now she’s calling Ronnie her son in-law??
Did he use charm on her ??
” So ,,,,will you be my girlfriend?? ” He asked and I moved back in shock
” Sir ?? Girlfriend??? ” I asked to be sure
” Yes ”
” Well ,,,,I will have to,, think about it first ” I said and looked away
” What else do you wanna think about?? This is every girl’s dream ,,,,”
” I know,, but am still going to think about it ,,see you ,bye ” I said and went in
Ronnie is something else ,,after coning to see my mom ,,he’s now asking me to be his girlfriend?? I thought we are d@t!ngalre-ady,, silly me 😏
” Oh ,you’re back??”mom asked checking some things out
” Mom ,,what are these bags ??” I asked curiously
” My son got them for me ” She smiled .
I scoff,, when did mom ever call someone her son?
” So what did he tell you?? ” She asked and I sat down
” Well,,he asked me to be his girlfriend ” I said
” So what was your response?? ” She asked immediately
” I told him I nee-d to think about it ” I replied
” Think about what !!!” she yelled causing me to stand up from the couch
” Mom calm down ,,I can’t tell him yes like that ” I said
” Not in this type of situation,,, go and tell him yes right now ” she said
“He alre-ady left ” I pouted
” Then go to his house ” She snapped
” Mom !” I bur-st into laughter
” Am sorry ” She smiled and hvgged me
” You really like him right ?” I asked
” He’s a really good person ,,he’s the best for you. Seeing him ,I know he’s a popular person but he still c@m£ into this little house and felt comfortable,, we talked and laughed about many things,, guys like him are ha-rd to get ” She said and I smiled
” I give you guys my blessings,,,, this is the first time I will ever say that,,, and I know it’s the right time ”
Oh Ronnie ,,,,I love you so much.
Next Day
I rushed out of the taxi and ran into the school,,,I knew it ,everywhere was silent. I amfu-cking late. I got to the clas-s ,,what ,,no lecture?? But the students sat down accordingly with their phones in their hands ,what’s going on ??
” Hey Preet ” Flora waved with a smile,I immediately sat down beside her
” Tell me ,what’s going on?? ” I asked
” are you kidding me ?? You don’t know about the interview going on ?? The CRYSTALS and the GOLDEN GIRLS” she said
” Oh ,,Elena told me yesterday,, but never knew it’s gonna be as soon as this ” I said and brou-ght out my phone
I switched to the interview,, it was live
” But,,is that why the students are like this?? ” I asked
” It’s always interesting, trust me ” she win-ked
I nodded and once again ,,everywhere was silent.
🔐 Writer’s pov 🔐
**Live Interview****
Man :. So ,,,,you all have introduced yourselves and I guess our viewers are aware about everything. Now ,,,,we are going into questions,,,, we are gonna ask ours and we will allow the fans also to ask theirs ,is that okay by you??
Ryan : Yeah ,we are cool with it
Man : And the girls group?
Jennie: Of course,, its fine
Woman: okay ,,let’s proceed. Uhm,,,the first question I will like to ask is,,,, okay ,let’s just say am curious to know ,,,,,among you guys ,,,who is the best dancer ?? I mean ,I always watch your videos and you all are great,, so I don’t really know who the best is ,,can you tell us??
( They all write their answers in a white sheet )
Ryan ,Wyaat ,Micheal and Romeo : Ronnie .
Ronnie : Micheal
Woman : Wow,,so Ronnie is the best dancer??
Ronnie : No,,I think Micheal is the best
Woman: Micheal,, what do you have to say ?
Micheal: He’s the best
Man and woman( laughed)
Man : Okay ,,to the girls
All : Jennie
Man : I think she’s really the best
Man : So ,,,do you guys ever have misun-derstandings ?? Like ,,,you get mad at each other and all that ??
Wyaat : Yeah a lot
Mia : Absolutely
Woman : So ,,,who are the people who always get mad at each mostly??
Ryan : That should be Ronnie and Romeo
Man : ( laughed) I guess they are brothers right ?? Maybe its normal for them .
Ryan: Yeah I guess
Man : And the girls??
Mia : Jennie and Elena ,,,never get along
Man : wow ,,,,,maybe they are competitive for who the most beautiful is
( they all laughed )
Woman : I will like to know,,,does any of you have a girlfriend?? Or b©yfri£nd,,for the girls
Ryan: Not yet,, but ( he faced Ronnie )
Woman: Oh,,he has a girlfriend?
Ronnie : About to,, do you wanna meet her ??
Woman : Of course,, oh my God!! She’s really lucky
Ronnie : No ,,,I’m lucky,,,
Woman : you think you’re the one who’s Lucky to have her ?
Ronnie : Yeah
Woman : Wow,, can’t believe this
Man : And the girls?
All : No we don’t
Woman : Any crush ??
Ryan : Crush ??
Woman : Yeah ,,I mean is there any girl who you really admire a lot and you want her as your girlfriend?
Wyaat : No ,,,,I don’t think I have one
Romeo : Yes
Micheal : Not really
Ryan : I have one ( Smiled softly )
Woman: Wow !!!!
Man : Girls?
Mia : I have one ,,,,,( shyly )
Ava : I don’t have,,, maybe soon
Elena : Yeah ,,,,,
Jennie : I do
Woman: which one of you ,,is like,,,,most ro-mantic ??
Ryan,Wyaat ,Micheal : Ronnie !!
Ronnie : What ?? Am not,,,,,,,
Wyaat : Shut up ,,,you are
Man ; (Laughed ) really bur-sted
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
” I really can’t believe this !!!” Flora shouted as the interview ended ,,never knew they can be as calm as this.
” Ronnie Oopa really loves you a lot ,,am jealous ” Flora said
” But who do you think Ryan have a crush on?? ” She asked
” I don’t know ” I said
Everywhere is noisy again ,,they are all talking about the interview. It was fun though,, I almost fainted when they were asked maybe they have a girlfriend,, I thought he was going to mention my name, thank God he didn’t
” Let’s go eat ,,,” Flora said pu-lling me from my seat
” Am not hungry but I will go with you ” I replied and we both walked out of the clas-s
Finally school is over ,,I walked out of the clas-s with Flora ,,I can’t believe we were together all day ,she seem cool ,just that she talks too much ..
We bu-mped into two people ,a woman and a man,,who are they??
” You’re Preet Davis ??” the woman asked
I nodded slowly
” Thank goodness,,, plea-se you have to come with us right now ” She said
” For what?” I asked
” You’re Ronnie’s girlfriend right ?” She asked
” What ??” I’ve not even gave him a reply ,how did I become his girlfriend??
” plea-se follow me or I loose my job ” She pleaded
” Don’t worry ,you can leave ” Flora said with a grin and ran off
” Okay ,,let’s go ” I said and followed them
” He’s in the car ” She pointed
” Okay ” I nodded and went straight to where it is.
I opened and went in after seeing him ,,,,
” Hi” I smiled out my nervousness 😂
He faced me with a big smile,,,, did he really said he’s the lucky one ?? Of course not ,,am the lucky one.
The driver drove out almost immediately,,
” So ,,tell me your response ” He whispered
” Am still thinking ” I replied
” What ??” He asked in shock
I laughed inwardly,,
” How many days do you nee-d ??” He asked looking surprised
” plea-se,,, give me one month. ” I replied
” What ??” He asked in total confused state
” One month ??”
” Yes ” I replied
” Then I think I will just kidnap you instead ” He said and I smiled
” You want to turn into a kidnapper right now??” I asked
The car st©pped and I looked out ,,oh we are home. A guard opened the door for us and we c@m£ out .
” Tell me ,,,are you joking right now ??” he asked
” Am really serious,, I nee-d one month before I ,,,,,” I didn’t finish my statement when he carried me
” Ronnie !! Drop me right now !!!” I shouted and laughed at the same time
” You’re kidnapped by me ,,no going out ”
The maids were all murmuring among themselves,,,
” Okay Ronnie ,,,am your girlfriend now ,,,put me down ” I said
” Really ?? ”
” Yes ” I replied
He dropped me
” I still nee-d a month ” I said and ran upstairs
” Is this a punishment right now ?” He asked and I couldn’t help but to laugh
” You should see your face right now ” I laughed pointing at his face
” How does my face look?” He asked .
” Looking innocent ” I said
” Of course ,,am innocent ”
” Accepted ” I smiled
” I love you ” He said
I love you too ” I said and hvgged him
He pu-ll away from the hvg and held my face ,,,,I stare into his eyes and hisl-ips landed on mine .
Episode 18 ☆☆☆☆
😍 Preet’s pov 😍
He k!$$£d me and I k!$$£d him back,, I felt his ton-gue inside my mouth and I scoff ,,he just told me he’s innocent right ??
After the k!ss,,he smiled
” You’re mine ,,,,mine alone ” He said
” You’re also mine ,,mine alone ” I win-ked
” I know ” He said and I laughed
I sat down on the be-d and brou-ght out my phone ,,,I nee-d to call mom.
” If you’re thinking of calling her ,,,don’t worry ,I alre-ady did ” He said and sm-irked
” Who are you talking about?? ” I asked raising my brow.
” Mother of course ” He replied
” Really ?? You even have her number ??” I laughed
” Of course,, she’s my mother in-law ”
” Says who ?? I never said am gonna get married to you ” I tea-sed
” I never said am getting married to you either ” He replied
” What ?? You won’t marry me ??”
” I thought that’s what you want ” he said and I frown
” I never meant what I said ” I said and threw a pillow at him
” St©p doing that,,, throwing pillow on me always make me do things with girls ” He said and I st©pped
He started laughing
” Did you just lied ??” I asked and sl@p his shoulder
” But wait ,,,if another girl throw pillow on you ,,,what will you do ??” I asked
” What do you think I will do ??”
” Are you kidding?? You’re going to cheat on me ??” I asked
” Sure” he replied
” Am leaving ” I said and got down from the be-d walking toward the door
” Pretty,, I was just joking ” He said and hvgged me from the back
I smiled
” You better be joking ” I said and turned to face him.
He smiled and t©uçhed my hair
” You’re really cute when you get jealous ” He said
” Who said I was jealous?? ” I asked
” Your eyes tell ” he replied
” Silly jokes ” I said
” Come here ,,we should celebr@te it,, today is our first day ” He said and hold my hand
” Celebr@te ?? Is that really necessary?? ” I asked
” You don’t know how happy I am right now ” He said and we both walked out of the room ,,,,
Next Day…
” So ,,is that all ?? You guys didn’t do anything?? You just k!$$£d ??” Elena asked
” Do anything?? Like what ??” I asked
” Never mind ” She laughed
” You’re crazy Elena ” I said
Just then a guy walked over to us ,,wait I’ve seen him before ,,but I can’t remember where
” Omg ,,is this not Taylor ?? The popular Model??” Elena asked in a whisper and I g@sped
Now I remember,, I’ve always seen him on TV and his pictures everywhere
” Oh my gee ,,,he’s coming to us Elena” I said
” Do you think so ?? But why ??” She asked
” Hi girls ” he said with a smile,,, wow he’s so cool
” Hi ” we both replied
” Am sorry ,,,but can I talk to you?? ” He asked Elena .
” Oh ,,I will just excuse you guys ” I said and walked to somewhere else
🎻 Ryan’s pov 🎻
” Ryan ,,,you’re really amazing, I can’t believe you could sing that p@rt” Micheal said and I smiled
” Yeah ,,you’re right ” Ronnie said
” Wait ,,is that not Elena ??? Oh ,,,she’s with Taylor ” Wyaat said and I immediately followed his eyes
It’s Elena for real ,,,,,I suddenly felt angry and jealous at the same time.
Is this the person she was talking about ?? She’s really crushing on Taylor Smith ??
” Ryan!!! You’re looking lost !”
I c@m£ back to reality and faced them
” You should just tell her that you like her,,, why punishing yourself??” Micheal asked and I Sighed .
” I guess we are not meant for each other ” I said
” Don’t worry,, am telling her straight away ” Ronnie said and left our side
” Ronnie,,st©p !! ” I shouted but the crazy guy alre-ady left
” Calm down and let him do this for you ” Wyaat said and bur-st into laughter
” Are you guys $h!tting on me right now ?? She likes someone else ,,I can’t disgrace myself!! ” I said and walked away
💖 Elena’s pov 💖
” Yeah ,,thank you ” I said
” See you later ” He said and walked off
” Hey Preet,,,let’s go to clas-s ” I said and she ran to me.
” What did he tell you ??” She asked
” He said he wanna be my friend,,,, ” I replied
” Really?? I thought it’s Ryan you like ” She said and I suddenly felt sad
” But he doesn’t like me ,,what should I do ?? Am just going to forget him ” I pouted
” Are you crazy ?? She yelled and dragged me into the clas-s
” I know am crazy ” I smiled .
👥 Omg !!! It’s Ronnie Oopa!!!!!
👥 Ronnie!!!! I love you!!!!
👥 What is he doing here ???
We both turned to face him ,,,,oh Ronnie,,
” Maybe he’s here for you ” I whispered at Preet
He walked closer to us and to my surprise he c@m£ to me instead ,,,
” Am sorry ,,I nee-d to talk to you ” he said and before I could reply ,he alre-ady pu-ll-ed me up
👥 Omg ,,,he just went to Elena ,,what’s happening??
He took me out of the clas-s while I bec@m£ totally confused ,,,
” I have to tell you something important ” he said in his sweet voice and I bec@m£ lost
No ,,I can’t like him,, he’s my friend’s b©yfri£nd
” Okay ” I said
” It’s about my friend ” He said
What ?? His friend?? Which one of them ??
” I mean Ryan ” He added and I g@sped
” What ,,,is he okay ?? Did something happen to him??” I asked immediately
” He’s fine ,,,,$h!t,,I can’t believe am doing this for that br@t ” I heard him saying silently
What happened??
” He likes you ” He dropped the bombshell
” What?? ” I asked to be sure
” He really likes you but the br@t actually thought you like someone else ,,,,,so tell me ,,do you have someone you like ??” He asked
” I,,,,,,I,,,” Jeez I lost my word
” You have to be fast,,the students will think we are talking about something else ” he said
” I also have a crush on him ,,,,but I thought he doesn’t like me either ” I said looking down
” This is more complicated than I thought,,, how can two people be stupid at the same time?? ” he said and I found myself laughing silently,
” I think I got what I want,,, bye ” He said and walked away ,,I immediately breath out in relief,, damn what type of person is Ronnie ???
But Ryan ?? He really likes me ???? Omg!!!!!!! I nee-d to tell Preet about this!!!!! I ran back into the clas-s.
” Elena ,,am here ” Someone said behind me and I turned back and hvgged her immediately
” What ,,tell me what happened, you look happy ” She said
” Preet ,,,,,,,,,He likes me ” I said almost in tears
” Who ??” She asked
” Ryan likes me !!!” I said and she unlock from the hvg
” How ,,how did you know that?? ” she asked
” Ronnie just told me ,,,I could not believe my ears ,,Preet ,,,my crush likes me ” I said in tears
” Wow ,,,am so happy for you ,,finally. See??? I told you ” She win-ked
” I guess you were right ” I said and hvgged her again
” See you tomorrow Bess ” Elena waved at me and ran out
I wonder why she chooses to stay with me today ,,reason why I love her so much.
” You can leave ,,am not going to the mansion ” I told the guards and driver
” Don’t worry mam ,,we are going with you ” One of them replied
” What ?? Going with me ?? For what ”
” The boss told us that we must always go with you anywhere ”
This is serious,,,
” Okay ” I gave in and went into the car
❤ Jennie’s pov ❤
” Don’t you think Elena is acting strange?? ” Mia asked
” Yeah ,,she look more happy than usual ” Ava said
” Guys ,can you just keep shut ?? She doesn’t even care about you all ,,why talking about her ??” I half yell
” Elena is nice Jennie ,,it’s only you two who doesn’t get along and we don’t know why ” Mia said and I sh0t her a glare
” What do you mean ?? I should stick to her ?? She’s too proud ” I sapped and hissed
” But ,,Jennie ,,why haven’t you talked to Romeo yet?? ”
” Calm down ,,am waiting for the best time ” I sm-irked
” I just can’t stand that girl ” Ava said and I smiled
” I hate her ,,for the fact that she took Ronnie away from me ” I said angrily
” Am gonna destroy her ,,,I will kill her if I have the chance ,,no one messes with me” I added
” I still can’t believe Ronnie actually fell in love with her ”
” Are you blind?? That girl is beautiful,, nob©dy will believe she’s actually a commoner ” Mia said
” Mia ,,,you’re ma-king me mad ,,,get thefu-ck out of my room ,,,is that girl pretty?? She look like a witch ” I scoff
👑 Ronnie’s pov 👑
” sir ,,,Mrs Silver is here ” One of the guards said
” Ooma ???” I asked to be sure
” Yes sir ”
I immediately ran in ,,,,he’s right ,,mom is sitting right in the living room
” Mom ” I called and she faced me
” Son !!” She immediately stood up and hvgged me
I hvgged her more ti-ghtly
” I missed you so much son” she said in tears
” Am sorry I left you,,,, that’s the least I could do ” I said and unlock from the hvg
” I believed you Son ,,I know you will never do something like that ” She said and I smiled
” I know ,,but father is really adamant ” I said
” You don’t have to worry about him okay ??”
” How is Molly ??” I asked
” She always cry everyday that she want to see you,,,, I really pity her ,,” She said
” How about her,,,,, ”
” She’s not focusing on her studies,, she was grounded ” She said
” Grounded ?? It’s not up to that,,, am going to see her soon ” I said
” You better do ,,I don’t want her falling sick ” She said
” Ronnie ,,,,I’ve been hearing rumors about you having a girlfriend,, is that true ??” She asked .
” That’s true ” I said
” Oh my God!!!! Who is she ?? I nee-d to meet the girl who captured my son’s heart ” She said happily
” You will meet her soon,,, what’s the hurry ?? ”
” I trust you son ,,,,but you have to make peace with your brother,, I know he’s crazy sometimes but I don’t like it when you guys are not in good terms ” She said and I nodded
” I will be on my way now ,,,make sure you visit soon ” She said and hvgged me
” I will ,,,bye mom ” I said and followed her out
“bye son ” She smiled as the driver drove her out
I smiled ,,,,wait ,,,what about Preet ??
I immediately tried her number ,,,she picked at first ring.
📲 Hey Ronnie
📲 Are you okay ?? Where are you?
📲 You don’t have to worry about me ,,am home
📲 I can’t believe am missing you alre-ady
📲 Am sorry,,, I want to stay with mom today
📲 It’s fine ,,,,I will see you later. Bye ,,I love you
📲 I love you more
I sighed ,,,,i turned back only to find Elvis standing right behind me
” Oh no ,,you startled me !” I shouted tou-ching my che-st
” Am sorry ,,but I nee-d to tell you this ” He said and I breath out
” Let’s go in ” I said
We both went in and I sat down
” It’s your schedule for tomorrow,,,, ” he said and I nodded telling him to go on
He handed over the file to me and I went throu-gh it ,,,
I re-ad everything,, damn I can’t believe am doing all these.
But one caught my attention,,
Ph0toshoot with Kim Nana ??
” Who is Kim Nana ?” I asked
” You don’t know her?? She’s a model also and she’s popular here in Korea ” He replied and I scoff
” She’s also pretty ” He win-ked
” I never asked if she’s pretty ” I snapped
” Oh sorry ”
” You can go ,thank you ” I said
He bowed and went out
I don’t know why but I only remember Preet when anyone talk about someone being pretty,, I think am crazy.
Who is this Kim Nana bayii