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July 30, 2021


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Meant for her Episode 3 to 5

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“Shut up Bella” Lisa whispered covering my mouth with her palm.

“I’m so sure , This was the guy who raped me” I said loudly and everyone stared at me.

I got up from my seat and approach the blonde hair guy. I guess he was a nerd!.

“If you think you can get away with what you have done, then you have made the biggest mistake of your life” I yelled and he smirked.

Watching him leave the cafeteria without responding to my wraths made me sighed in defeat.

“Do you know him” I glared at Lisa

“I only know he is in his finals in this school” Lisa said vehemently.

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“Finals” I was shocked

“How would someone in his finals stoop so low to rape a girl in a lower grade” Lisa sounded confused.

“Believe me or not, He raped me” I walked out on Lisa angrily.

The school bell rang signifying the end of break. We were all rushing to our classes when an announcement was made.

“All students of St. Gradient High School are expected to be on the Assembly ground on” That was the principal voice.

I turned around and headed to the Assembly ground. Deep in thought, I was so sure of the rapist.

“Bella, I’m sorry” That was Lisa

“You don’t need to be ” I faked a smile.

We hugged each other and hurried to the Assembly ground. The junior students of course were well co ordinated.

“Three weeks back, we nominated some school perfects neglecting the post of the head boy…..Today, we have two nomines for that post” The principal took a loud breath and the student cheered.

“Go Aaron….Aaron”!!!!The junior students kept cheering.

“Who’s Aaron” I whispered into Lisa’s ears who gave me a “I don’t know” look.

“The nomines are, Aaron Ashley and Kary West” The principal smiled.

“The rapist” Lisa and I screamed simultaneously and all eyes were on us.

“Aaron Ashley doesn’t talk to anyone talk less of raping” The girl beside me scoffed

“Are you sure Bella” Lisa said loudly in my ears.

“Very sure” I said Boldly.

After the announcement, we were asked to return back to our classes. I followed Lisa to her class since her class was closer.

“I have a plan Lisa” I said sitting on her desk.

“What could that be” Lisa said without looking at me.

“Come up with something and stop Aaron from being the Head boy…… we need decent people to guide us and not some sort of rapist” I rolled my eyes in disgust.

“Bella, you are not even sure…..That not right” Lisa stared at me.

“I’m sure, Are you in or out” I said getting up from her desk.

“I’m in…..Because it you Bella” Lisa said and I hugged her before leaving for my class.

Classes ended for the day. I was expecting Mom to come pick me from school but when I saw Greg’s car, I knew Mom was busy with something.

“Where’s Lisa” Greg asked removing his glasses.

“Are we supposed to take her home” I ignored his question.

“Yes, Her Mom asked me to pick her also” Greg smiled.

I dropped my bag in the car and ran to Lisa’s class. Thank jezz when I got there , Her boring literature teacher was done with his teaching.

“Greg is around” I said through the window.

“A minute” Lisa replied as she carefully arranged her books in her bag.

We got to the car and Lisa and I hopped in the back seat.

“Why didn’t Mom come today” Lisa asked not referring to any Mom in particular

“We got a new tenant and Mom decided to help them pack their things” Greg said still focused in his driving.

“Who got new tenant, Lisa or we”?? I fired totally confused.

“We” Greg smiled.

Although Lisa and I didn’t stay in the same compound, our house weren’t far from each other. Her’s was like three stone throw from mine.

We got home and Mom welcomed us. After taking our bath, Lisa and I rushed to the dinning table for lunch.

“Our new tenant would be joining us for lunch” Mom giggled.

The door bell rang!.

Greg opened the door and to my surprise I saw Aaron Ashley and his family.

“Meet the Ashely’s ” Mom screamed and I hissed loudly.

“Excuse me” I said rudely.



“What’s that attitude?” Greg barged into my room.

“Aaron Ashley can’t be our new tenant” I screamed angrily.

“Do you know them?” Greg eyed me suspiciously.

“Nah….I mean Aaron is in my school and I don’t like him” I lied.

“Mom is cool with Mrs Ashley, so I guess you have to like him” Greg sighed closing my room door.

“Ohh…God” I grinned smashing my pillow on my bed.

“Mom needs you on the dining table” Greg said peeping through my door.

“A minute” I frowned

Getting up from my bed, I walked sluggishly to the dinning table. I sat beside Greg and ate my food in silence even though there was no appetite. I wasn’t going to give Mom the impression that I knew Aaron before now.

“Bella, meet Mrs Ashley, Our new tenant” Mom introduced.

“My Pleasure Mrs Ashley” I faked a smile

“These are my Kids, Aaron and Aly” Mrs Ashley smiled brightly.

“Hey” I waved foolishly

“Nice meeting you” Aly chuckled taking her tray of food to sit beside me.

“Mom, gotta go now” Aaron pecked his mom lightly.

“Say Hello to Bella” His mom said adjusting his shirt collars

“I did that earlier today at school” Aaron lied.

“I’m not even interested” I whispered to myself.

Morning came quickly…..I got dressed and hurriedly took my breakfast.

“Hope I’m not late” Lisa walked briskly to the dinning table throwing her bag on the couch.

“Lisa guess what” I said with my mouth full of potatoes.

“Aaron isn’t the rapist” Lisa rolled her eyes and I hissed.

“Aaron and his family is the new tenant Greg talked about yesterday” I smirked.

“So”….. Lisa said dropping her cup of tea on the table.

“Makes it easier for me to make him pay back” I said boldly.

“Pay back for what” That was Greg

“Have you been listening to me silently” I said in shock.

“Nope….I just heard that…..Anyways….I’m so tired so Mrs Ashley would drop you two in school” Greg yawned loudly

“Greg, I would prefer to walk to school” I grabbed my bag in anger with Lisa running after me.

Luckily, I got the school’s bus. Throughout the journey, Lisa kept complaining but I totally ignored her.

“Are you with me on this” I glared at her

“Please Bella, take things easy” Lisa said almost in tears.

“I have come up with something, I be his friend…Get to know his secret and use them against him” I said boldly.

“I just hope you aren’t making a mistake” Lisa walked to her class.

The Assembly was brief, reason been that the principal had some announcement to make.

“Gud morning staffs and student of St. Gradient High school” The principal said loudly with a bright smile.

“Gud morning sir” The student chorused

“We have gone through the votes. Aaron Ashley has 206 votes while Kary West has 106 votes, Although most student didn’t not vote” The principal continued with displeasure

“Ya Aaron”!!! The student cheered.

Aaron the school’s head boy. What happened to the lies I told the principal, Maybe they didn’t just count because I heard no evidence to back up my point. The principal had asked the head boy to inspect all the senior classes.

“Aaron Ashley, know that you are leaving this position soon” I said confidently.

“Congrats Aaron” The voices of student filled the air.

Aaron stared at me briefly before taking his leave. I noticed he had completely ignored me……I was going to make him talk to me.

I got home, laid on my bed scoffing the Internet when I heard a knock on my door.

“It’s opened” I said totally oblivious of who was at the door.

“Bella, I was thinking you could help me with my Geography assignment” Aly said shutting my door quietly.

“All right, I’ll help you but you have to tell me everything about your brother” I smiled.

“Aaron is reserved and doesn’t talk much” Aly was plain.

“All right” I glanced through the assignment.

The assignment was easy so I didn’t spend much time in assisting her. I followed her to her house as part of my plans to get close to her brother.

“Hey Aaron” I smiled at him.

“You are stalking me” Aaron for the first time spoke to me and his voice made me drooling.

Good start!!!




“Nah….I’m not stalking” I opened my eyes and smiled at him.

“Bella, I can’t stoop so low to talk to you. You are not even in my class” His tone was damn harsh.

“I won’t get angry!….Bella” I tried mimicking his tone. “Oops!!! I like the sound of that” I took a deep breath.

“Whatever, excuse me” Aaron excused himself pushing me out of his way.

“Your brother is rude” I frowned facing Aly.

“He’s not always like that” Aly hug me lightly

Since I was less busy at home, I assisted Aly in arranging her room. We did some washing together. All good, we were age mates buh Aaron was far older than me.

“How far have you gone with your plans” Lisa approached me as we walked towards the assembly ground.

“Well, Aaron is playing difficult” I removed my hairs which was glued to my face.

“I heard the final student are organizing a get together” Lisa giggled waving her hands in the air.

“Party again” I rolled my eyes

“Bella, you can use this party to get close to Aaron, Don’t you get” Lisa said tapping my shoulders.

“I’m in” I laughed.

This time I told Mom and Greg about the party since Aaron and Aly were also going to the party. Lisa is a party freak!!! There was no need asking if she was interested or not.

“Aaron has promised to take us there” Lisa walked into my room as she adjusted her short gown.

“What am I gonna put on” I sighed closing my closet for the tenth time.

“Take” Lisa opened her bag throwing a pink short gown at me.

“It’s exposed”!!! I frowned

The blaring car horn at the gate made us freeze. Peeping through my curtains, Lisa jumped on my bed excited.

“Hurry up, Aaron is here!” Greg said loudly.

“I’m almost done” I hurried applied a light make over.

“We are late” Lisa said dragging me to the sitting room.

I hugged Greg before leaving the house. Aly sat beside her brother in the front while Lisa and I sat at the back. Since it was Aaron driving, we didn’t engage in much conversation.

“I’m off Bella” Lisa said leaving Aaron, Aly and I.

Lisa was crazy most times when it comes to party.

“Aly take care of yourself” Aaron excused himself.

Aly and I got a seat. We sat opposite each other and ordered for drinks.

“Hey, wanna dance” I recognized Kary West

“Not really” I shrugged and he sat beside me.

“Tell me about yourself” Kary’s voice was soft.

“Excuse me please” Aly cleared her throat and said politely.

“It’s a good thing you accepted defeat” I said not so sure of what to say.

“I don’t think it worth dying for, it’s not a big deal” Kary shrugged

“Hope to get to see you some other time” Kary smiled at me.

“You can always see me in school” I smiled

“You are beautiful Bella” Kary slipped his glass of wine.

“You know my name” I stared at him.

“If you don’t mind, I can take you home” Kary said getting up from his seat.

“You can’t take her home, She came with me” I turned around to see Aaron.

Did Aaron just say that, my heart jumped in excitement.

“Yh Kary, I came with Aaron” I managed to compose myself.

We struggled to look for Lisa who was deeply drunk. Aly didn’t talk much at the party, I guess she just enjoyed the whole scenario. It was a peaceful drive, we didn’t talk much except that Aaron glanced at me occasionally.

“Aaron likes you” Lisa belched loudly and I frowned.

“Lisa, I don’t think you can go home in this state” I lead her to my bed ignoring her statement.

I couldn’t take the thought of Aaron at the party of my head. Why did he insist on taking me back home. I smiled at my numerous thought.

Monday came and the students of St. Gradient High school made preparations for their forth coming exams. I was walking to the cafeteria in the company of Lisa when Kary stopped us.

“How is ur preparation going” Kary asked

“Chemistry is really giving me stress” I frowned.

“I would put you through” Kary was concerned.

“There would be no need for that” someone said boldly.

“Aaron” Lisa Whispered




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