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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Meant for her Episode 6 to 8

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“Aaron, Hope you aren’t stalking me?” I screamed in excitement.

“I can’t be stalking you, The chemistry teacher asked me to couch you for the forth coming exams” Aaron plainly said as he gazed at the sky.

“Bella, it’s working” Lisa whispered loudly in my ears.

“Aaron, is she your sister?” Kary was getting confused.

“She’s more than a sister” Aaron smiled and I blushed silently.

“Kary, Gotta go now” Lisa stylishly dragged me out of the cafeteria noticing I was making a fool of myself.

“Why did you drag me out like that” I frowned.

“Why are you making it obvious that you are beginning to crush on Aaron” Lisa smirked.

“I’m not crushing, it’s part of my plan” I giggled.

I totally ignored Aaron for the rest of the day. Greg took Lisa, Aly and I home since Aaron was staying back in school for a speech presentation.

“Greg, I would be spending most of my house time with Aaron” I sighed.

“I don’t get”!!! Greg’s eyes brightened

“It’s not what you are thinking, I meant he would be teaching me” I said quickly freeing myself from his futher questions.

“Teaching you what” Greg was actually getting on my nerve.

“Chemistry” I said and hissed loudly

“That rude” Greg frowned

“Whatever” I muttered

I spent most of my after school and Saturdays with

Aaron. Learning Chemistry was boring buh I had to so I could improve my grades.

“Tell me who you love most” I stared at him

“How does that relate to your studies” Aaron said rudely.

“Aaron, I thought we are friends” I faked a sad face.

“My late Dad” Aaron said and I let out a sound.

“Aly never told me that” I said looking at my palm

“Aly has a dad but I don’t” His voice was pale.

“I’m sorry Aaron” I sighed in defeat.

Greater part of me felt sorry for him . I was careful not to go so close to him so I could avoid spoiling my plan.

“Did you attend that birthday party” I laid on his bed finding the best way to explain that birthday.

“I attend lots of birthdays” He laid beside me and shifted to avoid body contact

“Are you a rapist” I wanted to ask …….”hmm…what do you have to say about rapist in the society” I sounded foolish

“Were you raped?” Aaron glared at me.

“Yes….I mean No” I glanced at him briefly before picking my book to leave his room.

“Can we go out on a date”??Aaron asked and my heart skipped a beat.

“It’s fine by me” I smiled lightly and left his room.


How do I tell her that I knew her before now. Raping her was never intentional, I felt it was the only way I could have her around me. Wait!!!….I still had to pretend about her rape and act like I didn’t know. If she finds out I did

that on purpose, She would forever hurt me.

“Aaron, How did your speech go” Mom asked bringing me back from my thought.

“It was perfect” I smiled

“You like Bella” Mom smirked and I frowned

“No, I’m just helping her with her studies” I lied.

“Bella’s mom would be traveling for two weeks and she wants to know if you could drop her in school” Mom said staring at my bed cupboard.

“What about her brother” I pretended not to like the idea.

“She said Greg is always busy, well you don’t need to drop her in school everyday” Mom smiled.

“All right” I laughed.

Taking Bella to school was cool. I mean I still had to maintain my integrity. I walked to the library to see Bella in company of Kary.

“Hey Aaron” Bella waved from her seat and I ignored.

“It’s break over….Everyone should return to their classes” I blunted ignoring Bella.

Bella and Kary stood up to leave the library with other students when I called Kary.

“Kary, you would have to help me prepare a speech” I stared at him

“What for” Kary was confused.

“New rules which you feel would be fit for the school” I walked out the the library.

“What did you do that for” Bella bursted

“What” I pretended

“Everything you did at the library” She yelled.

“I love you Bella” I couldn’t bear it anymore.



My head spinned in circles. Was I dreaming when Aaron said he loved me.

“Aaron, why did you rape me?” I screamed not conscious of the people around me.

“I didn’t do that” Aaron rolled his eyes.

I didn’t further the questions so he doesn’t get angry. The exam ended and when the result came out I had a distinction in Chemistry. Greg was so happy for me!!! …..Aly and Lisa also came out with nice grades.

“My brother wants to ask you out….I mean on a date” Aly giggled as we both made Lisa’s hair.

“Who’s that?” I rolled my eyes not so sure she was talking about Aaron.

“Aaron of course”Lisa chipped in laughing.

“It’s not funny” I frowned even though I liked the idea.

“I didn’t say anything” Aly said still laughing.

I kept wondering what the date was and if it was real. Aaron had approached me on my way from the library.

“Bella, I was wondering if you could go on a date with me” Aaron said resting his back on the wall.

“I don’t think that would be necessary” I pretended.

“I insist” He pleaded

“Text me the address and time later” I walked out on him trying to hide my excitement.

We didn’t talk much at the date. We kept glancing at each other until the date was over.

“How was it?” Lisa said over the phone

“Boring” I sighed deeply and ended the call.

We resume school for the promotion term. I had to seat tight so as to avoid low grades. Lisa and I spent most of our time in the library.

“See Aaron” Lisa pointed at Aaron who was resting on the shoulders of a girl on glasses.

“Who’s she” I felt jealous.

“That Elena, She is in Kary’s class” Lisa said boldly

You might be wondering why Bella doesn’t know anyone in the school. She’s a nerd who doesn’t associate with people but you see Lisa, she has the school’s full gist.

“Elena, who bears such name?” I said with disgust

“People do, stop being jealous” Lisa patted my shoulders and I hissed.

“Please let’s leave here” I said with anger when I couldn’t my emotions again.

I wasn’t in love….I just couldn’t sit and watch Aaron smiling at another girl. I walked out of the cafeteria with my eyes half closed.

“Hey, watch where you going” Kary screamed.

I barged into him!!

“I’m sorry” I composed myself and quickly apologized.

“Are you okk Bella” Kary voice was soft.

“Yes, I’m” I ran away trying to prevent my tears.

I ran to the toilet with Lisa running after me. I couldn’t bear it but to burst into tears.

“What’s your stress Bella” Lisa yelled at me.

“What’s wrong” Kary asked peeping through the toilet door

“This is supposed to be for ladies” we both screamed.

I didn’t bother going for the rest class. I told Kary I was sick and he took me to the sick bay where I spent the remaining period. I went home in company of Kary.

“Where have you been” Aaron glared at me.

“I was sick and I was in the sick bay” I frowned.

“Thanks Kary for bringing her home” Aaron shook his hands.

Kary and I became so close and attended most parties together. Elena and Aaron were probably dating….I wasn’t so sure though.

“Please Bella, I like and would want to date you” Kary said after a date one evening

“I’ve thought about that too and I accept the proposal” I smiled staring at the ceiling.

Soon, The entire St. Gradient was aware Kary and I was dating. Everyone dreaded me because it was not easy dating a guy as hot as Kary.


How could Bella accept to date Kary. I went to her room to meet her reading a novel.

“Break up with Kary” I sat beside her

“Meaning what Aaron”?? I eyed him

“I love you Bella” Aaron said calmly

“What about your girlfriend, Elena” I tried to hide my smile

“I was never dating Elena” Aaron said heartbroken

“Aaron , I’m happy with Kary” She shrugged.

I left my room, got into my car and drove to Kary’s house.

“I didn’t come here for long talks, Break up with Bella….She is mine” I said sternly

“Why” Kary was confused

“Don’t dare me” !!!



“Are you dating Aaron?” Kary asked playing with my fingers.

“No” I shrugged not aware of what he was talking about.

“He asked me to break up with you” Kary said sadly.

“Why…..what for”?? I got up in anger and went to Aaron’s class.

“Aaron what your problem” I screamed.

“I don’t understand you Bella” Aaron sat opposite me staring at me.

“What did you tell Kary”?? I grinned at him.

“To stay away from you” Aaron shrugged and left the class.

I left the class and rushed to the Lisa’s class in tears. Lisa consoled me and asked me not to break up with Kary. Soon Aaron and Kary was done with their finals. I spent most of my holidays with Kary even tho I was still close to Aaron.

“Bella, I would be traveling out of the country to further my studies” Kary said one evening.

“I’ll miss you Kary” Tears flowed freely from my cheeks.

Kary finally went to Canada to further his education. I was left with Lisa, Aly and Aaron. I really did miss Kary. We talked often until I lost his contacts.

“Now that Kary is out of the picture, why don’t you consider Aaron” Lisa smirked.

“I’m not interested” I frowned.

I practically forgot about my revenge plan. A greater part of me did love Aaron even when I was with Kary. I agreed to date Aaron without Mom and Greg knowing.

“Let’s take our relationship further, I mean we are both out of school now” Aaron said staring at his drinks

“I don’t want to further this” I said emphatically.

“Why” Aaron glanced at me

“I still love Kary and I believe he will come back for me” I tried to hide my tears.

“If you insist” Aaron paid the bills and left the restaurant.

We all started working, Lisa was into acting while I was working in a pharmacy. Aly was a nurse and Aaron was a business man.

“Hey , Guess what”!!! Lisa smiled at Aly & I.

“What”!! Aly giggled and returned the smile

“I’m getting married” Lisa said showing us her engagement ring.

“Whao, Congrats swerrie” Aly and I said together.

“Who’s him” I laughed

“Greg” Lisa said

“Greg!!!….How come” I pondered.

“You never told me you were getting married to her” I eyed Greg suspiciously.

“I have known her for as long as I know you and I love her” Greg said pressing his phone.

“Congrats Big bro…..buh you should have told me before her” I smiled.

“I’m sorry I didn’t” Greg hugged me placing a kiss on my forehead.

The date for the wedding drew closer. I made provisions for all the wedding dresses. Mom was excited.

We got to the church with Greg already waiting.

“You came kinda late” Greg smiled at Lisa

“Traffic” I said and we all hurried to the church.

“Can the couples step forward please” The pastor said loudly.

Lisa walked majestically in her white gown as she walked with Greg down the alter. After exchanging their marital vows, they took their first kiss. I know that wasn’t actually their first kiss tho.

“Bella, Go to the car and get me the gift” Mom ordered

I went to the car to get the gift when a familiar voice called my name. I turned around to see Kary.

“Kary” I screamed in excitement as I rushed to hug him

“I miss you Bella” Kary kissed me

“What happened, I mean you lines were no longer connecting” I broke into tears.

“I misplaced my phone and lost everything….I luckily got to know about this wedding through a friend” Kary said touching my face.

“I’m so happy” I sighed deeply and kissed him.

“Hmm….” Someone cleared his throat , I turned around to see Aaron.

“Kary is back” I was totally confused.

At this point Kary was important to me!!!.

“Hope you told him we are getting married soon” Aaron smirked and I glared at him.

“Bella is that so” Kary said staring into my eyes.

“No, He is lying….we are only dating” I said with all boldness.

“Let me make my intentions known Bella, I have come to marry you” Kary said.

“Marry me” I wasn’t so sure of what I heard.

“She won’t marry you” Aaron blunted

“Why”?? Kary asked

“She’s mine” Aaron smiled mischievously and excused himself.



War for war……seems like Bella is even confused…..who is she gonna end up with?💔

……it all about to begin😋……hit the like❤ button when ya done reading.

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