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means to love episode 33 & 34

🌷☀️🥀…. MEANS
LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 33 & 34 °°°

“Marisol what are you saying my love?” Fernanda asked slowly as she stood still.

“Mummy why did you lie to me?” Marisol sobbe-d.

“Let me explain it to you my love” Fernanda said as she tried to walk closer to Marisol but she ran away from the birthday hall.

“Marisol, I’m sorry” Fernanda sobbe-d as she ran after Marisol.

“Dad what did you do?” Jeromino asked seriously as he walked to him.

“If I can’t file a case against her myself, I might as well just let my granddaughter do the work for me”

“Dad how can you be so evil! Why did you get the little girl involved in all these. Why are you cruel? Are you trying to make the little girl misun-derstand her mother”

“Mino the paparazzi are trying to f0rç£ their way in. I think one of the guests ti-pped them off” Elvis whispered to Jeromino as he walked to him.

“What!” Jeromino g@sped staring at him.

“Even worse, Valentina is denying the news about your daughter Marisol”

“Why would she do that?” Jeromino asked seriously then ran out of the building to the gate.

“Whoever ti-pped you off was lying. Jeromino and Fernanda doesn’t have a child” Valentina lied as the m@ss Media surrounded her.

“Seven years ago, Mr Jeromino was seen at the hospital Fernanda put it be-d and we all know the lovely chemistry the both of them shared” one of the journalist said and Valentina glared at him.

“Are you trying to me, I’m lying or what? I know more than anyone standing here so don’t stand there and make up stories” Valentina said seriously.

“Valentina, go back inside. You left the guests only to come here and argue with the media” Jeromino said seriously from behind and Valentina glared at him.

“Jeromino you should watch the way you talk to me. Don’t forget we’re in front of the paparazzi” Valentina whispered in Jeromino’s ears then walked away.

“Jeromino what’s your saying on the trending rumor about you and model Fernanda?” The paparazzi threw in questions as Valentina back inside.

“Whatever rumors you heard is true. Fernanda and I have a child together. Now I’ve answered your questions plea-se can you leave the premises. We’re having a family time right now” Jeromino said then went back inside closing the gate.

“Pheww, that was close” Jeromino sighed with his hands on his w@!st. He raised his face up and found Amanda in front of him.


“I’m never going to accept Marisol as my sister. I refuse to have another sister” Amanda shouted with tears rolling down her cheeks then she ran away.

“Amanda come back here, you have to listen to me” Jeromino shouted as he went after her.

“I don’t want to listen to anything you want to say daddy”

“Amanda, Marisol is my daughter as well so you have to accept her. I’m sorry the news is getting to you in this way but still, you don’t have any right to make conclusions on that. I didn’t raise you to be this rude and spoilt so you have to accept Marisol. I’m letting your actions at the stage slide because of this but we will talk about that tomorrow” Jeromino scolded and Valentina walked to Amanda.

“St©p crying dear, daddy doesn’t mean any of the things he just said. He’s only upset. If you don’t want to accept Marisol as your sister, do as you wish my dear” Valentina said as Amanda hvgged her.

“Valentina I have no idea why you’re saying all this things to her because I’ve made myself clear and you better get her to un-derstand what I’m saying so we don’t have to go throu-gh this again. Amanda tomorrow you will apologize to Marisol for pushing her when the dance was on, what if she got hurt more than she did. What you did was bad so you better reflect on your actions and Valentina st©p spoiling the little girl’s mind” Jeromino said seriously then walked out.

Valentina glared at him angrily.


“My love what did he say to you for you to be this upset with me?” Fernanda asked as she sat next to Marisol at the garden.

Marisol kept mute.

“My love it’s okay if you don’t want to talk to mummy right now but you have no idea how worried I am right now. I feel so hurt seeing you so upset with me. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about Jeromino sooner, I was only waiting for the right time to do so. If I knew this was how upset you would be at me, I would have told you everything but my love your mummy went throu-gh so much and I can’t bear to put you throu-gh that path again. You mean the world to me Marisol and I would lose my mind if any harm comes your way” Fernanda said sobbing but Marisol didn’t utter a word.

“It doesn’t matter how long you stay angry at me but I can’t give you away. They don’t have the right to have you my love. They need to earn it, I would never give you away without a fight” Fernanda said seriously wiping off her tears.

“Grandpa said you’re the reason why daddy got another family, mummy you betrayed daddy” Marisol shouted then ran to their car at the car garage.

“What!” Fernanda uttered in shock.

What the hell did Agustin say to my daughter? Fernanda questioned in her head angrily then the went back into the building.

“Agustin!” Fernanda called out angrily as she went upstairs.

“Are you looking for me?” Agustin asked sarcastically as he turned around with his rocking chair at the balcony.

“What lies did you feed my daughter?” Fernanda asked seriously as she walked to him.

“What do you mean lies? Of course I told her the truth, the little girl deserves to know the truth. Why were you hiding the truth in the first place? Now I see your resemblance with Luciano, Fernanda you shouldn’t be slow with judgements like this else you have a weakness” Agustin laughed.

“What do you know about my uncle Luciano?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“Everything about him, I’m pretty sure he’s resting in hell right now” Agustin laughed and Fernanda clenched her fist about to give Agustin a punch on his face.

“If you don’t want to lose your daughter forever, don’t even think about laying a f!nger on me. Fernanda nothing works your way so I think you should just let things be. I need my granddaughter to be around me, you can’t st©p me from spending sometime with my Marisol” Agustin smiled.

“What do you want from me? If you have issues with me then fight me directly, don’t get my daughter involved in your dirty games. If any harm comes to my daughter, I won’t think twice about killing you. I don’t mind going to jail for that” Fernanda said seriously and Agustin smiled.

“I love that but too bad, you’re of no use to me. If you don’t want me to pl@ydirty with you, just give me my granddaughter. I won’t let you be until you do that” Agustin said and started laughing.

Valentina was eavesdropping from the restroom close to the balcony.

Amanda isn’t good enough for you, you would regret fighting for Marisol. Valentina uttered in her mind wickedly.

Jeromino looked around the garden hoping to find Fernanda and Marisol but they weren’t there but he noticed Fernanda’s car was still parked at the garage.

Jeromino walked to the car and heard someone weeping.

“Marisol are you there?” Jeromino asked but Marisol kept mute as she sat beside the car.

“Oh no, I can’t find Marisol around. I was hoping to tell her how much I love and care for her and how much I missed her while she was away” Jeromino said softly trying to get Marisol’s attention.

“Really?” Marisol asked curiously as she stood up and c@m£ out of her hiding.

“Of course my love. You were so little the last time I saw you but now you’re all grown up but you’re a grown up doesn’t mean you should be upset with your mummy for the decisions she made for you. Your mummy was only looking out for you my love and I’m kinda glad she took you away because we had no idea what next is coming our way” Jeromino explained as he bent over to her.

“Ain’t you sad I didn’t know of you?” Marisol asked softly and Jeromino smiled.

“Of course I’m sad, my love but it all happened for a reason. Right now you might not be able to un-derstand why your mummy did what she did but when you grow a bit older, you appreciate the decisions she made for you” Jeromino said smiling.

“But grandpa said mummy betrayed you and that’s why you got another family to replace me and mummy. If mummy hadn’t left, we would be your only family right now” Marisol said sadly.

“Come on dear, grandpa doesn’t mean it that way and no one can ever take the place of you and your mummy in my heart. The both of you are the only ones who own it but my love don’t you like it that you have another sister?”

“Of course I do daddy but I don’t think Amanda likes me and I don’t want fight with anyone because they don’t un-derstand me”

“Come here, give daddy a hvg” Jeromino said and Marisol hvgged him.

I also have no idea if my decision seven years ago was right or wrong. Jeromino uttered in his mind just then Fernanda walked to the car.

“Marisol let’s go home” Fernanda uttered and they broke their hvg.

“Fernanda we need to talk”

“I can’t do that tonight and you should talk some s-en-se into your daughter Amanda because I won’t take it lightly if such a thing happens in school. Get in Marisol” Fernanda said seriously as she opened the back door and Jeromino peeked Marisol’s cheeks.

“Good night my love”

“Good night daddy” Marisol said smiling as she entered the car and Fernanda got into the car then drove off.

Fernanda got home and ignored all the questions coming out from everyone. She went straight to Luciano’s room.

Uncle definitely had a connection with Agustin and I can remember uncle saying something to me before he p@ssed out. I might be able to find the evidence here. Agustin you would never take anything away from me f0rç£fully again so rot in hell while you dream of having my daughter… Fernanda said in her mind angrily as she went throu-gh Luciano’s things but her eyes caught up with a wra-pped box.



I walked into Agustin’s room silently and he stared at me then sm-irked.

“You’re really a devil. You don’t even get scared anymore” I sneered.

“What do you want you nas-ty bit-ch” He cursed and I sat on his be-d with my legs crossed against each other.

“I think you’ve upset me and I don’t like that feeling”

“Do I look like I care about what you feel? Since you’ve st©pped coming whenever I needed you so I st©pped caring as well” He said sarcastically as he dropped his phone on the table and he stood up from his chair.

“Valentina I’m a very busy man and I don’t appreciate it if you pl@ywith my time and you can clearly that it’s time for me to go to be-d” He said adjusting his night rope.

“Right now there’s nothing as important as you listening to what I have to say and you’re not allowed to fall asleep before you hear me out”

“What do you think Jeromino will think if he finds out you c@m£ to my room this late at night”

“This is to show you how important and upset I am”

“OK fine, can you st©p beating round the bush and go straight to the point” He said seriously and I smiled.

“Is Amanda not good enough for you? Why are you trying to create a grift between Jeromino and I? You know so well how much I love your son so what are you intentions for telling Fernanda’s daughter who her father is?”

“Did I hear you correctly because I don’t remember having hearing issues. Did you just say love? Love?” He said and boost into laughter.

“Why are you laughing? Do you think I’m in the mood for jokes?” I said seriously then he wiped off the tears in his eyes because of the laughter.

“Valentina I suggest you should go see the doctor. You’ve finally lost your mind. You’ve completely lost your mind” He laughed and I frowned.

“And what’s that supposed to mean?”

“What’s it not supposed to mean? I just said you should go see a psychiatrist because you have no idea what’s going on with you? Did you just say love?”

“Yes I said love and I mean it when I say am in love with Jeromino and I don’t see any reason why you find it funny”

“I find it funny because you have no idea what love is and if you think you’re just going to seat there and bluff then I’m sorry I don’t have time for that” He said seriously.

“You don’t have any right to judge my feelings for Jeromino when you’re completely heartless, you have no idea what love is. You only think of yourself” I cursed and he chuckled.

“Valentina st©p fooling yourself, you know so well you don’t love Jeromino. This wasn’t the original plan so why are you suddenly trying to complicate things for yourself and everyone else. Having Jeromino as the father of your child isn’t that enough for you”

“Having Amanda as your granddaughter, isn’t that enough for you? Why are you trying to complicate things even more?” I asked seriously.

“Amanda isn’t good enough because she doesn’t like me and I don’t like her either. We’re both against each other but Marisol is different, she haven’t seen me before but she’s alre-ady so kind to me. The warmth of that little girl filled my lonely soul and I’ve never felt that way around your daughter. Do you get it now? You can go ahead and fight over Jeromino, I don’t care but don’t use my biological granddaughter as an accuse to blackmail me”

“What do you mean by blackmail? I haven’t even done that yet and you’re alre-ady pinpointing that fact” I sneered.

“You think I don’t know you well, if you find it difficult convincing me then you blackmail me but this time around I don’t think your threats are working on me Valentina”

“Seems like I’m left with no choice but to use my biggest weapon. Agustin you have to convince your son to get married to me before this year runs out else I will tell Jeromino the whole truth”

“Hahaha! Valentina you’re going to end up getting hurt instead. Like you said I’m heartless but do you think you’re that heartless to challenge me? I have no idea how Jeromino ended up with a devilish friend like you. I’m a devil but I know my aliens and you’re not one of them”


I went throu-gh uncle’s stuffs in his locked cupboard. I broke it open and I saw a blue box, I brou-ght it out.

“Fernanda what are you doing in there? You know so well this isn’t the time to ignore our questions. What was Jeromino saying to the m@ss Media? Was that the p@rty you took Marisol too? Why did you take her there when you know so well that we’re against it” Dad shouted hitting uncle’s door but I ignored him.

I brou-ght out everything from the box and I saw a wra-pped box.

“I hope this is carrying the answers I need. Fernanda you have to be re-ady to face anything” I said to myself then tore the wra-pped.

Some ph0tos fell out from the box and I saw an old model cellphone.

Flashes of what uncle said to me before he died kept on ringing in my head.

~ “phone” ~

Uncle what trying to say something to me about the evidence. Why didn’t I think of this sooner.

I picked up the ph0tos of hy-men pointing his gun at mummy in front of my school.

“How did uncle get a hold of this?” I g@sped out as tears began to roll down my cheeks.

I turned the ph0tos around then found uncle’s writing behind them.

~ I couldn’t do anything, I’m a complete loser ~
~ I hope I rot in hell.. Maria Jose I’m sorry, I sat next to your murderer and couldn’t do nothing ~

I re-ad and boost into heavy tears as I re-ad more.

“Why didn’t you do anything uncle Luciano? Why?” I shouted in tears as I sat on the floor.

“Fernanda what’s going on in there? Is everything okay? Why are you crying? Did I upset you?” Dad asked knocking at the door.

“Fernanda say something. What happened?”

“Leave me alone. You all should leave me alone. Leave me alone” I shouted as I threw away the box in my hands in anger.

“What’s the use of fighting for justice when you all lied to me? You’re all liars”

“I have no one left to trust. Uncle Luciano was the source of my strength because I believed if he was alive, he would also fight for justice alongside me but what just happened? You killed my mummy, you all killed my mummy. No one cares to look for justice for her. Dad you’re the cause of all this, you didn’t fight for mummy. You didn’t bother yourself about fighting for justice for her. You all moved on like nothing happened. You all are the reasons why my life went into the wrong hands so don’t judge me when you see me fighting for my own happiness?”

“You all are the reasons why Marisol sees me as a wicked mother. You all refused to give Jeromino a second chance for a mistake we both committed. It all makes s-en-se to me now, the only person who cares about me is Jeromino because he c@m£ into my life when I was surrounded with lies, even though his words then were all lies, he still treated me like a queen” I shouted sobbing heavily.

“I’ve had enough of all this. Everyone should st©p pretending like they care. I’m done pretending not be in love with Jeromino, I’m so f**king done” I shouted as I stood up from the floor, picked my car keys from the be-d then opened the door.

“Fernanda what’s wrong? Where’s all those words coming from?” Abuela asked trying to t©uçh but I showed her my red eyes.

“No one should t©uçh me. I will be sleeping out so no one should look for me” I said seriously then went out of our house, I got into my car then drove off to a five star h0tel.

“Jeromino let’s meet” I said over the phone then hung up and s£nd my address to Jeromino.

I booked a room and waited for Jeromino as I had a sip of wine from my wine gl@ss.

15minutes later Jeromino arrived. I opened the door and smiled at him.

“Fernanda is everything okay? Are you drun!k?” Jeromino asked worriedly as he c@m£ inside.

“I can’t afford to get drun!kthe second time. I only took a sip and it’s a non-alcoholic wine”

“OK, I was so worried with the way you sounded over the phone. Thank goodness you’re fine” He said giving me a ti-ght hvg.

“The first time we did it, I wasn’t myself so let’s do it again. I want to feel you inside of me Jeromino, I’m sorry I kept on denying the fact that I still have feelings for you. Honestly I never st©pped loving you Jeromino” I said slowly and he smiled.

“I love you so much Fernanda, if you were to operate on my heart right now. You and Marisol are the only ones there” He said p@ssionately and I placed myl-ips on his.

The k!ssbec@m£ dee-per as we exchanged ton-gues, I slowly un-bu-ttoned his shi-t and we both fell on the be-d.

Jeromino ca-ressed my b©dy and whispered in my ears.

“You smell so good Fernanda”

I smiled as he gently squee-zed my b©©b s..
He helped my unZi-pped my go-wn and I was completely nûd£. He k!$$£d my th!ghs and proceeded to my h0ñ£yp0t.
We both got lost in our de-sires as Jeromino made p@ssionate love to me.

I feel so great. I uttered in my head with a wi-de smile on myl-ips as Jeromino showed me how much he yawns for me.


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