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means to love episode 35 & 36

🌷☀️🥀…. MEANS
LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 35 & 36 °°°


Fernanda woke up and couldn’t find Jeromino around and she got a bit scared for moment as the incident of seven years ago flashed in her head.

“Jeromino!” Fernanda called out looking around as she sat up.

“What do you mean you can’t deliver the package? Do you have any idea how important that package is” Jeromino said seriously over the phone.

“Oh plea-se, get lost” Jeromino hissed then hung up angrily.

“Jeromino” Fernanda called again and Jeromino turned around looking at his wristwatch.

“Fernanda!” Jeromino called as he c@m£ out of the balcony and Fernanda smiled.

“Good morning my love. You looked worried, were you worried I would run away like I did before” Jeromino said smiling as he walked to the be-d and Fernanda smiled.

“I didn’t say anything”

“Of course your face expression says it all. Believe me Fernanda, you’re the only woman who occupies my heart. I don’t mind waiting for so many years as long as I win your heart. You know how stubborn I can be when I want something. I love you so much Fernanda and I wish we spend the rest of our lives together” Jeromino said p@ssionately and k!$$£d the back of Fernanda’s palm.

“I can’t believe we’re back together” Fernanda said with a wi-de smile and Jeromino hvgged her ti-ght.

“I also can’t believe it myself. I always prayed for this day to come and it finally c@m£, I will cherish this moment for the rest of my life. I love you so much Fernanda” Jeromino confessed then slowly brou-ght hisl-ips closer to Fernanda’s.

“I love you too Jeromino and I also want to cherish this moments together with you” Fernanda said slowly and they k!$$£d each other p@ssionately.

My next move is to s£nd Agustin to jail and delete Valentina’s chapter out of your life Jeromino because I’ve been throu-gh a lot and I’m no saint to be able to un-derstand everyb©dy’s situation so I’m sorry but I can’t share you with anyone. I don’t share. Fernanda uttered in her mind seriously as they had a dee-per k!ss.



Marisol is seen P@nting about anxiously as tears roll down her cheeks uncontrollably.

“Marisol you need to st©p crying. Your mummy will be back soon” Florencia said slowly and Marisol sat down on a couch.

“Aunty, mummy is upset with me right? She left home last night because I refused to speak with her. Grandpa do you think mummy is ok? She hasn’t called yet does that mean she doesn’t want me to go to school today. Grandpa it’s all my fault that mummy is so upset, I should have listened to her and now she’s upset with me. What if mummy never returns” Marisol sobbe-d heavily and Bruno hvgged her.

“Of course your mummy will be back, she’s just going throu-gh some rou-gh times and that’s why she needed some time alone but she will be back to take you to school so plea-se can you st©p crying, you’re breaking my heart as well” Bruno said patting her back.

I also think she’s mad at me as well. Everything Fernanda said last night were all true, I haven’t been a quite supporting husband and father. I couldn’t even get justice for Maria Jose’s death, I moved on because I was scared I would break down if I don’t move on. She wasn’t given justice and I put blind eyes to the truth. Everything was in front of me and I still couldn’t do a thing. Bruno you should know one thing and you will have to take it to you grave, you killed Maria Jose. You killed your wife. No amount of punishment can account for everything I did to Maria. Bruno uttered in his head as tears roll down to his cheeks.

“Mummy I’m sorry” Marisol cried out and Bruno ca-ressed her head.

I’m sorry Fernanda. Bruno uttered in his mind.

The doorbell rang and Marisol’s eyes went wi-de open.

“Mummy!” Marisol called out excitedly as she ran to get the door but her smile disappeared when she saw the person at the door.

“Diego why are you here?” Marisol asked slowly as he c@m£ inside.

“What do you mean, of course I’m here to take you to school. Your mum said I should take you to school today so go get re-ady, I will be waiting for you at the sitting room”

“Is mummy okay? Is she still upset with me? Why doesn’t she want to take me to school today”

“Upset? Your mummy didn’t sound upset when she was talking to me over the phone. In fact she was super excited” Diego smiled and Marisol looked at him curiously.

“You don’t believe me?” Diego asked and Marisol nodded.

“Let me put a call across to her then you would believe me” Diego said and dialed Fernanda’s number. It kept on ringing but she take the call.

“Diego it’s okay if you want to console me but you shouldn’t lie about it. I will go get re-ady for school” Marisol said faintly as she turned around to go to her room.

“Believe me Marisol, your mummy and I spoke few minutes ago” Diego said trying to convince her but it isn’t working.

“I will be right back” Marisol said and went to her room.

“Good morning sir” Diego greeted.

“Did you speak with Fernanda? Did she tell you about anything?” Bruno asked curiously.

“Yes sir and she told me to come pick Marisol to school. Oh yeah, she said she spent the night with Jeromino so she’s fine”

“She spent the night with Jeromino?”

I think I’ve pushed my daughter to the wall. Years back she was so angry with Jeromino and suddenly she’s made up with him. Did she lie about moving on this past years? Bruno uttered in his mind.

“Sir I’m not in the position to say this and I probably have no idea what happened in the past but I hope you all gets a change of heart about Jeromino. I can feel how much Fernanda loves him and I’m pretty sure she was only holding it so she wouldn’t disappoint you all but Jeromino is now p@rt of the family and we all can see the hvge misun-derstanding the mother and daughter are having because of her relationsh!pwith Jeromino. Fernanda was hurt back then but if we all keep ignoring her feelings, I fear she would grow further ap@rt from you all” Diego advised and Bruno stared at him.

“Do you think Jeromino is the source of her happiness? Do you have any idea how traumatized Fernanda was when Jeromino broke her heart? How sure are you he wouldn’t do it again and to make matters worse, he has a family now. Are you advising me to make my daughter the mistress of that heartbreaker” Bruno said seriously.

“Sir I think you misun-derstood something here. Jeromino has an adopted daughter but he’s still very single, he’s not married yet” Diego clarified.

“Whatever it may be, this isn’t a discussion I should be having with an outsider. You’re just my daughter’s @ssistant so don’t act like you’re family now” Bruno said rudely and Diego stood up from where he was sitting as he ti-ght£ñed his fist in anger.

“Mr Bruno I’m quite disappointed in you for the statement you just made. Fernanda and I have been together for the past seven years and Fernanda takes me as her brother and that’s why she trusts me so much. We’ve only known each other for a few years but it feels like we’ve known each for decades so I respect and cherish Fernanda a lot, I may not be her immediate family but I know when she’s hurting or happy so I think for the sake of our friendsh!pI have every right to wish her happiness and it’s fine if you see me as an outsider but plea-se don’t push your daughter away from her happiness” Diego said politely.


Later that day, Fernanda and Jeromino had a h0t shower together before they head to Agustin’s house.


Agustin was seated at his office chair in his office at home when Fernanda and Jeromino walked in with their hands crossed against each other.

“Who do we have here?” Agustin tea-sed and Fernanda frowned.

“Good day dad” Jeromino greeted.

“Fernanda I’ve never actually seen you smile before, are you sure you have teeth in your gums” Agustin laughed and Jeromino frowned.

“Dad we’re really not here to crack any jokes with you so st©p acting funny because your jokes is annoying”

“Alright, I’ll save my pride but what brings you and why are your hands crossed against each other?” Agustin asked sarcastically.

“Thank goodness you noticed that so I don’t really have much to say. Fernanda and I are back together”

“Alright, I will be fine with it as long as you don’t plan on ma-king her your wife” Agustin said coldly.

“What’s that supposed to mean Dad? We c@m£ to take your blessings because we have marriage in mind so what are you saying?” Jeromino said seriously and Agustin stood up from his chair.

“I don’t care about whatever future plans you both have but as long as I’m concerned I would never approve of your marriage even if I die, my corpse will never bless your marriage” Agustin said seriously.



“Dad why don’t you like to see me happy?” I asked furiously and he smiled.

“I love to see you happy my son, I just don’t like it when you claim Fernanda makes you happy. Why do you want to end up with a woman like her when they’re so many women out there, there’s even one at your house. When you told me you were adopting Valentina’s baby, I approved of it because that’s what you wanted and I didn’t want to be an obstacle to it”

“Mr Agustin, your blessings means nothing to me. I’m only here for Jeromino, he wants you to know about us and that’s why we’re here so if you think I’m here to get your approval for me to be with your son then you must be dreaming. Your blessings are like a curse to me” Fernanda cut in angrily.

“Fernanda I’m sorry on his behalf but he’s still my father, you’re a bit harsh”

“I will wait for you at the car. Don’t expect to stand here and watch your dad use bad languages on me. Jeromino I’m not just a nob©dy, I know my worth. When you’re done come meet me at the car” Fernanda said seriously as she took the car keys in my hand then went out.

“Exactly my point, how do you expect me to accept a woman who doesn’t even respect me. Jeromino don’t ask for too much before you exhaust all my favors”

“Dad, you’re so mean. You said you wanted to fight for the custody of Marisol and now you’re behaving this way to her mother. What do you take me for Dad? I’m only giving this little respect because you gave birth to me but if you keep on objecting to my happiness then I’m sorry, you will no longer find me around. It’s not like your blessings will add or reduce anything I feel for Fernanda, I’m only doing it for tradition sake so accept Fernanda because she will be my future wife”

“The only marriage I would bless, is your marriage with Valentina. She’s the only woman who deserves to be your wife so better put your s-en-ses together and propose to the innocent girl”

“What are you even saying? Propose to who exactly?” I laughed.

“Now you think I’m cracking jokes. Too bad I’m being serious right now. You should propose to Valentina, don’t let me get involved” He threatened and I chuckled.

“I see Valentina as my sister and there’s no way I would ever dream of having ro-mantic feelings for her so st©p that silly thoughts you’re having, it will never come to p@ss” I said seriously.

“You see her as a sister and then you adopted her daughter, claiming to be the father of the child. You should have just cleared the air from the beginning that you’re the little girl’s uncle”

“Nothing’s wrong with adopting her daughter. Tina and I made that clear so there’s no feelings attached whatsoever”

“Mino can you just listen to yourself. You looked after Valentina when she was going throu-gh a rou-gh path and then rescued her from the shame of the society and you expect her not to develop any feelings for you. Jeromino you know so well how easy it is to win a woman’s heart so your generosity might be seen as love”

“Why am I even listening to you when everything you’re saying doesn’t make any s-en-se. I’m off” I said sarcastically then went out of the office.

I got to the car and Fernanda was busy with her phone. She totally ignored my pres£nt.

“I’m sorry my love, I didn’t mean to be so blurt with you okay. I’m sorry” I apologized with my palms together and Fernanda stared at me.

“You have no idea what’s going on and that’s why I feel so bad but I’m glad you’re still on my side. So where are we heading to next?” She asked with a smile and I k!$$£d her cheeks.

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t know much but I will always be on your side no matter what. After you left I really have dad an earful, I regretted what I said to you and that’s why I vented it all on him” I said and she giggled.

“As long as you gave him an earful, I’m satisfied”

“Let’s go home, I should introduce you to Valentina properly. Amanda must have gone to school alre-ady so I will leave your introduction to her later but for now, let’s go tell the whole world we’re back together”

“No Jeromino, family first” Fernanda pouted and I smiled.

“Of course my love” I cut in then we drove down to my house.

“Valentina!” I called as we walked into the sitting room.

“Your place is beautiful. I didn’t notice it last night because of the birthday decorations”

“Elvis decorated here himself, he always brings guests with him whenever he’s in Mexico and he ends up bringing them here”

“Don’t you kinda feel bothered with his guests around?”

“Not really, I head upstairs when they’re around so I don’t really feel bothered” I said and we sat down.

“Jeromino you’re back” Valentina said as she got down the stairs.

“Why’s she here with you?” Valentina asked as she saw Fernanda.

“Valentina, meet Fernanda my girlfriend. Fernanda and I are back together” I announced and Valentina laughed h@rd.

“You’re joking right?” She laughed.

“Valentina why are you laughing it’s not funny. I’m telling you such an important news and you’re laughing, don’t you think it’s quite disrespectful to both Fernanda and I” I said seriously.

“Jeromino before getting back with Fernanda, did you even think about our daughter?” Valentina asked seriously.

“What do you mean? Of course I thought of Amanda and I believe she will un-derstand me for getting back with the woman I love”

“Jeromino she’s only seven years old, how do you expect her to un-derstand something like this. Couldn’t the both of you wait a little longer for the kids to grow up. It’s alre-ady a hvge b!ow to Amanda that Marisol is your daughter and now this. Do you want Amanda to think you chose Marisol’s mum over me? Jeromino why can’t you think in our daughter’s perspective for once. She’s only a child”

“And you think Marisol will be happy to see her parents in bad terms while Jeromino tries to be a father to her” Fernanda cut in.

“Marisol lived all her life without a dad and she fits perfectly in that world and I see no reason why she can’t bear for a little while” Valentina said and Fernanda stood up from where she was sitting.

“If you see it that way then I think both you and your daughter have overstayed your welcome. Jeromino only adopted Amanda because he felt bad for you and now you’re beginning to be selfish. Do you think it was easy raising Marisol without a dad while she had a very competent dad? Now she has known the truth so she has every right to spend quality time with her dad and she can’t be able to do that if your daughter doesn’t un-derstand the situation” Fernanda fired and I stared at the both of them as they left no chance for me to cut in.

“I’m only looking out for the welfare of my daughter s it’s only natural that I become selfish. No one asked you to raise Marisol alone for the past seven years, you thought Jeromino wasn’t capable of being a father and now you’ve seen how great of a dad he can and that’s why you swindled your way back into his life. So what if Jeromino adopted my daughter, I still have every right to speak for Amanda because Jeromino is her dad lawfully” Valentina said seriously as they both exchanged glares.

“Valentina I think Fernanda was right about one thing and it’s true, you’re being selfish if you act this way. Marisol is my biological daughter so I also want to make up for those times I wasn’t there for her and you’re also being selfish if you suggest we keep this away from Amanda. Amanda have every right to know who her father is with and we were never in a relationsh!pin the first place so why would she think I’m replacing you”

“If we weren’t in a relationsh!p, how did we give birth to her. You know so well that Amanda doesn’t know the entire truth that you adopted her” Valentina said slowly and a loud noise was heard at the door.

“What’s that?” I g@sped out and we all ran to the door.

Amanda coll@psed at the door.

“Amanda! Amanda open your eyes” We chorused as I checked if she was breathing.

“Amanda plea-se open your eyes for mummy” Valentina said alre-ady in tears.

“She doesn’t look so well, we should rush her to the hospital” Fernanda cut in worriedly and I carried Amanda on my arms and we drove down to the hospital.

The nurses rushed her into the emergency room.

“You’re the reason why my daughter coll@psed” Valentina sobbe-d pointing f!ngersat remorseful Fernanda.

“St©p it Valentina, you’re not in a position to argue about such things and nob©dy is at fault here” I said seriously and the doctor c@m£ out of the emergency room.

“Doctor what happened to my daughter?” I asked curiously.

“Mr Jeromino, your daughter has a liver disease and we need to operate on her immediately. She lost so much blood alre-ady so you should go with the nurses to donate some blood for your daughter. You’re in good shape right? Your daughter’s blood group is a rare one O+ and I’m guessing you’re O+ as well” The doctor asked and I freezed.

Is the devil trying to pl@ysome dirty games with me right now? It’s a rare blood group but how come Amanda have same blood group as me? I can remember vividly that Frank Valentina’s ex b©yfri£ndisn’t O+ so who’s the biological father of Amanda??…


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