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means to love episode 31 & 32

🌷☀️🥀…. MEANS
LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 31 & 32 °°°


The [email protected] began alre-ady.

“Amanda why are you just standing there? Go say hello to Marisol. You can see how close she is to your daddy, it looks like she [email protected]£ here only to meet your daddy” Valentina whispered to Amanda.

“Why is she so close to daddy? They only met today and she’s alre-ady trying to be close to my daddy” Amanda said seriously and Valentina placed her hand on Amanda’s shoulders.

“Exactly my point dear, so go to daddy” Valentina said and Amanda ran to Jeromino.

“Tina ain’t you been a bit s-en-sitive. Jeromino is just welcoming the guests. I can’t believe he invited Fernanda as well” Lucille uttered excitedly and Valentina frowned.

“Her daughter looks so adorable. Tina you should have asked for such beautiful go-wns, the little girl’s dress murdered it. Fernanda’s baby father must be a very good looking man”

“That’s Jeromino’s daughter with Fernanda” Valentina said seriously and the smile on Lucile’sl-ips disappeared.

“What did you just say?”

“You heard me right, she’s Jeromino’s daughter. Fernanda is the lady who left Jeromino”

“Tina why are you just telling me this now? You know so well how much I admire Fernanda” Lucille complained and Valentina rolled her eyes.

“That doesn’t change the situation here. She’s trying so [email protected] to get Jeromino’s attention when it’s my daughter’s birthday”

“Relax Valentina, it’s just a hvg and you don’t expect Jeromino to be all cold around her when he’s trying to win her over” Lucille said sarcastically and Valentina glared at her.

“You’re my best friend so you’re supposed to be on my side. Who cares if Jeromino is trying to win her over, I’m the only one who’s allowed to win Jeromino over so you should stick to one and st©p ma-king her look like the victim here” Valentina said seriously then walked away.

“I’m sorry Tina, you know I’m always on your side” Lucille said as she ran after her.

“Leave me alone plea-se” Valentina pouted.

“Hello Valentina, you’re looking good. I love your dress” One of the guests, Valentina’s high [email protected] friends.

“Oh thank you..”

“Excuse me beautiful” Elias said as he walked to Fernanda whose eyes were on her phone.

“You agreed to come to the birthday [email protected] so I think you should put all your concentration on the birthday girl” Elias added softly as he snatched Fernanda’s phone from her hand then threw it into her purse.

Fernanda raised her face up and glared at him.

“What are you doing here? You’re supposed to be in jail? When did you get out?” Fernanda asked seriously.

“There’s nothing money can’t do my baby girl. I missed you so much Fernanda and I’m hoping I’ve gained your forgiveness during the past years” Elias said with a blank expression and Fernanda hissed as she walked away.

“Fernanda I said I’m sorry” Elias said slowly as he went after her.

“Mummy come have a look at this” Marisol said excitedly as she ran to Fernanda but she noticed how close Elias is with Fernanda.

“Hello Marisol, it’s so nice meeting you. I’ve always dreamed of meeting you in person” Elias said as he bent to Marisol and she looked at Fernanda.

“Who’s he mummy?”

“Don’t mind him Marisol, go ahead. I will join you soon” Fernanda said smiling.

“OK mummy” Marisol said and ran back to the children’s [email protected]

“Elias what do you want? I really don’t appreciate the idea of you speaking to my daughter. You don’t have any right to engage yourself in any conversation with her so know your limits” Fernanda said seriously and Elias held her hand gently.

“Let go of me. You’re crazy, you’ve really lost your mind” Fernanda said seriously trying to get free but Elias grip was intense but Jeromino ran to them and pushed Elias away.

“What are you trying to do Elias? You don’t have any right to [email protected] filthy hands on Fernanda so watch your attitude” Jeromino said seriously glaring at Elias.

“You don’t have any right to bu-tt in as well so go concentrate on your guests and stay out of my business” Elias said seriously and the guests began to notice the commotion between the two of them.

“The both of you st©p it, you’re creating a scene” Fernanda scolded and they both had a thun-derous glare at each other.

“Jeromino put yourself together, you know it’s your daughter’s birthday so st©p creating a scene”

“What are you saying Fernanda? How can you still be calm after he held your hand against your will”

“I’m only keeping my cool because I’m a guest so I will handle things my way so plea-se stay out of my business” Fernanda said coldly and Jeromino frowned then walked away.

“Fernanda I didn’t mean any harm” Elias apologized and Fernanda glared at him.

“Oh plea-se shut it” Fernanda said seriously then walked away and her phone started ringing.

Why’s Diego calling me? I clearly told I won’t be available tonight. Fernanda uttered in her mind as she hesitated before taking the call.

“Hello Diego, why are you calling?”

“Fernanda, the director for Marisol’s shoot is Elias Christ©pher. I remember vividly how you always speak ill of him so I thought I should tell you who Marisol would be working with” Diego informed and Fernanda clenched her fist.

“How’s that even possible? I thought we signed a contract with Accord designers and I’m pretty sure Elias doesn’t work there so how’s this possible?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“I heard he signed a contract with Accord designers few days ago and I guess that’s how the job got @ssigned with him and to make matters worse. Hila fashion have been calling to get Marisol signed in their company and unfortunately Jeromino works there”

“What! Why are you just telling me this now?”

“I just got the information today and that’s why I’m calling you now” Diego said and Fernanda hung up.

“Elias you’re so dead. I Kno you did this intentionally” Fernanda gro-an ed then went back into the birthday hall and dragged Elias with her outside.

“I had no idea you were this fierce Fernanda” Elias tea-sed and Fernanda placed her hands on her [email protected]!st glaring at Elias.

“Now you’re beginning to scare me”

“What do you want Elias? What are you trying to gain by getting my daughter involved in your dirty scheme?” Fernanda asked seriously and Elias swallowed [email protected]

“I’m only trying to make up for old times Fernanda. I’m truly sorry and I will do everything in my power to gain back your trust” Elias said remorseful.

“I don’t care if you’re sorry, I don’t want anything to do with you not now not the future so st©p trying to swing your way into our lives. We don’t need you in our lives, the earlier you get that the better for you and consider Marisol’s contract with Accord designers gone. I will never allow my daughter work with you not un-der my watch” Fernanda said seriously then went back to the hall.

Agustin was coming down the stairs from the back door when Marisol saw him struggling to take a step.

“I have no idea why Jeromino chose today of all days to [email protected] here birthday. I’m having cramps alre-ady when the [email protected] haven’t even started” Agustin mumbled coming down the stairs but Marisol ran to him.

“Give me your hand grandpa” Marisol said softly offering her hand and Agustin stared at her in surprise.

“What did you say?” Agustin asked slowly and she [email protected]£d Agustin’s hand.

“This is what I meant. I noticed you were having issues coming down the stairs so I [email protected]£ to help you. Grandpa if you’re having issues walking, then why don’t you get yourself a walking stick. It would make walking more easier for you. Watch your step grandpa” Marisol said softly as they walked down the stairs with her support.

“Thank you my dear but why are you calling me grandpa?”

“Because you look like my grandpa and I respect every elderly people so I call them with respect. We’re down now, I will go ahead sir” Marisol said about to let go of Agustin’s hand but he felt strange as she let go of his hand.

“What’s your name dear?” Agustin asked curiously.

“Marisol Dante, just call me Marisol” Marisol smiled and Agustin’s heart melted that instant.

“Marisol who are you talking to?” Fernanda asked worriedly as she ran to her.

“I was helping that grandpa over there to get down the stairs” Marisol replied pointing at Agustin and Fernanda’s eyes went wi-de open.

“Do you mean that man over there?” Fernanda asked curiously and Marisol nodded.

“Marisol next time don’t help people like that. You have no idea who he is and so many people take people’s kindness for granted so my love restrict yourself from helping such people and stay away from him, he doesn’t look like a good person”

“But Mummy, you’ve never been here before so how come you know that grandpa isn’t a good person”

“That’s because I’m older than you Marisol so listen to your mother. Let’s go” Fernanda said and took Marisol with her to their table.

Agustin walked to Jeromino quic-kly.

“Jeromino you once told me, you had a daughter with Fernanda right?” Agustin asked curiously and Jeromino stared at him a bit confused.

“Where’s that question coming from?”

“Just answer the damn question”

“Yes, Fernanda and I had a daughter which you rejected bluntly but luckily Fernanda saved my daughter from your evil threats”

“When are you bringing me granddaughter home?” Agustin asked curiously.

“What do you mean Dad? Is Amanda not enough for you”

“I want my biological granddaughter home so when are you bringing her home? If Fernanda is the issue then we will have to file a case against her in court” Agustin said seriously.

“You won’t do no such thing Dad” Jeromino said getting pissed.

“Watch me as I get the custody of my granddaughter” Agustin said seriously staring at Marisol with loving eyes.


Elias took the microphone then went on stage after Amanda’s cake have been cut.

“Let’s not just sit back and chew on our cake. Let’s do something fun” Elias suggested.

“Something fun like what Elias? I’m curious” Valentina cheered.

“Well, ten parents will be blindfolded same goes for ten kids and the blindfolded parents will pick one of the blindfolded kids and then have a dance with that kid and grant that child any of their wishes so plea-se can ten parents walk forward to the stage. The father of the birthday girl must [email protected]” Elias announced and just like he instructed, the parents [email protected]£ out with Jeromino.

“Now can you plea-se pick a blindfold and go ask your spouse for help to put it on for you” Elias added and they picked the blindfold and went back to spouse.

Everyone placed their eyes on Jeromino to see who he would walk to.

Surprisingly he walked to Fernanda and everyone’s jaw dropped.

“Jeromino really have eyes for good things” Some guests murmured to themselves but Valentina and Amanda frowned at them.

“Mummy why did daddy walk to that woman?” Amanda asked with a frown.

“I have no idea sweetie” Valentina said with a sad face, ma-king Amanda more upset.

“What are you doing Jeromino? You are supposed to be walk to your spouse. What do you think you’re doing?” Fernanda asked feeling [email protected]

“You’re my future spouse Fernanda and that’s why I walked up to you so plea-se can you put it on for me” Jeromino requested gently and Fernanda looked at Marisol.

Marisol was smiling wi-dely.

“Go ahead mummy” Marisol whispered to her and Fernanda took the blindfold from his hand then stood up.

Fernanda tied the blindfold for him and Valentina walked out of the birthday venue.

Fernanda saw her leaving then she sm-irked.

She has no idea who Jeromino is. Fernanda uttered in her head mockingly.

Now I regret bringing up this game. Elias muttered in his mind in jealousy.

“Now that our lovely parents have put on their blindfolds, it’s time we pick out our ten lovely kids to come make their wishes come throu-gh and the birthday girl must [email protected] so nine lovely kids should come forward with the birthday girl”

“Mummy can I [email protected]?” Marisol asked her mother.

“Do you want to [email protected] dear?” Fernanda asked with a smile.

“Yes mummy, I may get lucky and get Jeromino to grant me one of my wishes”

“Alright dear. Go ahead and be careful okay” Fernanda said and Marisol ran to the stage along with the other kids. Then Valentina [email protected]£ back into the hall.

“Wow parents of tonight’s [email protected] should be proud because they’ve got beautiful amazing kids so now kids take your blindfolds and go ask anyone to put it on for you” Elias instructed and they ran to their parents.

“Good luck baby girl” Fernanda cheered for Marisol.

Elias arranged them.

“Now it’s time for the parents to choose their dance [email protected] Jeromino you will go first” Elias announced and Jeromino walked forward stretching out his hand to pick any kid but suddenly Marisol’s fragrance flew [email protected] his nose and he subconsciously picked Marisol.

Amanda walked forward and picked someone else.

Their blindfolds were re-moved and the dancing began.

Why did daddy have to pick her of all people? Amanda muttered in her mind with so much jealousy written in her face.

“Marisol so what wish of yours do you want me to fulfill?” Jeromino asked and Marisol smiled.

“Not so fast sir Jeromino, we still have a lot of time. Let’s just dance. Wow you’re a very good dancer sir” Marisol complimented as they had a Mexican slow mo dance.

“You’re good as well dear. We’re really a perfect match” Jeromino complimented and they both laughed.

Amanda frowned as she watched Marisol happily dancing with Jeromino.

I have no idea what she sees in Jeromino that she likes him so much. Fernanda uttered in her mind as a wi-de smile appeared on herl-ips.

“When do you plan on telling her the truth?” Elvis asked from behind and Fernanda’s heartbeat skipped.

“What do you mean?” Fernanda asked sarcastically as she got herself together.

“You know so well how curious kids can be so for how long are you going to keep her in the dark” Elvis said as he sat next to her.

“Why are you suddenly concerned about that”

“Because things aren’t looking good. Valentina won’t allow you walk your way back into Jeromino’s life. She’s a fighter”

“I’m not fighting my way back into his life, I have no intentions of doing that. I just want my daughter to get the fatherly love she deserves and I will tell her the truth when the right time comes”

“And you think it will be that easy. You know so well how stubborn all the rivals in your life can be so I hope you make the right decision before it’s too late” Elvis advised.

Why did I invite her to my [email protected]? Amanda gro-an ed in her head then pushed Marisol and Marisol roll down from the stairs of the stage.

Marisol sustained some bruises on her arm and leg.

“Marisol!” Fernanda called out in shock then ran to her.

“Marisol!” Jeromino ran to her as well.

“Are you okay my love?” Fernanda asked curiously almost in tears and Marisol winced silently.

“What are you doing there? Someb©dy get the first aid kit” Jeromino shouted and one of the waitress ran to get one.

“We need to take care of her bruises so we should take her upstairs” Jeromino suggested and Fernanda nodded and he carried Marisol in his arms.

“That little witch! Now I see the reason why she doesn’t like me because she’s just like me” Agustin hissed glaring at Amanda who was still on the stage.

Jeromino and Fernanda got to his room upstairs.

“Thank you Jeromino but I will take it from here. You should go back to the [email protected], you shouldn’t make your guests worried. Marisol will be fine” Fernanda said politely.

“Alright, Marisol I’m sorry for not looking out for you”

“It’s okay sir Jeromino. It’s not your fault, I only missed my steps” Marisol said softly and Jeromino peeked the back of her hand.

“I will be right back” Jeromino said then left the room.

Fernanda began to treat her bruises without uttering a word.

“Say something mummy, I’m sorry mummy for not being careful”

“You know so well that Amanda did that deliberately but why did you cover up for her? Why did you lie to Jeromino?” Fernanda scolded.

“I’m sorry mummy but today is her birthday and I don’t want her to get scolded on her birthday. She’s at fault but I’m pretty sure she would apologize to me” Marisol said slowly.

“I’ve told you so many times not to ever let your guard down. You can’t trust people like that Marisol, plea-se you can’t be like your mummy” Fernanda uttered as tears started rolling down her cheeks.

“Don’t cry mummy, I’m sorry. I will be careful from now onwards. I will be extra careful so plea-se can you st©p crying now” Marisol said as she began to cry as well.

“I will be right back, let me go get you some iceberg from the fridge” Fernanda said then stood up from the be-d.

“Don’t go anywhere” Fernanda instructed then went out to the kitchen.

She got to the kitchen and Valentina was there alre-ady like she was waiting for her.

“You and your daughter sure do know how to [email protected] [email protected] Just a little fall and you made such a fuss” Valentina said sarcastically.

“I don’t think you have any right to say anything to me except for an apology for what your daughter did to my daughter” Fernanda said angrily.

“You would never get an apology from me. Amanda and Marisol are same age so why didn’t Marisol fight back. Is she that weak? You’ve raised a weakling as a daughter” Valentina sneered and a thun-derous [email protected] landed on her cheeks, she saw stars and before she would get back her sight, she was on the floor alre-ady.

“How dare you [email protected] hand on me?” Valentina [email protected] and Fernanda was about kicking her but held back herself, only the breeze of her kick blew Valentina’s face and Valentina froze.

Fernanda took some ice putting them in an icebag then she went back to Jeromino’s room.

“Marisol! I’m back” Fernanda said and went into the room but she couldn’t find Marisol.

“Marisol!” Fernanda called out as she dropped the icebag on the be-d then she went out of the room and found Jeromino heading there.

“Jeromino where’s Marisol? Have you seen Marisol?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“I thought the both of you were in the room” Jeromino uttered.

“I clearly told her not to leave the room. Do you think someone kidnapped her” Fernanda [email protected] in shock then started running.

They ran back to the birthday hall.

“plea-se have any of you seen my daughter” Fernanda asked curiously almost losing her mind.

“Mummy you lied to me” Marisol shouted from the stairs with tears rolling down her cheeks.

“My love where have you been and what are you talking about?” Fernanda asked as she ran to her.

“Don’t t©uçh me, I hate you mummy. You lied to me about my father. Why didn’t you tell me Jeromino is my father” Marisol shouted in tears.

Fernanda lost her balance in shock as Agustin appeared behind Marisol with a malicious smile.

What the hell🙆

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