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means to love episode 29 & 30

🌷☀️…. MEANS
LOVE ….🥀🌷☀️

Authoress FG….

CHAPTER 29 & 30 °°°

Marisol and I went into the principal’s office.

“Good morning principal” I greeted.

“Good morning ma’am” Marisol greeted.

“plea-se have your seat Miss Fernanda. It’s so good to see you in person ma’am” The principal flattered and I smiled as we sat down.

“I applied for the enrollment of my daughter online and her transfer was approved. I am sorry we had come in at the middle of the term” I said politely and she smiled.

“It’s no problem. It’s an honor to have your daughter school in our school”

“It’s my plea-sure, I’ve submitted the required do¢vments. What else am I submitting?”

“You’re all covered but I have to ask some questions to qualify Marisol into getting into our school”

“Alright so what are your questions. I will gladly answer them” I said.

“What’s your marital status? It’s important that we know the family status of the child we’re admitting into our school” She said professionally and I stared at Marisol, her eyes were on me.

“I’m a single mum, Marisol doesn’t have a father. And we live with my family” I said slowly and Marisol placed her hands on mine.

“I’m sorry Miss Fernanda but I think we’ll be having an issue with admitting Fernanda into our school because of your marital status”

“What’s that supposed to mean? Marisol is more than qualified to be in this school. I paid her tuition alre-ady, doesn’t approve of her stay here” I said seriously.

“I’m sorry but this isn’t a decision made by me. The board of this academy, made that rules. We can’t admit Marisol because we feel she would be distracted by her family’s status, money isn’t the issue here. We’re talking about the child’s mental status”

“This is so unbelievable. Marisol grew up without having a dad so how’s that supposed to affect her studies?”

“We have so many daddy’s activities and it wouldn’t look good if Marisol is left out. Children gets s£ntimental on issues like that and that’s why we find it [email protected] admitting kids of single parents. I’m sorry”

“You’ve known me before, you know so well that I’m not married yet and my application should have been denied when I applied online. Why are you [email protected] me in front of my daughter”

“I’m so sorry ma’am, it wasn’t my intentions but I should plead on the board on your behalf” She said then picked up her phone just then Jeromino walked into the office.

“Good morning ma” Jeromino greeted politely and my heartbeat raced at the sight of him.

Why’s your heart racing so much? Fernanda what are you thinking right now?

“Mummy it’s Jeromino!” Marisol whispered to me excitedly.

“Oh my goodness, who do we have here? Two honorable guests in my office. Today is such a great day” The principal said excitedly.

“Ma, are you admitting my daughter or not? I have other plans for today so I should get going” I cut in and stared at me with a smile.

“I’m sorry ma’am but I haven’t put a call across”

“Mrs principal, [email protected] are about to start. You shouldn’t leave the little girl out here when [email protected] are on” Jeromino ch!pped in.

“You’re right about that Mr Guzman but Miss Dante one more request”

“Go ahead, I’m listening” I uttered.

“Is Marisol on good terms with her father? So when they’re daddy’s activities he wouldn’t fail to attend?” She asked and Jeromino eyes were on me.

“The bell just rang. Marisol should be in [email protected]” I ch!pped in.

“Oh sorry about that. Mrs Mary can you plea-se come pick the new student to her [email protected]” The principal said over the telecom and the lady [email protected]£ into the office.

“Excuse me, Marisol come with me” The teacher said softly and Marisol stood up from her seat.

“Sweetie come give mummy a hvg before you head to [email protected]” I said spre-ading my arms open and she gave me a ti-ght hvg.

“I love you so much Marisol and good luck with your first day in [email protected]

“I love you too mummy. I will go to [email protected] now mummy” Marisol said softly waving at me.

“Bye baby girl” I said waving at her then she left with her [email protected] teacher.

“Mrs principal what were you saying again?” I asked pretending to have forgotten.

“Don’t worry ma, I will always be here for my daughter Marisol. Hope that’s enough to get Marisol admitted here” Jeromino cut in.

“Jeromino!” I called out seriously.

“What’s that supposed to mean Mr Guzman? I thought your daughter was Amanda now Marisol”

“I’m sorry to break this out but if this is what it takes to get my daughter into the best school then I will do it. Amanda is my adopted daughter although she doesn’t know of that and I will appreciate it if this doesn’t get out while Marisol is my biological daughter. Fernanda and I got into a fight and that’s why things got complicated. We plan on not getting the little girl involved so we would love it if you appreciate our privacy. We will take our leave now” Jeromino said and held my hand then we went out of the office.

“Let go of me. What the hell do you think you’re doing?” I said seriously.

“Fernanda you’re been so unfair to me. You took our daughter away without discussing it with me. I had to spend seven years away from my child. You even restricted me from getting in contact with you. Do you hate me that much? Am I that big of a monster” Jeromino said seriously then I looked away.

“I traveled because I wanted a good life for my daughter and I, the good and peaceful life you never would have given us. You were having a good and happy life here in Mexico with your family, were you expecting me to obstruct that. You had a family alre-ady, you should have at least given me a hint but you left me in the dark with the thought that you would always be there for my daughter” I said seriously.

“What family are you talking about Fernanda? Are you talking about Amanda?”

“I arrived at your h0tel and you had a guest. I overheard your conversation so I noticed you didn’t need me or my daughter”

“What’s that supposed to mean Fernanda? Why would you think of such a thing? You totally misun-derstood me. Valentina happened to visit me in Mexico that day and she brou-ght her daughter with her ex b©yfri£nd. Valentina is my childhood friend and like a sister to me so I felt sorry for her when she was going throu-gh such tough times and that’s why I agreed to father her child”

Why did she agree to keep the child in the first place if she wasn’t re-ady? I uttered in my head with a frown.

“I never asked for your explanation, I will take my leave now” I said coldly about to walk to my car but Jeromino hvgged me from behind.

“I missed you so much Fernanda, the past seven years without you was like a million years. I couldn’t st©p hoping to see you one day. I’m glad you’re back safe and healthy and thank you for taking good care of our daughter, she looks very beautiful” Jeromino said softly and my heart melted with those words but suddenly someone interrupted the moment.

“Jeromino what’s going on here?” She asked rudely and I pushed him away.

“Get your act together Jeromino, what if my daughter sees us like this” I scolded but Jeromino didn’t listen he held my hand gently.

“I’m never letting this hand go regardless of the harsh tone you use on me. Valentina meet Fernanda” Jeromino introduced gently.

“The Fernanda you told me about” She asked with a pretentious smile.

“Yeah, she’s the woman who stole my heart and refused to give it back” Jeromino said [email protected] and held myself together so I don’t fall for it.

“Jeromino you have to let go. I have other plans for today” I cut in feeling a bit [email protected]

“Relax Fernanda. I haven’t introduced you to Valentina. Fernanda meet Valentina, my childhood friend”

“I have no idea if it’s nice meeting you but I will accept the introduction. Fernanda here” I said offering her an handshake and she stared at my hand like I was carrying a pile of trash on my f!ngers.

“Oh my goodness, Jeromino have you forgotten. We’re to go shopping for Amanda’s birthday [email protected] tomorrow” She said out of the blue as she placed her hands on Jeromino’s shoulder.

“Oh yeah, Fernanda you’re invited as well as Marisol. You have to bring my daughter along with you, I really want to spend some time with my daughter” Jeromino said excitedly and I j£rked his hand off.

“Marisol’s schedule is piled up. She’s a busy little girl so I don’t think she has the time to attend birthday [email protected]” I said and adjusted my dress.

“She’s just a little girl but why are you trying to make fortune out of her” Valentina sneered and I clenched my f!ngers.

“I will think about your invite but I have to take my leave now” I said coldly then walked to my car but Valentina ran to me.

“What are you trying to prove by coming back? You should have just stayed hidden in whatever hell you were buried. Crawling out here won’t do you any good” She whispered in my ears with a malicious smile on herl-ips.

“Do you have any idea what hell looks like? Get yourself prepared because I will be s£nding you there very soon” I said with a smile then got into my car and drove off.

Jeromino and I might not be in a perfect relationsh!pbut no one is allowed to take my daughter’s place not even a maid is allowed to do that!



It closing hours, Fernanda sat in her car while Diego went to fetch Marisol.

“Diego where’s mummy? She said she would be picking me up from school today” Marisol said sadly and Diego whispered in her ears after carrying her school bag.

“She’s in the car”

“Really?” Marisol asked excitedly and Diego nodded.

“But why are you so happy whenever your mummy pick you up from school?”

“Because she’s my mummy and I love it whenever she’s around” Marisol replied with a wi-de smile.

“How was school today Marisol? Did you make new friends?” Diego asked and she ignored him.

“I was hoping to tell mummy about it first so when I tell her, you just listen. Hurry up Diego” Marisol said as she started running and Diego ran after her.

Marisol fell down but she stood up immediately and continued running.

“Marisol be careful, I hope you didn’t get a scratch. Wait for me” Diego said [email protected] but Marisol got to Fernanda’s car alre-ady so she got in and Jeromino watched her from afar with a smile on hisl-ips.

She’s a bit clumsy but cute. I had no idea my daughter would be this cute and lovely. Jeromino uttered in his head smiling.

“Daddy!” Amanda called out, getting back his attention.

“Marisol I should have a look at your knees, you might have gotten some scratch” Fernanda said worriedly as Marisol got into the car.

“I’m fine mummy, I didn’t get a scratch”

“I won’t feel at ease if I don’t see it myself” Fernanda said worriedly then raised Marisol’s Sk-irt and luckily there wasn’t any scratches.

“From now onwards you have to be extra careful. I will feel terrible if I see any bruises on your beautiful b©dy my dear. Diego why did you allow her to fall?” Fernanda scolded as Diego got into the car.

“She was so excited to see you and you know how stubborn Marisol can be when she’s determined. I couldn’t st©p her from running, luckily she didn’t sustain any bruises”

“I’m letting you off this time around. Baby girl how was school today?” Fernanda asked with a smile.

“Mummy it’s so lovely schooling here. I made a lot of friends today, everyone was so happy to have me in the [email protected] Some said they saw my ph0tos on magazines” Marisol smiled and Fernanda drove off.

“I’m happy to hear that my love. You’re a sweet girl so who wouldn’t love to make you their friend? Hope you didn’t have any issues with studies?”

“No mummy, the teachers attend to every student so it’s difficult for one not to learn along”

“Of course they have to attend to every child. Their tuition cost a fortune” Diego murmured from behind.

“Diego shut it” Fernanda cut in and Marisol chuckled.

“Oh mummy, one of the students her name’s Amanda Guzman. She’s [email protected] her birthday tomorrow at her place and everyone in our [email protected] is invited”

“Amanda Guzman?” Fernanda asked in jealousy.

He even gave her his surname, I can’t believe this..

“Yes mummy, the daughter of Jeromino Guzman. He’s my role model. I was so happy when his daughter wanted to be friends with me” Marisol said excitedly and Fernanda shaked her head then sighed.

“Why are you so happy to friends with his daughter? She’s just his daughter no big deal” Fernanda hissed.

“Of course it’s a big deal mummy. Jeromino Guzman is a supermodel and being friends with his daughter may get me a little closer to him”

“I see where you’re going little girl but you should be careful okay. You have no idea if Amanda is a good girl you can be friends with so be careful when you’re around her. You can’t let your guard down around people you don’t know so well” Fernanda advised and Marisol nodded.

“Yes mummy”

Do you love Jeromino that much? Why would you use someone else as a key way to see your Dad? Jeromino is your daddy and your daddy alone Marisol. I’m sorry I haven’t told you yet, just give me some time to think things throu-gh. I don’t plan on causing any complications in your simple life, you’re still too young for such. Fernanda uttered in her mind as she ca-ressed Marisol’s hair with one of her hand.


Fernanda drove them back home. Marisol couldn’t st©p talking while they were driving back home.

“Abuela!” Marisol shouted as she ran to give Abuela a hvg.

“My dear how was school today?” Abuela asked with a wi-de smile.

“It was lovely Abuela” Marisol said and threw her bag at the sofa but Fernanda glared at her.

“I’m sorry mummy, I will go take my shower now” Marisol said and picked up her bag then ran to her room.

“Fernanda why did you have to chase her away like that? She’s only a child”

“Abuela, you have no idea how lazy Marisol can be. I just have make her get use to putting her things together” Fernanda said tiredly and her phone started ringing.

“Hello Diego, why are you calling me? You were here few minutes ago”

“Fernanda, Marisol’s schedule for the shoot have been fixed and it’s today” Diego said over the phone.

“What! But that’s to fast, Marisol and I just got back yesterday. Marisol can’t make it to the shoot today do let them reschedule it, she’s tired as it seems and I can’t add to it. Let’s schedule the shoot for weekend, if they don’t accept then they should look for someone else” Fernanda said seriously.

“Alright I’ll get to it” Diego said and Fernanda hung up.

“Fernanda is everything okay?” Abuela asked concerned.

“Everything is okay Abuela. It’s just about work but it’s all sorted out now”

Later that day at night…
Fernanda was fast asleep when Jeromino’s call [email protected]£ in.

“Hello who’s this?” Fernanda asked in her sleepy tone and Jeromino smiled at the other end.

“Your sleepy voice sounds very beautiful” Jeromino said softly with the smile and Fernanda sat up swiftly.

“How did you get my number?” Fernanda asked curiously.

“I’ve got my ways. I just called to let you know that I couldn’t st©p thinking about you and that’s why I haven’t fallen asleep till now because my heart keeps racing at the thought of you”

“Jeromino are you drun!k?”

“I’m definitely drun!k, drun!kenly in love with you”

“Do you have any idea what time it is right now? If you called just to say those cheesy lines to me then I’m hanging up”

“But before you do, I want you to know how happy I am right now and I can’t wait to see you and Marisol tomorrow. I love you so much Fernanda” Jeromino said [email protected] and Fernanda’s cheeks turned red but she hung up quic-kly.

Fernanda you’re not falling for such words again. Let’s go back to sleep. Fernanda uttered in her head holding her che-st that was starting to race.


Jeromino’s mansion was completely decorated with balloons and flowers.

Guests began to arrive for the birthday [email protected]

“Valentina, you’re one lucky charm. You’ve got our handsome Jeromino all to yourself. I’m so jealous” Lucille Valentina’s friend tea-sed as she helped Valentina dress her hair in front of the mirror.

“Oh plea-se don’t flatter me, I still have a very long way to go. Jeromino still hasn’t developed any feelings for me” Valentina pouted.

“If that’s your only problem then it’s easy. You’re the only woman currently in his life right now so that’s an easy goal for you to achieve. Jeromino is the father of your daughter now so you have every right to fight for your love”

“I don’t want to complicate things for my daughter, I would have used her to get Jeromino into loving me but Mino has done more than enough for us, asking for more seems like I’m ungrateful but there’s a bigger problem” Valentina said slowly.

“What problem can be bigger than you not ma-king Jeromino fall for you” Lucille said sarcastically and Valentina turned to her.

“There’s another woman in the picture and she has a child for Jeromino and I mean biological child”

“What!” Lucille [email protected] in shock.

“Jeromino always talked about her but I didn’t talk his words for it because she disappeared from his life but suddenly she’s back and I think Jeromino is still madly in love with her”

“Tina this is a really great challenge to you. You can’t just seat back and watch a lady who disappeared for so long to take your place right? Both you and Amanda holds a special place in Jeromino’s heart so all you just have to do is make Jeromino realize he has feelings for you. Let’s go down the [email protected] is about to begin”

“You will be shocked when you find out who she is”

“I don’t really care, just fight for your rights girl” Lucille said and they head downstairs.

Fernanda and Marisol walked into the birthday hall and everyone’s eyes was on them.

“Happy birthday Amanda!” Marisol said smiling as she placed her gift on the gift table.

“Birthday girl best wishes” Fernanda said with a smile as they walked to where Amanda and Valentina was.

“Oh my goodness, that’s Miss Fernanda the supermodel. I so much love this damsel” Lucille [email protected] in shock.

“Thank you for coming Fernanda” Jeromino said smiling and gave her a hvg.

“Good evening sir Jeromino” Marisol said softly and Jeromino bent down and gave her a ti-ght hvg.

Jeromino felt the warmth of his daughter for the first time in seven years and he couldn’t help as tears roll down his cheeks.

I love you so much Marisol. Jeromino uttered in his head as the tears couldn’t st©p rolling down.

Marisol was so excited to get a hvg from Jeromino but Amanda clenched her f!ngersangrily as she glared at Marisol.

No one can steal my daddy away from me. Amanda uttered in her mind angrily.

Small witch arising 😎

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