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may I episode 3 & 4

([email protected]ç£is a Meal)

;By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 3&4.


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

A Confused and Suprised May stared at Ryder, blankly.

“Is this made up of gold, diamond, sapphires, silver or what?” She shouted tou-ching the t©p, almost at his che-st side.

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“What do you think you are doing?” Ryder snapped, hitting her hand away.

“Sorry” May muttered.

Ryder coughed loudly,, in a dramatic way.
“So, you gonna wire the cash or not?”

May’s eyes grew wi-der. She took her eyes to him.
“What’s your favorite hobby?” She asked, suddenly.

“What? Why are you asking me that? Can’t you see I’m being serious right now!”

“I just wanna know. plea-se, just reply, huh?”

“Hmm… I’m a swimmer and a rider too. I’m more of a rider though. My power bike is outside”

“Outside? It’s not that far” She muttered.

“Huh? What are you talking about?” Ryder asked, perplexed.

“….Nothing. You see, my hobby is running and I’m really good at it” May smiled.

“I don’t remember asking you that. Why are you even saying irrelevant things?!”

“How many minutes does it take you to run 100mm?” May asked, ignoring him.


“Answer plea-se” May sniffed and bent down. She began to tie her shoe lace.

“What are you doing?” Ryder was getting more puzzled.

“Can you answer me first? How many minutes does it take you to run 100mm?” She asked again.

“… I would say minutes. 60 seconds,, 1 minute, apparently” He replied.

May chuckled mischievously and raised her face to him.
“Mine is just 40 secs”

“I don’t-

Ryder kept quiet after feeling the heavy breeze sweep his face. He looked back and saw May run out like flash throu-gh the door.

“Wait? What the hell?” Ryder scoffed and slowly left. He walked into an office.

A lady sat on the chair,, with a desk before her. She was busy using the computer. Her eyes wore [email protected] which looked at the computer’s screen with her f!ngersbusily drumming its keyboard thor0ûghly.

“I want a refund” Ryder sniffed and hit his hand on the table.

The lady placed her [email protected] down, below her upperl-ip, and scrolled her eyes from his head to his toe.

“I don’t have your time,, Ryder… What happened to your fake Louis Vuitton,, by the way which you bought for 120 dollars?”

“What else? It’s fake” Ryder chuckled and sat on the opposite chair.

“As you can see, I’m busy and you know how much I hate getting disturbe-d while I work. Let me be,, plea-se”

“Percy?” He smiled.

“What?” She answered.

“I nearly scammed a girl outside but she was too smart”

“You never change, do you?. Why do I have you as a brother?”

“Whatever. I didn’t get anything off it. So, anything for me?” He raised his brows up and down.

“Like?” Percy asked.

“You know what I mean, sissy-

“Don’t call me that”

“Eww… Okay,, I need cash. I ran out of money”

“Your business. Tell mum and dad to fix your card”

“They purposely locked it. You and I know that” He [email protected] ed.

“And you and I know you deserve it! Now, you won’t run out gambling and buying unnecessary things. Leave, you are causing a nuisance here”

“Pretty plea-se, huh? I’m begging you”

“Aiish! Why did you buy a fake t©p in the first place! Not everthing you see online you ought to get! Most are fake!”

“It’s not my fault. I had no money to buy things and I had to use my extra last card,, which was the 120 dollars. You also wouldn’t give me any clothes either,, even after having and owning a big boutique like this. I also wanted to get a Louis Vuitton again”

“Go work @ss.hole…Here, That’s 8,000 dollars-

“Percy, Common. It’s too sma-

“Take three shi-ts and a trou-ser. I’m gonna cover the expenses”

“Awwn… Thanks sis,, you are the best”

“At least, It’s better than sissy. Go off now, I got to work. Also, take off that t©p. It’s torn”

“I know. A girl was the actual cause of this”

“But at least, She let you know it was fake which would prevent you from getting unnecessary things anyhow online”

“It’s not your business” He scoffed.

“Leave because I’m gonna kill you”

“Alright. Alright” Ryder laughed and walked out.

“plea-se,, Sorry…Excuse me” a young lady t©uçhed him slightly.

Ryder looked at her,, It was Sandra.
“How may I help you Ma’am? Do you wanna pay for-

“Nah, I don’t wanna pay. Someone is covering it up for me at the desk over there” Sandra replied.

Ryder looked back and sighted a man paying to a sales attendant.
“Oh, I see. I’m gonna get going then” He said to her, and proceeded to leave.

However, Sandra quic-kly held him.
“Wait. I’m sorry but I can’t find my daughter”

“Your daughter? You mean sister?”

Sandra chuckled.
“Don’t flatter me, plea-se. I’m not too young to bear kids,, am I? Anyways, I can’t find her. She’s average, really pretty, wore a purple-

Ring! Ring! Ring!

Sandra st©pped talking.
“Wait, Lemme get that” She said and brou-ght out her phone.

“Oh… Thank you. My daughter is the one calling so never mind. Have a nice day”

Ryder nodded and left. He looked quite perplexed. Sandra walked outside, while talking to May.
“Hey, where are you?” Sandra asked.

“Home” May replied, drinking water.

“Home? Why are you there? Did you get the clothes? I got a rich casanova. He covered up for my bills. Your loss”

“Whatever. I still got a bunch of clothes at home. I might get some if I get to Italy”

“Yes, you should. Anyways,, Why are you at home?” Sandra asked, and entered the car.

“Huh…I wanted to use the toilet. I was in a hurry”

“Is it cause of what you ate for breakfast? Are you alright? Should I get some drugs?”

“I’m fine. Just hurry home so you can also help me pack up my things. Remember, I’m leaving for Italy very soon, just a day to run by and I’m out”

“Okay, sweetie. Be with you in a jiffy” Sandra smiled and hung the call.

She was about moving the car when she heard a sudden knock on the [email protected] window. She took down her sun [email protected] and looked. It was the man who paid for her,, He looked like he was in his early 50s. He looked rich too and a bit handsome.

“You didn’t give me your number” He win-ked.

“Sorry,, I don’t talk nor give my number to strangers. Adios!” She said, before driving out leaving the man confused.

At Home, The Next Day,, 3pm****

“Finally, we are done with packing” Sandra smiled, wiping the sweat on her face.

“It hasn’t been easy. Since yesterday” May shook her head.

“You can say that again” Sandra chuckled.

Sandra wore a half cut t©p over a very short knicker. She also tied her hair up. May wore a crop t©p over a very short jean knicker. She wore a half cut cap over her head too.

“Sweetie?” Sandra called.

May looked at her.

“I’m the happiest mom in the universe. I’m so glad you are going to study law in Italy. I also kept a pres£nt for you in your luggage”

“A pres£nt? What’s that?”

“You have to see it for yourself. It’s a surprise” Sandra win-ked and walked out from her room. May followed her.

Sandra got two big lolli-pops from a jar and gave one to May. They both opened it and began to li-ck it. Sandra loved lolli-pops and she alre-ady made May obsessed with it as well.

Sandra smiled as she watched May li-ck the lolli-pop,, which May noticed.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” May asked, stealing glances at her mum.

“Have you been watching p*rn lately?” Sandra asked, quic-kly narrowing her eyes.

This unexpected question made May choke. She began to cough and gag. Sandra quic-kly handed her the bottled water she was holding. May opened it and drank the content.

“Mum! What was that?” May yelled.

“Why? Aren’t you 18?” Sandra scoffed.

“St©p it plea-se. I don’t watch p*rn, okay!. It’s filthy!” May remarked.

“It’s filthy indeed. You seem like a pro when you su-cked that lolli-pop-

“Huh? What are you even talking about?”

“You know what I’m saying, May. You’re a bad girl” Sandra win-ked, and smiled slyly.

May was about to say something else but the door bell forbade her from doing so.

“I’m gonna check on that and plea-se Mum, don’t say anything stupid” May warned and dropped the lolli-pop on the table. She left the kitchen and went to unlock the door.

Minutes later, Sandra [email protected]£ into the sitting room. She saw May with Sasha and Marcus.

“Miss Flawn” Sasha smiled, with a bow.

“Oh hey” Sandra waved and looked away.

“May?” Sandra called, and turned to her.

“Yes…Mum?” May answered, looking back at her.

“A word plea-se?”

May nodded and walked into the room with her mum.

“Why are they here?” Sandra asked, folding her arms.

“Mum…plea-se. Don’t do anything stupid or [email protected]

“Is she still your friend?”


“After what they did to you? Are you crazy? You aren’t even gonna talk to them on how they hurt your feelings?”

“Sh*t! I shouldn’t have told you anything. Just mind your business and [email protected] Besides, I was the one who broke up with Marcus”


“I’m leaving!” May snapped, and walked out in rage.

She walked into the room and smiled, and greeted them. Sasha hvgged her and almost cried knowing fully well May, her bestie was leaving them the next day. Marcus really didn’t talk much to her.

The Next Day,, Airport ,,10:30am***

Sandra apologized to her daughter. She had a busy schedule that morning and couldn’t stay with her at the airport.

But she drove her there, and dropped her. She also wished her the best and some advices. She didn’t forget to give her a goodbye k!ss.

May waved to her mother before walking into the airport. She switched on her phone and placed her ear bud in her ear which she used in listening to music. She sat on a metal bench,, waiting for her flight call.


“Just got down now” Raymond smiled wi-dely, pu-lling his luggage which move smoothly on the floor due to its nice and easy wheels.

“I also missed you bro. I’m gonna catch you later” Raymond said again.

His dark [email protected] brou-ght out his handsome face the more. People walking around would look, turn and stare. Some girls even talked and [email protected] at such beauty.

“When are you picking me up? I have business to run, you know? My workers can’t wait to see me either. Been months alre-ady” Raymond said, and tucked his black bag on his shoulder.

“I know right. I’m sure Italy treated you well too. Anyways, give me few minutes, alright? I’m gonna be there very soon” Raymond’s elder brother, Carlos said.

“Alright then. See you. I’m gonna wait but plea-se hurry, lots of eyes are beginning to stare and it’s bothering me”

“No one asked you to be handsome” Carlos laughed.

Raymond laughed as well,, ex-posing his white set of teeth. Some onlookers caught his smile and nearly fainted.

“Anyways give me a call when you get here” Raymond sniffed.

“Alright” Carlos chuckled and cut the call.

Raymond walked to the bench in front and tapped the seated busy girl who was listening to music.

May looked up and placed her palm against her forehead trying to see the person’s face since the sunlight rays was blocking the view.

Raymond slowly took off his [email protected]
“Sorry, Is someone sitting here?” He asked.

May finally saw his face. Her heart suddenly jumped. Her lowerl-ips [email protected] ways with the upper one. She was lost looking at his face.

“….Awesome” She smiled.

Raymond stood there, looking back at her quite agitated.


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