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May I episode 1 & 2

([email protected]ç£is a Meal)

Genres: [email protected]ç£, Comedy, Law.
Tags- Food, Friendsh!p, Family, Future.


Everyone knows the h0t and Handsome Ko-rean Chef. His name is Raymond Strongs, Aged 22.

He’s Kind,
He’s Polite,
He’s Sweet,
He’s Straight forward,
Honest but,,
Easily tempered.

Oops, yes, he complains a lot and all his complains are mostly about dishes!.

He owns a restaurant which ranks 7th in Korea. His restaurants deals with only Italian cuisines.

He also deals with varieties of drinks. His only wish is to rank 1st in Korea Foreign-restaurants nation wi-de.

He has never been in a relationsh!pbut harbors a crush he had, for years.

Coming into his life is a cute, funny and down to earth girl, She goes by the name; May Flawn,, Aged 20.

She meets Raymond in an airport when trying to travel to Italy to attend a law school, which her single [email protected] 37 year old mother persuaded her to go against her wish.

There, May falls in love with him at first sight and follows him to his restaurant, where he works. She then applies as a chef in order to win his heart and hide from her mother.

While working for Raymond who doesn’t even relate to her, two other people apply as chefs there.

Coral and Ryder.

To make things complicated, Coral who has two sided personality happens to be Raymond’s first love and crush while Ryder who has a cold but loveable personality, starts crushing on May.

Watch as their love lives and complicated [email protected]ç£intertwine. Love cycle plus a mix of Italian dishes and flavor of drinks and lots of [email protected]ç£and comedy. We are in!

([email protected]ç£is a Meal)

Chapter 1&2.

;By Sommy Pearl F.


☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

The k!ssde-epened as both ton-gues intertwined together smoothly. They were both on the be-d as they did the act.

“May! Get up! Lazy head! Look at the time. It’s after 10 alre-ady!” Sandra shouted, walking into the room.

“Oh God” May [email protected] ed and turned her face to the be-d. She placed the pillow over her head after hearing her mother’s loud voice.

Her mother had a frown on her maked up face. She went to the curtains and pu-ll-ed it open,, allowing the harsh sunlight run across the room.

“Uurgh! Mum!” May yelled and quic-kly sat upright.

“You [email protected]ûghty girl! You know what today is,, right? It’s a busy day!” Sandra said.

“Busy day indeed! Just let me sleep, urrgh!” May gro-an ed, slowly opening her eyes.

“As if you didn’t sleep enough. next tomorrow is the last day I’m gonna see you-

“It’s not like I’m dying or something” May rubbe-d her nose and stood up from the be-d.

“You don’t know how much I’m gonna miss you. Urgh! This little cutie” Sandra tea-sed, pu-lling her cheek.

May grunted and took her hand off.
“Mum, You can leave. I’m gonna be with you in a jiffy. Let me brush, bathe and dress up”

“Okay hunny bunny. Desert and milkshake for breakfast” Sandra gushed and ran out.

May f0rç£d a smile and grunted out aloud after seeing her mum leave her room.

“Why is she wearing heels into the room? Her make up looks like she’s gonna woo a rich guy or something-

“May!” Her mum gushed, peeking her head throu-gh the slightly opened door.

May smiled.
“Yes?” She answered.

“I’m so happy… I’m gonna see you wear lawyer or judge’s wig soon. Oh my God… Only the thought of it,, makes me crazy. My heart feels like it’s gonna explode”

“Mum. plea-se just go. I wanna go into the bathroom now”

“Yeah,, have a blast”

“Blast? It’s not that I’m gonna [email protected] something in there” May said.

Sandra win-ked and walked out.

“What’s wrong with her?” May thought as she went into her bathroom. It had colorful walls and floor tiles.

It had sink, bath tub, toothbrush, toothpaste sponge and soap containers, shower and a hvge beautiful wall mirror.

May sighed and took her brush, she applied the paste on it. She pressed a bu-tton on the brush which made it [email protected] She opened her mouth and placed it on her teeth.

It began to move, [email protected] in her mouth as she took it at every sp©t of her teeth. Her eyes were glued to the mirror in front of her. She watched her reflection as thoughts ran around her head.

First of all, She didn’t want to go to Law school. If it was in Korea, it could have been better but her mother insisted she should school in Italy.

May grunted, bitterly. She even broke up with her b©yfri£nd, Marcus cause she was going to Italy.

She didn’t believe in long distance relationsh!p,, It was trash to her. She called it quits after agreeing with her mother to move to Italy for her law school.

That young woman was just too persistent,, She is just 37. She still looks young and beautiful though. She always acted Se-xy and [email protected] She was a crazy woman too. Yeah, that was Sandra, May’s mother.

“Wait a minute though” May uttered, after remembering her dream.

She spat out the foamy substance into the sink and eyed her reflection.

“What the hell was that dream? Why were you dreaming about Marcus k!ss!ngyou! You should know you’ve broken up with him alre-ady! You lousy dreamer!!”

“Is everything alright there, May?” Sandra asked, with a loud voice.

“Everything is fine!” May replied.

“Okay, Be quic-k, okay? We don’t want the good clothes getting rushed”

“Great. I almost forgot we were going to the boutique” May whispered and washed out her mouth.

After Breakfast***

“We should hurry now” Sandra smiled, taking her hand bag. She wore a blue short ti-ght fitted Sk-irt, which had tiny hand. She also had a hvge fancy dark sun [email protected] on her hand.

May wore a simple purple t©p over a jean crazy trou-ser. Rather than the straight hair her mother did, She tied hers into a pony tail.

“Huh… Mum…I wanna see Sasha first” May sniffed.

“Sasha? Your baby friend?” Sandra arched her brows.

“St©p calling her a baby. She just has a cute tiny voice, that’s all”

“Whatever. Why do you wanna see her? The time is ticking, dear. Tick Tock”

“I want her to follow us down to the boutique. You know I’m not gonna see her again after next tomorrow”

“I ain’t got enough [email protected] in the car for three”

“Mum? Common. Don’t be selfish. What’s with [email protected] and the number of people in the car?”

“Whatever. Do as you want. Meet me outside in the car” Sandra rolled her eyes.

“Yippee! Thanks a bunch mum. I’m gonna be right back with Sasha” May gushed and ran out joyfully.

“5 minutes,, got that!”

“Got that!

“That little girl” Sandra chuckled and stylishly wore her [email protected] over her eyes. She slowly went out, and locked the door.

She proceeded in walking outside to her car. As she walked out, She dangled her h!ps and [email protected]!st with her bag on her arm.

Sasha’s Place***

May is Sasha’s best friend. They know everything about themselves,, even their greatest secrets. They live few blocks away too.

May knew Sasha’s door code so she was able to input it without much difficulty. She walked into the sitting room immediately the door opened.

“Wait, what the hell!” May bulged her eyes, and shook her head after witnessing the drama in front of her.

Sasha quic-kly stood up from Marcus [email protected] They had been k!ss!ngand even [email protected]£ss!ngthemselves.

“May” Sasha called, with her usual soft voice.
“I can explain” She added.

“What do you wanna explain? She broke up with me alre-ady so what the hell do you have to explain?” Marcus ch!pped in, with annoyance.

Sasha frowned and hit his th!gh.
“She’s my best friend” She said, quietly.

“Look, May. I… I’m [email protected]!nghim now. We’re both [email protected]!ng. We started [email protected]!ngthe day you broke up”

“Huh? The day we broke up?” May blinked her eyes in disbelief.

“Yeah. I’m sorry but I couldn’t help it. I think I love him. I’m sorry I couldn’t tell you about it”

“You… don’t have to be sorry. I was just being overreactive. Sorry if I spoilt the atmosphere. Carry on, I’m just gonna leave the same way I [email protected]£”

“Mayyy” Sasha sulked.

“I mean it” May chuckled.
“He’s right. We’ve broken up so we cool. Go on… Bye”

“May, wait?”

“What’s it?”

“You don’t hate me right? You aren’t angry with me, right?” Sasha asked.

Marcus scoffed and looked away.

“Why would I be? We are… friends” May f0rç£d a smile.

“Right!” Sasha gushed with a wi-de smile and hurried to her. She [email protected]£d her hand and squee-zed it fondly.

“I’m really happy you are my friend. You’re one in a million. So, why did you come over? Care for ramyeon? jui-ce? Be-

“No… I’m fine. I just [email protected]£ to say hello but since I’ve seen you, I’m gonna take my leave” May said, and took Sasha’s hand away from hers.

“Okay, Take care” Sasha waved.
May nodded and walked out.

Sasha giggled and turned to Marcus.
“I just love her”

“Whatever… Come here” Marcus snorted and pu-ll-ed her arm. He made her sit on his [email protected]

“You guys should settle your differences alre-ady. St©p being cold and too [email protected]” Sasha frowned.

Marcus smiled and quic-kly pe-cked herl-ips.
“Why settle with her when I got you by my side?”

“You [email protected]ûghty boy” Sasha giggled and t©uçhed his nose with her f!nger.
“I’m gonna miss her though. She’s leaving us for Italy” She sobbe-d.

“Let’s st©p talking about her, okay?” Marcus said.

Sasha sighed. Marcus pu-ll-ed her [email protected]!st closer and smashed herl-ips on her littlel-ips, k!ss!ngit ro-mantically.


May walked out angrily. She went to her mother’s car, pu-ll-ed the door open and went inside. She said down immediately and looked outside the window, trying to avoid eye contact with her mom.

“What’s wrong with you, little lady?” Sandra asked.

“Mum… just drive” May replied, without looking at her.

Sandra scoffed, took her eyes in front and started the ignite. She started reversing the car in order to get away from the garage. She looked back as she did the work.

“Mum?” May called, and looked down.

“Yes, hunny?” Sandra answered, driving down the road.

“How easy am I to be forgotten?” May said weakly with a pale face.

“Who forgot about you, baby? Tell me. What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I broke up with Marcus recently”

“Oh my. Why? Did he cheat on you?”

“No,, he didn’t”

“Then why? What went wrong?”

“I couldn’t handle long distance relationsh!pso i had to break up”

“What do you mean? You could come over for break and see him. Long distance relationsh!pworks… a lot”

“….To be sincere, I was scared” May said, softly.


“I was scared if I left for Italy, Marcus would cheat on me or break up with me first”

“So, that’s the main reason why you broke up?”

May nodded.
“You know the worst thing now?”

“Tell me about it baby”

“The day we broke up, he asked Sasha out”

“What? Did Sasha tell you that?”

“No…I.. saw them k!ssing”

“What the fv¢k!”

“Mum? What did I tell you about the F word?”

“Oh, sorry. I mean what the heck?…So, now they’re both [email protected]!ng?”


“Sasha isn’t a good friend. She’s a bit-ch-


“Sorry… Aiish! She could have told you first. Did she forget you [email protected]£d him? Why did Marcus have to go that fast? They would have waited till you left,, that would have been much more better”

“Mum? We are here” May sighed.

Sandra looked and noticed.
“Yeah. Anyways, let’s talk more on this later, girl. We have dresses and clothes to rock! Make sure to pick those Se-xy ones. We want the h0t guys drooling” She got down after parking the car and May followed.

“Mum?” May rolled her eyes.

“What? Marcus doesn’t want you anymore, You need new h0t guys now. Sorry, I have to say this… fv¢k him!”


“Common. Let’s go in… Look at this wonderful dresses. Get beautiful ones. Se-xy ones too” Sandra win-ked.

May rolled her eyes and looked away.

“While I’m just gonna check and get for myself. Call me of you’re done”

“Let’s go together” May said.

“Who? Nah… No…Nope..Never”


“Duurrhh! Baby girl, I don’t want the handsome, h0t looking and rich to know I have a 20 year old daughter. I’m gonna lure them in paying the bills”

“You disgusts me” May said, and began to walk away. Sandra laughed and walked in the other direction, a different path entirely.

May looked around the designer’s area.
“Why did you give birth to me if you weren’t re-ady to be a mother. You could have just abort me” She said, inwardly with a frown.

Suddenly, her left foot hit a rack, allowing her to rush away from the place. She quic-kly [email protected]£d unto something,, It was a person’s shi-t.

Her f!ngersand palm held it strongly. She looked up and saw a handsome guy held her [email protected]!st,, which st©pped her from falling.

May sighed in relief.

She couldn’t complete the word “Thank you” now that the guy had coldly left her [email protected]!st.
“Who’s this?” He muttered before letting her go.

It was a slow-mo as she felt her b©dy going to the ground against all odds. Her hand which was still on his t©p went down with her.

“Geez. What was that?” She thought and looked up. She [email protected] after seeing the handsome guy before her with his r!pp£dt©p.

His che-st was expo-sed since there was a big tear in his designer’s t©p. She looked at her hand and saw the torn piece.

“Darn it!” She said and quic-kly stood up.

“I’m…s…s…so…sorry” She stammered, bowing her head.

“Aiish! What’s wrong with you! I haven’t even paid for that yet!” The guy stormed.

“Huh?” May wi-de-ned her eyes.

“So, what are you gonna do?. This costs 120-

“120 dollars? I’m gonna compensate. plea-se, what’s your name? Put your phone number so I can talk to you later. Add your bank details here,, let me wire it now” May said and gave him her phone.

The guy scoffed, and took the phone.
“The name is Ryder,, I only saved my number” He said, and returned it back to her.

“Okay,, Saved!. By the way, I’m May-

“May? May what?”

“That’s my name. May” She stressed, chuckling f0rç£fully.


“You have’nt added your details. plea-se, your bank details. I’m gonna wire the 120 dollars now”

“Sh*t! Hello girl!”

“It’s May… not girl-

“Aiish! What ever your fv¢king name is. This t©p isn’t 120 dollars. Can’t you see its the latest edition! Louis Vuitton!!”

“Huh? So, how much is it?… 1,200 dollars”

Ryder scoffed aloud with a cold look on his face.
“It’s 120 million dollars!”

“What?!!!!” May screamed, allowing most people around to flich to fear.

How’s this for a start?.

Worth continuing or nah?


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