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May I episode 5 & 6

([email protected]ç£is a Meal)

;By Sommy Pearl F.

Chapter 5&6.

☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

“….Hello??” Raymond stated, carefully after looking back at her staring eyes for so long.

May’s eyelashes [email protected] hastily as she gradually got back to her s-en-ses.
“Wh…at?” She stuttered.

“I asked if someone is seated here? I wanna sit” He said.

May smiled and shook her head.
“No one. Absolute no one is sitting here. Have a seat,, quic-k” She said and shifted more for him.

Raymond muttered a thanks and sat down. He looked at the hvge airport,, watching the [email protected]

Some of them commented after seeing Raymond sitting with May.

👥 She’s lucky! Sitting with such an handsome figure.

👥That h0t guy sat down with her! Aiish, why not me?

👥Who’s that girl? Why did she take away my oppa!

👥I wish I was the girl sitting with him!

Raymond heard some comments but feigned ignorance,, he looked away and busily studied some things around.

May kept stealing glances at his side profile. He was too h0t and handsome to be true.

She almost thought he [email protected]£ out from a rated comic book. She finally turned to him and began to look at him de-eply.

Raymond noticed her stares, and took his head to her. He faced her but she couldn’t still take her eyes away.

“Hey,, Can you st©p staring?” His mid de-ep but cool voice brou-ght her back to life.

May eyes wi-de-ned and she quic-kly looked away,, at the front.
“Sorry” She muttered.

Raymond shook his head and took his face back to the front.
“Carlos…Where the hell are you?” He thought aloud and bit his lower [email protected]

Ph0to Shoot,, 10:55am***

“Guys,, I’m sorry but I can’t do this shoot” Carlos shook his head, and wore his shi-t,, covering his expo-sed h0t abs.

“Darn it! Carlos! How are we supposed to find another model replacement now? Your female model is here, what do we tell her?” The director asked,, in vexation.

“PD, I’m so sorry but my brother just [email protected]£ back from Italy. I need to go see and pick him up from the airport. Just give my agency a call. We’ve lot of models” Carlos said.

“It’s you we want Carlos. We alre-ady made a deal”

“I know you can do this, PD. There are still better models” Carlos chuckled, tapped his shoulder and ran off without hearing any more word from him.

“Aiish! No model is better than you. Who can be compared to you?. You got the absolute b©dy and best postures. You’re really handsome too. Guess I have to replace him” The director said inwardly.

“Hey, Jones!” The director called, waving to one of the ph0toshoot crew.

“Yes, PD?” Jones answered.

“Is there any available male models?” He asked.

“Yeah. But the best picks for now are Victor Real, Tyler John and Chris Finn” Jones replied.

“Uhm… I’m not in good terms with Victor’s manager. Chris is too expensive,, He isn’t even that even close to being handsome too. All he wants is cash. Let’s go for Tyler John”

“Okay,, I’m gonna give his manager a call”

“Yeah, plea-se do so. And tell me his response. We want a quic-k response because the shooting starts very soon” The director said.

“But what of Carlos. I saw him earlier. Did he cancel it?” Jones asked.

“Somehow. He was caught in a bit of a situation”

“Hope it isn’t that bad?”

“No. His brother is back from Italy”

“What? Raymond?! He’s back?”



“quic-kly do what I told you to do. I don’t want to keep the female model waiting”

“Okay. Let me do so now” Jones said, and started going throu-gh the agency’s phone. He walked away from the scene as he did so.

The director who was seated on the black movable chair la-id his head down trying to rest,, when suddenly, someone tapped him.

He looked back and saw the female model. She was looking at him anxiously.

“Oh…hey, Sandra…What’s up?” He asked.

“Don’t ask me what’s up! You told me there was a shoot and I rushed as expected. What’s keeping us waiting? What of the male-

“Just calm down, okay? He’s on his way”

“You don’t un-derstand a thing, do you?. I couldn’t even wait beside my daughter in the airport today because of this shoot. I basically didn’t see her off” Sandra said, sadly.

“I’m really sorry but it’s not my fault. It’s simply your job. Modeling!. You know if you leave now, you won’t get your pay for the month. plea-se, just wait. The shoot is gonna start soon as soon as the male model comes”

Sandra sighed and walked away. She moved to a nearby corner and made a call to May.

However, when the call was still ongoing,, her phone switched off.

“Darn it! Why now? I hope she is okay” Sandra said inwardly with sadness in her voice.


Raymond looked at his phone. He hadn’t still received a call. He was getting inpatient.

“What’s keeping him waiting? I’ve been staying here for-

He couldn’t say anything after hearing a growl. He blinked his eyes and was about to mind his business when he heard another growl,, louder than the first.

He quic-kly looked at May,, who slowly looked back at him.

“Sorry. That was my stomach…I’m just hungry” She muttered, feeling very [email protected]

“Why didn’t you eat before leaving home?” Raymond asked.

“What?” May whispered.

“Why is he asking me that? Is he probably worried about me? Awwn…Don’t tell me-

Her thought was cut short when he said something else.
“You should always eat. A meal saves lives”

May flu-shed red immediately. She was blu-shing [email protected] She looked at him unable to say a word.

Raymond sighed and took his bag pack from his shoulder. He opened it and brou-ght a pack of cookie and a paper bag of milkshake.
“Here,, eat this” He uttered.

May smiled and took it slowly. She muttered a thank you and he nodded. Many onlookers saw this scene and it made girls jealous at once. They all wished they were in her shoes.

May opened the pack of cookie and began to eat. She was so happy. She had never been so happy like that in her entire life,, even the time she was [email protected]!ngMarcus.

Right now, she could see paradise. It was only her and him in the word.

However, her happiness was cut short when Raymond received a phone call. He later stood up, turned around and waved to someone who ran up to him. They hvgged each other, chatted a bit and laughed.

Raymond began to follow Carlos out of the airport. He slowly turned back and saw May wasn’t looking back at him. She was sadly facing down with the cookie still in her mouth side.

“Is she eating well?” He thought.
He looked away and continued walking with Carlos.

May slowly stood up, as he was still walking down.
“Why must i follow her command? I wanna follow my heart. I don’t wanna go to Italy! I wanna stay here! Here in Korea…I’m gonna call mum and tell her” She said, and took out her phone.

Her phone r0ûghly [email protected]£ out from her jean pocket and fell down [email protected] on the floor in a crash.

“Oh no!” She exclaimed.
“What am I gonna do?!” She said, after seeing her phone screen was now looking blank.

May could [email protected] see a thing on the phone. She kept it back into her pocket.

“Well,, I guess I don’t need to tell her now. I’m just gonna tell later. No Italy! No law school! Korea, I’m back!” She smiled and started walking out.

She st©pped when she heard the announcement about her flight. It was alre-ady time.

May inhaled de-eply, took out her flight ticket, tore it in half, threw it into a nearby trash and walked away from the scene.


Raymond’s welcome [email protected] was
still ongoing. He was smiling all throu-gh. Everyone was there with him. His family and his employers.

He ran a hvge restaurant that dealt with Italian dishes, and varieties of drinks.

As the others were busy with their enjoyment, Raymond took a filled [email protected] of red wine, smiled and walked out of the restaurant to look outside and stare at the stars and cres£nt moon. He missed Korea a lot.

He opened the door and looked up. He noticed the light was fli-ckering badly. It needed to be changed into a new one. Probably, he would do that tomorrow.

It was late and he was so tired. He drank a little of his wine and looked front to see a familiar face looking back at him with a smile.

“….Wait. You?” He whispered, narrowing his eyes.

May smiled wi-der. She waved her hand and waved a little.
“Hi” She muttered.

At once, the fli-ckering light above their heads brightened up.


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