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Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 41

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)
# Season_2
Episode 41
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I looked in amazement as they walked in. I hadn’t seen her since we graduated from High School.
And oh! There was someone else with her – a young charming boy.
“What’re you doing here?” Ryan asked her immediately he turned and saw her.
“Please, I’m not here for trouble. I…I just came to see Bethel – to say hi to her”. She replied instantly, raising her both hands in the air.
They walked in fully into the room, her son beside her.
“Come on Matilda, let’s talk outside”Ryan’s mum said to my mum and they left the room together.
“Um…hi Bethel” Shirley cleared her throat and said.
“Hi aunt Bethel” her son said in a sweet tone.
“Mummy told me about you”.
Huh? She did?
‘Hi” I tried to smile back at him.
“How’re you feeling now?” He asked and I was amused at the smartness in his voice.
“I’m fine”.
“Hi” the young boy said warmly.
“Hi” I replied, wondering who he was, tho.
Ryan was just fuming and didn’t say a word to anyone.
“Um…Bethel” Shirley called after a brief pause.
“I heard what happened to you and…we were actually on our way to the cinema to watch a movie when I thought we should drop by and check up on you – especially Dwayne. He was so worried when I told him a friend of mine was sick. And he convinced his dad so we could all come to the hospital together” she replied and I furrowed my brows in surprise.
“His dad?” I repeated.
Ryan’s face also beamed.
I thought she said she was abandoned by the father of her child?
“Yes…his dad” she replied.
“Um…we were actually separated before. I…made a foolish mistake in the past. I was pregnant for Scott here and tried to put the responsibility on someone else. But, everything’s fine now. We’re back together and happy” she said, uncannily staring at Ryan who was staring back at her.
“Um…that’s good” I cut in.
“I must say I’m happy for you. Congrats”.
“Thank you!” She beamed.
“Get well soon,Bethel. We’ll be on our way now” the handsome boy with her said.
“And Ryan…its a pleasure getting to meet you” he turned to Ryan and brought out his hand for a handshake.
“Yeah…same here” Ryan replied reluctantly, but thank goodness, he wasn’t rude.
He collected the handshake.
“Bye aunt Bethel” Dwayne waved at me.
And they all left the room.
“Ryan, do you…know Shirley from somewhere?” I asked, curiously but he didn’t say anything immediately.
‘Ryan?” I called again.
“Yeah…I…met her with you at the camp. Remember?” He replied and I rose my brows.
‘Oh! I do. Hm.. I never expected she’d come to see me”. I shrugged.
“Same here” he also said, seeming to be lost in thoughts.
Bethel’s Pov:
I sat beside Ryan in the car as we drove to the station.
My arm was fine and I had just been discharged that very morning but couldn’t wait to see Jackson…and maybe, my father.
“But, why would your mother keep it as a secret from you?” Ryan asked along the way.
“I don’t know” I said with a sigh.
“According to her, she thought it wasn’t important”.
“I can’t believe you were dating your own brother” he said with disgust.
“What if something had happened between you two? You’d have had s*x with your own brother.
“Well, I don’t entirely blame Jackson. His father…our father…pushed him into it. He used him just the same way he was trying to use me. I seriously don’t know how mum got married to someone like that in the first place.
“But…Ryan, what happened between you and Jackson? How did you two get to know each other?” I asked and he exhaled deeply and didn’t say a word for a while.
“Well, it’s a long story and I don’t really think it’s important. We both met in Georgia and were kinda friends before he became stupid and thought I cheated him.
“It’s a long time, okay? And I don’t think its important anymore. Just forget about it” he waved it aside.
‘Mmm. But I hope you’ve forgiven him, Ryan? When we get to the station, both of you are gonna make peace” I asked, but he didn’t say a word.
“Ryan…” I called, but he still didn’t say a word.
Geez! I’ve forgotten how difficult he finds it to forgive.
“Come on, Ryan…”
“He slapped you, Bethel! He slapped you and made me listen to your cry on the phone” he cut in angrily.
‘But that was in the past! Come on! He already paid for his actions. He risked his life for me…”
“And if I can remember correctly, you were the one who got shot”.
“Ryan! He’s my brother!” I exclaimed and he rolled his eyes.
“Come on please! Just do it for me” I said tenderly and held his cheeks.
“Let’s just get to the station, okay?” He replied and gently brought my hands down from his cheeks.
Gosh! This guy seriously needs to work on his temper.
We finally got to the station and requested to see Jackson and considering the fact that Ryan was involved, they made it quicker.
They took us to the room where we were supposed to meet with him but Ryan stood by the door, refusing to come in completely.
I tried to convince him, but he refused and I just let him be, knowing he wouldn’t change his mind.
I waited for sometime and Jackson was finally brought out.
Oh my God!
“Jackson!” I called and ran to him immediately, jumping on him.
“Hey” he cooed and wrapped his hands around me.
We stayed that way for sometime before dis£ngaging.
“How’ve you been?” I asked, taking a look around his body.
He didn’t seem to have any bruises on.
Thank goodness.
“I’m fine.” He replied calmly and shot Ryan a stare at the door.
“I’m glad you’re okay” he said, bringing his eyes back to me.
“I’m sorry Jackson” i said.
“I’m sorry we had to meet this way…as siblings. Thank you for saving me”.
“It’s nothing. It was my responsibility”.
I turned and looked at Ryan at the door.
Hey was just staring vacuously. Where does this guy get his cold heart from??
“Thank you for saving my wife” I suddenly heard him say and my eyes beam.
Oh my God!!
“I’m grateful”.
“You’re welcome” Jackson replied with a light smile.
I started grinning from ear to ear.
I turned back to him and hugged him.
“I promise to get you out of here” I told him and he smiled forlornly.
“Thank you” he whispered.
Unfortunately, I couldn’t spend more time with him and had to leave with Ryan.
“Would you wanna see your dad as well?” Ryan asked as we walked out of the room.
I stood and thought for a while. Recalling the fact that he tried to kill me tore me apart.
“I don’t think I’m ready. I’ll…I’ll just come some other time” I told Ryan and he nodded and took me out of the station.
We got home and after eating, I decided to take a shower.
I closed my eyes and enjoyed the cold shower as it poured on me, cooling my entire system.
It felt just like rainfall – the sound and everything…it made me feel like I was being beaten by the rain and I enjoyed it that way.
With my eyes still closed, I enjoyed the shower.
Suddenly, I felt a hand wrap around my waist.
I shivered and quickly opened my eyes in shock and discovered it was actually Ryan.
Geez! Oh my God!
“Hey” he whispered and klzzed my neck.
I batted my lashes.
How did he get in? I didn’t even hear him come in.
“Mind if I joined you for a shower?” He asked and that was when it dawned on me that he had just a towel around his waist.
I tried to chuckle so it doesn’t seem like I’m too nervous.
“Of…Of course” I replied, still backing him.
He held me tight to himself and trailed his hands upwards from my tummy to my chest and took hold of my big bo*bs, giving them a h@rd squeeze.
He ate into the hollow of my neck as he moved his hands from my chest – downwards to my waist.
I felt a little shiver as I felt him touch my public area.
He played with my cl!t before inserting two f!ng£rs at a time and I m0@ned, rather than scream.
I rested my head on his chest and enjoyed him f!ng£r me – slowly and gently.
I closed my eyes and m0@ned in ecstasy.
Then, he stopped f!ng£ring me and I turned to face him.
I smiled and wrapped my hands around his shoulders, the tilt of my bre*sts touching his chest.
I stared into his dazzling eyes and couldn’t believe he was all mine!
Ryan Winthrop.
I reached for his l!ps and klzzed him and as I did, he pushed me slowly to the wall until my back was touching it.
He took over the klzz, making it a bit rough.
I enjoyed his ess£nce and didn’t wish for him to stop.
As our tongues waggled,I reached for the towel around his waist and pulled it off. I wasn’t the only one who gets to be n*ked around him.
I couldn’t look down at him because of the klzz but I traced my hand to his c*ck and took hold of it.
With my hand wrapped around it, I started stroking it gently.
Then, he suddenly unlocked from the klzz and looked into my face.
“Seems somebody’s becoming an expert, huh?” He asked almost in a whisper and I chuckled and bit my l!ps.
He pressed a button close to me on the wall and suddenly, the shower turned to us and started pouring on us.
Woah! How did he do it?
Now, it was more like we were both under the rain.
He lifted my right leg and wrapped it around his waist. Then, he inserted his d*ck into me that way.
I placed my head upwards on the wall and m0@ned in deep breaths as I felt him thrust deeper into me.
My hands were around his shoulders and I felt him watch into my face as I m0@ned.
“Oh my God!
My voice fought with the sound of the shower.
He pinned his hands on both sides of my waist, making it seem like I couldn’t get away from him.
We m0@ned in perfect rhythm.
He continued moving in and out of me for sometime but finally pulled out.
Then, he turned me around and made me face the wall, giving him a perfect access to my butts.
I was expecting him to come into my v, but surprisingly, I felt my @ss tearing up.
He was penetrating into my @ss hole.
“No!! Ryan! Wait!!” I screamed at the top of my voice as it brought me a wild feeling.
Oh my God!
“Argh” I gr0@ned as he pushed himself deeper into me, making sure I was pinned to the wall.
Oh my God! It hurts!
He started moving in and out, gently, trying to less£n the pains.
I held onto the wall for support as the feeling was new – and painful.
It was so tight and painful at first, but as he continued thrusting, it started adjusting to his size.
I bem0@ned in a whimpering voice, the water from the shower still pouring on us like rainfall.
He continued that way till I couldn’t take anymore of it. I needed him to stop.
It was so painful.
“Ryan, come on…Oh, just stop!” I said in deep breaths and he pulled out of me almost immediately.
He carried me up in his arms like a baby and left the bathroom, returning to the bedroom.
He laid me gently on the bed and surprisingly,sp
read my legs apart.
What’s he doing?
He came in between my legs and inserted his d*ck into me again.
“Ryan…” I called helplessly as he started moving in and out of me, h@rder than he’s ever moved.
Oh God!
I shut my eyes and m0@ned as loud as I could.
Ryan was something else.
He kept thrusting for a while, making sure I was taking his full size.
“Come on, klzz me” he said in a rough breath and brought his l!ps close to mine.
I reached for them and took them into my mouth, klzzing them perfectly while he continued drilling me.
After a while, he pulled out of me and fell flat beside me on the bed, trying to catch his breath.
For a moment, we were quiet, both trying to catch our breath.
I just hope he doesn’t kill me with this someday. He’s really a s*x freak.
Then he drew closer to me and klzzed me.
“How was that?” He asked with a smile as he klzzed me on the neck.
I also smiled and turned to face him and he drew up the duvet to cover our bodies.
“You were awesome” I replied, looking into his eyes.
“And you were incredible” he also said and we ended up chuckling.
“Ryan! The shower’s still on!” I exclaimed when I suddenly remembered.
“Oh, please! Let it be. It can get wasted all it wants” he replied and pulled my nose.
“Bethel” he suddenly called.
“The baby…are you aware they’re twins?”
I g@sped immediately and pulled back.
“What??” I flinched.
“The doctor told me about it while you were still unconscious. I’m sorry, I was just looking for a perfect time to tell you about it” he explained.
Oh my God!
“Twins??” I repeated,finding it h@rd to believe.
How can I…I mean, its way too much! I’ve been thinking of a way to cope with one. And now, twins???
“Hey, you don’t need to worry about a thing, okay? I promise you’re gonna have the best motherhood. I’ll be there with you always. Our kids are gonna be the loveliest and the envy of all. They’re gonna be lucky to have parents like us. We’ll make them proud”.
He paused and took my hand.
“I’m so happy it had to be you, Bethel”, he continued .
“I’m so happy you’re the woman I ended up with – the mother of my kids. You changed me. And I wouldn’t know what to do if it were someone else. I think you’re the perfect one for me”.
I took in a deep breath and smiled.
“Thank you, Ryan. Few months ago, I never thought I’d be on the same bed with Mr Popular” I said and he laughed.
“And few months ago, I never thought I could be so nice to a lady” he also said with laughter.
Then, we kept mute and got lost staring at each other.
“I love you” he said.
“And I love you too” I replied bashfully and we klzzed.
# Next_morning
I yawned out of sleep as I tossed on the bed. I sprawled my hands apart and discovered it was empty. I was the only one on the bed
I yawned again as I sat up, itching my dizzy eyes. I felt like sleeping the whole day.
I looked around the room and wondered where Ryan could be.
I left the bed and went over to the wardrobe to get something to wear and took out a short and T shirt.
After dressing up, I left the room so I could look for Ryan.
I got to the sitting room and there I found him playing on his keyboard.
He was facing the wall and couldn’t see me since I was coming from behind.
I smiled and tip toed to where he was and quietly, tickled him on the waist.
“Hey!” He exclaimed and turned to look at me and I busted into laughter.
“Oh my God! It worked!” I laughed and he shook his head.
“I can’t believe you’re playing pranks on me this early”.
I smiled and sat in front of him .
“So, what’re you doing, huh?” I asked, my chin in my hand
“Listen” he replied and continued playing on the keyboard.
He played a soft enchanting tone and after a while, started singing:
What do I have to do
To let you know how special you are
You mean the world to me
You’re the core of my existence
The very moment you came into my life.
You took all my sorrows away.
I’m longing to hold you
I’m longing to klzz you
I keep dreaming on that special day
When I’ll open my eyes to behold your face.
Just know that you mean the world to me.
His voice was so enchanting and perfect as he sang and I couldn’t believe I almost felt like crying.
By the time he was done, I had to klzz him.
“Thanks” I beamed.
“Don’t flatter yourself, okay? It wasn’t for you. Its for my babies” he said and I g@sped and slapped him on the arm.
“You’re such a kill joy. I can’t believe I was actually blushing already” I rolled my eyes at him and he laughed.
“Um…could you get dressed? I need to take you somewhere. I have a surprise for you” he said and my eyes beamed again.
Oh! I love surprises.
“What’s the surprise?” I asked.
“Come on, Bethel. I just called it a surprise. If I tell you, it wouldn’t be anymore” he said and I rolled my eyes and stood up.
“Fine. I’ll get dressed”. I told him and took the stairs.


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