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Married to Mr popular 2 Episode 39 & 40

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)
Episode 39
By: Faith Lucky.
Nicole’s Pov:
I stood beside Bethel’s bed in the hospital as the doctor checked her with his stethoscope.
She was still sleeping but according to the doctor, she’ll be fine.
Ryan was sitting on the edge of the bed, holding her hand. while his mum and Bethel’s mum were also standing – hopefully.
“Double the dosage” the doctor said to the nurse on the other side of the bed and she nodded and did something to the drip.
“Doctor, how’s she?” Ryan’s mum asked immediately and the doctor sighed and brought down the stethoscope from his ear.
“Like I earlier said, she’s fine. You don’t have a thing to worry about. And the baby’s fine as well” he replied and I took in a deep breath, the same time with Ryan.
“So…she was really pregnant?” Bethel’s Mum asked and the doctor just nodded to that.
“She’ll be awake soon and will be very hungry. So, I’d suggest you all get her something to eat. I’ll be in my office in case you need anything” he said and left.
Ryan’s mom placed her hand on his shoulder. He couldn’t take his eyes off Bethel.
“You heard the doctor, Ryan; she’ll be fine. You can stop panicking” she told him and Ryan just gave a soft sigh.
He’s refused eating nor taking his bath since the previous night when he brought Bethel in. He wouldn’t even leave her room. He just wanted to be around her.
“I’ll…I’ll order some food for you again” his mum said and left the room.
Bethel’s mum drew closer to her on the bed and brushed her hair with her palm.
“I’m so glad my baby’s safe” she said tenderly.
I heaved a huge sigh of relief. I really wish she’ll be awake soon.
Jackson and his father had been apprehended and were still in police custody. We still can’t understand how Bethel got to escape so easily – exposing the location to the police.
According to Ryan, he had received a call from Jackson. But, we still don’t know what really happened. I guess the police will find out in their investigations.
The most important thing was Bethel being safe…and the baby as well.
My phone started ringing and I checked and discovered it was Gentle Aura.
Oh my God! I haven’t spoken to him since the previous day. And we were supposed to go on a date last night – our first date.
I moved out of the room to pick the call.
I said nervously on the phone.
He replied, his voice coming out cold.
U didn’t show up for the date last night.
He continued.
I know. I’m…I’m so sorry. I was at the hospital with…
Well, you should’ve called me at least. You kept me waiting at the garden for hours like I was some errand boy!
Oh, my God!
I’m so sorry. I…I had no idea you’d be there. I thought you wouldn’t bother going since you didn’t see my call.
I stuttered in a disheartening tone.
Really? You should’ve simply told me you were with someone else instead of making me look like a fool. I hate disappointments and you just made me p@ss through one. No matter how busy you were, a 60 seconds call shouldn’t had been too much for you. Anyway, there’s no need talking about it any further..I’m about leaving.
No! Wait!
But, he ended the call.
I g@sped in tears and fell on the chair beside me.
Oh my God! What have I done? How did I become so careless? What’s happening?
I wept for a long time. I can’t believe he’s mad at me. I never knew he could get so angry…and he’s about leaving!
I sniffed and stood up with my bag immediately.
I needed to do something..I needed to see him, I concluded and ran out of the hospital.
Shirley’s Pov:
“Awwn! My little prince is doing so well” I beamed as I watched Dwayne drawing in his art book.
It was a sketched car – so beautiful.
He kept smiling and didn’t say a word till he was done drawing.
“How does it look?” He asked excitedly as he showed the book to me.
“’s the best!” I replied and klzzed him and he giggled.
“Don’t worry mommy, when I grow up, I’ll buy you a car as beautiful as this” he said and I felt like crying.
I hugged him immediately.
“I love you, baby” I said ruefully and he laughed happily in my arms.
“Mum” he called.
“Do I need to get married when I grow up?”
I chuckled.
“Of course, Dwayne. Why won’t you get married?”
“But, you’re not married and you still gave birth to me. How’s that possible?”
I smiled and played with his hair.
“Don’t worry Dwayne, when you grow up, you’ll understand.” I cuddled him.
“Well, I don’t think I want to get married. I want you to be the only woman I’ll love” he said and I g@sped in surprise.
“Awwn…look at my little boy” I said and tickled him and he laughed h@rd.
“I love you, okay?” I told him and pecked his l!ps.
“I want to ride on you, mum!” He exclaimed and climbed my shoulders and I laughed.
Just then, the door opened and a maid walked in.
“Good day ma’am Shirley, sorry to disturb you. But there’s someone out there requesting to see you” she said with a bow.
Huh? I wasn’t expecting anyone.
“Who’s it?” I asked, wondering.
“He wouldn’t say his name” she bowed and left.
“Do I need to come with you?” Dwayne asked as he climbed down from my shoulders.
“Nah. Just stay here and continue with your drawing. Mummy will be right back, okay?” I told him as I stood up.
“Okay! Get me an aeroplane on your way back” he said and I laughed and left the room.
I opened the door and getting to the pavement, I saw one of the biggest shocks of my life.
What?? Was he the visitor??
“Scott?” I called in surprise.
He took in a deep breath before coming to meet me.
“What’re you doing here?” I cut him off.
“I thought I made it clear to you at the grocery that I didn’t wanna have anything to do with you?”
“Where’s Dwayne?” He asked after a sigh and I felt my heart leap.
“What are you talking about? What do you mean…where’s Dwayne?” I tried to hide my emotions.
“I carried out investigations Shirley, and I got to know you gave birth to a son four years ago – the same year you and I were in a relationship…”
“Before you dumped me and traveled to Korea!”
“Right before you broke up with me!”
We yelled at each other.
“It wasn’t my fault, Shirley” he continued – not yelling anymore.
“I mean, we were doing just great. But all of a sudden, you broke up with me, saying you were fed up with the relationship. I pleaded with you with my life, but you turned me down. What were you expecting me to do?
“I got an awesome job in Korea and pleaded with you to come along with me, but you still refused. So, what should I have done? It wasn’t my fault!”
“Stop wasting your time, Scott and get out of my house. What happened between us is in the past and don’t wanna think about it” I snapped.
“Well, my son isn’t in the past. I need him”
“What son are you talking about?” I scoffed.
“I don’t have any child with you, Scott.”
“Oh, please! You gave birth to Dwayne four years ago…”
“Simply because I gave birth to him four years ago doesn’t mean you’re his father. Dwayne is not your son!”
“So, where is his father? Why aren’t you with him?”
For a second, I was muted.
“There’s no point arguing about this. Leave my house”. I stated bluntly.
“Then permit me to carry out a DNA on him”.
“I’ll never give you that permission”.
“Why? Are you scared I’ll know the truth?”
“There’s no need to know, Scott!” I screamed.
His eyes drooped immediately.
He scoffed and turned around, then looked back at me.
‘No matter how h@rd you try, you can’t hide the truth forever. I’ve always loved you,Shirley…and I still do” he concluded and walked away.
I stood, staring at him for a while – speechlessly. I suddenly had a mixed feeling of pain and anger.
I turned around and opened the door to return to the room and to my greatest surprise, I found Dwayne, standing by the door, looking gobsmacked.
Please, don’t tell me.
“Mum” he called fraily.
“Is that man my father?”
My mouth dropped open in shock…my legs shook and I found it difficult staying on my feet.
Mum suddenly showed up in the room.
“Dwayne” she called and he turned to look at him.
“Come on now, go to your room and play. Mummy will meet up with you” she told him and he turned to look at me again.
I stared at ruefully and couldn’t find the right words.
He turned around soberly and took the stairs, taking his drawing book with him.
A tear came rolling down and I quickly wiped it off.
“I heard everything” mum said as she drew closer to me.
“I want you to tell me the truth,Shirley”
“There’s no need to talk about” I said hoarsely and tried walking away.
“Ryan isn’t the only guy in the world” she called my attention, making me stop.
“I understand he’s a celebrity and all that, but it doesn’t mean he’s meant for everyone. You don’t have to force your son on him when he’s happily married and doesn’t even care a bit about you. He loathes you, Shirley and your son. Why trying to destroy his family when you can easily start up yours?
“Scott is a nice guy. He’s rich as well and can provide you with the luxurious life you desire. And he can give you something you’ll never get from Ryan – love.”
I stood backing her, but she walked upto me and stood in front of me.
‘Think about your son. Don’t make a decision that’ll affect him for the rest of his life. Don’t deprive him of the fatherly love he deserves all because of lvst!” She added stringently and walked away.
I plonked myself on the couch closest to me and busted into tears.
I buried my face in my palms and wept bitterly.
Oh God! What’s happening?
Ryan’s Pov:
I was the only one left in the room with Bethel and I made sure I didn’t leave her sight. I wanted to be the first person she’d see when she wakes up.
I stared pathetically at her. I can’t believe I almost lost her. Why does this have to happen her? Why are they making her suffer this much?
I bent my head in agony.
Shortly, the door opened and I turned to see the doctor coming in with a paper.
“Hi, Mr Ryan” he smiled as he got to where I was.
“I trust you’ve had something to eat already?” He asked, but I didn’t say a word as I took my eyes back to Bethel.
“Um…actually” he paused and cleared his throat a bit.
“I…wanted to tell you this when you’ll be alone”.
He paused and I looked up at him immediately to see him staring at the paper.
“What is it?” I asked, hoping it had nothing to do with Bethel’s condition.
“Well…” he said.
“We carried out a pregnancy scan on her and…there’s something you need to know about the baby…”
Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)
Episode 40
By: Faith Lucky.
Ryan’s Pov:
I furrowed my brows as I looked at him. What’s he talking about? What’s wrong with the baby?
I was scared to ask but just needed him to spill it out right away.
He looked at the paper again before handing it to me.
I collected it hesitantly and looked into it. What’s this?
“Actually sir” he continued.
“it’s not just a baby…but babies”.
My eyes beamed immediately as my l!ps dropped open.
I flinched as I looked into the paper again. Then, I understood what the diagram meant. It was a scan revealing two curled up babies.
Oh my God!
“Although, we can’t tell their genders for now because the pregnancy is still in the early stage of it’s first trimester. But the most important thing is, she’s carrying a set of twins” he added.
I smiled as a happy tear almost escaped my eye. My Bethel’s carrying a set of twins??
I left the paper and looked up at her. She was still fast asleep.
“When will she be awake, doctor? Please?” I said in a broken voice.
“Don’t worry sir Ryan, just exercise a little patience,please. She’ll be fine” he replied and patted me on the shoulder.
“Congratulations, by the way.” He said before walking out.
I sniffed and rested my head on the bed, my hand on hers.
Oh, Bethel please; I need you…please.
Be strong for me. I won’t be able to take it if anything happens to you or the babies.
I can’t believe I’m about to become a father.
I suddenly felt her hand move in mine. I sniffed and lifted my head from the bed to see what was going on and there I found her dazzling eyes looking up at the ceiling.
Oh, my God!
“B…Bethel?” I called, abacked and she slowly took her eyes from the ceiling to look at me.
A small g@sp escaped her l!ps.
“Ryan?” She called weakly.
I chuckled and held her hand tight.
“Hey, you’re awake” I beamed, not knowing what to say or do.
My princess was awake! She was looking at me.
“Bethel!” I called ecstatically, finding it h@rd to believe.
It was like a dream come true.
Oh God!
I stood up immediately and klzzed her.
Nicole’s Pov:
I ran to the hotel where Gentle Aura was and quickly went to the receptionists to ask for his room.
Unfortunately, they wouldn’t let me see him, saying I must’ve booked an appointment with him.
Oh God!
I tried calling him but he wasn’t picking my calls. Is this how all celebrities are? Always getting angry over tiny little things.
What am I even saying? Its not little! I disappointed him on our first date!
Oh Nicole; what do I do?
I lurched around in the reception, trying to resist the urge of crying.
After a while, the elevator door opened and I saw him coming out with two police men.
An extra guard was behind, holding his bag.
All the people in the reception started drooling as he walked gracefully, headed to where I was.
I held my hands to my chest and felt my heart thumping so fast. He kept looking at me as he got to where I was and surprisingly, he walked p@ss me, taking the exit.
Oh, God!
For a moment, I was stunned and speechless. But the next moment, I turned around and ran after him.
“Michael! Michael!” I called him by his real name but he didn’t turn to look at me.
And there was no way I could touch him because of the guards with him.
“Please, I’m sorry! Just hear me out!” I cried.
“What do you really have to say, Nicole?” He suddenly snapped and turned to look at me.
Oh my God! He’s just like Ryan.
“I’ve received too many disappointments already and I can’t believe you just added to mine.
“I didn’t mean to.”,I whimpered, still standing away from him.
“I’m sorry..I should’ve called. It…it escaped my mind”.
“Because you didn’t care! I thought you were a friend!”
“I care! And I’m sorry. Please, give me one more chance. I…I was just carried away by my friend’s condition. I didn’t mean to hurt you. Please” I whimpered.
He scoffed and looked away.
“Its too late. I’m about leaving already” he said and turned around to leave.
I became speechless as I stared at the floor and wept.
He walked some steps away but stopped and turned back to look at me .
He took in a deep breath before coming closer to meet me .
“I’m sorry” he muttered warmly.
“I didn’t mean to yell on you. I was just…disappoi
I sniffed and continued staring at the floor, not knowing what to say. I couldn’t stop the tears from flowing.
“I can cancel my flight and stay back for two more days” he said and my eyes beamed.
“Will you have time for me, then?” He asked and I wiped my tears immediately.
Oh my God!
I chuckled tearfully and nod
“Y…Yes – I will” I replied instantly, my hands over my face.
He smiled and pulled me in a hug.
“I’m sorry” he said again and I sighed on his shoulders.
Bethel’s Pov:
“Come on Bethel; you need to eat all of it. The doctor said you need enough vegetables” Ryan’s mum said as she tried forcing me to finish up my meal.
I was sitting on the hospital bed with Ryan in front of me, feeding me.
Mum was there as well.
“I’m full already. Thanks” I mumbled and Ryan helped me with some water.
“We shouldn’t force her. I’ll give her more later” he told them and they didn’t object anymore.
“Um…Ryan” I called after a pause.
“Where’s Jackson? What happened to him?”
“He’s not important, Bethel!” He snapped.
“He is! He’s my brother!” I said, almost raising my voice on him.
A g@sp went round the room.
“What?” Ryan’s mum flinched.
Mum’s eyes drooped.
I looked back at Ryan.
“He’s my brother, Ryan. And he’s the reason I’m alive and safe.” I said
“What’re you talking about?” He asked with a crumpled look.
“I really don’t know how we got separated, but Jackson is my step brother. And the man that really had me abducted – his father – is also my father.
“He abducted me so he could use me to get my mum’s company. He forced Jackson into dating me into the past so just so he could get to mum. But, when Jackson got to know the truth yesterday, he helped me escape from him. He risked his life for mine!”
I paused and gave mum a loathful stare.
“I don’t know what relationship that man had with mum in the past, but she clearly thought I wasn’t important enough to know” I said, almost sounding tearful.
“Bethel, that’s not true” she shook her head.
“So, what do you want me to believe, mum!” I yelled at her.
“All these years, I asked you about my father, but you always ignored the question. If you had told me a little about him – even Jackson, it’d have helped!”
‘I didn’t know Jackson. I had no idea he was the one you were dating”.
“But it didn’t stop you from telling me I had a brother somewhere!”
“I’m…” She paused and breathed out heavily.
“You’ve only cared about nothing else, but yourself” I glared.
“I just didn’t want to hurt your feelings’ she winced.
“I thought Lucas was never gonna come back”.
“That’s enough!” Ryan cut in.
“You can talk about this later. I don’t want anything to stress her for now”.
I sniffed and looked away.
“Please, where’s Jackson? Is he safe?” I asked without looking at anyone in particular.
“He’s in the police custody” Ryan’s mum replied.
“Please, I need to speak with the police. I need to let them know Jackson was just being used by his father. I need to tell them he’s the reason I’m alive. He betrayed his father so he could save me. I’m sure they’ll pardon him if they get to know all these” I said with a worried look.
“Stop stressing yourself Bethel, please! We’ll go to the police, but for now, you need to rest and forget about Jackson” Ryan said, sounding a little angry.
Suddenly, there was a knock on the door and we all took our eyes to it.
“Who’s it?” Ryan’s mum asked, her right hand placed on her waist.
“I’m here to see Bethel” the female voice replied from outside and we awaited the door to open.
Slowly, the door opened and the visitor came in.
It was Shirley…and her son!


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