Married To Mr popular 2 Episode 37 & 38

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s r0m@nç£)
Episode 37
By: Faith Lucky.
Jackson’s Pov:
“She’s my daughter” his words resounded in my head.
I scoffed and looked at him. No; I probably didn’t hear him correctly.
Of course.
I looked at Bethel and she was holding her tummy, her eyes filled with the expected shock.
Then, I took my eyes back to dad.
“What’re you talking about?” I asked, my voice coming out faintly.
He looked at the floor and cl@pped his hands and immediately, two boys c@m£ into the room.
“Take her back to her room” he told them and they went for Bethel on the be-d.
“No!” She muttered as she stood on her feet with the boys holding her by both hands.
“What’re you talking about?” She asked weakly, looking at dad.
Dad signalled at the boys and they took her out of the room. Then, I was left with just him.
I looked at him and didn’t say a word, expecting him to start talking immediately.
“Sit down, Jackson” he said.
“Don’t even tell me that” I blurted.
“I nee-d you to…”
“I nee-d an explanation!” I cut him off raucously.
“Or was that just a lie?”
“I’d never lie about that” he replied and I scoffed.
The confusion was becoming too much.
“So…what’re you tryna say?” I asked.
“How’s Bethel your daughter? I mean…what am I to you?”
He sighed and sat on the edge of the be-d.
“Your mother’s dead, Jackson – like I’ve always told you. She’d given birth to you right before I met Bethel’s mum and got married to her. Your mother was still alive, then. She was just my mistress.
“But, when Bethel’s mum discovered my extra marital affair, she got mad over it. At that time, Bethel was still an infant.
“She asked me to abandon you and your mother; swear I’d never have anything to do with both of you. But, I couldn’t. And when I refused, she filed for a divorce. She pushed me away.
“I pleaded with her, but she wouldn’t listen. I invested so much in that company but she looked for a cunny way to make the court give her full possession of it. She took everything from me – including my daughter.
“I returned to you and your mother, but few months later, your mother died and you bec@m£ my responsibility. I left the state with you but promised myself I’d return and take back what Matilda took away from me. I promised to return for vengeance. And that’s what all these is about” he looked into my face as he concluded.
For a moment, I was mute, trying to digest the whole time.
I could feel my lungs drying up as it sounded like a joke to me.
“Hold on…” I blinked ha-rd and ra-pidly.
“Are you trying to say..Bethel and I are siblings?”
“Yes – step siblings”.he replied.
I huffed and tottered backwards, shaking my head
“No; you’re lying” I said forlornly.
“I’m not lying, Jackson. It’s the truth”.
I turned around and backed him, running my f!ngersinto my hair.
“You s£nt me to d@t£ my own sister?” I turned back at him and asked.
“So, we could achieve our plans”.
“Damn it, dad! I almost had s3x with her. I almost R@p£d her!!” I yelled in anger.
“And that’s the reason I’d given you specific instructions not to have se-xual int£rç0rs£with her during the time you were d@t!ng” he stood on his feet and said.
“fuc-k it! It doesn’t make any s-en-se! How did you expect me to keep to such lame rule? I had almost R@p£d her during that period! You pushed me into an incestuous relationsh!pwith my only sister!”
“That was p@rt of the sacrifice, Jackson! It was necessary”.
“It was necessary? So, abducting your own daughter and using her as an hostage just to get back at your ex-wife is necessary? What kind of a father are you?”
“The kind that’s re-ady to do anything for his son!”
“Oh, plea-se! Don’t put this on me. You’re not doing this for me. You didn’t even care about my feelings. All that mattered to you was revenge? Do you realize what you made me do to her? I hated her and la-id my hands on her. You almost ruined me!”
“If only you had followed my instructions, you wouldn’t be regretting right now”.
“You made…”
“St©p arguing with me, Jackson!” He cut in raucously and I went mute.
“I’m your father and I know what’s best for you!”
I fisted my hands and headed for the door.
“Now I get why you didn’t tell me about it.” I st©pped to look at him.
“You hid the truth from me because you knew I’d never want to hurt my own sister”.
“Because I didn’t want you to be weak!” He replied strictly.
I shook my head and faced the door.
“No matter what, a father would never risk his daughter’s life for anything. You’re not being a father; you’re just being a selfish man with two kids” I said without looking at him and walk out.
Shirley’s Pov:
“Wow! So, who kidnapped her?” I asked over the phone as I walked out of the grocery sto-re with my bags.
“Well, I heard its her ex – a guy named Jackson” Phoebe – a close fried of mine – replied over the phone.
“Hmph. That’s quite pathetic. Anyway, its none of my business. I wish she doesn’t survive it” I rolled my eyes and she laughed.
“St©p being n@ûghty, Shirley. Oops! I have to go. I’ll call you later” she said hastily and ended the call.
I sighed and continued walking to my car.
Well, I just pray Bethel dies where ever she is; because if she comes out of it alive, she’ll definitely die of heartbreak after I tell her the truth about my baby.
Yes, I’ve had enough hide and seek alre-ady. It’s time to take what’s mine.
I got to my car and opened the boot so I could drop the grocery bags I was holding.
I kept the bags and was about closing the boot when I heard someone call my name from behind.
I turned to have a look and flin-ched at the biggest shock of my life.
My phone fell from my hand immediately.
Oh my God!
Ryan’s Pov:
“What do you mean you still can’t find her? How long will it take you?” I asked tiredly as I stood in front of the policemen.
“We’re sorry, sir. But it’s really difficult finding a trial. We beg you to give us more time” the chief replied.
“And I don’t have any more time!” I gr!pp£dhim by his collars.
The rest of them looked in shock.
“Sir!” One called and I let go of him at once.
“Maybe I nee-d to do it myself after all” I said angrily and walked away.
My guards called after me as I walked out of the station.
I ignored them as I got to my car and collected the keys from my driver.
“Don’t follow me” I snarled at then and got into the car, taking off immediately.
Lucas’ Pov:
“Don’t pl@ywith my feelings, Matilda. Sign the ownersh!pof the company to me”. I said to the bit-ch on the phone.
“Has your cowardice gotten to this level, Lucas?” She asked, ma-king me fume.
“You left me all these years and suddenly returned, wanting to claim everything I’ve worked ha-rd for”. She added.
“Really? I left you?” I scoffed.
“If I can remember correctly, Matilda, you were the one who filed a divorce against me.”
“And you were the one who lied to me and cheated on me!” She snapped.
“What? Were you expecting me to just embr@ce the fact that you had a family outside our marriage? Did you take me for a fool or what?”
I exhaled de-eply and didn’t say a word.
“Its all your fault, Lucas. You pushed me into it. I didn’t have a choice”.she nagged.
“I give you thirty minutes to s£nd the signed do¢v-ments to me” I said gently.
“And if I don’t? Will you kill your own daughter? Have you become so cold hearted?” She asked and I chuckled.
“You wouldn’t want to wait to find out” I replied and ended the call.
“Marcus” I called on the boy behind me.
“Sir!” He answered and leapt forward.
“In the next thirty minutes, if there’s no feedback, I want you to cut off Bethel’s right hand hand have it s£nt to her mother” I said while looking throu-gh the window.
“Yes, sir” he bowed.
Jackson’s Pov:
I stood outside the door and listened to the entire conversation.
I shook my head in amusement. Is this man for real???
Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s r0m@nç£)
Episode 38
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
I couldn’t tell why the boys tied me up after bringing me back to the room. I thought the so called boss said he didn’t want me to get hurt?
I was so restless and scared – and confused. What did Jackson father mean by saying I was his daughter? Was that a lie or what?
Of course, it was a lie! There was no way that could be true. He can’t possibly be my father. I mean, I wouldn’t be here in the first place – tied up like a slave.
I breathed out de-eply. What could his reasons be for bringing me here? Whatever they are, they’re definitely not good. How do I get out of here?
Oh God! My baby.
Thank goodness there was no bleeding yet. At least, it meant the baby was still safe. I just hope I get out of this alive. I hope Ryan gets to meet complete with his baby. I hope nothing goes wrong.
Suddenly, the door opened and two boys c@m£ in, one holding a knife.
I furrowed my brows in surprise and wondered what they were up to again.
“Hold her down” one of the boys said and the other c@m£ to me and pinned me to the floor.
“Hey! What’re you doing??” I skrie-ked.
He stretched out my hand and made sure I couldn’t move it and since I was tied up, it made it easy for him.
Oh my God!!
The first boy knelt on floor and brou-ght the knife to my hand.
“No!! Let me go!! What’re you doing? Let me go!!” I screamed in fright as the thought dawned on me.
He placed the knife on my wrist and started ma-king a cut on it.
“Arghhhhhh” I screamed at the t©p of my voice.
Oh my God!
The door opened immediately and Jackson c@m£ in, holding a small gun.
He sh0t at the two boys in a flash and they fell flat on the floor immediately.
It was a silent sh0t and wouldn’t be noticeable to those outside.
“Ahh” I re-leased a light scream as I flin-ched at the terrifying sight in front of me.
Oh my God! No, no,
plea-se, no!
Jackson c@m£ towards me and I felt like entering into the wall to prevent him from tou-ching me. I was so scared. My heart was beating like a p@rty drum.
He c@m£ to where I was and squ-atted in front of me, then took my hands and started untieing me.
“What’re you…What’re you doing?” I asked in fear, my voice wavering as I spoke.
“I’m getting you out of here” he replied coldly and tried hastening up with the rope.
I was gobsma-cked and wondered what he meant. He’s trying to get me out of here??
“My father lied to me; he lied to us” he paused and looked into my eyes, anger reflecting in his.
“He’s also your father” he said and my jaws dropped.
No; He’s just lying.
“I know you have a lot of questions, but there isn’t enough time. But the most important thing you should know is, we’re siblings and that man out there used me just the same way he’s trying to use you to get to your mother! He’s nothing but a selfish being! And he’s re-ady to kill you just to get your mother’s company”.
He finished untieing me and helped me stand, but I withdrew my hands from his immediately.
“You’re lying to me” I said, rather tearfully
“I know its ha-rd to believe. I couldn’t believe it myself when he told me about it right after I tried to r@p£ you! He f0rç£d me into d@t!ngyou just to achieve his selfish interest. He’s only cared about himself and neither of us.
“He wants your mum to sign the company to him and since she’s dallying, he s£nt these boys to cut off your hand and s£nd it to her as a warning. He’s heartless and is re-ady to kill you.”. He explained angrily, but ma-king sure his voice was low.
I shook my head and moved back. Tears were alre-ady running down my cheeks.
“Are you trying to say…you’re my brother?” I asked, perplexed.
“Yes, Bethel. I’m your step brother.
“plea-se, we don’t have any more time. If you value your life, you’ll come with me right away” he said and headed for the door.
I looked at the floor and wept. The whole thing was too much for me. I couldn’t take it
“Bethel!” He growled from the door and looked at him, more tears streaming down my cheeks.
How’s it possible? He’s my brother?
And.. That terrible man is my father?? The father I’ve been hoping for my entire life??
I wept more.
Then, I suddenly cleaned my face and ran to the door to meet him. The most important thing was getting out of here first.
He stretched out his hand towards me and slowly, I placed my hand on his and we left the room together.
The pas-sage was dark and quiet, but I was still scared. How can we successfully get out of this building with all the boys around? How’s it possible?
I placed my free hand on my tummy and prayed for our safety. I just want to get out of this alive.
Oh, God! plea-se.
Jackson kept running quietly with me until we left the pas-sage and c@m£ out to a large room.
Unfortunately, we met three boys – smoking there.
“Jackson?” One of them called in surprise, probably because he was with me.
Jackson took hold of his gun and fired at them immediately, before they could think of using theirs.
They gro-an ed and fell on the floor.
Oh, my God!
I flin-ched and covered my mouth with my palm to prevent me from screaming
Jackson took hold of my hand again and resumed running with me.
We ran out of the door and busted out in the main compound.
But, the gate was too occu-pied with armed men and there was no way we could pas-s throu-gh it.
Jackson, still holding my hand, scuttled with me to a dark corner.
“I’ve called Ryan alre-ady” he whispered as we scuttled along.
“I’ve given him the location where he’s to pick you up. Although,I asked him to come alone, but I know him, he’ll definitely come with the police. Just make sure you two are far away before the police take over because once they do, the entire place will turn into a battle ground”.
I gulped nervously and took in a de-ep breath. I felt like throwing up.
Suddenly, I did. I couldn’t control the feeling and I had to puke.
I held my tummy as I st©pped and vomited it all on the floor.
“Bethel” Jackson muttered my name.
I held onto the wall for support as the sick feeling c@m£ driving in.
Jackson wra-pped his hand around my w@!st and helped me up.
“Are you okay?” He asked in an unfeigned perturbe-d voice.
“I’m fine…I’m fine” I replied weakly and used the ti-p of my torn shi-t to clean myl-ips.
We turned from the wall and saw two boys running towards us with guns.
Oh, God!
Jackson pointed his own at them and sh0t at the first one. But before he could reach for the second one, a bullet had alre-ady hit at me.
Oh, goodness!
The second one sh0t at me!
“Hah!!!” I g@sped as I fell on the floor, holding my left hand which was sh0t.
Jackson took care of him immediately before rushing to me.
“Bethel!!” He called as he dropped to a crouch in front of me.
My head bec@m£ h0t and muddled as I felt excruciating pains on my shoulder.
Blood was gushing out.
“No; no. Stay with me! Come on!” Jackson said and carried me up in his arms.
He continued running with me till we got to a dead end and he placed me down on the floor, ma-king sure I was standing on my feet.
“Bethel plea-se, I nee-d you to climb this fence. plea-se” he said desperately and started pushing me upwards.
I fought back the pains and struggled to climb the fence with one hand.
Luckily, I did. But when I got to the other end, I couldn’t jump down from it. I just fell to the floor like a log of wood and the pains in my hand increa-sed as it landed r0ûghly on the floor.
“Argh!!” I yelped in pains and held the hand ti-ght.
Oh, God!
Jackson c@m£ climbing down from the fence as well.
“Hey, hey, Bethel” he called lowly and c@m£ to me on the floor.
“It’s okay, you’ll be fine. We’re out of the building alre-ady” he as-sured me as I fixed my gaze on the dancing stars.
My lungs were becoming dry.
He carried me up in his arms and continued running with me. I couldn’t even speak anymore. All I could do was struggle to maintain my breath.
I was beginning to lose it.
He ran with me for a long time till we got to the dark empty road and he st©pped beside it, ma-king me lie on his legs while he knelt on the floor.
“Hold on, Bethel. Ryan will be here soon” he said hastily as he narrowed his eyes around.
My head was on his legs and I stared at him weakly in the face.
His dilated eyes kept looking around the road.
I couldn’t believe he was my brother – the only sibling I had.
I felt my strength leaving me. My lids were becoming too heavy and I tried to close them.
“Bethel! Hey, hey” he shook me gently, forcing my eyes open.
I fluttered them open and stared into his. His hands were on my hair.
“You’re gonna be fine, okay? I promise you. Just stay with me,plea-se.” He stated.
I don’t know if it’s as a result of my blur vision, but it seemed his eyes bec@m£ watery.
“I’m so sorry” he winced, looking into my eyes tenderly.
“I’m so sorry for hurting you all these while. Sorry for everything I’ve done. My father made me believe to show mercy was weakness. He made me who I am.
“I grew up, wishing I had a sibling – wishing I had someone to pl@ywith and protect. I never knew I was hurting that little wish all these while.”
He paused and bent his head and then, the water in his eyes bec@m£ clear to me;
He was crying.
“I’m sorry, Bethel. I hope you can forgive me. The truth is, I’d never do anything to hurt my own sister”. He added ruefully.
I was too weak to speak and slowly, I lifted my hand and placed it on his cheek.
I stared at him pathetically, wishing I could say everything I wanted to say.
I wish he could re-ad throu-gh my mind.
“Jackson…” I called faintly, my bloody hand on his cheek.
He chuckled and held the hand, giving it a tender hold in his.
The moment seemed to be just faultless and unexceptionable – something that couldn’t be expressed.
The stars seemed to be twi-nkling right in front of my very eyes.
Everything seemed…glorious.
He chuckled lightly, my hand still in his.
Suddenly, there were flashes of motor lights and he exhaled.
“He’s here. You’ll be fine, Bethel” he said.
He k!$$£d me on the forehead and placed my head gently on the floor before standing up.
What? Where was he going?
He stared at me for a short time before running away. Where will he go? Why’s he running away?
Oh, no.
What if something happens to him?
I felt like calling him back, but couldn’t. I was too weak.
I watched him run away and took a corner.
The cars finally got to where I was and I heard police sirens.
I couldn’t move my n£¢k to check them out, but the first person I saw was Ryan, running to me like someone being chased.
“Bethel?” He called in shock when he got to where I lay.
His eyes were almost bulging out.
Despite how weak I was, I still managed a light smile.
“Ry…” I tried to call his name.
He fell on his knees immediately, beside me, his eyes drooping.
“What did they do to you?” He asked faintly as he looked at my bleeding arm.
A tear c@m£ dropping from his eye.
He sniffed and quic-kly carried me up – his breath wavering.
The whole place was noisy and I couldn’t un-derstand what was going on.
“Get the car re-ady!” Ryan yelled as he ran with me to the car.
And I finally fell alseep in his hands.
Few more episodes to go
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