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Married To Mr popular 2 finale

Married To
Mr Popular
(Couple’s Romance)
# Season_2
Episode 42
(Grand finale )
By: Faith Lucky.
Bethel’s Pov:
“How long does it have to take, Ryan?” I asked impatiently as he kept driving for what seemed like forever to me.
“Chill, Bethel. Come on” he grouse and I rolled my eyes.
Well, I couldn’t wait to see the surprise.
I sighed and brought out my phone, going through the net.
“This stuff is really trending online, Ryan: Gentle Aura caught hugging a strange lady in front of an hotel” I read out the headline to him.
I couldn’t believe Nicole’s picture was all over the net.
“When will you be going to see your dad?” He suddenly asked and my countenance changed.
“I don’t know” I muttered.
“I don’t think I even wanna see him”.
“I’m just scared, Ryan” I cut him off, calmly tho.
“That man tried to kill me! He’d have consciously cut off every part of my body just to gain what?? The company?” I scoffed.
“Chill, Bethel. I’m not trying to ask you to forgive him” he said and I looked at him.
“I was actually looking for a way to convince you to stay away from him, but thank goodness you’re making it easy for me already.
“He doesn’t deserve to be called a father. He abandoned you for nineteen years and when he suddenly shows up, he forces your own brother to date you and in the end, he abducted you and tried to kill you all because of a f*cking company. That’s bulls*it and I wouldn’t want the mother of my kids to have anything to do with him. He doesn’t even feel any remorse” he said bitterly.
I sighed and placed my hand on his cheek.
“Its okay. Let’s worry about something else, okay?” I told him.
“Well, we have nothing to worry about” he replied and almost immediately, stopped the car.
I looked around and discovered we were in front of an estate.
“Are we there?” I asked, wondering what the surprise could be.
He smiled and stepped out of the car before coming to open mine for me.
I came out as well and had a look around.
Wow! It was beautiful!
Just like half – heaven.
The estate was so beautiful and dreamy. There were so many houses on it and looked just the same!
But why are we here?
I kept looking around and didn’t even bother to ask Ryan again”
“Its yours, Bethel” he said and I g@sped.
I flinched and quickly turned to look at him.
What’s he talking about?
“The estate…is yours” he repeated himself, obviously noticing the perplexed look on me.
“Mine?” I asked, pointing to my chest.
He smiled and nodded.
What the…
But how? How can somebody actually buy an estate?? How possible?? An estate with so many houses on it??
How can Ryan buy something that expensive?
I g@sped and looked at him.
“Ryan!” I exclaimed, not knowing what to say.
I was overly shocked.
“The estate is mine?” I tried to find my words.
“Yes – from now on, you’ll be in charge of collecting the rents form of all the occup@nts. They’re all yours”. He explained
A tear escaped my eye.
This alone was enough to make me a billionaire.
Oh my God!
“Ryan!” I whimpered.
“Hey, come here” he cooed and pulled me in a hug.
I buried my face in his chest and wept. This was just too much.
“You should know this, Bethel. What’s mine is yours. My wealth – they all belong to you now. Your just gained the heart of Ryan Winthrop and congratulations, you’ve made me insane – insane for you”. He said as he patted me on the Back while I remained speechless.
I love you, Ryan, I said in my heart.
I thank the heavens for bringing us together. I don’t think there could have been anyone more perfect for me. I promise to always love you to the very end…till we grow old and death do us part
Authoress Chi Pov
5 year old Zach and Zoe ran around the sitting room as their mother climbed down the stairs with the heavily loaded baby’s bag.
“Give me back my phone!” Zach yelled at his sister as she kept giggling and running around the sitting room with him.
Bethel looked at them and shook her head.
They might just end up hurting themselves.
“Come on, Zoe. Give it back to him” she announced and Zoe stopped running, breathing heavily.
“Fine! You can have your trash back” she rolled her eyes and returned the phone to him, pushing it to his chest.
“You’re lucky” he mumbled.
“You need to be careful this time around, Zach. You know, your daddy just got you this phone yesterday. I wonder why you had to misplace the previous one” Bethel said as she finally got to the sitting room and settled down on a seat.
“You’re looking beautiful, mum. Daddy said I look like you” Zoe complemented, revealing her dimpled smile.
“Oh! Please, you don’t look like mum. You’re not as pretty as mum” Zach teased.
“That’s a lie?! My friends do tell me I’m more good looking than you” Zoe defended.
“Your friends? You mean Dwayne?” Zach scoffed and Bethel’s eyes beam.
“Dwayne?” She repeated.
That’s Shirley’s son.
“Yes, mum. Zoe has been crushing on Dwayne the entire time!” Zach replied.
“And guess what, mum? Zach never misplaced his phone! He actually gave it out to Ramona because he likes her!” Zoe retorted, making Zach fume.
What the heck??
Bethel opened her mouth in amusement. Are these children serious???
“How long has this been going on, kiddies?” She asked, placing her hands on her waist.
“You’re crushing on Dwayne, you like Ramona. Who’s Ramona by the way?”
“She’s an ugly lady in school, mum…”
“She isn’t ugly!” Zach cut her off.
“Even her hair is prettier than your face” he added with a huff and Bethel was forced to laugh.
She could completely see Ryan in him.
“I’m gonna talk to dad. You’re leaving my school”Zoe fumed.
“Your school? In case you’re forgetting, little sis, the school belongs to both us! Daddy opened it in our name, okay? Zach and Zoe Day School. So, you’re not the only one in control” Zach teased.
“Are you two fighting again?” His endearing voice was suddenly heard and Bethel turned to see him climbing down the stairs, holding the 4 weeks old little angel like an egg.
She smiled and watched him as he dripped in gold. He wouldn’t let her touch the baby.
“Daddy! You wouldn’t believe what Zach told me!” Zoe pouted and ran to him.
“She’s lying dad! Don’t believe a word from that insect.” Zach said after her as he ran to also defend himself.
They blocked Ryan on the stairs, both gibbering.
Ryan shook his head and sighed while Bethel laughed.
“Fine! Fine! Fine! I believe both of you, okay?” He managed to cut them off and they made way for him to p@ss, both not looking satiated.
“How’s Renee, dad?” Zach asked, referring to the sleeping princess in his hands
“Oh! She’s perfectly fine with me…don’t you think?” He asked and looked at Bethel.
Bethel smiled and stood up and immediately, he klzzed her- a snogging klzz.
“You look good” he said almost in a whisper and she blushed.
“Thanks. And you look…as charming as ever” she also said and he chuckles and pecked her on the cheek.
They turned and saw the kids staring at them.
Oh – no.
“Okay; come on, come on. We have a wedding to attend” Ryan said hastily and headed for the door and Bethel and the children chuckled and followed.
“Nicole Williams, do you take Michael Peterson to be your lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold, for better for worse, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” The priest announced as Nicole stood face to face with her charming groom – Gentle Aura”.
“Yes, I do” she replied after taking a deep breath.
Smiles ran across the faces of the congregation as the priest moved onto the marriage rites, asking Nicole to repeat after him.
“I, Nicole, take you Michael to be my lawfully wedded husband, to love and to hold from this day forward, for better for worse, for richer for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish. And I promise to be faithful till death do us part”.
The priest moved onto Gentle Aura and he repeated the same thing, his eyes lost into Nicole’s the whole time.
And finally, they were done with the marriage rites.
They wore on their rings – sparkling diamond rings – and were joined by the priest.
“With the powers vested in me by God Almighty, I hereby pronounce you, Nicole Williams and Michael Peterson husband and wife from this day on!”
Immediately, the hall almost went down with ovation as the entire congregation stood up and congratulated them.
They couldn’t stop.
“You may klzz your bride” the priest managed to announce amidst the ovation and Gentle Aura happily unveiled his wife.
“Happy married life, bestie” Bethel said to Nicole as they pulled away from the hug.
“Thanks girlfriend!” She beamed, revealing all her teeth as a result of the wide smile.
She was overjoyed.
“I’m so happy for you, Nicole. Finally, you’ll have your own family” Bethel further said.
“Thank you, Bethel. Take a look at the ring!” She said excitedly and showed the glittering ring to Bethel.
They chuckled together.
“You know, this is all possible because of you” she said and Bethel wondered what she meant.
“That day, I was on my way to get your clothes to the hospital when I ran into him. Our friendship gave me this gift”.
And Bethel g@sped lightly when she realized what she meant.
“I love you, girlfriend!” She squeaked and hugged her again.
“Hey! I’ve been looking for you” Gentle Aura showed up, disrupting the moment.
He pulled Nicole by the waist and klzzed her.
“Hi” Nicole smiled after the klzz.
“Come on, now. It isn’t wise to leave your groom on his special day” Gentle Aura said and Nicole laughed.
“Enjoy the party, Nicole” she waved at Bethel and left with Gentle Aura, going to attend to the numerous celebrity guests around.
(Oh, God! I need a best friend like Nicole )
Bethel heaved a huge sigh of relief and turned around to surprisingly bump into the run-away she devil – Lady K.
“Hey” she smiled at Bethel as they stood face to face.
She was putting on a long red gown which exposed her cl£@v@g£s – giving her the perfect s*xy look.
“Hm. Never knew you were back in Dallas” Bethel said with her hands crossed.
“Oh, please! Not really. I just came over for Michael’s wedding. He’s a friend of mine. I’ll be returning to Washington first thing in the morning” .
“Well, better. I think the air is more conducive without you” Bethel said and she laughed.
“Chill, Bethel. You’re not my problem anymore. I already have someone to occupy my mind with” she smirked.
“Wow! Congrats! I just hope you didn’t snatch him from someone”. Bethel replied and she laughed.
“I heard you were now a mother of three. Congrats”.
“Yeah – thanks”.
“Baby” she heard Ryan’s voice from behind and turned to see him coming towards her with the little baby – Renee.
Awwn! She was crying.
He paused when he noticed Lady K, but still proceeded to meet her
“Here. She’s been crying the whole time” he said as he carefully handed her to her.
“Ryan…hi” Lady K greeted nervously.
He shot her a glare and took his eyes back to Bethel.
“Come on, love. Let’s go somewhere else” he said and she nodded and followed him.
They got to a quiet part of the reception – under a tree – where they were sure they wouldn’t be disturbed.
The baby was still whining in her hands, despite the way she tried to pet her.
“I don’t know why she’s crying. I tried br£@stfeeding her, but you know, she’s as stubborn as her mother” Ryan said as they sat next to each other and she laughed.
“You’re Crazy, Ryan” she stated and loos£ned the tip of her dress so she could have access to her bo*bs.
She pulled out her left bre*st and fixed it into the baby’s tiny little l!ps and she grabbed them immediately, attacking like her entire life depended on it.
It was so adorable, Ryan had to laugh.
“So, this was your problem all along?” He touched her chin as she closed her tiny eyes and s√¢ked from Bethel’s n!pp!e with so much satisfaction.
“I can’t believe this was once mine” Ryan said wistfully,looking at her br£@sts.
Oh my God!!
“Will you stop being naughty, Ryan??” She f!ng£red him and he laughed.
“Anyway, I’m glad they were taken away by my kids.
“You know bae, I’ve been thinking. What will I open for Renee? I mean, since I already opened a pre school and high school for Zach and Zoe, what should I open for Renee?” He asked thoughtfully,placing his chin on his hand.
Bethel shook her head and looked down at the s√¢kling baby. This guy has been spoiling her kids right from their tender age. As little as Zach and Zoe were, they already saw gold and silver as something with no value. Even the frame around their wall mirror is made of gold.
Both of them had two cars – each. She’s tried talking to Ryan to reduce the way he spends on them, but he keeps telling her “you haven’t seen anything yet”.
Her phone started ringing and she checked and discovered it was Jackson.
She used my free hand to pick it up immediately.
Hey, Jackson
She beamed on the phone.
“Please, tell him you’re feeding my baby” Ryan rolled his eyes and she laughed.
Hello sis
Jackson called on the phone.
Where the hell are you? You told me you’ll be coming for the party.
She grouch.
Yeah, I know. I got hooked up with something. But, I’m on my way now.
Hm. Got hooked up with something or someone?
She asked suspiciously and he laughed.
Don’t worry, I’ll be there soon.
And he dropped the call.
“He said he’ll be here soon” she told Ryan as she returned the phone.
“I heard that” he shrugged.
She smiled and stared into space
The little angel was beginning to fall asleep with her n!pp!e stuck in her mouth.
“Its beautiful, right?” Ryan asked, referring to the breath taking galaxies.
“Yeah – she muttered.
“Baby, do you remember the first time we met?” She asked.
“Huh? Um…in the restroom?” He replied and she laughed.
“Oh! Please, don’t remind me of that horrible incidence” he rolled his eyes.
“Really? I caught you making out with a lady!!”
“You didn’t catch me, okay?? You only heard”
“Heard? And your m0@ns were loud enough to create visions in my head”.
“Please Bethel, stop making me feel guilty. I’m a good boy now, okay?”
“Fine! Whatever” she rolled her eyes.
“Anyway, that wasn’t the first day I actually met you” she continued.
“The first day I met you was at your concert – when your cars had almost knocked me down. Do you remember?”
“Oh!!! Of course! You were that lady! Geez! I didn’t even notice. Awwn” he exclaimed and wrapped his hands around her.
“If only I’d known that same lady would be sitting next to me, feeding my little angel right now, I’d have stepped down from the car to apologize to her” he said and I laughed h@rd.
“And if only I’d known that same grumpy boy making out in the restroom, was going to be the father of my kids, I’d have barged into the room and pulled that lady’s hair”.
“Oh my God!! Are you kidding me?”
“Of course, I’m not! I’d have given her the beating of her life!”
“Mmm” he hummed and held her closer.
“I’m glad it had to be you, Bethel” he said tenderly.
“Same here…and it’s funny to know the company that actually brought us together isn’t yours anymore”.
“Yeah – all thanks to you”
Well, Bethel had convinced him to let go of the company so it could be handled by his step siblings.
Besides, they didn’t need it anymore to stay together…and Ryan’s wealth could almost be compared with that of the company.
“I love you, Bethel. Thanks for coming into my life” Ryan smiled and made her rest her head on his chest.
“I love you too, hon. I never thought my love life could be this perfect. I couldn’t believe I was so angry when I was asked to get married to you” she chuckled.
For a while, they were silent, just gazing into the stars.
“I think she’s asleep” Ryan whispered and they looked down at the baby together.
Bethel smiled and tried retrieving the bre*st from her, but as soon as she made a move, the little angel jerked open and made a tiny sound.
She became fully awake and resumed s√¢king in ecstasy.
Ryan and Bethel looked at each other and laughed into it.
Nothing could be so adorable.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is more important than yours.
When you’re in love – true love – you’ll absolutely feel that this person completes you and makes you the happiest when you’re together. Once you find this person, never let them go.


I can’t believe I actually cried
Thanks for reading
You guys are the best…


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