Lucifer’s bride episode 6

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 6
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+
Harriet’s POV
I returned home from work and noticed the door was open.
“Roxanne?” I called as I walked Into the house, looking around.
“Roxanne” I called again but didn’t get a reply.
Could she be slee-ping?
But why was the door open?
I went upstairs to her room and when I got in, I noticed the room was empty. She wasn’t in.
I checked the bathroom, but same result.
Where could she be?
“Roxanne!” I called and started going round the house, checking other rooms and corners.
I searched round but couldn’t find her and fear gr!pp£dme . immediately.
No, No. This can’t be.
I quic-kly brou-ght my phone from my bag and called Margaret.
� Margaret, where’s Roxanne?� I asked immediately she picked up.
� Roxanne? She’s at home. I told you didn’t I? I left…�
�But she’s not here!�
�I just got home and couldn’t find her Margaret. Where’s she?�
I threw the phone on the floor and busted into tears.
Oh, my!
Roxanne; don’t tell me you ran away.
How could you?
Roxanne’s POV
Naomi and I met up with the rest of the workers and we all entered a long vehicle and drove straight to Damon’s estate.
Wow! I kept admiring the roads and streets, the flowers and decorations. I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to get enough of all these places.
All the ladies in the bus kept talking about getting to meet Damon. But I couldn’t join in the conversation because I knew nothing about him.
So, I just listened.
But his picture repaid in my head and I just couldn’t forget how cute he was. I couldn’t forget the felling I had gotten when I first saw him.
It felt enchanting.
I wonder if he’s also in true love – just like miss Margaret said. If he is, then that girl is so lucky.
Soon, the long vehicle pu-ll-ed over in front of a mighty building – like one that I’ve never seen before – not even in pictures or movies.
I g@sped as it stunned me.
“Come on, Roxanne” Naomi said and t©uçhed my hand and I followed her out of the bus together with the others.
I didn’t realise my mouth was open as I stood like a statue and stared at the ineffable building.
It was painted in white and silver colors and looked so enchanting.
Does someone really live in this?
“Roxanne!” Naomi called and jo-lted me and I shook my head and looked at her.
“Why are you just standing? You might get me into trouble. Come on; we nee-d to as-sist them in taking the deliveries in” she said and I just nodded and followed her to the back of the vehicle where the other workers were.
They were bringing out cartons from the vehicle and taking them into the estate and Naomi and I gr@bb£d one each for ourselves as well.
It was so heavy and I had great difficulty lifting it. I had to totter.
Well, I’m very lazy but you wouldn’t blame me. I mean, I stayed indoors my entire life.
I managed to carry the carton along with me into the house, trailing behind Naomi.
We met a lot of men in uniforms standing by the gate and I guessed they might be securities.
We got to the main door and I entered and almost tr!pp£dto the floor out of shock.
This is pure gold!
Yes! I mean, the floors…They were made of pure gold and glittered.
The walls were made of glas-s and I could see my own reflection in them!
The room was soooooo big and wi-de that it could possibly contain upto a hundred people.
Oh, mercies!
No wonder Naomi said it was the most expensive building in the country. It’s really worth it.
Someone pushed me from behind and that was when I realised I had been standing confounded all along.
I shook my head and continued tottering with the carton, following the route the rest of the workers were taking. I couldn’t even sp©t Naomi anymore.
I followed them and got to something that looked like a storage room and there we all kept our cartons.
I was the last to keep mine since I was slow in carrying the carton. So, everyone left me in the room.
I dropped my own carton and on my way out, more workers kept coming in with more cartons.
I got back to the big beautiful sitting room and looked around again. It was just too amazing.
But…where could Damon be? I haven’t seen him anyone like him. And no one has made mention of him as well.
I was about walking away when I saw something that gr!pp£dmy attention. I saw a beautiful painting of Damon!
I ran towards it to have a proper look.
It was in a frame and was pinned to the wall.
It was so natural- painted in black and white- and he looked extremely charming.
I smiled and t©uçhed it.
How can someone really be this cute? I wish I could take it along with me.
“And what do you think you’re doing?” I heard someone ask behind me and I turned to see a pretty young lady standing in front of me.
She was wearing a very short curves-revea-ling Sk-irt, tucked in with a ti-ght shi-t. And she had some files in her hand.
“Do you have difficulty speaking?” She asked and I thought of what to say.
But who could she be? And whys she questioning me?
“Um…I’m sorry. I was just admiring the painting” I replied, a little nervous.
I didn’t want to get myself into trouble.
“Well, stay away from it. It’s none of your business” she said churlishly and I nodded and walked away.
Geez! Why’s she this rude?
Hmph. It’s a good thing Naomi’s not like her.
I walked outside to where the vehicle was parked and continued carrying the cartons with them.
Zara’s POV
I glared at the lady as she walked away. I can’t believe she was tou-ching Damon’s frame.
Doesn’t she know who he is?
She’s just lucky he didn’t see her.
But come to think of it; she was really beautiful. I’ve never seen anyone as pretty as she is.
What the hell is she doing here?
If Damon gets to see her, he sure would want to get her on his be-d.
I got to Damon’s door and took in a de-ep breath before knocking.
Despite how close I’ve been with this guy, I just can’t help being nervous around him.
If you have an opportunity someday, you’d un-derstand.
“Come in” his cold voice said from inside and slowly, I pushed the door open and went in.
Surprisingly, he was sitting on the floor.
What the fv¢k???
Damon Wilson on the floor, with his expensive white dress?
I stood and stared at him in shock. I was confused.
He was sitting with his legs crossed like the Arabs.
“Drop the files and leave quietly. I nee-d silence” he said coldly.
I bec@m£ more perplexed.
“But…But sir…”
“I’m trying to find her – trace her footsteps and know where she is” he cut me off.
Oh, God!
“The…The girl you’ve been looking for?” I asked curiously and he nodded.
But…how does he plan on doing it? Tracing her footsteps and all that?
How’s that possible?
I watched his face as he closed his eyes and folded his first two f!ngers.
What’s this guy doing?
He was still and seemed he wasn’t even breathing and it got me really startled.
Heavens; what’s happening???
Next, he snapped his eyes open breathing heavily.
He looked gobsma-cked.
“S…sir” I called and tried asking if he nee-ded some water.
“She’s here” he said with his eyes wi-de open, shining like they wanted to pop out.
What’s he talking about?
He turned and looked at me and I felt fear running throu-gh my veins because of the look in his eyes.
“She’s here! Right here with me! Shut all the doors; now!!!” He yelled.
To be continued…