Lucifer’s bride episode 7 & 8

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 7
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated 18+
Damon’s POV
I hurried out of the house to where Zara said the workers were.
I couldn’t believe Gerald’s daughter was right here with me. I nee-ded to find her.
I got there and looked around, trying to find her.
The scent – I couldn’t find it anymore. I couldn’t feel it anymore. But why couldn’t I?
“Where’s she?” I muttered to myself, trying to fix the scent.
It was just too far from me. I couldn’t feel it anymore.
That only meant one thing: she wasn’t here anymore.
“Where’s she?” I turned to the guards and asked and of course, they all looked at me, confused.
But I didn’t care.
“Where the fv¢k is she?” I yelled and felt the fear running throu-gh the veins.
“S…Sir?” One of them stuttered.
I sank my f!ngersinto my hair and sighed. Anger was eating me up alre-ady.
But I’m sure I wasn’t mistaken. She was here. I was able to feel her.
What the hell happened???
Roxanne’s POV
“Mum wait!” I skrie-ked at mum who kept dragging me by the hand till we got to her car.
She opened the door and pushed me in and shut the door immediately.
“Mum! What are you doing? Just listen to me…”
“No, you listen to me!” She yelled as she sat next to me in the driver’s seat.
I huffed and bent my head.
How on earth was she able to find me?
She just showed up all of a sudden at the estate and dragged me away.
What the heck?
“Why did you run away, Roxanne? Tell me!” She demanded.
“Because I was tired of being a prisoner!” I fired back at her.
I couldn’t just control my mood at that moment.
“Do you know how dangerous It was?”
“Well, the only thing that seems dangerous to me right now is you!”
She sighed and placed her both hands on the sterling.
She didn’t say any other thing and started the car.
“St©p the car, mum. I’m not going with you”
“Roxanne, plea-se! St©p ma-king this anymore difficult for me. I promise to explain everything to you at home. But for now, just do as I say. Follow me home, plea-se. It’s not safe here”.
I looked at her and scoffed.
I promise, if she doesn’t explain it to me at home, I’m running away agaiPOV
Damon’s POV
I sat on the floor alone in the room again.
I nee-ded to find her by all means and this time around, I promise never to let her go.
I closed my eyes and folded my first two f!ngers, trying to focus.
The method I was about ma-king use of was sure dangerous, but I had to. I’ve been searching for her for far too long alre-ady and now I’ve finally gotten a hint on her, I nee-d to put in more efforts.
I started the process and my breathing seized.
It all started coming up.
I could see her. But her face was blur.
She was here; really here in my mansion.
I could trace her with her footsteps.
She was here, but a woman showed up and took her away.
It was Harriet! Her mother!
She ran far away with her and got into a car.
They started driving for a long time; bur I was able to trace the road and distance.
They arrived in a deserted place and started walking on foot, going dee-per into what looked like a forest.
They walked for a while and arrived at a tall building which they entered.
It was definitely their house.
They’re there!
I found her!
I did.
I opened my eyes and g@sped for breath.
Blood was alre-ady running down my nostrils but it didn’t matter to me.
I found Gerald’s daughter. I know where she’s staying.
Nothing’s gonna st©p me from getting her now.
I swear with my life, I’m getting her today.

Episode 8
Roxanne’s POV
I sat alone in the sitting room with my hands crossed. I had so many thoughts in mind.
Not long after, mum walked in with a tray of food and kept it on the glas-s table in front of me.
“It’s time to eat…”
“I told you mum; I’m not hungry” I cut her off, staring at the floor.
“Roxanne plea-se. Just do as I say…”
“And what exactly is this?” I rasp and sprang on my feet.
“To stay locked up for the rest of my life? I really don’t get you mum. What are you trying to achieve from all these? Why are you so bent on ma-king my life miserable?”
“It’s for your own good, Roxanne; for your own safety!” She half yelled and sighed.
“Going Out is dangerous. Trust me baby; I know what I’m saying.”
“Well, I’ve been trusting you for nineteen years now and unfortunately, I’m running out of that trust.
“Do you know how happy I was when I got to see the other p@rts of the world just within that short period of time? Do you know how beautiful it was?
“I got to see a lot of things. I even made a friend – a nice lady. She was so kind to me even when she knew nothing about me. Life out there was so beautiful mum and I seriously don’t get why you’re trying to punish by keeping me away from it.
You’ve been hiding me my entire life now!” I yelled and paused as it suddenly niggled at me – the thought.
I g@sped and shook my head.
“The…The same way…Gerald’s wife… has been hiding her daughter from Lucifer.”
I scoffed and stared at her in disbelief.
She covered her mouth with her palm and wept.
I blinked ra-pidly and moved backwards. I felt my stomach rumbling.
No. It can’t be.
“That…That story you told me the other night” I said faintly, fear running throu-gh me.
“I’m…I’m Gerald’s daughter… right? I’m…the girl…Lucifer’s looking for” I stuttered helplessly but mum couldn’t say a word as she continued crying.
“Mum?” I called and a tear c@m£ rolling down my cheek.
Oh, goodness! No.
This can’t be possible.
It can’t be true.
I’m Gerald’s daughter? The whole story was about me?
I…I come from hell? But how?
So, I’m the girl Lucifer’s desperately looking for so he could carry out his revenge on me? That’s the reason mum wanted me to stay indoors?
Oh, mercies!
“Roxanne” she called tearfully and tried holding me but I drew away from her.
“You lied to me, mum! You should’ve told me the truth!” I said angrily with more tears streaming down my cheeks.
“How could you keep this away from me? How???”
“I’m sorry” she whimpered and I turned and backed her.
All I could feel were pains. Just pains.
To think I was being haunted by the King of hell?
What kind of a life is this?
Am I expected to stay indoors for the rest of my life?
“Roxanne plea-se, un-derstand with me” she said and held me from behind.
“I just didn’t want you to be scared. I only wanted the best for you, my child cause I love you too much. I wouldn’t know what to do if I lose you”.
I didn’t even know what else to say. The whole thing just felt like a dream to me. I couldn’t believe it.
So, I’m Gerald’s daughter? The daughter of someone that evil? And now, I’m supposed to pay for his sins?
Why me?
“Baby” mum called and rested her head on my shoulder.
I felt like pushing her away, but couldn’t. Why should my life go in this direction? Isn’t it better i was killed when I was a baby?
I wept more and bitterly. My head started aching and I felt like screaming out loud.
Suddenly, mum g@sped and ran to the window.
I looked at her and noticed she shivered as she looked throu-gh it.
Her hands were shaking.
“He’s…he’s here” she stuttered fearfully.
I’ve never seen her this scared before.
I was f0rç£d to run over and have a look and there I saw some men – lots of them – walking throu-gh the wood, approaching our house.
They were alre-ady close to us.
Hold on;
Isn’t that…Hah!
No! How’s that possible?
The popular guy in the city?
What’s he doing here? In the woods? Close to my house?
What’s going on? And whys mum so scared? Does she know him?
“He found us, Roxanne! He found us!” She g@sped, tears pouring from her eyes like rainfall.
I looked at her and didn’t even know which question to ask.
I was confused.
Next, she took my hand and climbe-d up the stairs with me.
She took me to the room next to mine and when we got there, she pressed a bu-tton on the ceiling and surprisingly, the ceiling opened.
It opened in the form of a ladder.
“I want you to go up here and hide. Stay put and don’t come out no matter what you hear” she instructed and tried pushing me up but I resisted.
“Mum; what’s…what’s going on? I don’t un-der…”
“He’s here for you, Roxanne. Don’t you un-derstand? He’s Lucifer!” She said and I felt a loud ban-g in my head.
My heart skipped and my eyes dilated in shock.
“What?” I asked almost in a whisper.
“There isn’t time to explain. Just do as I say Roxanne; plea-se.” She said and made me climb the ladder and this time around, I couldn’t resist. I was too weak to.
“Baby plea-se, no matter what; don’t come out” she said and closed the ceiling.
Harriet’s POV
I ran back to the sitting room and immediately I got there, the door opened and Lucifer and his men walked in.
I knew this was bound to happen the moment Roxanne leaves the house. This has always been my fears.
I can’t let him find her. even if I had hidden with her, he’d have been able to find us both. I just nee-ded a way to distract him.
“Harriet” he called calmly as he stood after the door and looked left and right.
He was putting on a long black jacket that swept the floor and his hands were crossed behind his back.
I was shivering inside me, but was trying all I could not to show it.
“Long time, no see” he added and took in a de-ep breath.
“You…You’re alive” I said nervously, not realising it was dumb.
He scoffed and took a step closer.
“I should be the one asking you that” he said and stared directly into my eyes.
“You know what I want, Harriet. Let’s cut to the chase. Where’s she?”
I took my eyes to the floor, not able to stand his.
A dead silence stepped in.
“You know me, Harriet. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s having to repeat myself. ” he said still with a calm expression.
I nee-ded to say something now.
“You c@m£ a bit late, Lucifer. She isn’t here anymore. She ran away” I replied, trying not to floun-der.
He remained silent and didn’t make a move for a while.
Then he c@m£ very close to me; so close that I could feel his breath on my face.
“Dear Harriet” he called lowly.
“You and I both know that’s a lie”.
I felt my heart skip.
He left me and went over to the tray of food on the table which was beside where I stood.
“Yes, she did ran away” he said, squ-atting in front of the food.
“But you brou-ght her back”.
“I didn’t, Lucifer. I…I can take you to her if you want. I know where she is” I said and he scoffed.
“She’s right here. I can smell her blood. Bring her out”.
“B…But, if she was here, wouldn’t you have found her alre-ady?” I asked and he stood up and faced me.
“Well…” he said and paused.
“I hope she can stand your scream”.
Immediately, he stretched his hand towards me and I felt heavy pains on my head.
“Aaaaaarghhh” I screamed as I held my head.
It felt like nails being hammered into my head.
“Lucifer plea-se!” I cried and he st©pped and I fell on my knees.
“plea-se st©p this. I beg of you. Roxanne has nothing to do with this”. I said weakly as I wept bitterly.
“Roxanne” he repeated lowly.
“That’s a nice name” he added and stretched his hand towards me again and this time around, my skin started turning red.
I felt it burning.
I screamed at the t©p of my voice and felt the house might coll@pse at any moment.
“St©p!” I heard another voice scream and the pains st©pped.
Lucifer st©pped.
I turned in weak breaths to see Roxanne standing on the staircase, in tears.
“plea-se don’t hurt her” she whimpered.
Oh, Roxanne!
What have you done?
Lucifer turned properly to face her.
He crossed his hands behind his back and took in a de-ep satisfactory breath.
“Finally” he said.
To be continued…