Lucifer’s Bride episode 5

Lucifer’s Bride – Episode 5
(She’s mine)
A story by Faith Lucky
Rated ���
Roxanne’s POV
I ran and walked for a long time before I was finally able to sp©t the road.
I was alre-ady tired and breathing heavily. Mum had really kept me hidden in a jungle.
I looked around and noticed the road was so beautiful but quiet. Gosh! I can’t believe I’m outside.
I looked at the blue sky and smiled. It was so beautiful and I considered it a blessing that I was able to witness it.
But there was a little problem. How do I leave this place? The road was so quiet and deserted. How do I get to see the other p@rts of the world?
I looked left and right and started going right.
I walked for a long time, admiring the trees and bushes. I really couldn’t wait to see the other beautiful sides of the world.
I walked for a long time without coming across any vehicle and I was alre-ady becoming tired. Why did mum have to keep me in such a deserted area for so long?
Finally, I saw a vehicle – a truck.
I ran and hid behind a tree so I could have a proper look.
There were some hvge men around it and they seemed to be loading something into the truck.
Oh! It’s bags of rice! Why do they have so much of it? Maybe they were taking it to a market for sale.
I watched as they loaded the truck which was facing my direction and after a while, it seemed they were done because they all entered into the front of the truck and I heard the ignition turning on.
Were they leaving?
I quic-kly ran towards it and entered the back, managing my way in between the bags of rice.
It was so uncomfortable but I had to endure it. At least, it’d be ma-king my dreams come true. My dreams of getting to see the other p@rts of the world.
I la-id low and the truck started moving.
Hah! Finally.
I kept thinking about the whole thing. I hoped it was going to be successful.
But mum; what would her reaction be when she returns and can’t find me at home? I hope she doesn’t get hurt.
I just want to explore the world. I promise to return to her when I’m done.
After a very long while, the truck st©pped moving and I lifted my head to see I was in a busy place filled with humans.
Oh, mercy! This is real!
I did it!
I smiled happily and tried coming down from the truck. But just when I was about to, two men showed up and looked surprised seeing me there.
Oh, damn! I’m dead. They were men from the truck.
“Hey, you! What the fv¢k are you doing here?” One of them asked grumpily.
Hold on; fv¢k? What does that mean?
I nervously climbe-d down from the truck and stood in front of them.
I noticed one of them had so many black drawings on his hand. Was it drawn with a pencil or what? It makes him look bad.
“Um…I’m so sorry kind sirs. plea-se forgive me. I just nee-ded a ride” I placed my palms together and said and before they could say any other thing, I ran away.
I ran as fast as my legs could carry me until I was sure I was far away from them. That was when I settled down to look around.
Oh, mercies! Was this for real???
It was so beautiful!!!
I didn’t even know how to describe it.
I saw so many big buildings but didn’t know if they were houses or something else.
So many people were around, and I couldn’t believe I was in the midst of my fellow humans. I could see other people aside mum and miss Margaret.
Why did mum have to deprive me of such life? Why?
I saw a lot of people selling. Yes, I knew they were selling because miss Margaret had taught me in commerce.
They were so many attrac-tive things and I wished I had money to get one. It was so appetising.
But come to think of it; how do I survive here? I don’t even have any money on me. I don’t know anyone. Where will I spend the night? How do I survive?
I sighed and continued walking around the beautiful busy place.
Nob©dy even paid attention to me.
Well, maybe it’s because they don’t know me.
I walked and admired for a long time until I c@m£ across something that really caught my attention.
It was a lady; a young beautiful lady. I think we’re of the same height.
She was so pretty and I admired the way she dressed.
She was putting on a short high w@!st Sk-irt, tucked in with a long white shi-t.
Her hair fell freely on her shoulders and she stood at a sp©t, trying to bring out something from her bag. It seemed she was looking for something.
I stood at a distance and watched her. I guess I was attra-cted by her because she was the first pretty lady of my age that I’ve come across.
She brou-ght out so many things from her bag and it made me wonder what she was searching for.
Then, she sighed and started fixing everything back into it, but in the process, a beautiful n£¢klace fell off to the floor and it seemed she didn’t notice it because she started walking away.
I quic-kly scuttled to where the n£¢klace was and picked it up. It was so beautiful. I wouldn’t want to lose something like this if it were mine.
I started running after her. I didn’t even know what to call her.
“Hey! Miss! Hey!” I called and finally got her attention as she st©pped and turned to look at me.
“Yes?” She asked in a calm voice, her eyes filled with concern.
“Um…you left this behind” I replied and held out the n£¢klace to her.
“Oh, my God!” She g@sped and collected it from me with full f0rç£.
“Oh, heavens! Where did you find it?”
“It…fell off from your bag while you were over there”.
“Really?” She asked and exhaled de-eply, placing the n£¢klace on her che-st.
“How could I be so careless? You seriously don’t know what you’ve done for me by returning this to me. I swear, I wouldn’t have survived it if I had lost it. It’s my mother’s last gift to me” she said ruefully and I noticed something like tears in her eyes.
Thank goodness I returned it.
“Thank you so much” she added and I smiled.
“You’re welcome” I replied and we just stared at each other.
“Um…are you going my way? I mean, I’m going that way” she said, pointing to a p@rticular direction.
Oh! Perfect.
“Um…actually, I don’t have a p@rticular place in mind. My mum and I had a little misun-derstanding and she chased me out of the house. I’m scared if I go back now, she might do something nas-ty” I replied; itching the back of my hair.
“oh, my God! But why would your mum do such a thing? I mean, chasing you out of the house. That’s unfair” she said sympathetically while I formed a more pitiful face.
“So…what will you do now? Are you hungry?” She asked and I dallied a little.
I think this is an opportunity.
“Y…Yes. I haven’t eaten since morning” I lied, actually feeling.
Miss Margaret told me it was wrong to lie.
“Oh, my God! That isn’t fair! Why don’t you report her to child services? She’ll go to jail for it” she said and I flin-ched.
What??? What’s she saying?
What’s child services in the first place?
And how can she expect my mother to go to jail because of me???
Is it something she can do?
“Anyway, why don’t you come with me? You can freshen up at my house, have something nice to eat and relax before going home” she said and the idea niggled at me.
This was an answer to my wishes.
“Oh! Thank you very much, miss. I really appreciate” I beamed.
“Oh, plea-se it’s nothing. It’s nothing compared to what you’ve done for me by returning this n£¢klace to me” she said with a smile and we started walking away.
I followed her as we walked past different buildings and finally got to the roadside.
She st©pped something that looked like a car and we entered into it. Other people were there as well.
It’s a good thing I was sitting by the window because it gave me enough opportunity to wow at the amazing things I was seeing.
We drove pas-s mighty buildings and other people and they all looked stunning. It’s a good thing I couldn’t pene-tratethrou-gh the window because of how ti-ght I clinged unto it.
The other people in the car kept staring at me with surprise but I didn’t care. They won’t un-derstand.
“So, I’m Naomi” the pretty lady said as I followed her into her stunning house.
The sitting room was so big and beautiful and I got lost staring around.
‘Hello? Are you okay?” She asked, waving her hand in my face.
“Uh…of course. I’m just…your house is so nice” I said, still running my eyes around.
“Thanks. Nice but boring. Since mum died, it’s been like hell for me. Dad doesn’t have time for me and I think he’s planning on getting a second wife soon” she said dolefully and I stared at her.
Poor kid.
But she should be happy. At least, she gets to see the world; unlike me who had to be locked up for 19 years.
“plea-se, have a seat” she said as she dropped her fancy bag on the couch.
“I love your dress” I told her just When she was about walking away.
‘This?” She asked and pointed at it and I nodded.
“it’s my school uniform” she added.
“Uniform? You wear a p@rticular dress to school?”
“Yes!” She replied with laughter.
‘That’s a funny question. Don’t you wear uniform to school?”
“Of…of course, I do. I just didn’t know everyb©dy does”. I replied and she laughed again.
“So…which school do you attend?” I asked immediately.
“Glamour High School – the best in the country” she replied boastful.
“Wow! The best?” I asked.
Must be really nice.
‘Hold on; don’t tell me you’ve never heard of it?” She asked but I only bec@m£ more confused.
Am….I supposed to?” I asked with a twitch and she scoffed.
“Seriously? Are you from this planet? How can you say you’ve never heard of Glamour High? Owned by Damon Wilson?”
“Damon?” I repeated.
She sighed and brou-ght out her phone from her bag; doing what I didn’t know with it.
“You don’t know this guy?” She asked as she showed the phone to me.
It was a picture of a guy – a young boy.
Oh, mercies!.
Is this for real?
I collected the phone from her and stared at it with disbelieve.
He was damn so cute – the most beautiful guy I’d ever seen. How can someone be this cute? Is it possible?
Or is it because I haven’t met many other boys?
“Damon Wilson is the youngest riche-st guy in the country. He’s the owner of Glamour High and also deals in the buildings of real estates.
“The estate where he lives, is actually the most expensive building in the country. He’s se*y as you can see; and is every lady’s dream -including mine” she said and chuckled but I didn’t say a word as I was lost, staring at the incredible face.
“Hold on, what’s your name?” I heard her ask; but still couldn’t reply.
Next, she collected the phone from me.
Oh, no.
“It’s just a few seconds and you’re drooling alre-ady” she said with a smile.
“So, what’s your name?”
“Um…Roxanne” I replied and gulped down nothing.
The picture repla-yed in my head.
He was just too cute -his hair, eyes,l-ips – everything was perfect.
“Nice name- Roxanne. Okay; I’ll get you your food” she said and walked away.
Unfortunately, she went along with her phone else, I’d have taken it up to go throu-gh the picture again.
I sat all alone, reminiscing with my hand on my chin and after a while, she returned with a tray of food.
She set it in front of me and when I opened it, it was loaded.
Wow! How do I eat all of these?
There was rice, chicken, garbage,.carrots, jui-ce…Just so many.
“Thanks a lot…Naomi” I said happily.
“plea-se don’t thank me. It’s nothing” she replied and I started eating.
This lady is just too kind.
I ate with courtesy, though, enjoying every spoon of it.
It was so delicious.
She stood up and left and by when she returned, she was putting on something different – a casual dress and no longer the school uniform.
“You look good” I told her as I admired her short red go-wn.
She smiled sweetly.
“Thanks dear”. She blu-shed.
Immediately, a call c@m£ into her phone and I watched as she receive it with ecstasy.
� Oh, my God! Are you kidding me???�” She screamed on the phone.
�Oh! Bonnie, thank you so much. I love you. I’ll be there �
And the call ended.
“Yes!” She screamed and jumped on her feet.
I was startled.
“is there…”
“You wouldn’t believe it, Roxanne. I’ll be going to Damon’s estate today! A friend of mine just called and told me the company she works for will be going there to deliver some supplies. So, she wants me to tag along as one of their workers!” She replied happily and twirled around.
Wow! Sounds great.
“I’m so happy, Roxanne. This will be my first time going to Damon’s estate. What if I see him? Or he sees me?”
She covered her . face with her palm and chuckled.
Oh, my! Damon! It’d have been so nice seeing him.
“N…Naomi” I called pathetically.
‘Isn’t it something I can…tag along as well?”
She paused and bit her nails.
‘Okay, no problem. I’ll just tell Bonnie about it. Besides, since you’re acting so oblivious about everything, I think this might be of help” she replied and I g@sped.
‘Oh, mercies! Thank you so much!” I exclaimed and she giggled.
“Just hurry up so we can leave immediately” she said.
“Sure! Okay!” I replied happily and rushed my meal.
To be continued…