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loving again episode 33



🌻a nanny for Mia 🌻

✍️by authoress Lenity Faithful ✍️

©️ Spark

🌹 Episode 33 🌹

” constancia”

❤️ Alexander’s pov ❤️

“Emma wait ” I said but she already ran outta the kitchen. I can’t believe I klzzed her before telling her how I feel about her. I ran my f!ng£rs in my hair frustratedly. I need to talk to someone. who should I call ? Morris ? no no he’ll tease me to death, vee ? that’s not even an option, my mother will hear of it. I can’t even imagine what would happen if she does maybe I’ll wait till tommorow . I still need to apologise to Mia. I walked back to my room and kept tossing and turning till the morning.


I stood up and went into the washroom to take my bath then headed straight to Mia’s room.

” go away” she said combing her dolls hair. ” baby please hear daddy out” I said and she looked away. this is the first time my daughter is acting this way with me, she’s always quick to forgive, guess I took her for granted because of that. I knelt in front of her and pulled my ears . ” baby ….” I said and she looked at me with tears in her eyes. ” daddy is so sorry I promise it will never happen again,you can give me a punishment if you want” I said and she gave me a devilish look 😈

hope I’m safe.

that instant blue strolled inside majestically like he owned the room. ” blue ” Mia squiled and hugged him with her chubby hands it walked [email protected] me and twerked at his face before looking back at me.

🥺 annoying dog .

” daddy stop glaring daggers at my friend like that you’re being mean” Mia commanded and I forced her smile.

is she being serious ? now I have to pretend I’m happy with blue around Alex has suffered. ” I have two conditions then maybe, I’ll forgive you daddy” she said.

” okay princess I’m all ears” I said and she smiled. ” you have to be friends with blue” she said.

” what ? I looked at her in shock then turned to blue who looked at me then Mia .

this is the [email protected] task in my life” baby have you seen your nanny ? I asked and she gave a nod .

” she’s outside with Loli and Lola.

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

” good morning Papa phill!pe mama Ingrid” I greeted the couples and walked towards Loli and Lola. ” babe what’s up ? didn’t see you during breakfast, seems like you where hiding from someone” Loli said and I froze immediately and started avoiding eye contact.

” what ……no” I said and they chuckled.

” Emma do you think we were joking when we called you the queen of innocence ? you can’t even tell a lie properly, so come out with it, did you and the boss finally do the deed ? she asked teasingly and I blushed red.

” what noooo” I said and they gave me suspicious looks. ” come out with it girl something definitely happened,did you guys klzz ? Lola asked teasingly and I blushed Reder.

” awwwwww” they cooed teasingly and immediately stopped. ” good morning sir ” they said and I froze . ” Loli Lola can you escuse us for a minute” he said and they both gave me teasing looks before sprinting away.

” sir I have to go” I said and he held my hand. ” your not leaving until we talk” he said and I couldn’t even look him in the eye.

” Lexy ” someone called in a loud slutty voice and I turned. a beautiful rich [email protected] woman walking towards us in a red dress and silitoes heels.

” constancia” sir said in shock and she smiled. ” hey ” she said and klzzed his cheek seductively. they both seem comfortable around each other.

” who is she ? she asked staring at me with disgust like I was some kind of worthless piece of trash. ” Lexy who is she ? she asked pointing at me with her long preety artificial nails.

” she’s huh Emma Mia’s nanny” he said and my heart hurt” I stared at him in the eye , he tried holding me back buh I pulled my hands from his grip. he doesn’t even know what he wants from me. how wrong everyone was thinking he had a thing for me,he sees me as a nanny for Mia and nothing else. ” Lexy I’ve missed you…” she said touching him playfully and I walked away.

I walked into my room and tears kept rolling down my eyes. why am I even crying ? it’s not like he’s my boyfriend or something I’m just being childish.

” Emma” someone called and hugged me from behind. I quickly wiped my tears and turned. ” ma’am leah” I said and she frowned.” hey what’s with the face ? she asked and I shook my head. ” it’s nothing…” I said and she gave a nod. ” I’ll let it slide for now, I’m just wondering what constancia is doing here, that girl is up to no good” she said and I’m sure she’s referring to miss long nails. ” c’mon let’s go out,you look sad lemme cheer you up” she said excitedly. ” ma’am leah I have to take care of Mia ” I said and she rolled her eyes. ” cheel girl I’ve talked to Mia,besides we won’t be taking long, and just so you know,the next time you call me maam Leah, we’re gonna fight. ” she said and I chuckled.

❤️ Alexander’s pov ❤️

” constancia what are you doing here ? you didn’t tell me you were coming ” I said and she smiled. ” hey I wanted to surprise you” she said and I looked away. constancia pierce is Diana’s stepsister, she’s been into me for years even when Diana was alive and it was and still is very disgusting, and with Diana dead she thinks it’s our chance to be together. she’s a model and serial actress,she was in Miami for 6 months for a movie shoot. it’s surprising that she’s back and even decided to come back now. I thought and sighed in frustration.

” Lexy let’s go have lunch together it’s been long” she squiled. ” 😮who am I seeing ? Morris said coming in with vee behind. my besties are such life savers.

” hey Morris hi vee ” she said in fake sweetness. ” it’s Morrison and vida for you constancia,I don’t familiarize I with fake Barbie dolls” vee mocked and they glared at each other.

” sir I’m going out with ma’am leah I won’t take long” Emma said and my heart hurt seeing she wasn’t even smiling at me. ” hi sir Morrison and ma’am vida” she said and vee smiled. ” c’mon Emma,you can call me vee and him Morris ” vee said and constancia glared daggers at Emma. ” we’ll get going now big bro ” Leah said and left with Emma. ” Lexy …” constancia said and held my hand buh vee came in between and removed my hand from her grip.

” constancia pierce, Alexander north is not free today tommorow or the day after we have something important to take care of. by the way didn’t you just arrived from Miami ? you need rest , go home and get some beauty sleep , no wonder your looking so ugly and desperate” vida said with fake sweetness and constancia glared daggers at her, she angrily picked her bag and forced a smile at her. ” you better watch your back vida ” she said dangerously and catwalked outta the mansion.

” alexbgo straight to the point and tell me what constancia bitch was doing here before I fu-cking loose my mind” vida said angrily and Morris was rubbing her shoulders to calm her down. ” I don’t know okay, she just showed up when I was tryna talk to Emma about the klzz” I blurted out. ” whatt ” they both screamed.

” you klzzed her ? no wonder there was a lot of tension between you guys, did you tell her why ? Morris asked and I shook my head .

” no constancia arrived that moment, and I think I might’ve hurt Emma’s feelings” I said and told them everything.

” Xander seriously ? you couldn’t even introduce her as your friend after klzzing her ? and you won’t believe me now if I say you don’t have s£nse right ? Morris said and vee rolled her eyes. ” see who’s talking don’t lemme open your own case file” vee said and I chuckled.

” Xander don’t you dare chuckle. you klzzed Emma last night , and if she hasn’t run ,you would have Se-duced her to your bed and fu-cking shifted her womb. but you go ahead in introduce her as your friend” vee snapped. and Morris burst out laughing so [email protected]

” it’s the shifted her womb for me love ” Morris said laughing. ” vee it’s not like that,I …” I was saying buh she caught me shut. ” you better talk to her when she comes back before constancia virus start spreading her germs up and down” vee said and I burst out laughing. I thought Stephanie hated constancia buh vee is a whole new level.

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

” wow this penthouse is beautiful” I said as we walked in. ” it’s Stephanie’s ma’am leah said and I froze. ” whatttt” I panicked. ” hey cheel bshe doesn’t bite ” ma’am leah said and pulled me with her towards the pool. ” hi sis ” she greeted ma’am Stephanie who just walked outta the pool in a swim suit so se-xy , showing off both her butt cheeks, her skin glowing like moon light. showing off her red rose tatoo . a maid immediately rushed and covered her with Robe buh she refused to tie it. I washed as she wore her silver fancy sl!ppers, I saw her gold leg chain. ” hi girls have a sit” she said and lit a cigarette, as he took a puff and I immediately started coughing badly.

she looked at me for a moment and immediately put of the cigar . ” Stephie” ma’am leah said suprised she put it off because of me. ” well if I don’t, Emma would die of suffocation, because she’s afraid to tell me she’s allergic” she said and I looked away shyly.

” sis guess who I saw at xanders ? Leah asked. ” lemme guess constancia bitch ? I saw it on the internet” ma’am Stephanie said. ” ya I guess and she already got to Emma ” ma’am leah said.

” whattt no she’s not the reason I’m sad, it’s because of Mr Alexander . he keeps confusing me, one moment he’s my best ,then he goes around being sweet , he’s claiming me in front of my ex , flirting klzzing me ,then we both go back to boss and employee level” I said.

” wait u guys klzzed ? Leah asked. ” ma’am leah is that all you heard ? I asked and ma’am Stephanie Chuckled.

I explained everything to them . ” Emma I think he didn’t wanna say anything about feelings in front of that woman” ma’am Stephanie said and I looked at her. ” one advise, don’t let constancia Bully you when she starts it only gets worse ” she announced.

🖤 constancia’s POV 🖤

” how dare vida ” I said angrily as I catwalked into our mansion, Ive just been outta the country for 6 months and she talks to me infront of Alex like that ? I thought as I removed my heels. Alexander is mine , everyone knows that, even my good for nothing sister learnt that the [email protected] way. and that new nanny of Mia better stay away from my man because I’ll rather die than let some worthless [email protected] poor bitch take what’s mine ” I said angrily.

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

ma’am Stephanie dropped me off at the mansion and I said goodbye to her. it’s fun to get to know her better, and cute the way she tries to hide her bad habits from me. I just found out she’s a year older than Mr Alexander. ” ouch ” I said when I bumped into someone. I looked up and it was Mr Alexander” can’t you watch where you’re going sir ? I scolded while rubbing my forehead.
” say sorry ” I said and he gave me an escuse me look.

” Emma remember when you bumped into me and nearly roasted me to death with hot boiling coffee ? he asked me and I frowned. ” okay ” I said and tried leaving but he held my hand. ” okay sorry ” he said and I turned.

” I’ve heard you sirrrrr ” I said stressing on the sir part and he frowned. ” Emma I thought we’ve [email protected] this level ? he asked and I chuckled. ” [email protected] which level ? I asked getting on his nerves. ” you called me Alex last night while we were making out” he said and I blushed red making him laugh. ” ohbso you’re trying to frustrate me on purpose ? he asked and I frowned ” frustrate you ? sir no o ,is it not your fault ? you didn’t say anything after the klzz ” I blamed .

” oh seriously Emma, you’re gonna blame me ? you ran away after the klzz ” he said and my jaw drop.

” well it’s because you tried to shift my pan-ties” I said and 🙊🙊🙊 Jesus did I just say that ? 🙆🙆🙆

🙈🙈🙈🙈I covered my face as sir burst out laughing, he laughed so [email protected] tears where rolling outta his eyes.

” okay buh I’m not sorry for trying to shift your pan-ties though” I said and I blushed. ” I know you might be wondering why I klzzed you last night , Emma it’s because I huh…I have feelings for you, I like you sooo much , I won’t say I love you already because I’m still in the process , buh I won’t you to please give us a chance , give me a chance to be your boyfriend ” he said and I stared at him wide-eyed.

” sir …” I said shocked

” I’m serious” he said and I blushed. ” sir…I like you too buh I’m not the type to just say yes immediately a guy asks me out I…” I was saying buh he placed his f!ng£rs on my l!ps.

” I get it love , there’s no rushing a , just don’t keep me waiting I’m a very impatient man ” he said and I chuckled. he klzzed my cheeks lovingly . ” guess we’re doing this one step at a time” I said to myself

🌹 Episode 34🌹

” girlfriend”

❤️ Mildred’s pov ❤️

Thanks for ordering our services sir” I said to one of our customers and as he left a lady in a slutty dress catwalked in. she looked rich but her dress s£nse screamed seductive and left nothing to imagine her b©©bs spilling out of of her [email protected] and her @ss shooting out of the short dress,she dressed like she was on a mission to se-duce whosoever she came to visit. ” good morning ma’am, welcome to Mr Jones car services how may I help you ? I asked and she fl!pped her hair . she shewed on her gum furiously while checking me out jealousy . ” I’m here to see [email protected]” she said and my heart hurt .

is she one of his whores ? I thought he’d stopped sleeping around ?

” wh..aaat ” I said shocked and she frowned. ” well bitch I’m here to see my man ,so if you don’t mind go tell him just that . wonder why you work hear if you have hearing problems” she said in a bitxhy tone .

” Laura what are you doing here ? [email protected] asked joining us. he was dressed in a black ripped jeans and white Converse . he was shirtless with the abbs and all with a towel around his neck . his left ear glittering where he wore two black dotted earings. his hair was packed in a bun and tattoos on his right hand.

” oh my nigga ,my [email protected] Ive fu-cking missed you so much and this woman won’t let me in. ” she said and touched his belt going close and he pushed her hands down. ” Laura I told you things where over didn’t you already get a new boyfriend” he said camly.

” ya babe ,buh he can’t hit it rough like you do ” she said li-cking her l!ps . ewwwwww she’s so …

” too bad cause I don’t go back to left overs Laura Ive moved on ” he said and her eyes watered . ” [email protected] I’m sorry let’s just have make up se-xand everything will be okay” she said and I took it as my cue to live . ” Mildred ” I heard him say as he came after me.

I can’t stop the feeling of hurt on my chest . maybe I really messed up by being mean to him ,buh [email protected] is a player ,after my ex I find it [email protected] to trust guess with commitment issues . ” Mildred” he said and held my hand buh I pulled them ” I’m fine [email protected] ” I said and walked away.

🏀 Wesley’s pov 🏀

pppppppppp” the whistle sounded again and we all began our practice , we are currently practicing for our last game coming up for our last year of high school . the practice ended and our coach walked up to me…” hey Jones how’ve you been kid ” he said and I smiled ” I’m fine couch ” I said and he smirked ” I can see that ” he said looking at the direction of where Nora was standing whilst talking to the cheer leading team dressed in a black jeans and white tank top and Converse she looked fu-cking cute . ” so what’s up with you and Nora ? he asked and my best friends who where obviously snooping on our conversation laughed [email protected] that’s our coach for you ,he acts like our elder brother instead of a teacher and it’s cool though. ” coach it’s not what you think I’m just her tutor ” I said locking up my water can . ” oh really ion think so though ,I mean you look at her differently” he said teasingly.

” I told ya man ya whipped …” Jason said laughing. ” not everyone is fortunate to find love Wes ..” he said and Pat my back before leaving. ” guys stop teasing me okay my job is to tutor her got it TUTOR ” I said frustratedly.

” buh that doesn’t mean you can’tfu-ck her man ,you have the looks ..” Chad said smirking.

” I won’t do that to Nora it’s not fair .. she doesn’t deserve that ‘ I said rolling my eyes. ” then tell her to stop having feelings for you man , because we all know you are a realistic kinda guy who doesn’t believe in love , you don’t sleep around like us because your focused on building a career for yourself , I don’t want you to end up in a situation where you end up choosing your dreams over Nora it’ll break her more ” he said and I ran my f!ng£rs in my hair .

” I don’t need that advise because FYI I don’t like Nora okay she’s just my student dammit ” I said angrily and they both froze . I turned and saw Nora there with pain in her eyes.

good because I don’t want any fu-cking fairytale in my life ,she’s rich I’m middle [email protected] it’s never gonna work .


” baby have fun in school okay ” nanny Emma said and klzzed my forehead. uncle Dan picked me up and put me in my car with my back pack. I brought out my school iPad and started studying my alphabets. I stopped and smiled. ” uncle Danny bear ” I said and he chuckled” yes princess Mia ” he answered. ” what’s like having a mommy ? I asked and he stopped driving. ” do you miss your mom sweetie ? he asked and I frowned . ” I used to ,buh not much now since I have nanny emma ” I said and he smiled. ‘” having a mommy is cool , she loves you, no matter what she hates it when you’re in pain she does anything to make you happy she sacrifices for her kids . ” he said and my eyes widened. ” nanny Emma is my mommy ” I said and his eyes widened .

” no baby she’s you’re nanny ” he said and I frowned. ” that’s not true nanny Emma loves me and does everything for Me so she’s my Mom ” I said angrily.

” princess calm down okay , the thing is a mommy has to be married to the daddy to be your legal mommy ” he said and I smiled.

‘ really …then I’ll ask nanny Emma to marry daddy fluffs immediately she has to be my mommy I don’t want anyone else” I said and his jaw dropped 😮.

❤️ Alexander’s pov ❤️

” yes Nina I’m in my office , Anthony’s here ? whattt and my mom and dad ? what are they doing here ? I asked frowning . when she didn’t reply I figured I was asking a stupid question. ” fine s£nd them in ” I said and took a deep breath.

” Xander my sugar bunch ,my honey pie …I’ve missed my potatoe” mom said leading the group that came into my office and I Frowned as she klzzed all over my face . I still can’t believe mom hasn’t yet won the award for most dramatic mom.

” love you don’t give me that much klzzes Even when we make love ” dad said frowning and I made a disgusting face whilst Anton chuckled. ” dad ewwwwww this is my office don’t you guys have something else to do ? I said annoyed.

” oh shut up young man , I’m your father, and I have the right to talk about how I formed you with your mother’s help …’ he said staring at mom romantically .

🙆oh please don’t start the history😔

” I still remember how it happened the night we formed Alex it was a cold rainy night on a trip to her parents ,we did in the car ” dad said smiling happily while Anthony was laughing his eyes off , we’ve heard this story a million times it’s fu-cking disgusting .

” dad that’s not the day you formed me okay I was not formed in the car I reject it” I said annoyed.

” Xander don’t argue with your father , I was there I agree with him ,we did it rough that night, that’s why your so stubborn and hot headed my baby ” mom said and dad gave me the logic sign.

” you guys are just so shameless …” I said and mom knocked my head . ” you won’t be in existence if we weren’t shameless youngman” mom said and sat on dad’s laps .

I rubbed my forehead in frustration. ” you have the coolest rich handsome , wonderful parents in the world you should be dancing like a madman not being tired of us Alexander ” dad said and I rolled my eyes.

I love my parents buh I won’t give them the satisfaction of letting them know that.

” guys so sorry I’m late….” my big sister Olivia said coming in with an employee who dropped two boxes of large pizza and soft drinks then left.

” your always late big sis , were kinda used to it already ” Anthony said and she frowned at him. Olivia my eldest sister is just so beautiful when you think Stephanie and Leah you’ve seen all , you definitely need to meet Olivia . with her looks like a Greek goddess and kind heart buh one flaw ,the girl is always late and she says the truth to your face .

” I know xanderlion don’t judge me ” she said sitting down. ” sis it’s Alexander ” I complained . ” o don’t argue little bro you act like a lion , maybe it’s because our parents heard you in the car ” she said and laughing and my jaw dropped . ” ouch …” Anthony said and hi five with her whilst our parents where being all lovey dovey .

I have work to do but seeing them this happy just made me realize how wrong I was shutting them outta my life due to my personal pains . I’ll never trade them for anything else.

❤️ Mildred’s pov ❤️

ping ping 📩📩 my phone pinged with a message and I opened it .

💬 hey bes wanna hang out ? Alexander is out and you can come over 😜

I got a text from Emma inviting me to a billionaires house , how fortunate . I immediately became so unprofessional and took a leave from my boss because I have to go jist with my friend . worse employee of the year goes to Mildred Clark I tell you. [email protected] grace 🤣

I immediately looked at my outfit I look hundred percent professional. I picked my bag and went home .

💬okay bae I’m on my way ” I s£nt to Emma and changed into a green summer dress and flat sl!ppers. I picked my sling bag and walked outta my appartment just to see a black Mercedes car I can recognize Even in my dreams and out came the devil Erik Miller.

😒he better not talk to me.

I ignored him and tried walking [email protected] him. ” Mimi please wait ….let’s talk ” he said and tried to touch me buh I hit off his hands. don’t you dare ” I said and he ran his f!ng£rs in his hair. he’s handsome,buh his personality makes him uglier than the devil.

” Mildred I know you’re angry about what I did to Emerson,buh I swear I love her , you don’t know how … insane I’m becoming she’s blocked me online and …won’t let me in ” he complained.

” well because she’s moved on and there’s nothing I can do about it , why don’t you go fu-ck around ? your free now , you should be [email protected]” I said and he rolled his eyes.

” Mildred is it because of that Mr Alexander ? is Emma really sleeping with that man ” he asked angrily.

😮I can’t seriously believe the nerves of this animal . if he thinks she’s sleeping with Alex and that’s what is killing him let him die.

” yes Erik …she is ” I said and the expression on his face changed. ” she has moved on and if she lets Alex in her [email protected] she must serious about him ,what you couldn’t do in those 3 yrs he did within 6 months , you should really mend your ways Erik ” I said and walked away leaving him on the sport.

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

” Mimi ” I said and hugged her. ” I missed you bes this place is huge and you live here it’s like a palace your boss really can buy our whole neighborhood if he lives here ” she said and I laughed at her cuteness . ” ya I know that’s how I looked at it when I first came here . come lemme show you to my room ” I said and took her inside . Mildred really nearly killed me with laughter . the way she touched and looked around was really making my day.

we arrived at my room and she sat on my bed and raised her hands. ” this is heaven girl … ” she squiled . ” so start with the jist I didn’t come all the way here for nothing , now feed my hunger ” she said and I burst out laughing . Mimi is just something else.

” well you where right Mr Alexander is really into me ” I said and she squiled. ” told ya .. so ..” she asked.

” well we klzzed okay was kinda more than klzzing though …he … touched me and …Mimi …he nearly Se-duced me to his bed and I was.. turned on for the first time in my life …I never felt like that ” I said and she smiled.

” awwww I feel like a proud mama baby is all grown up and making out with hot bossy dude ” she said and I rolled my eyes.

” o come on you like that guy , and I think what you feel for Alexander is more than like and don’t tell me it’s atraction because you never tried that with Erik “she said and I blushed.

” so what happened after you guys klzzed ? she asked and I told her everything in detail including about constancia.

” the rich Barbie better stay away from you ? the rich Barbie better stay away from you, did you tell her you have a crazy violence real bad @ss bestie ? she asked and I laughed [email protected]

” and about Xander, Emma look at me ..” she said seriously and I stared at her. ” you’ve been through a lot dear I know it wasn’t easy wasting three years of your life loving a lier and a cheat ,buh Alex is different ,I know you’re nervous and all , and you’ve never accepted a guys proposal without letting him court you for weeks ..” she said and I chuckled.

” you did that with Erik and things didn’t work out. Alex is different plus he’s also taking a bold step after holding on to pain for 4 yrs I think you should give the guy a chance … I mean I won’t force you , buh think about it…she said and I gave a nod.

❤️ Alexander’s pov ❤️

after my parents and siblings left , I had my last meeting with my foriegn clients and decided to go home . I definitely wanna see Emma I miss her so much and I just saw her this morning , I’m going crazy I guess.

I drove to my mansion and saw her walking outta the door with a preety girl. she was putting on a sky blue dress that hugged her but it was knee length and the black expensive sl!ppers mom but for her , she just looks so breathtaking. they saw my car and Emma stopped talking , seems like her friend teased her because she blushed red.

I parked my car and walked out . ” hi girls ” I said walking towards them with my suit in my hand while the friend looked like she just saw a movie star.

” omg emm…..a the magazines did his looks no justice he …looks so handsome it’s almost unreal …” she said whispering to Emma buh I can clearly hear her which made me chuckle.

” sir …” Emma said and I raised my eyebrows. ” you still wanna boss zone me ouch that hurts ” I said and placed my hand on my chest buh she blushed red. ” alex ” she said and he friend gave her a teasing smile.

” let’s go Mildred …” she said and walked [email protected] me making her friend laugh. ” Mildred ” I asked and she smiled. ” yes I’m Mildred and ..sorry to intrude , my friend told me everything , …I just wanna say I ship you both , but I seriously hope and pray you won’t hurt her , I’m one crazy bitch you don’t wanna mess with trust me” she said with a smile buh I gulped down nothing.

” I get it Mildred and I promise not to give you a reason to show me your bitchy side if she says yes to me ” I said and she smiled and I smiled too .

“Mimi …” Emma called and she ran towards her.

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

After Mildred left I quickly locked myself in my room and couldn’t stop thinking about what Mimi said. Mia came about an hour later and I did her homework with her , she looked like she wanted to say something to me but looked hell nervous , while I was tucking her up in bed she finally opened up. ” nanny , you like my daddy right…” she asked looking at my eyes eagerly and my eyes widened.

where did she get that from ? ” baby why are you asking me that ? I asked as I sat on her bed ” well uncle Dan said you can only be my mom if you like daddy fluffs and you Guy’s get married , pls start liking daddy fluffs ,I want you to marry daddy tommorow and be my mommy ” she said pleading and I froze .

” sweetheart ..” Mr Alexander said and came in . seems he heard our conversation ,I think he came to wish her good night, he was in his track [email protected] and sweat shirt. casual yet damn se-xy and handsome.

” baby ..I know you want nanny to be your mummy badly ,buh it’s an adult thing princess Mia just has to be patient with nanny okay ” he explained nicely and she gave a nod . ” okay daddy fluffs …I love you both ” she said and klzzed both our foreheads before going to bed. I got so emotional and immediately walked outta her room towards the pool and I could hear Alex call out to me.

❤️ Alexander’s pov ❤️

” Emma EMERSON ” I called buh she just walked into the pool and cried bitterly . her nightwear stick to her ba-re skin and I walked in. ” EMERSON” I scolded and shook her arm lightly . ” calm down don’t panick ” I said and she was shaking . I think Mia just shook her emotionally. ” Emerson …baby just take a deep breath ..first ..” I said and she placed her l!ps on mine , she just continued crying into the klzz and I hugged her when we broke apart . I picked her in my arms and took her to her room , I helped her with a towel from her wardrobe and wiped the water on her hair.

” Alex .. I’m sorry ..” she said and I sat close to her . ” I understand mia’s words must have scared you I mean I just told you to be my girlfriend yesterday and she wants you to marry me , when you just had a disastrous painful breakup 6 months ago it’s worth freaking out ” I said staring at my hands and she held my hands.

” Alex ..that’s not the reason .. it’s because I realized ..I seriously love Mia more than I ever thought it scared the shit outta me when I realized I’ve taking her as my own biological daughter .. and that I’m willing to love again..” she said and held my hands.

” I know we bumped into each other for a reason , you helped my heart heal from Erik unknown to you Alex , i… wanna give us a chance too, I want to love you Alex …” she said and my heart skipped a bit I swear I just smiled out tears …she was also crying with a smile on her face . ” ask me again ” she said with a Chuckle.

” make me the happiest man tonight by being my woman ” I said and she chuckled ” yes Mr North I’m your woman your girlfriend whatever you wanna call it ” she said and klzzed me softly.

” hey ..your turning bad ” I said and she laughed . ” I don’t blame you though klzzing me is an Add!¢tion” I said and she rolled her eyes . ” seriously Mr boyfriend my man I’m sleepy so go to your room ” she said and stood up .

” buh love I ..” I was saying but she raised her eyebrows. ” we keep klzzing each other every minute Alex i want to keep this till marriage and your a walking temptation” she said and I burst out laughing.

” okay don’t worry love I won’t se-duce you , I promise ” I said and held her hand. ” I know how much keeping it means to you and I support you” I said and she smiled . ” you’re sweetness is a crime Alexander ” she said and I burst out laughing


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