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loving again episode 35



🌻a nanny for Mia 🌻

©️ Spark

🌹 Episode 35🌹

😈 the battle line 😈

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

I woke up cuddling with Alex and a bright smile appeared on my face . he looks so cute like a baby . ” Alex wake up it’s morning already ” I said tapping him and he snuggled into me. ” love lemme sleep I can’t hear you …” he said and I rolled my eyes. ” Alex..stop teasing me I have to get Mia ready for school ” I said and he made a cute face . ” buh I’m your boyfriend you should treat me like an egg ” he said and I burst out laughing. ” it’s not only egg , Alex stop acting cute ..and go to your room I have to get ready ” I said and he smiled sweetly. ” what if I don’t ..” he said and put his hands on my wa-ist . ” Al …” I said glaring at him playfully he raised both his hands in surrender. ” as you wish my queen ..buh won’t you give me a s£nd of klzz ? he asked and I chuckled . I held his hands and led him to the door. ” love this is not fair …” he whinned and I klzzed his cheeks. ” good morning ” I said and he frowned ” that’s not how you klzz goodmorning girlfriend ” he said and klzzed me softly before leaving. I closed the door and blushed red.

🥰Alex is such a tease , if someone told me he was this sweet I won’t believe it. I took a shower and went to Mia room . ” Mia ” I called and she immediately covered her duvet and pretended to be asleep. ” princess ..” I called in amusement . I walked over to the bed and pulled it off , I chuckled as she peeped on me with one eye I raised my eyebrows and she sat up shyly with a blush on her cheeks . Alex and his daughter are just something else.

” nanny I’m sorry for tommorow ” she said and I laughed. ” you mean yesterday ? I asked and she gave a nod. ” baby listen to me. I’m not mad at you okay, besides you can call me whatever you want. buh I want you to continue calling your mom as mummy , you can call me something else buh mummy Diana should be your mummy ” I said and she smiled. ” then I’ll call my real mummy as mummy and call you mom how about that ” she asked and I smiled. ” wait have you start liking daddy already will you marry him now ? she asked and I burst out laughing at her cuteness.


❤️ Alexander’s pov ❤️

We had breakfast and I decided to drop Mia off at school . she was so excited to have me drop her off she was smiling ear to ear. ” love you daddy bye bye ” she said and klzzed my cheeks. I smiled as she walked into her [email protected] . I walked into my car and drove towards Morris’s office . ” good morning Mr North good to have you here Mr Castillo is in his office” his @ssistant said and went into the office .

I walked into the office and chuckled at the sight in front of him Morris and vee in a hot make out section . ” man don’t you knock ….” he [email protected] 🤣

” seriously do you knock before entering my mansion or my office ? I asked smirking and vee chuckled. ” if I didn’t interrupt you guys , you’d have been making babies in this office” I said and they blushed red making me laugh out loud.

” forget about that , how are things with Emma ? Morris asked and I blushed. ” wait with that look of yours , are you guys dating already ? vee said and I smiled . ” yes she’s my girlfriend now” I said and they cheered happily.

” finally she’s part of us , you where being do slow ” Morris said and I laughed they where just so happy for me like I was their son or something. crazy bestfriends of mine . ” so ..did you guys talk about se-x? Morris asked and vee Sm-acked his head ” babe they just became a couple what’s with the sec talk ? she scolded .

” oh c’mon when where they gonna talk about it ? the sooner the better ” he said and I chuckled . ” I’m waiting for her , she believes in se-xafter marriage ” I said and their jaw dropped. ” your going to remain celibate to till marriage ? Morris asked and i gave a nod . ” good luck man , I believe you can do it ” Morris said with a thumbs up.

👩‍🦱 SARAH’S POV👩‍🦱

” Brandon aren’t you going to work today ? I asked and he shook his head. ” nah after noon shift ” he said and turned to his brother. ” hey Wes how you ” he asked buh Wesley just ignored everyone , he’s been moody for some Time now I just don’t understand. I think Brandon also noticed it that’s why he’s trying to make him talk. Finn shook his head negativily at him not to touch him again.

” hey Wes what’s up you acting like you have a stick up your @ss ” he said and touched him. ” Wes…” ” JUST LEAVE ME ALONE BRANDON ” he snapped and went upstairs.

” woah that was rude ” Sharon said and everyone gave a nod in agreement. ” give him time he’ll open up ” Henry my husband said and I served his tea. ” I wish Emma was here , he’d have opened up ” mother said knitting a cap . ” hey guys ‘ we heard her princess voice and everyone screamed excitedly. ” Emma !!!

they all hugged her in excitement , my daughter looked beautiful and she was glowing happily , I have a feeling there’s a man in her life I thought with a smile. ” hey Sharon your pregnant ” she said in excitement and hugged her before glaring at Finn. ” sorry don’t eat me okay , you where so busy with your life I didn’t wanna intrude ” he said and she had an hurt look on her face . ” you think I don’t care about you all ? she asked and he walked up to her . ” I’m sorry I said it like that, I just missed you a lot ” he said and hugged her. ” how many months “she asked excitedly .

” 6 months ” Sharon replied.

” huh mom dad ,guys I have something to tell you guys , I’m seeing someone” she said and we all froze.

” I said it it’s Alex right ? her grandma asked in excitement and she blushed red.

” wow how did a man like that end up falling in love with a boring crazy girl like you ? Brandon teased and hi five with Finn making her glare at the both of them .

” buh seriously I have to see Alex ” Finn said . ” hey your not permitted to confront him okay we like each other ” she said and he frowned.

🤣” cheel sis just wanted to earn him first hand about how crazy you are ” he said and I glared at him while everyone laughed. ” mom ..” she said and turned to me . ” whatever makes you happy sweetheart” I said and she smiled. ” you have my support darling he’s one hot man ” grandma said and I 🤦 facepalmed myself. ” Alex is a good kid I have no complaints ” Henry added .

” wait where is Wesley ? she asked with a frown.

❤️ Emma’s POV ❤️

” He’s upstairs ” mom said and I gave them a suspicious look . ” I’ll just go check on him ” I said and she gave a nod. I walked to his room and he was just sitted wearing just a blue jean and shirtless yet cute. ” baby brother ” I said and he looked up . ” Emma ” he said excitedly and hugged me . ” I missed you” he said and I smiled . ” missed you too, now tell me what’s going on ? I asked and he looked away. ” it’s nothing ” he said and I sat close to him.

” Wes” I said and he looked at me with unshed tears. ” I think I hurt someone , I’m trying to stop thinking about it buh I just can’t it’s fu-cking frustrating ” he said and told me everything . I smiled because I know his problem . he’s always been one to believe in reality . being a genius just adds up to his pride . and he doesn’t believe in feelings either . ” you like Nora ” I said and he shook his head . ” why does everyone think I like her ? ion like Nora , she likes me ” he said rubbing his forehead.

” Wes I know what’s going on in that head of yours ,your in denial because you think she’s a distraction, you feel having a thing for her will boost your status and you want to make it up on your own ,not because you are dating a rich mans daughter ” I said and he bit his lower l!p and sighed.

” I don’t do feelings sis ..change the topic Mimi told me you’re dating Mr North ” he said and my jaw dropped.

why can’t Mimi hide things from Wesley I thought with a blush on my cheeks.

♥️ Alexanders pov❤️

” hey love ” I said and peked Emma’s cheeks as she put Mia’s dresses on her wardrobe and turned to me. ” you came late today , Mia slept waiting for you ” she said and I smiled. ” I’m sorry I wanted to call buh I ran outta battery and I was sight seeing with my engineers ” he said cutely . ” c’mon Lola went to bed already I’ll just heat up your food” she said and I smiled . ” we both went to the kitchen and as she heat up my food I just smiled watching her , she turned to me and called me ” come over Alex ” she said and I smiled .

she heat the food and watched me eat . ” Alex I’ve noticed you always pick on your food ” she scolded and I froze . ” babe I eat a lot ” I said smiling buh when she didn’t return the smile mine vanished . I turned to my plate and began eating immediately .


⚠️mature content ahead ⚠️

*rap-e ahead , the writer does not condone rap-e , it’s just a part of the story , please skip if uncomfortable*

” Erik..let go of me , don’t do this plsssss” she cried as I tore her dress in anger . her innocent screams filled my ears . Tasha is a model from the agency I work , I lured her with flowers and chocolates & letters because she reminds me of Emerson I just want to have her and pretend she’s Emma . I invited her to my apartment for dinner and the naive fool came . ” Erik don’t ” she cried as I klzzed her aggressively I tore her pan-ties and stroke her innocence ” she pushed my hands and I slapped her [email protected] her lower l!p burst open as she wept .

I immediately slam into her and she cried out in uncontrollable pain , I grabbed her b©©bs and she continued to push as I went rough taking every bit of her innocence . ” ” I m-oaned as I climaxed . she cried in pains as I stood up my duvet stained with her innocence.

” Erik you animal …how could you do this to me I hate you so much you’ll never know peace in your entire life ” she cried and I grabbed her jaw angrily she [email protected] for breath.

” don’t you act all innocent Tasha …you where acting [email protected] to get buh I finally had you right where I wanted you it was fun ” I said and she cried painfully as I lit my cigarette and took a smoke , she curled up obviously still crying about how [email protected] I used her. I spread the smoke on her face .

” you kept calling her name while doing such evil to me , shell never be yours Erik ,you’ll die for all the countless crimes you’ve made in your life ” she said and I grabbed her neck ,the image of Alex and Emma together laughing happily came to my mind and I chocked Tasha tighter . ” I will get back what’s mine sooner or I by hook or crook , the battle line has been drawn.


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