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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love in a coat of hate Episode 5 &6

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“what are you up to Gold” Ciara asked her.

“that girl needs help. My dear I’m sorry but I’ll be on my way, I have to go work, I hope you don’t mind” Goldie asked.

“no p, thanks for coming in the first place”

“I brought some food for you, try and eat ok” Goldie said as she handed her a plastic bag.

“thanks bes, you are one in a million” Ciara hugged her


Andora was in deep thought as she walked home, she didn’t notice she was walking in the middle of the road. She heard distant sound of car horns.

*what kind of a woman is that, how can she figure out something so quick and easy, no one else suspected me, did she actually…..*

“Andora! Andora! Come on, get into the car” she jerked back to life when she heard Jason’s voice calling her.

“Jason how did you….”

“just get in” he interrupted her. Andora entered the car and he drove off.

“have you lost your mind, what were you doing in the middle of the road.” Jason barked at her as he controlled the starring.

“I was just lost in thought” Andora answered calmly.

“what type of thought made you so

blind, a car could have hit you. Is it still that guy, is he going to arrest you after all” he asked, Andora shook her head.

“then what’s the matter”

“please bro, I’ll appreciate it if you don’t ask me any more questions, his girlfriend and her friend forgave, and I was thinking about something else” Andora stated.

“sorry boss, if you say so”

Jason replied as he drove into their estate.


After dinner, Andora was in her room thinking.

*if I tell her the actual reason why I wanted to kill that son of a bitch, she’s gonna tell her friend, and if her friend confronts Zack then I’m dead, cause he will know that I was the one who let the cat out of the bag, and then he will kil… no, I don’t even want to think about what he will do to me, why didn’t he die. But if I don’t talk now that I have the opportunity, this will keep killng me gradually, no I have to talk to Ms. Goldie, I’ll tell her everything, maybe she’ll protect me, she’ll help me, she’ll get that bastard arrested after I tell her how he wants to ruin my life, I’ll tell her everything, I won’t hold back a thing” she stated and fished out her phone, she typed the number on the complimentary card, the call was answered on the second ring.

“hello, good evening Ms. Goldie… this is Andora Jackson .. yes.. , please where can I meet you… Mavins restaurant… ok..thank

you ..i’ll be there by 6:pm.. thanks, bye.


The next morning, Goldie was about to leave the house when her mother called her back.


“mum, what now, I really have to go” Goldie pleaded.

“you always ‘really have to go’, I just want you to buy a diamond necklace for me on your way home, baby please”

“must I buy it today”

“yes, I want to attend a friend’s daughter’s wedding, and I’m sure yours will be next” Mrs. Anderson stated and Goldie rolled her eyes.

“and there you go again mum, please I don’t have that time, and I hope I’m not buying it with my money”

“of course not, you are buying it with the money you are owing me, right from your kindergarten”

“whatever, see you later” she said and rushed off.


Around 3:pm Goldie left her office and went to the jewelry store. As she entered the store, she saw a guy putting a Gold necklace into a lady’s hand bag, the lady was holding a little girl whom she presumed to be her daughter. Because of the little girl, she thought that the guy was her husband, so she went her way.

As she was in the diamond row looking for the best necklace to buy for her mother, an announcement was made by the store manager.

“a very expensive Gold necklace has been stolen, and whoever has the necklace should please provide it, we are about to conduct a search, this is your last chance, or else if it’s found in your custody, you will be arrested. This is the last warning”

*if this is the last warning, then that means the announcement has been made before I came in. and what makes them think that the thief will still be here, even if he is, he will definitely find a way to get it out of his system the first moment the announcement was made* Goldie said to herself.

*wait a minute… ‘the thief will find a way to get it out of his system’, ‘a gold necklace’, ‘the man putting a gold necklace in the lady’s purse without her knowledge’* she gasped. *oh my God, that was not her husband, that was the thief, he put the necklace in the lady’s handbag the very first or second time that announcement was made, so that when the necklace is found in the lady’s handbag, she will be the one to be arrested. Oh my God, he used that lady as a perfect getaway, I can’t let that happen, I have to warn that lady* she looked around for the lady and found her admiring a silver necklace. She walked up to her.

“excuse me lady, just a minute” she called out.

“yes, can I help you” the lady asked.

“I know what I’m about is say may seem crazy and unbelievable, but my dear, the necklace is in your bag” Goldie whispered.

“excuse me, are you by any chance calling me a thief, let me tell you, I can buy that necklace ten times if I want, how dare you call me a thief” the lady halg yelled in anger.

“shhh, bring down your voice and no, I’m not saying that you stole the necklace, the thief use you as a getaway, he knew that if they conduct a search, he’s soaked, so he put the necklace in your handbag, it’s more like he is framing you up, if you still doubt me, open your bag” the lady opened her bag and gasped when she saw the necklace.

“oh my God, how did you know this”

“I saw him putting it, but at first I thought he was your husband, but now I know better” Goldie answered.

“oh my goodness, what will I do now, they’ve already started searching, maybe I should tell them that I have the necklace” the lady stated nervously.

“are you out of your mind, if you do that, they will label you the thief, they will think that you stole the necklace and because they are already searching, you decided to bring it out and pretend like….. in short, that’s a very bad idea” Goldie whispered.

“then what I do” Goldie looked around and saw that the two men searching the customers are getting closer to them. She turned to the lady.

“give me the necklace”

“but if they find the necklace with you then…. “

“they won’t find the necklace with me” Goldie interrupted.

“how is that possible”

“because I won’t hold it”

“what will you do then?”

“this” Goldie bent a little and threw the necklace under a shelf.

“they will find the necklace there later. Just relax so they don’t suspect a thing” she told the lady and she nodded. They both relaxed and waited to be searched. After the search, the necklace was not found but that didn’t stop the customers from shopping.

After Goldie bought her mother’s necklace, as soon as she stepped outside, someone hugged her lightly, she looked up and saw the lady beaming with smiles.

“I sincerely don’t know how to thank you, if not for you, I wonder what would have become of me” the lady thanked her.

“oh please, it was just God who saved you and not me, he only used me. Where’s your beautiful daughter”

“She’s in the car. Please what can I do to appreciate you, just name it, do you want a car, house, job, Gold, diamond, what do you want” the lady asked and Goldie laughed lightly.

“all these things you mentioned, I have double of them, my name is Goldie, so why will I be looking for Gold when it’s my name, just do the same for other people when you have the opportunity and God will bless you abundantly”

“you sound like an angel” the lady said and Goldie laughed.

“Goldie, such a beautiful name, and it suits you very well, cause you are a Gold, and you have a heart of Gold, in fact everything about you is Goldie”

“hahaha, you don’t even know me”

“from the little I know about you, I see Gold in it, anyway, my name is Belinda Harper, Mrs. Actually” the lady stated.

“you know, if not because of your daughter, I would have believed you are just 25” Goldie flattered.

“oh please, my husband do say that sometimes though, can I have your number” Belinda asked.

“of course, just give me your phone and I’ll type it. Belinda gave her the phone and she typed her number and gave it back.

“alright, I’ll call you, how about I drop you off” Belinda offered.

“don’t bother, I came in my car” Goldie replied.

“ok, see you around, once again, thank you so much”

“you are welcome, bye, drive safely” Goldie said.

“you too” they bid each other goodbye, entered their cars and drove off.


When Goldie got home, her parents weren’t around and she decided rest before going out to meet Andora. Around 5:30 pm Andora called her.

“hello dora… how are you… oh you are already there… ok, I’m on my way.. I’ll be there in 10 mins” she hung up, entered the bathroom and took a quick shower, wore a simple evening gown and drove off.

She stopped in front of the exquisite Mavins restaurant, she alighted from the car and walked in, she looked around and saw Andora waving at her, she walked up to her and sat on the other chair.

“hi” she greeted.

“good evening” Andora greeted back.

“I’m glad you came” Goldie stated.

“yea, so why do you want to see me” Andora asked.

“I should be the one asking you that, why do you want to see me?” Goldie asked, staring into her eyes.

“excuse me, but you were the one who asked me to come here” Andora argued.

“if you had nothing to tell me, would you have come?” Goldie asked, Andora hesitated before answering.

“yes, umh, well, for the sake of respect.”

“I don’t think you are that type who respect people that much” Goldie said and they stared at each other for a while before Goldie continued.

“how old are you”

“21” Andora answered. Goldie leaned on the table and travelled closer to her.

“too younger, and tender for illegal drugs, don’t you think” Goldie asked, Andora stared.

“listen I already told you I’m a lawyer, I can sew you to court and I can also save you from going to jail, but I prefer to do the later, saving you. But I can only do that if you tell me how you got yourself into this, is it how you want to live your life or were you lured into it” Goldie asked while Andora kept staring.

“listen, you have to talk to me, I have already told what I can do to or for you, professionally I would like to sew you, but I chose to save you because I have a feeling that you don’t like what you are doing”

“I lead my life the way I want, no one makes decisions for me, what makes you think I don’t like what I’m doing” Andora asked.

“because your voice is cracking, and you are shaking in fear, but if you insist that you like it, then let me ask you, do you know how many people who die everyday because of hard drugs, do you know how many kidneys, lungs, intestines that hard drugs has damaged, all because of some heartless and selfish people who sell those drugs just to get money, and how sure are you that your kidneys weren’t among the damaged ones all because of hard dru….”

“stop it, just stop..ok, I’ll talk” Andora interrupted as she began to sob softly, Goldie relaxed back on her chair and answered. “I’m listening” Andora sniffled and began.

“actually I didn’t smash his head just because he was owing me”

“who, zack?” Goldie asked getting more interested in Andora WHO NODDED SLIGHTLY.

“what else did he do to you” Goldie asked.

“he nearly ruined my life, he threatened to get me arrested, yes he was owing me, but it was for the last delivery I made for him”

“what delivery” Goldie asked.

“drugs, I called it a game to make everyone believe it was gambling”

“I’m sorry, did you just say that you made the delivery for Zack” Andora nodded.

“are you saying that Zack, as in Zack Bethel is a drug dealer”

“the patron himself…..”





“are you saying that Zack as in Zack Bethel is a drug dealer”

“the patron himself. He was the one who lured me into it. When I was 16 he saw me in a club and he called me to a corner, then my family had no idea that I do club, he said he knew my elder brother, that they schooled together, though they were not close friends but he has his number, even though he hasn’t called him for ages but he would do that because of me, and ask him to come to the club and see how his precious sister was wasting her life, and that was just the second time I had attended a night club, I was so scared and naïve and I didn’t want my brother to come there, if he does, that means my parents would get to know about it, and they will punish me severely. He said if I didn’t want that, then I should do something for him and he will spare me. I was so scared, innocent teenage me,, I didn’t know what to do, I was so helpless, the memories are still flowing in my head like fresh blood. I had no other option than to do whatever he wants. First, he said I should be his girlfriend and side kick. He was good looking, cute and rich, as naïve as I was, I thought my little mistake has brought me fortune, so I accepted his proposal immediately, don’t judge me, I was stupid” Andora said as she watched Goldie to know her reaction but Goldie was just watching her with keen interest, so she continued. “but then I remembered he mentioned side kick, so I asked him what he meant by that, he said he wants me to be playing a game with him, first I thought it was actually a game, or that the game means that I should be sleeping with him, I had no problem with that after all I’m his girlfriend so sex is actually not a problem, but he told me that the game he was talking about is something else, he said he wants me to be delivering some parcels to anyone he sends me to. I didn’t suspect anything, I began to deliver the parcels from one place to another, country to country anytime I’m on vacation. But then I began to ask myself why it is a secret mission, I guess I was growing up, so I asked him why do I have to deliver secretly, his response was that I should mind my business. Another question that popped into my mind was why are the packages always so expensive, but I didn’t ask him. One day, when I was 18, I opened a pack and realized it was cocaine, I got angry and furiously asked him why he was using me to sell drugs, he got angry and threatened to get me arrested if I ask him any more question, I told him he can’t get me arrested without exposing himself, but he said he could do it, I didn’t want to go to jail, so I kept quiet, one day when I turned 19, I realized I was pregnant, I informed him and he took me to a doctor, counted some money and gave to him, he came back to me and told me to go in with the doctor and terminate the pregnancy, though I was angry with him for doing that but I didn’t want the baby anyway, so I accepted to abort it. After that, I continued my business, I was really getting so much money from it, much more than the monthly allowance dad gives me, it began to get easier. One day he lured me into taking the drugs, it felt ok, i loved the feeling it gave me and it made me love him the more or so I thought. I got pregnant again, he made me abort it, the third time he also made me abort it…..”

“That son of a bitch” Goldie blurted out in anger. Andora continued.

“the fourth abortion took place three weeks ago and the doctor said that if I abort again, it either I die or my womb will get damaged, I decided not to sleep with him again and he broke up with me…..”

“that bastard is crazy” Goldie spat. Andora scoffed bitterly and continued.

“I didn’t give a damn about it though, I was done with his shit, all I started feeling for him was deep hatred, I couldn’t keep up with it anymore, so I told him I wanted to quit, but he told me that nobody quits on him, he said that he introduced me to it, so he alone has the right to fire me. When I told him I was serious, he brought out a picture of taking drugs, he threatened to send the pix to my family and I told him my family doesn’t scare me anymore, they already know the kind of life I live, the only thing they could do is yell at me and that would be it, but then, he said he would send the pix to the police instead, he really got me there, if he takes it to the police, there would be no way out, I pleaded with him not to do that and also begged him to let me go. He said that he will make a deal with me, that if I make one more delivery, he would let me go, but he will only give me one percent of the money, I accepted. After the delivery, the plan was to meet him at the club and collect my money, when I got there and asked him for my money, he insulted me, called me a prostitute….”

“I’m gonna kill somebody” Goldie interrupted, Andora cried the more.

“he said that I have no common sense, that I’m so naïve, he said that he will only give me that money over his dead body, that if I ever ask him for any money again or try to quit, he will get me arrested or even kill me with his bare hands, I got angry, I went bonkers, I went crazy, in fact I went mad. The only thing that was on my mind was ‘kill this son of a bitch…. “

“you should have broken the bottle and stabbed him 33 times right on his stupid dark heart with its pieces” Goldie fired.

“if he gets back to his feet, I’m sure he will come after me” Andora cried. Goldie held her hands.

“no baby, not when he will be laboring in jail” she assured her.

“but how will you arrest him without any evidence”

“do you think I’m stupid, I recorded everything you said” Goldie stated as she tapped on her phone.

“really, oh my God, thank you so much” Andora stood up and hugged her tightly before sitting back down.

“but is that enough to pin him down, he might deny it” Andora asked.

“don’t worry, he would be forced to confess after hearing this, but if he doesn’t I’ll find another way, but first I have to go and get my Ciara out of that hospital, she has been starving herself because of a man who deserves death” Goldie stated. “and we also have to do something about your addiction, how would you like to go to rehabilitation center” Goldie asked.

“no, I don’t think so, not that I don’t want to go, but if I go my family will…”

“of course your family should know what has been going on” Goldie interrupted.

“I don’t know how to tell them” Andora said, battling with her fingers.

“I’ll come and explain things to them, ok? Just write down your address” Goldie handed her a piece of paper and a pen, Andora wrote down the address and gave it back to her.

“don’t worry I’ll be there” Andora wanted to kneel down but Goldie told her not to.

“honestly, I don’t know where to start from, may God bless You, infact my brother will marry you, I’ll tell him about you” Andora teased and Goldie laughed.

“very funny, anyway, how is he?” Goldie asked “and the rest of your family” she added.

”they are all doing great”

“it seems like you love your brother so much” Goldie asked.

“He’s the only brother that I have, and takes good care of everyone at home, my parents has been begging him to get married, but he has no time for women, but as it is right now, I have a feeling that my parents are arranging a woman for him, when I was passing there room, I overhead them planning my brother’s wedding to the girl he was bethroted to when he was little, you know what rich friend’s can do with their children just to remain friends” Andora explained with a shrug.

“so your brother was bethroted to someone” Goldie asked.

“I guess so, I’m not sure though, but I’ll make sure he marries you”

Goldie laughed and said. “well said, come on, we need to get to the hospital” they stood up and left.


When they got to the hospital, they saw Ciara going in with a bottled water. Goldie called her back.

“Gold, where have you been, I tried calling your number” Ciara ran to her excitedly.

“I’ve been around, why are you so excited” Goldie asked.

“Zack woke up this afternoon, and he’s getting better” Ciara said excitedly.

“he did, wow, that’s even better, it’s a good thing we don’t have to bundle that bastard to jail, oh Dora, we’ve made a mistake, we didn’t call the police on our way here, don’t worry, let me go and make the call”. Goldie said.

“excuse me? Gold I don’t understand, what are you talking about, and why did you call him a bastard?” Ciara asked in confusion.

“because that’s what he is, don’t worry baby girl, you will understand very soon, excuse me, hello… inspector..” she said as she walked away. Ciara turned to Andora in total confusion. “you again, what do you want” she asked, but Andora stared blankly at her.

“are you deaf, I said what do you want?”

“justice” Goldie interrupted as she walked back to them.

“justice? And what’s that supposed to mean” Ciara asked

“Let’s just go inside, when Zack sees her, he will understand” Goldie replied, she held Ciara who occasionally glances at Andora as they walk inside.

Zack was sitting dejectedly on the bed when they walked in.

“hellow Zack” Andora greeted with a smirk.

“what are you doing here” Zack asked angrily. “after causing me so much pain, you have the guts to show your face here” he added.

“baby relax, calm down, you will develop a headache, the doctor said you shouldn’t talk too much” Ciara cautioned.

“I won’t as long as she’s not in here” Zack fired.

“calm down, I’ll just ask her out, ok? Just calm down” Ciara said as she massaged his back.

“yea Zack, calm down, there’s no need to be angry” Andora teased.

“just shut up” Ciara fired at her. “Gold why did you even come with her in the first place, and how come she’s talking with so much confidence, I remember the last time she was here, she was practically crawling on her knees, this is the time you were supposed to beg girl, now that your victim is awake, instead you are running you mouth like fast and furious Tokyo” Ciara barked.

“she’s running her mouth because she was once his victim, the worst at that, Zack I hope you understand what I’m talking about” Goldie asked, Zack stared at her.

“will you answer me you son of a bitch”

“Goldie stop, just stop it, what dragon flew into your mouth this evening” Ciara asked.

“that dragon, sitting over there, he’s been lying to you, everything he has told you are all lies, how sure am I that his name is actually Zack Bethel, he’s not the owner of the Bethel’s insurance company, rather a company he owns is a drug company” Goldie stated.

“there’s nothing wrong in being a doctor or a pharmacist Gold” Ciara said.

“I’m talking about illegal drugs like coaine CJ, Zack is a drug dealer” Goldie barked.

“Gold how funny you are, but to be sincere with you, this particular joke is not funny at all” Ciara said.

“tha’s because I wasn’t joking, he can’t deny it”

“Goldie what did this girl tell you, in fact whatever she told are all lies, she’s just trying to cover up her own crime” Zack defended himself.

“and what exactly did she tell me” Goldie asked

“that I’m a drug dealer or something like that” Zack answered grumpily.

“and what makes you think that she was the one who burst your bubble, she didn’t say anything about drugs since we came in here, did she? So why do you so much believe that she let the cat out of the bag” Goldie asked and Zack stared at her.

“Have you suddenly become dumb, why do you think she told me” Goldie asked

“because.. because..” Zack stammered

“and whats that whitish thing on the table” goldie asked, pointing at a whitish substance in a transparent pack.

“his medication, Gold what’s going on” Ciara asked.

“did the doctor prescribe it”

“Gold why the question”

“did the doctor prescribe it C.J” Goldie repeated.

“no, his friend brought it this morning, why”

“booya ! dora we’ve found our second evidence…”





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