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April 20, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Love in a coat of hate Episode 7 & 8

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🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀





“no, his friend brought it this morning, why”

“booya ! dora we’ve found our second evidence”

“and what’s the first one” Ciara asked..

“this” Goldie answered and put on the record. Ciara fell helplessly on a chair after lisening to the record.

“this is not true, right zack? Please tell me it’s not true” she whispered in tear.

“baby it’s not true alright, she lied” Zack defended.

“then why did you take that substance when the doctor did not prescribe it?” Ciara asked him and he looked away.

“so it’s true, Zack you are a bastard, you are a demon, you are a devil’s incarnate, in fact you are the devil himself. Apart from all the lies you’ve been feeding me and apart from the fact that you are a drug dealer, must you ruin this girl’s life before you rest, why did you do this to her, answer me you wick, heartless, miserable sun of a bitch, Zack God will punish you….”

“enough! Enough of your insults, yes I did all those things, yes I’m a drug dealer, now let me warn you” Zack said furiously “if you open your mouth to insult me, that will be your last word” he warned.

“is that a threat”

Goldie asked with her hands akimbo.

“I’m not done yet bronzie” Zack yelled.

“the name’s Goldie fool” Goldie corrected but Zack ignored her.

“as I was saying, it’s my life and I choose the way I live it, and I don’t care who gets hurt, life is short and you are not gonna tell me how to live mine.” He concluded.

“you are right, we can’t tell you how to live it, but perhaps you will learn it in jail” Goldie fired and Zack snorted a grumpy laugh.

“so you really think you can pin me down with that sachet of cocaine and that record? Listen, I can easily deny it.” He said with a wicked smirk.

“listen Zack, I’m a lawyer and I seize every opportunity I have to get an evidence to crack a case. And yes, you were right, we can’t pin you down with that record or the sachet of cocaine, which is why I decided to make your words against you” Goldie stated.

What are you talking about” Zack asked.

“just a minute. Come in inspector” Goldie shouted and three police men entered the room, one was with a handcuff, another one was holding a 38 police special (gun), the third one was holding a radio sound recorder.

“the inspector texted me as soon as they got here, and I told them to wait at the door of this room and record and record everything that you will say” Goldie stated carefully and shocked Zack became silent as the police handcuffed him.

“exactly Zack, this

is how I want you to always be, silent and handcuffed, fool.” Andora spat as Zack was being dragged out of the room.

Ciara sighed and turned and hugged her best friend, her life saver.

“Gold, thank you so much, what would I hav….”

“shhh, it’s ok CJ, you are my bestie, my only sister and I would do anything to get you of danger” Goldie assured.

“thank you so much bes” she turned to Andora. “umh, An..Andora right? I’m so sorry for what you went through in the hands of that brute” she apologized.

“it’s ok lady C, I… “ as Andora was talking her phone began to ring.

“please excuse me, hello… Vanilla what is it… really … you mean, Sis Belinda is in the house like right now… oh my goblims, yea, ok.. ok, I’m on my way… get out, I’m not buying anything for you.. I said get out of my phone.” Andora said with a slight smile. She turned to Goldie and Ciara and said. “I’m so sorry Ladies but I have to be on my way”

“no p, take care” Goldie replied.

“please don’t forget to come on Sunday” Andora added.

“no p, I won’t, have a nice day, bye” Goldie said and Andora bid them goodbye too and left.

“will you pay the hospital bills?” Goldie asked Ciara.

“I have to” Ciara replied.

“alright then, let’s go” they went to the reception, paid the bills and left the hospital, Goldie dropped Ciara at her house and went home.


The Jackson’s Mansion.

After dinner was over, they all went to the sitting to relax before bed time.

“Belinda, how is your husband” Dr Jackson asked his first daughter.

“he’s fine, he sent his regards, he actually travelled to texas for an emergency surgery” Belinda answered.

“really” mrs Jackson asked and Belinda nodded.

“you know? I’ve not seen your husband for a while now, and we’ve also not talked over the phone for like ages” Jason said as he sipped from his wine glass.

“why? Is there any problem?” Belinda asked.

“no, is just that I’ve been too busy, I’ll try and call him later.”Jason answered. They became quiet for a while before Belinda broke the silence.

“by the way guys, you won’t believe what happened to me today, like seriously, I would have been in jail by now.” She stated.

“God forbid” Vanilla and Andora exclaimed in unison.

“my dear what happened?” mrs Jackson asked anxiously. Belinda told them what happened at the jewelry store.

“OMG” Andora and Vanilla chorused.

“wow, so if it wasn’t for the girl, you would have been sunk by now” Jason asked rhetorically.

“God I thank you ooh, eeh, so this is how my daughter would have been labeled a thief what she knew nothing about, only God will bless that girl for me, wherever she is.” Mrs Jackson stated.

“my dear I hope you compensated her” Dr Jackson asked.

“I wanted to but she refused, she said that she has double of everything I offered her.” Belinda replied. “instead she said that I should only help people when I have the opportunity” she added.

“wow, she must be a very wonderful person, I mean not all girls would refuse gifts after helping people” Jason commented and everyone stared at him.

“what” he asked.

“should I give you her number” Belinda asked, everyone laughed except him.

I didn’t ask for it” he stated with an eye roll.

“are you sure?” Vanilla teased.

“he won’t be needing, since he will be getting married soon” Dr Jackson announced, making the house to fall into a deep hole of silence.

:ok, can we settle this once and for all, what’s with all this marriage stuff, dad, you and mum has been saying this for a while now, can you please elaborate on it” Andora broke the silence.

“what I mean is that Jason will soon be getting married to his betrothed” Dr Jackson explained.

“betrothed? What betrothed” Jason asked as he sat up on a cushion.

“you were betrothed to the daughter of my best friend 24 years ago, your mother and I were just waiting for the right time to tell you”

“and you think this is the right time? Dad how could you even do such a thing, it is my life, you can’t just choose a wife for me, not just that, you betrothed me, me dad, to a girl I don’t even know, while I was still nothing but a child, and you expect me to thank you and hug you for it? Dad whatever you do while I was little is your own cup of tea?” Jason barked angrily.

“son, please calm down, your father and I only wants the best for you, she’s a very good girl, intelligent, respectful, successful, humble, cultured and above all, she’s very beautiful, you will like her, in fact you will grow to love each other when you get married” mrs Jackson tried calming him down.

“mum are you even listening to yourself, ‘grow to love each other when we get married’, what kind of marriage will that be, on which foundation will it lay on, how will I live with someone I don’t know, I haven’t even met her, how sure am I that she’s not a night witch” Jason barked furiously.

“you will meet her on Sunday. She’s a nice girl son, you will even fall in love with her at first sight” Dr Jackson said calmly.

“and by the way, what makes you think that I don’t have someone I would love to get married to” Jason asked

“do you?” they all chorused.

“well I …I … it.. it doesn’t matter, the fact still remains that I won’t marry whoever that girl is” he stated, he stood up, dropped his wine glass and ran upstairs.

“umh, guys, what just happened” Vanilla asked in a little confusion.

“santa clause just came and left” Andora answered.

“of course, it’s his season” Vanilla said with a wide grin.

“this is june dummy, why am I even talking to you” Andora asked while Vanilla glared at her.




“santa clause just came and left” Andora answered.

“of course, it’s his season” Vanilla said with a wide grin.

“this is june dummy, why am I even talking to you” Andora asked while Vanilla glared at her.

“But dad, mum, on a serious note, don’t you think you guys are doing the wrong thing, I mean Jason is an adult, he is old enough to make his own choice, you should allow him to choose the right woman for himself” Belinda suggested.

“sis B, it’s not all about allowing him to choose for himself, the problem is if we allow him, when exactly is he going to do that?” Andora asked.

“exactly my dear, and I have already promised my friend, I can’t back out now” Dr Jackson said.

“plus the girl is a good woman, I strongly believe she will make a good wife to my son, and that’s what every woman prays for” mrs Jackson stated.

“and we need an heir that will bear the name of this family when we are dead, I can’t watch him close my linage just because he’s not ready for marriage, he has to do this, he will get used to her when they get married” Dr Jackson stated.

“though I’m not against the idea of getting him a wife, but we should also consider his happiness, and also, this girl we are talking about, is she really his type of woman” Vanilla chipped in.

“of course she is, she is exactly the type of woman Jason would like” mrs Jackson answered.

“well if that’s the case, then no problem. Let’s see this girl first and if I’m satisfied that she will make a good wife to my only brother, then I’ll try and talk to Jason. For now, let’s leave him alone, he should rest. I’m going to bed” Belinda said and stood up.

“where’s my little summer” Dr Jackson asked.

“she’s asleep” Belinda answered.

“alright, good night” he said to her.

“good night” she replied. “hey, Vanilla, Andora, you two should go to bed right now” she ordered.

“but…” Vanilla tried to talk.

“no but, upstairs, to your room, now” Belinda retorted and Vanilla groaned.

“that’s the power of being the eldest” Mrs Jackson teased.

“it sucks” Vanilla breathed out as she walked upstairs. When she was passing jason’s room, she was tempted to go in and see how he’s doing, but she looked back and saw Belinda and Andora coming, so she walked pass the room and went to her own room.


The next day.🌄

Jason left before everyone else woke up. During breakfast, Mrs. Jackson asked about him.

“I’ll go call him” Vanilla ran upstairs and came back almost immediately. “he’s not in his room.” She reported.

“then where is he” Dr Jackson asked.

“let me call his mobile” Vanilla said, she brought out her phone and dialed Jason’s number. He picked up at the fourth ring.

“hello, what’s up man, why aren’t you picking your calls.. ok.. nope, where you at? there’s no problem.. I just wanna know where you are… are you ok? You just disappeared without telling anyone… at the office?… oh.. alright.. ok then, see you when you get back” she hung up. “he’s at the office, he said it was an emergency” she informed everyone and they all relaxed.

“weeeeeeeeee” summer shouted as she flew down the stairs. She ran to Dr Jackson and jumped on him.

“my little summer, how are you this morning” Dr Jackson asked.

“good morning grandpa, granny, aunt Andora, aunt Vanilla” summer greeted cutely.

“good morning love” they all responded.

“shall we all eat now please, I’m literally starving” Vanilla whined, they laughed and they all went back to their food.


Jason stood at the window staring into the busy city, thinking about what his parents had planned for him.

“how could they do that, they have no right even if….”

“and who is he talking to” he jerked back to life when he heard her voice.

“hi Rose” he waved a little.

“good morning” Rosita greeted. She bit her lips sexily as she stared straight into his eyes.

“thank you. That’s the only good thing I’ve heard since last night” Jason said softly.

“wow, is there any problem?” Rosita asked as she walked a little closer to him.

“no, not really, is just that… in fact I’m fine” Jason answered as he walked back to his sit. Rosita sat on one of the visitor’s chairs, she leaned on the table and stretched her hands across the table before saying.

“boss you can talk to me, remember that a problem shared is half solved”

Jason stared at her for a while before replying. “umh thanks.. but I’m fine”

“are you sure” Rosita whispered.

“yes. By the way do you have anything for me?” Jason asked her as he leaned on the table, their hands almost touching.

“maybe I do, it depends on if you want it” Rosita answered and stood up seductively, she took a step towards his seat.

“I don’t understand” Jason said innocently.

“should I make you underst….” The sound of the door opening, interrupted her. His secretary Natasha walked in.

“sir, the directors are waiting for you in the board room” she announced.

“oh, thank you” Jason hurriedly stood up and left.

“yea, ‘thank you’ for ruining my plan” Rosita said furiously, glaring at the innocent girl.

“hey, don’t give me that look, I didn’t know that you planned something, and besides, he was the one who asked me to come and call him if the branch directors arrive. so don’t blame me.” Natasha defended herself.

“you are so annoying” Rosita cursed and angrily brushed past her.

“ouch, that hurts” Natasha groaned and ran after her.


Around 6:pm in the Anderson’s mansion.

Goldie was sitting on the stair case, leaning her back on the banister rail, busy with her phone when her mother entered the sitting room.

“Goldie” Mrs Anderson called.

“I’m right here mum, welcome” she greeted while climbing the stairs.

“thank you dear, how are you” mrs Anderson asked.

“I’m good, so how was the wedding” Goldie asked.

“it was wonderful my dear, where’s your father”


I hope you’ve prepared dinner, cause I’m so famished, I couldn’t eat at the wedding”

“yea, I prepared oha soup”

“I’m salivating already, let me quickly go and freshen up, then come down and eat, has your father eaten”

“no, we were waiting for you”

“Aright, just go and microwave the food, I’m coming”

“ok, but where’s the cake you brought for me” Goldie whined childishly.

“are you still a baby? Instead of you to give me your own cake, you are asking for another person’s wedding cake” mrs Anderson fired as she was climbing the stairs.

“I know you will say that” Goldie said and giggled as she entered the kitchen.


After dinner, Goldie wanted to go to her room when her father called her back.

“come and sit down dear” chief Anderson said.

“ok, what’s this about” Goldie asked.

“I hope you know that we will be visiting our in-laws tomorrow” chief Anderson informed.

“dad please, I have asked you severally who this your in-law is, but instead you always beat around the bush.” Goldie complained as she walked to a chair.

“I don’t bit around the bush, you are the one that doesn’t let us talk, whenever we try to explain, you always interrupt or you won’t listen at all” her father answered.

“ok, fine, I’m listening, why do you always call him your in-law” Goldie asked.

“because you were betrothed to his son 24 years ago, and you two will soon be getting married” chief Anderson stated.

“what!… haha..” Goldie let out a laugh but when she saw her dad wasn’t laughing, she realized it was no joke, even though it sounded like one.

“excuse me? What exactly did you just say dad? Mum did you hear him, like did you understand what he just said” she asked her mother.

“of course honey, aren’t you happy, my own daughter will be getting married soon, to Jackson Jay…”

“who the hell is Jackson Jay” Goldie barked. “how could you betroth a baby me to some boy expecting me to grow up and then accept him just like that, I don’t know him, I haven’t even met him, I don’t know what he looks like. Does this betrothing of a thing still exist, how did you guys even come about it, and then pushed me into it, and also..”

“my baby please calm down” her mother interrupted.

“don’t tell me to calm down, you didn’t think of how I will feel about this, you didn’t even think about my happiness, why?” she fired.

“young lady will you calm down and don’t raise your voice at us” chief Anderson barked.”Dr Jackson is my very good friend, his family is a respectable one, his son is very responsible, he will a make a good husband, you will grow to love him” he added.

“grow to love him, my fellow women gets married to men they love, but my own case, my parents wants me to get married to a man I don’t know simply because his father is my father’s best friend. Mum does that even make any sense, was this how you got married?” Goldie asked disappointedly, her mother sighed and replied.

“my dear your father and I wants the best for you..” Goldie sprang up from her seat.

“that’s what all parents say, even when they are robbing their child’s happiness from her, they will still say and believe that it’s the best thing for her” she fired as she paced up and down. “by the way, you didn’t answer my question, was this how you got married or did you marry out of love” she asked.

“it was out of love, but my dear you…” mrs Anderson tried to say but Goldie waved her hand to stop her from talking.

“that’s all I needed to hear to make me realize that my parents hate my happiness so much. Excuse me.” She ran upstairs and came down almost immediately with her car keys.

“I’m going to Ciara’s” she stated as she matched out the door.

“darling maybe we should..” Mrs. Anderson tried to talk to her husband but he interrupted.

“we are not canceling this arrangement, she will marry him, she’s just being a little paranoid, when she’s relaxed, she will understand that all we want is her happiness” he stated.

“you think so” his wife asked. And he nodded.





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