Love in a coat of hate Episode 3 & 4

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
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After picking the phone, he brushed past her, going into the sto-re and Goldie wished she had met him in a different circu-mtance as she walked to her car.
As Jason was repackaging his phone, he heard a familiar female voice calling him.
“Jackson Jay”
He turned and saw her “oh my, Rosita, what a coincidence” he said.
“a great one at that” Rosita replied. She looked at his hands and saw his shattered phone. “OMG, what happened to your handsome phone” she asked as she collected the phone from him, purposely brushed her hands with his. But Jason didn’t notice.
“it’s no longer handsome, one stupid blind girl bu-mped into me and shattered my phone” Jason complained.
“aww, I’m so sorry, in fact I’m sorry Mr. handsome phone” Rosita patted the phone and Jason laughed.
“hahaha crazy girl” *but wait a minute, why was I so rude to that girl, it’s not as if she did something wrong to me, as she said, it was an accident, I was also at fault, because if I was focused, we wouldn’t have bu-mped into each other, and I was just so unnecessarily rude to her, not cool Jason, so not cool… what am I even saying, this was all her fault, she should have put her frustration in her pocket and look where she’s going, this is totally her fault, nons-en-se* he thought to himself.
“is everything alright” he heard Rosita asking, bringing him back to life.
“yea, sure, I’m fine” he replied.
“so, what are you here to buy” she asked with a wi-nk.
He shrugged and answered. “S.P.D”
She stared blankly at him before asking “for who”
“wait, you un-derstood what I said, I thought you would ask what it means” Jason asked in awe.
“come on, I’m a woman, it’s normal for me to know such abbreviation” she defended.
“you are right, but you should also note that it could mean anything, like Small Pond” he replied and she laughed.
“that’s your own business, back to my question, for who”
“my youngest sister, it was an emergency, so plea-se, I hope you don’t mind helping me in selecting the best one” Jason asked quietly.
*wait a minute, is this a dream, he’s actually asking for my help, Rosita you better go get your wedding dress re-ady, because it’s gonna happen sooner than later. Of course, this is a dream coming to reality* she thought to herself.
“are you ok?” Jason asked
“yes, I’m fine”
“so, will you help me” he asked again
“of course, how can I refuse, let’s go” she took him by the arm and led him to the isle where sanitary P.D are sto-red, they bought one and left the shop.
“thanks a lot Rose, I owe you one” Jason thanked her
“what! you owe me a pad?” Rosita asked feigning confusion.
“what! no, that’s not what I mean, this girl, you won’t kill me, I meant…”
“it’s ok, I know what you meant, I was just pu-lling your legs, and come on, you are my friend so helping is not such a big deal”
“well, let me drop you off” Jason offered
“you don’t have to worry; this is my father’s estate” Rose answered
“oh right, McCurley, of course, I get it now” Jason stated remembering where he first heard the name which was from Rosita.
“you get what” Rosita asked
“never mind, see you tomorrow then”
“wait… when will I meet this your sister that made you come out by this time just for her pad” Rosita asked with a cute smile.
“lol, n@ûghty girl, maybe I’ll take you guys to dinner tomorrow or next to get acquainted, you will love her”
“I’m sure I will, good night, see you tomorrow”
“you will be at work, right?” he asked her when he got to his car.
“sure, I will” she answered. Jason entered his car and drove off.
*wow, I can’t believe this, gush I’m so happy, he’s alre-ady asking if I will be at work, very soon he will start asking if I will be at his house, I will make sure of that* she thought to herself. “what a jack pot, but first let me think of how to get home, stupid me, I could have told him to drop me off, but what will he think of me, my father owns an estate and I don’t have a car, estate indeed, God go punish that Goldie’s father, in fact that family will know no peace. When I marry Jason, I’ll make sure I deal with them, I will punish them for bring us down like this, they should just wait and see” she mumbled as she walked down the street.
Rosita has always hated Goldie ever since she knew her as her sister, not just because her parents instructed to but Goldie gets everything she wants, they schooled together in high school, Goldie always get the good grades while she doesn’t, Goldie wears the latest fashion clothes, changes cars like clothes, almost all the cute s£nior boy wants to d@t£ Goldie, while Rosita gets none, that made her so jealous of Goldie that she can kill her at any slightest opportunity she gets.
🏘The Anderson’s mansion 🏘
Goldie angrily drove into the compound, she alighted from the car and slammed the car door and matched into the living room, she met her parents eating apple and watching a TV show. They both looked up and saw angry Goldie standing in front of them.
“No one should ask me any question” Goldie shouted.
Mrs Anderson turned to her husband and asked “so honey, did change that flower in your office”
“yes dear, you will love the new on….” As he was talking, Goldie interrupted.
“won’t you guys at least ask me what happened to me” she yelled. Her mother and father exchanged glances and bur-st into laughter.
“but my darling, you instructed that no one ask you any question” her mother replied.
“but I wasn’t serious, I was just angry” Goldie whined as she sat on a couch.
“so, what happened, how was your day” chief Anderson asked her.
“My day was going fine and good until I went to the drug sto-re to buy mum’s stupid malaria drug, no offence mum” she said to her mother.
“none taken dear” she replied.
“so what happened” chief Anderson asked again.
“could you believe I saw that witch of a girl, Rosita” Goldie furiously complained
“you saw who” her mother asked with her mouth agape.
“she was there to buy some drugs, or probably ab-ortion pills, who cares”
Despite all Rosita’s hatred towards her, Goldie still loved Rosita as her own blood sister, but that love shattered when Rosita destroyed her first high school relationsh!p. Since then she has kept her relationsh!pwith Rosita at arms length.
“I hope she didn’t do anything to embarras-s you as she always do each time you guys run into each other” her father asked.
“Trust me dad, she didn’t get a chance, and I’ll never let her do that to me again”
“well I’m sorry about that, try to calm down”
“calm down? Well maybe you should know that wasn’t the only thing that happened to me. As I opened the door to leave the sto-re, I bu-mped into a guy, a very bad accident that got his phone shattered, I apologized to him oo, intead of accepting my apology and also render and apology to me too, the dude started yelling at me as if I intentionally bu-mped into him, he was also at fault but instead he pushed the bulk to me. Can you imagine I even promised to buy him a new phone, instead of him to start jumping and thanking me, he said I should go to hell with my fv¢king phone, what nons-en-se, if not that he is so cute, I would have given him the insult of his life.” Goldie barked and her parents bur-st into laughter. She stared furiously at them.
“what’s so funny, I just told you what I went throu-gh in that drug sto-re in just one night, instead of sympathizing with me, all you could do is laugh” she asked.
“so, you had a problem with a guy, and instead of sorting it out with him, you were busy admiring him, you are so funny Goldie” her mother stated, still laughing.
“so, out of all the things I vomited right now, that was the only thing you heard.. both of you are just annoying” she stood up, picked up her bag and wanted to go upstairs. But her father called her back.
“darling, we are sorry for what happened to you, it’s just that it was quite funny, plea-se sit” he apologized and she sat down.
“yea, that reminds me, we will go and visit Dr Jackson our in-law and family on Sunday” he announced.
“really da, are we gonnna talk about that now, you and your Dr Jackson, can’t I hear anything else in this house if not him, plea-se dad, I’m alre-ady angry, plea-se don’t make it worst” Goldie stated, she stood up and picked up her bag.
“go freshen up and come down for dinner” Mrs Anderson said to her.
“I’m fine mum, I’m not hungry”
“are you sure, or should I bring it to your room, it’s your favorite oo, yam and egg sauce”
“I don’t care” Goldie shouted as she climbe-d the stairs.
“why will she care when she wants to go and dream about her Mr. bu-mper” chief Anderson asked and they both laughed.
“I gat no words for you two right now” Goldie shouted from upstairs.
“why will she care when she wants to go and dream about her Mr. bu-mper” chief Anderson asked and they both laughed.
“I gat no words for you two right now” Goldie shouted from upstairs.
🏘The Jackson’s mansion🏘
Jason entered the house and saw vanilla watching a movie.
“hey, why are you still awake by this time of the night” he asked her.
“you are welcome, couldn’t sleep, I was so uncomfortable, so I decided to watch a movie while waiting for you” she answered while getting up from the couch.
“I’m so sorry I’m late, here you go” he handed her a plastic bag. She collected it and thanked him.
Vanilla j£rked when they heard the door slam shut like a cl@p of thun-der, Jason turned to know who it was. They heard they kinki sound of 6 inches stiletto probably, and they nee-dn’t be told who it was.
“for fv¢k sake Jason, I’ve been calling your phone for like ages now, but it’s not been going throu-gh, why did you switch it off” Andora asked as she stormed into the living room, p@n-ting ask if she just won a marathon race.
“actually one stupid girl bu-mped into me at the drug sto-re and my phone go shattered, I’ll order for another one tomorrow”
“why do you want to buy another one when you have like 3 more phone? Anyway, why am I bothering myself, you have the money, so spend it as you wish. By the way , Andora why did you badge in like that, who’s chasing you” Vanilla asked with her hands akimbo.
“whaat…! I’m … I’m actually… I’m fine” Andora stammered. Vanilla and Jason stared at her suspiciously.
“let’s as-sume you are telling the truth, why then were you callig Jason so late in the night, you ha-rd ly do that unless you are in prison or in some trouble or another, so save yourself the lies and tell us, or we will tell mum and dad that you were arrested” Vanilla threatened.
“will you shut up, what do you know” Andora barked at her.
“don’t tell her to shut up, she’s right, what did you do this time” Jason asked her, she shrugged before answering.
“well, nothing much, I just broke a guy’s head with a bottle at the p@rty”
“whaaat” Vanilla and Jason exclaimed in unison.
“what’s wrong, what I did wasn’t so bad, the dude was owing me, so he deserved what I gave him.” She stated.
“Andora, Andora, Andora, what exactly is wrong with you, you broke a guy’s head all because he’s owing you, how much exactly is your money” Jason asked in anger.
“#10 million” she answered.
“#10 million, oh my God. But why did you lend him such money Andora, why?” Vanilla asked.
“I didn’t lend him the money, it was the money I won in the game we pla-yed, and he has refused to pay me, not that he promised to pay me later but instead he said he would give me the money when he dies, so I decided to make his death fas-ter, so I smashed his head with a bottle” Andora stated.
“and you are proud of it, for Christ sake Andora, you did not just commit one offence but two. So you still gamble after my warnings, Andora what is wrong with you, why have you decided to destroy your life with your own hands, what if his family involves the police, you just go straight to jail. Did you even think about that, is that how you want to end your own life?” Jason fired at her.
“no that’s not what I want. Ok, I agree, I’ve made a very big mistake, and I’m sorry, plea-se help me.” She pleaded.
“am I the one you are supposed to be apologizing to? Go and apologize to the guy so that he won’t take this case to the police, cause I’m not re-ady to bail you out again with my money”
“he has been taken to the hospital, and I can’t go there, I might be recognized by his friends or even suspected, plea-se help me”
“you should try first, that is the only out of this, good night” Jason said and went to his room.
“I’m sorry for your predic@m£nt, but maybe this will teach you a lesson, good night” Vanilla stated with a mocking smile.
“will you get out of here, what do you know, stupid girl” Andora shouted at her as she climbe-d the stairs.
Andora slumped on a one of the leather cushions *oh, God, what have I done, I don’t want to go to jail, God plea-se help me* she stood up and went to her room. She sat on her be-d for a moment.
*maybe Jason is right, maybe I should apologize, or else he would kill me when he wakes up, I’ll go see him at the hospital first thing tomorrow morning, but first I have to find out which hospital he was admitted in* she picked up her phone and dialed her friend’s number, she picked on the third ring.
“hello.. Pamela .. I’m really sorry to disturb your sleep.. oh you just got home.. ok, um, plea-se do you know the hospital Zack was taken to? .. yes.. Victory hospital, thank you so much.. yea I just want to apologize… yea I know I messed up babe but I was so furious, infact I went bunkers when he said he will give me my money in death, the only thing that c@m£ to mind was ‘kill him’, I’ll try and sort this out… God forbid, I won’t go to jail… I’ll sort it out with him… alright thanks, good night” she hung up.
“God I’m so tired, I can’t even walk to the bathroom, nut I really nee-d to shower, if not that it’s alre-ady late, I would have called for Vanilla’s help.. what am I even saying, that idiot would rather I die than come to my aid. I won’t step an inch to that bathroom oo, tomorrow I’ll shower” she la-id comfortably and dozed off.
That same night in the Anderson’s mansion🏙
Goldie was working with her l@pt©p in her room when her phone began to ring, she checked the screen and picked it immediately when she saw the caller ID.
“hey bestie… oh my goodness, Ciara, why are you crying, CJ, you really nee-d to calm down so that I can hear you very well… what!…. someone broke Zack’s head, who?. Where.. at the p@rty? But who did it and why…. You know what, I’m coming to the hospital right now, which hospital… victory hospital.. ok, I’ll be there in a flash, just take it easy ok?, I’m on my way” she hung up, jumped from the be-d, took her car keys and ran down stairs, she entered her car and zoomed off as if she was in a car race.
Gold got to the hospital and ran to the reception, she met a nurse and asked Impatiently.
“Excuse me, plea-se a guy was brou-ght in here not quite long ago, his name is Zack Bethel, plea-se I nee-d to see him”
The nurse looked up at her and asked.
“What’s your relationsh!pwith him”
“I’m his girlfrind’s friend, a mutual friend I guess” she answered.
“Oo, ward 5, the pas-sage by the left”
“Thank you” Goldie said as she flew off.
She entered the ward Zack was admitted in, her friend Cara was sitting on a chair right next to the be-d Bandaged headed Zack was lying on.
“Oh my God, Cj how did this happen? Who did this to him and why” Goldie asked lowering herself on the be-d.
“I don’t know Gold, I don’t know who did this to my Zack, neither do I know why” Ciara answered in tears.
“It’s ok bae, calm down, st©p crying, OK?” Goldie console her.
“After dancimg with him at the p@rty, I went straight to the rest room while he went to get us some drinks, when I c@m£ back I said people gathering and running up and down, i asked someone what the commotion was all about, the person told me that a girl hit a guy on the head with a bottle, so I ran to see for myself, on getting to the scene, I saw my own Zack lying on the floor in the pool of his own blood.” She sniffled and continued.
“Gold I swear, whoever that girl is, i’ll find her And she will pay dearly for this, how dare she t©uçh my Zack, I’ll personally deal with her before i involve the police”
“No CJ, that’s not how to handle such case, you can’t take her law into your own hands, you have to report to the police and let them investigate on it, but before you do that, I advice that you should first find out why the girl did this to him, if he actually offended the girl, because if he is guilty of a crime and you arrest the girl, she will tell on him and then he took will be arrested and there’s no way we can help him f that happens” Gold adviced.
“Gold what are you insinuating, that Zack must have wanted to r@p£ this bit-ch of a girl or what?” Ciara asked inbetween confusion and anger.
“My dear, r@p£ is not the only offwnce a man can commit against a woman, there could be smething else, when he wakes up, just ask him a that we won’t make a very big mistake”
Fine, if you insist, I’ll ask him, but I’m sure he didn’t do anything” Ciara stated. Goldie kept her company for 2 more hours before going home.
The next morning
🏘the Jackson’s mansion🏘
The family were having breakfast when Andora c@m£ down stairs pooking pal and worried.
“Good morning everyone” she greeted calmly.
“Oh my darling, I’ve been calling you to come down for breakfast, what kept you so long” mrs Jackson asked.
“Nothing, I’m fine” And or answered.
“Are you sure you are OK, you look so worried” Dr jackson asked.
“I’m fine dad” she insisted.
“If you say so, well im off at o work” Dr Jackson said while standing up, he took his car keys and left.
“Bye daddy” vanilla shouted behind him.
“My dear, come and sit and have your breakfast” mrs Jackson said to Andora.
“Mum m not really hungry, I actually want to go somewhere right now”
“But my dear you have to eat something before you leave, now come and seat”
“Mum, i can’t, I don’t have the time, I really have to go. Jason plea-se will you drop me off, i don’t think i can drive right now” Andora asked Jason.
“I wonder what has pu-ll-ed Andora so down that she doesn’t want to drive” vanilla mocked while Andora replied with a glare.
“Of course I’ll drop you off, let’s go” jason said as he stood up, trying to avoid vanilla from saying so much. They both walked out.
“Just pray ao u won’t end up in the dark room” vanilla yelled behind them.
“What exactly do you mean by that” mean Jackson asked her in confusion.
“Nothing mum” she answered quic-kly, mrs Jackson Looked at her for a minute before asking her to clean the table. Vanilla did as her mother instructed before leaving for school.
The silence in the car as Jason was driving could be sliced with a knife. When they got to the hospital gate, Andora broke the silence.
“You are welcome. Just try and beg her or whoever is with him to forgive you, but just incase they don’t, plea-se don’t call, call mum and dad or belinda” jason warned.
“You could have also added vanilla to the list” Andor replied.
“If you like, you can also call her” Jason added, they bec@m£ silent for a while. Jason turned a held her hand.
“You know? This is the first time I’m seeing you lok so scared, the Andora i know is always so daring no matter what. I guess this really got your nerves, maybe it will teach you to st©p gambling” he stated but Andora didn’t reply.
“Oh come on now, don’t be like this, cheer up, OK , fine, ill come and bail you, I promise, now go.”
“Im scared , im so scared” Andora confessed.
“Come on , don’t be scared, im sure they will let you go.”
“Thanks” And or a said and alighted from the car and Jason drove off.
She entered into the hospital and went straight to thw nurse at the reception.
“Excuse me nurse, good morning” she greeted.
“Good morning, how may i help you” the nurse asked with a light staged smile.
“Umh, plea-se I actually want to see a patient who was rushed here last night, his name is Zack Bethel.” Andora answered
“OK, ward5, the first door at the pas-sage by the left”
“Thanks” Andora said an left.
She got to the door and knocked and a female voice asked her to come in. She opened the door and walked in slowly, ahe saw Zack lying on the be-d with bandages around his head. *son of a bit-ch* she cursed in her mind. She saw a girl sitting at the edge of the buildin. *this could be his sister or girlfriend, bastard*
Ciara stared at the girl who just walked into her b©yfri£nd’s room looking scared that she began to ask herself if she and Zack suddenly turned toonsters over night.
“Are you a nurse” she asked, expectng a no, she was definitely not I uniform and she smells nice.
The girl shook her head.
“Then who are you plea-se, and how many i help you”
Umh, my name is Andora Jackson” the girl answered.
“Are you ok, why are you fidgeting as f u saw a ghost in the hallway”
“Actually I c@m£ to confess something” the Andora girl said as she bathed with her f!ngers.
“OK, go ahead”.
Goldie drove into the hospital, alighted from the car and walked into the building.
“Good morning nurse” she greeted the burse at the reception.
“Good morning ma’am, are you here for a check up, or are you here to check on a patient” the nurse asked.
“I’m here to see a patient, Zack Bethel, i was here last night after he got admitted” Goldie explained .
“Oh im so sorry, i didn’t recognize you”
“Its OK, so can I go see him now” she asked and the nurse nodded. Goldie walked in, as she got to the door she began to hear angry voice of her friend and a weeping voice of another girl pleading for mercy. She quic-kly opened the door and said Ciara yellng at a girl who was alre-ady crying her eyes out.
“How could you do this to him, what exactly did he do that made you unleash such wickedness on him, answer me” Ciara yelled while the girl was busy apologizing.
“Tell me, you sle-pt well past night, didn’t you” she asked but the girl shook her head.
“Don’t lie bit-ch, you sle-pt well, but look at him, he has been in pains since last night, he hasn’t even opened his eyes. And you dare stand there to tell me sorry, will your sorry change his situation” she barked.
“plea-se forgive me, i didn’t even know when I Hit him, I only realized myself when i did it, I’m so sorry” the girl cried.
“You are mad, you are very stupid, i only took my eyes off him for just 5 minutes, and ypu did this to him, you will regret this, I promise, you will so regret this, im calling the police”
“No, no ,plea-se im sorry, plea-se don’t do this, I don’t want to go to jail” the girl cried As she held Ciara’s leg.
“Leave me alone bit-ch, im calling the police”
Ciara yelled and brou-ght out her phone, she was about dialing the number when Goldie intervened.
“Just a second Ciara, since ive been standing here, this girl has been begging you, im sure she has been beghing you even before i c@m£ in, Ciara you are the one that always criticize me each tome i win or lose a case which will results to somwone being s£nteced to jail or death, you will always ask me if i have a conscience, you will always tell me that we lawyers are wicked, you will always ask me if we lawyers can’t forgive and give someone a second chance. But today you’ve faced the same problems ‘we lawyers’ do face in law court, so how come you’ve forgotten the word forgiveness, or is it just mwant for ‘we lawyers’? Goldie asked Ciara.
“Goldie are u the one sayimg this, you of all people, I didn’t expect this from you, i expected you to back me up but what rid i get, you are here surpoting her, alright fine, maybe you should also give her award for what she did” Ciara comlained.
“CJ this is not you, its the anger in you that is talking, cause the CJ l know will find it difficuot to punish someone not to talk of jailing someone even if the killed a whole nation” Goldie stated with a light smile.
“So you want me to let her go, after what she did to Zack, is that what you want” Goldie walked closer to her and t©uçhed her cheek before answering.
“No baby girl, nt the way you put it, all i ask is that you have mercy on this girl, i mean, look at her, if the police ever come here, she will die a thousand and one deaths before they get to the station. And another reason why you should forgive is becausw she c@m£ here. I mean how many people will attempt murder and go back the next day to apologize, but isn’t that enough reason why you should forgive her. plea-se CJ, let this girl go or else she will have a heart attack. Tamper justice with mercy.” Goldie plea-se, Ciara stared at And for some minutes and sighed.
“OK, i won’t call the police…” As she was talking And or a interrupted her with a hvg.
“Thank you so much, God bless you, thanks a lot”
“Hey that she won’t arrest you doesn’t mean you’ve been forgiven completely, what’s your name” Goldie asked her.
“Andora Jackson, and thank you very much, if not because of you, i would have been n iail by now.” Andora stared.
“That’s OK, umh why exactly did you hit Zack with a bottle” Gold asked. And or a pla-yer with her f!ngersas she answered.
“Umh, I .. Actually, the reason i hit him is another of fence”
“Spit it out” Goldie urged.
We pla-yed a game and i won, he was supposed to pay me #10 million, but he looked me in the eyes and told me he will only give me the money over his dead b©dy, I got angry and the only thing that c@m£ to my mind was to kill him and he my money from his dead b©dy, but when i got home, i began to feel bad, so this morning i decided to come and apologize”
“What kind of game did you guys pla-y” Cara asked curiously.
“If im right, i think its gambling” Goldi answered.
“What, zack can’t pl@ysuch dirty game, I’m sure of it, i can’t believe this” Ciara barked.
“As much as i find it difficult to beleive, but since a girl smashed his head, the chances of him being innocent is very low. I told you, yad it been you had called the police, Zack will also be arrested” Goldie stated.
This is unbelievable, yes i know that Zack is kinda crazy and wild but not to the extent of gamblng.” Ciara complained.
“Hey. Umh Andora right, does any member of your family know about this” Goldie asked her.
“Yes , my elder brother and my younger sister, it was actually my brother who asked me to come and apologize to know if ill be spared”
“Andora, such a nice name, let me ask you, does your brother know hat you gamble”
“The first time he caught me, he warned me never to do it again”
“But you disobey and did it again, do you know that disobeying your elder brother is like disobeying your father” Goldie asked again. “By the way, why do you gamble”
“Ill appreciate it if you don’t intrude in my personal life” Andora blurted.
“Listen Andora, my name is Goldie Anderson, I’m a lawyer and i just and put my profession at risk by covering you and Zack, if anyone finds rinds out about this, ill not just lose my job, ill also be jailed for being compromised. But let me drop that profession right now and be just Goldie, because I want to help you, girl you are too young to be leading this kind of life, I mean, its not so bad to club, but gambling and dealing with drugs is way too much to….”
“Who told you I’m not drugs” Andora asked, fidgeting like someone who’s stay-out-of-trouble-bubble has just been busted.
“I said that for the sake of emphasis, I never said you are into drugs” Goldie cleared bur Andora wasn’t looking convinced or relaxed, they stared at each other for a while
“You know what, here’s my card, call me tomorrow morning and ill tell you where to meet me” Goldie handed her card to her, Andora collected with a nod.
“Umh,thank you very much, both of you I’m grateful” she said with a pale face and left.
“What are you up to Go die” Cara asked her.
“That girl nee-ds help”

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