Love in a coat of hate Episode 15 & 16

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😘👄CHAPTER 15👄😅
The Jackson’s mansion.🏘
During dinner, Jason was very quiet, Vanilla who was sitting beside him noticed it, she tapped him on the shoulder and he j£rked up.
“what’s up bro” she asked.
“nothing serious” he answered.
“is it still Goldie’s issue” Vanilla asked.
“look, I’ve thought about it and I think you are kinda right, maybe Rosita knows her but she’s trying to hide it, but I’m sure she’s hiding it for a reason” Jason replied.
“Jason how come you trust this girl so much, you’ve only known her for like few weeks” Vanilla asked.
“which is un-derstandable, the one you expect me to trust, I’ve only known her for like a day. If you were in my shoes who would you trust” Jason asked but Vanilla didn’t reply.
“you know what, let’s just solve this case once and for all, Jason call your friend Rosita to come over here tomorrow so that we would ask her for the truth while looking at her face to face, if she still insist that she doesn’t know Goldie, then we might be convinced that Goldie maybe lying” Belinda suggested.
“good suggestion sis B” Jason accepted.
“we should also invite Goldie for clarification” Andora stated.
“good idea sis A” Vanilla backed up.
“and what are they whispering about?” mrs Jacckson asked.
“where to spend the summer holiday” little summer answered cheerfully and everyone laughed.
When the laughter died down, Belinda answered.
“mum, don’t mind us, we are just trying to make our brother spend the best marital life ever, with Goldie”
Jason gro-an ed.
“plea-se try ha-rder my children” Dr Jackson urged. And the girls chorused “yes daddy” while Jason gro-an ed again and hit his head on the table and everyone laughed.
After dinner, Jason called Rosita to come over to his house the next day. Andora also called Goldie and ask her to come over.
“why is it that the communication between us and Goldie goes throu-gh Andora or sis B, while Jason is the one she’s getting married to” Vanilla asked.
“plea-se ask Jason” Belinda tea-sed.
“brother Jay….”
“I don’t want to answer that question” Jason interrupted.
“I didn’t want to ask any question, I just wanted to borrow your phone, plea-se can I make use of it” Vanilla asked. Jason stared at her for a while before giving the phone to her. Andora and Belinda looked at her and smiled while Vanilla sm-irked.
“so did she say she was coming” Jason asked.
“you mean Goldie, she can never say no to her husband’s sister. What about Rosita” Andora asked.
“she’s coming”
The next day, Dr and Mrs. Jackson were about to go out when Goldie c@m£ in.
“good day mummy, good day daddy” she greeted politely.
“oh, my angel, how are you darling” Mrs. Jackson asked.
“very well mummy, and you”
“I’m fine.”
“how are your parents my dear” Dr Jackson asked.
“they are both fine. It seems like you both are going out” Goldie asked.
“yes my dear, we are going to see a friend who just put to be-d” Mrs. Jackson answered.
“wow, plea-se congratulate them for me, how happy she and her husband must be by now, it’s such a happy thing when the cry of a baby is heard in a home, I’m so happy for them” Goldie said excitedly, almost jumping up.
“my dear you don’t even know and you are this excited, if not that you c@m£ to see Jason, we would have taken you with us” Dr Jackson said.
“daddy plea-se don’t be mad at me, but I didn’t come here to see that cocoanut head…..”
“yes you are here to see me… wait.. I mean, I’m not a cocoanut head but you are here to see me, mum, dad don’t mind her, she’s here to see me.” Jason interrupted.
“oh, really? So for you backyard mind, I’ll just take a bath, put on this my red go-wn, I mean this my designers red go-wn just to come and see an arrogant prince from the jungle that behaves like a chimp” Goldie fired.
“chimps are intelligent, I hope you know that” Jason asked.
“yea, chimply intelligent” Goldie replied.
“you are annoying, you know that right?” Jason asked.
“yea, annoyingly intelligent, and tha’s why you are so jealous of me” Goldie said.
“I’m not jealous of you, what do you have that I’ll be jealous of?” Jason asked as he leaned on the banister rail.
“I’m more beautiful than your cuteness and you know it, you just don’t want to admit it” Goldie said.
“ and where is the beauty, can I see it”
“it’s everywhere, inside out, including my upatairs.”
“keep deceiving yourself” Jason fired.
“you too looser” Goldie fired back.
“mum, dad, don’t you guys want to go again” Vanilla asked tea-singly as she c@m£ out from the games room.
“wait, we are still here” Mrs. Jackson asked.
“no, you are alre-ady there” Andora answered from the t©p of the stairs.
“we got carried away by this couple’s fight” Dr Jackson complained with a smile.
“we will be on our way now, jason behave yourself, and Goldie make yourself at home, it’s your home by the way” mrs Jackson said.
“so I’ll be the one to behave myself, while she make herself at home, right? Mum, this is not fair” Jason argued.
“don’t argue with your mother” Goldie fired at him.
“shut up” Jason fired back.
“make me” Goldie tea-sed.
“I’ll sl@p you this girl”
“do it and you will meet your maker today”
“you two are very funny, honey plea-se let’s go before we get lost in their world of argument” Dr Jackson said to his wife and they both left.
“my wife plea-se what can I offer you” Andora asked.
“apple jui-ce will do” Goldie answered. Jason swiftly turned to her. “what” she asked him but he looked away.
“apple jui-ce is Jason’s favorite drink” Andora said.
“what! Hahaha, OMG, I thought you would be drinking something like red label, Don Morris, Water De Rose, jin, whiskey and all that” Goldie said. “Jason doesn’t drink alcohol” Belinda said as she walked out of the kitchen with a glas-s of milk.
“really, then you must be a soft one” Goldie mocked. “if you don’t shut up, I’ll be very plea-sed to do it for you” Jason fired at her.
“sorry man, Andora plea-se get me mango jui-ce” Goldie requestd.
“that’s always his alternative if there is no apple jui-ce” Vanilla said with a teasing smile. Goldie turned to Jason and their eyes met, but she looked away immediately.
“you know what? Just get me water”
“water is always his last ch….”
“just forget it, I’m fine” Goldie interrupted and the girl giggled a bit.
“but Gold..”
“Dora, don’t worry, I’m fine” Goldie insisted.
“did anyone hear the door bell?” Vanilla asked.
“maybe it’s Rosita, I’ll get it” Jason said and rushed to the door, at the mention of Rosita’s name, Goldie’s heart skipped.
“come on in, thanks for coming by the way” Jason said as Rosita stepped in.
“oh, come on Jason, it’s not a big deal” Rosita said.
“come on, let me introduce you to someone”
“ok” Rosita said, and they walked towards to the others.
“well, first of all, Andora, Belinda and you (Goldie), this is Rosta my very good friend” Jason introduced.
“hi” Andora and Belinda chorused.
“hi, nice to meet you guys” Rosita replied with a polite smile.
“”friend, I thought it was supposed to be fiancé?” Goldie asked.
“plea-se don’t mind this girl, she has a little mental problem” Jason whispered and Rosita giggle.
“I un-derstand” she replied.
“Jay I heard that” Goldie fired.
“by the way Rosy, this is….”
“this is not what we talked about Jason” Andora barked.
“I know Andora, but introductions first.. so Rosy, this is Goldie” Jason concluded.
“wow, she’s pretty, nice to finally meet you” Rosita said and stretched forth her hand for a hand shake but Goldie stared at her as if she just ran mad. She turned to Andora.
“dora how about you get me that apple jui-ce, I really nee-d to cool my head” she asked while fanning her face with her hand.
“I hope it’s not burning miss” Rosita asked with a staged grin.
“keep your question to yourself hibiscus” Goldie fired.
“wow, Jason I think she’s good at giving names” Rosita said to Jason.
“trust me she’s bad at it” Jason replied. “plea-se come and sit down” he added and took her right arm and walked her to a cushion, Rosita glowed with smiles as she walked past Goldie.
😘👄CHAPTER 16👄😘
“trust me she’s bad at it” Jason replied. “plea-se come and sit down” he added and took her right arm and walked her to a cushion, Rosita glowed with smiles as she walked past Goldie. “so what can I offer you?” Jason asked politely.
“a glas-s of jui-ce will do” Rosita answered.
“what flavor”
“how about flavor the artists” Rosita flir-ted and they laughed.
“how about apple” Jason asked.
“mmmh, I don’t really like apple” Rosita shook her head.
“really, apple happens to be my favorite” Jason whined.
“really? Then, I’ll take apple” Rosita answered with a nervous laugh. “not that I don’t drink it oo, is just that I don’t fancy it that much, but because of you, I’ll take it” she added with a flir-ty sm-irk.
“ok, apple jui-ce, coming up” Jason said and left.
“why are acting all goody as if you are his girlfriend, I mean, what exactly do you mean by ‘because of you I’ll take it’ if you don’t want apple, tell him you don’t want apple and don’t waste our jui-ce.” Vanilla fired at Rosita who couldn’t get back her voice for a few seconds as she stared at her. Jason rushed back and served Rosita, she had to f0rç£ out a smile when he smiled at her.
“thanks a lot” she thanked him. “that reminds me, why were you at work today” she asked.
“no reason, was just tired, decided to rest.” Jason replied.
“of course, you are the boss, no one’s gonna question you, I just wonder when I’ll become my own boss, so that I can be able to rest anytime I want” Rosita said dreamily.
“no big deal, just work very ha-rd , never take your eyes off your destination, aim at it very well, strive so ha-rd to get there, and back it up with your ha-rd work” Jason advised, sh e turned to him and smiled warmly before replying. “awww, thank you so much, I’ll do everything you just said, and I must get to my destination” she replied as she looked at Goldie with the corner of her eyes to avoid Jason from noticing, but Goldie saw it, she scoffed back the tears that threatened to fall, she couldn’t take it anymore, she has tried her best, but the ill treatment is too much. She turned to Andora and Belinda.
“umh, Dora, Lady B, I’ll see you guyslater, I have to be on my way now, I have to pick up a friend from the airport in 2 hours, I have to get there before the plane arrives..” she lied. But whatever, she’s not gonna apologize for it. “uh, V ice cream, take care of yourself ok?” she concluded and turned to leave but Belinda called her back.
“Goldie wait plea-se, Andora go get the apple jui-ce” Belinda instructed, she went to Goldie, as soon as she got closer, she saw a drop of tear escape her eyes, she turned her immediately to the other side and cleaned her face. “come on, let’s go and sit down” she walked Goldie to a chair and they sat down, Goldie tried to brighten up but the heat of the embarras-sment she was feeling burns h0tter than before. She looked at Jason wishing he could just stare at her and feel a little remorseful for ignoring her, but instead he was busy still chatting with Rosita who occasionally steals glances at her with a sm-irk.
“Jason let’s get to why we called meeting” Belinda stated, Andora returned with the glas-s of jui-ce and handed it over to Goldie, she took a long sip, great, it was chilled, the drink froze her throat and for a while she felt like she was in an island before Belinda’s voice brou-ght her back to the pres£nt and she gro-an ed inwardly.
“excuse me lady, plea-se what’s that your name again” Belinda asked Rosita.
“Rosita” Rosita answered.
“thank you. Lady plea-se be very honest, tell us the truth. How did you know Goldie, how did you two meet, because even if you can fool everyone else with that logic of never meeting her before, you can’t fool me, not with the way you’ve been acting since you got here. I know you two have met before, so plea-se tell us exactly how you two met, and why you are denying her” Belinda asked seriously.
*oh cra-p, what do I do now, what the hell do I say, what if she has told them everything and if I say I don’t know her? They will call me a liar, maybe I should tell them we’ve met before but she offended me so I hated. That way, I’ll kill two birds with one stone, they will believe me and also, Jason will hate her and be on my side, yes, that’s what I’ll do* Rosita thought to herself.
“Rosita or whatever, didn’t you hear the question, she didn’t speak Spanish” Andora fired impatiently.
Rosita began to sob, Goldie turned to her in surprise, wondering what her plan is.
*why is she crying now, what lie is she going to tell now*Goldie asked herself nervously.
“Rosy what’s wrong, why are you crying now” Jason asked her with concerned, Goldie felt like strangling him for being concerned about her, but right now he’s the least of her problems, all her attention were on Rosita, she felt like any word that would come out of her mouth next would be a life shattering word, she couldn’t miss it.
“I’m sorry guys, I’m so sorry I lied about not knowing her, is just that..” she sobbe-d ha-rder and Jason held her shoulders to console her. “is just that, I mean I lied because I didn’t want you to think that I’m wicked…..” she continued.
*well, I think she’s about to tell the truth* Goldie said to herself in confidence.
“how do you mean” Belinda asked.
“when Jason told me it was the same girl he bu-mped into at the drug sto-re, I realized it was Goldie cause I saw the accident throu-gh the transparent door of the door, but I didn’t want to tell him Goldie’s true color…” Rosita sobbe-d.
*what! What true color, what the hell is she talking about* Goldie asked herself as she sat up to look at Rosita very well.
“…so that it won’t seem as if I’m the witch speaking from the wardrobe…” Rosita continued but Andora interrupted.
“just go straight to the point.” She fired at her.
“ok, Goldie and I used to be best friends..” Rosita started. Goldie robbe-d her ears to be sure she heard well, cause as far as she knew, Rosita has always been one big enemy she has. She focused keenly on her as she talked.
“…in fact, were like sisters, envied by all back then in school, I do everything for Goldie, I help her in her as-signments, and project in school. I do help her in competitions..”
Goldie sprang up from her sit in shock. “bit-ch you were a dumb skull in school” Goldie fired but Rosita ignored her.
“ …and when she told me she do find it difficult to talk to guys, I gave her the courage..”
“plea-se did someone switch off the A/C” Goldie asked as she paced around.
“no, it’s still on” Andora replied. Goldie managed to calm down a little bit, she sat back down and watched Rosita keenly as she told her fairy tale lies.
“continue Rosita” Belinda said.
“thank you, after everything I did for Goldie, she decided to pay me back with evil, I had a b©yfri£ndthen, he was so cute and charming and we were like besties, Goldie bec@m£ jealous of me, to extent that whenever he visits me in our out of school ap@rtment, she speaks rudely to him, and sometimes if I’m not around, she would tell him all sort of lies about me, like, I have other b©yfri£nds and I was just pla-ying him like my little toy and I t won’t take long for me to dump him. My b©yfri£ndtold me about it but I didn’t believe him, because I thought my best friend would never hurt me that much, but I was wrong. One day she set up, I c@m£ back from lectures and she told me that my b©yfri£ndwas kidnapped, and the kidnappers called me several times but I wasn’t picking up, she said that they called instead cause my b©yfri£ndgave them her number after they couldn’t reach me, she said they took him to a h0tel and asked me to come and pick him up with some amount of money, I ran to the bank and got the money, I ran to the h0tel Goldie told me about, when I got to the room I was directed to, I didn’t see my b©yfri£nd, I only saw a guy lying on the be-d stack n-ked, I thought he was one of the kidnappers, and I got scared he may want to r@p£ me, I covered my eyes with my hands and I asked him of my b©yfri£nd, I tossed the money to him and asked him to re-lease my man, but the dude laughed at me, he said I should come and lie down on the be-d, but I was so scared, I decided to lie down on the be-d if that will make him re-lease my b©yfri£nd. But 2 minutesafter I la-id on the be-d next to him, the door swung open and my b©yfri£ndentered with Goldie, I sprang up and wanted to hvg him but he pushed me away and looked at me in disgust. He called a slot and all sort of things. I tried explaining things to him, I asked Goldie to back me up, but instead she laughed at me and told my b©yfri£ndthat I’ve been doing this for a while now especially when we are on holiday……”
“Jesus Christ!” Goldie exclaimed in total shock. “Dora plea-se can I get a blanket or a bottle of whiskey cause this room is getting colder than a morgue” she asked in frustration.
“I’m sorry wifey but we ran out of whiskey” Andora answered.
“plea-se continue Rosita.” Belinda instructed.
“I tried everthing I could to explain things to my b©yfri£ndbut all to no avail. Just three days later, I found out that he and Goldie were d@t!ng. So from that day I never talked to Goldie, I decided to hate her for life, but I couldn’t do it, so I forgave her in my heart, when Jason told me that he was getting married to this same Goldie, I had to warn him but I didn’t want to create trouble either. That’s my story” Rosita concluded and everyone bec@m£ silent, Goldie was still trying to comprehend the whole thing, Jason was so shocked and angry with Goldie, while Andora and Belinda where still speechless, Vanilla was just staring at them.
*wow, Rosita br@vo, where on earth did you cook this story, cause it smells and tastes delish, I guess I should call myself the goddess of lies, that’s right, and now, I’m sure it has digested in their stomachs, especially Jason’s, so bye bye Goldie, you have no idea what mre I have in stock for you, bit-ch* Rosita thought to herself.
“well what a story” Belinda finally found her voice. “but why then did you tell Goldie that Jason proposed to you” she asked Rosita.
“what!, Jason proposed to me? When did I tell her that, I swear I didn’t tell her such a thing, as a matter of fact, I’ve refused to talk to Goldie for like ages now even though my heart calls out to her, but I just decided to stay away from trouble, she was the one who called me and asked me if it was true that I was working with Jackson Jay, I couldn’t lie to her, so I told her she heard well. I don’t know anything about Jason proposing to Rosita oo, I don’t know how she formed that lie.” Rosita defended.
Shocked to the core, Goldie screamed out. “seriously, I nee-d cold water cause this house is burning me up”
“and it will burn you to ashes, Goldie how can you be this wicked, I thought there was anything good about you, but I was wrong, you are just completely negative” Jason fired at her.
“what! No… no.. i.. i.. i..”
“you.. you what? What will you say, anther lies?” Jason interrupted her as her tried to calm crying Rosita down. “Belinda, Andora why are you both quiet? Have you heard it, I told you she’s bad news, not everyone who c@m£ from a good family is a good person, but you wouldn’t listen,you kept accusing innocent Rosita” he barked.
“innocent you say, mmh, because I’ve been keeping quiet? Lady Rose plea-se let me ask you if you don’t mind. You said that all these happened back in school, yea?” Vanilla asked.
“yes” Rosita answered, turning her attention to Vanilla.
“did you two attend the same university?” Vanilla asked.
“yes, why” Rosita asked back, not liking where Vanilla is driving to.
“which school is that plea-se”
*can you imagine this Indian rabbit, if I sl@p am na, we-tin she go talk? Chai, which kind wahala be this one na, see dem dey look me, to know we-tin I go talk, I alre-ady told Jason I studied in Texas, and Goldie knows very well that she studied in Canada, tha’s why she’s smiling now as if I’ve entered an abandaoned cave. You’ve not seen the other side of me Goldie, you don’t know what I’m capable of. I’ll so make sure that your name is wiped from the minds of this family* Rosita thought to herself.
“miss, did I ask the unswerable question” Vanilla asked.
*I go beat this girl black and brown oo* Rosita thought to herself.
“we both studied in the university of Texas” Rosita answered.
“what! Rosita…” Goldie exclaimed.