Love in a coat of hate Episode 17 & 18

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😘👄CHAPTER 17👄😘
“we both studied in the university of Texas” Rosita answered.
“what! Rosita…” Goldie exclaimed.
“calm down Gold, let her finish” Belinda instructed and Goldie managed to calm down as she watched Rosita.
“but mum told me that she studied in Canada” Vanilla stated.
“you didn’t let me finish, she was almost expelled after she was caught with drug dealers….”
“God plea-se help me” Goldie brushed her hand throu-gh her hair in frustration.
“shut up” Jason fired at her.
“well her parents bribe-d the school authority and had her transferred to the br@nch in Canada” Rosita concluded, and Vanilla bur-st into an uncontrollable laughter.
“V what’s wrong, why are you laughing, is this funny” Jason asked.
“yea Vanilla what’s the matter with you” Belinda asked also.
“all of you are crazy, I mean this is literally insane, no offence” Vanilla stated, still laughing.
“so many taken, have you gone mad, have you lost it” Jason fired at her.
“actually the person who has lost it is the one asking the question, again no offence” Vanilla replied. “you all know what they say, do not involve yourself in adult conversation, so for that I’m out volving myself” she said as she stood up. “Andora plea-se where’s my ball”
“you are crazy, it’s in the pool” Andora answered.
“good, I’m going to pl@ywith my ball, since the people I’ve been with are just all bunch of dummies. I’m atta here” Vanilla stated, as she was about to pas-s Goldie, she st©pped and whispered to her. “someone is trying to wipe your name from this family and you are just watching. You know you like my brother, why don’t you just fight for him, unless you just as dumb as he is right now, if not, then prove otherwise. See ya” she stood up and left. Goldie’s eyes trailed behind her until Belinda’s voice brou-ght her back.
“Goldie plea-se tell me she’s lying, I trust you, if I hear it from you, I’ll believe it” Belinda said.
“lady B, Dora plea-se I swear by my grandfather’s grave, by my grandmother’s grave, by my job, in fact I swear by my wo-mb….”
“plea-se don’t swear by your wo-mb, I believe you” Belinda tried to calm her down.
“no lady B, If that will make Jason believe me, I swear by my wo-mb..” she cried as she stared at Jason, he rolled his eyes and looked away.
“Everything Rosita just said are all lies, everything..” she turned to Rosita. “.. I don’t care if I marry Jason or not, but I care about my reputation, Rosita plea-se, plea-se I beg you, tell them the truth. If I have done anything wrong to you plea-se forgive me but plea-se don’t do this to my name, if it’s because of Jason, if it’s because of him Rosita, then I don’t give a damn anymore, you can have him, you can marry him, you can even eat him, I don’t fv¢king care anymore, because I can’t marry a man who has held to his heart something that I did to him by accident few weeks ago up till now, he still hasn’t forgiven me, what will then happen if I eventually marry him, he would kill me if I do the littlest thing to him. Do you think that’s the kind of marriage I want, do you think that’s the kind of man I want. No Rosita, a man who can’t even defend me, even when when the daughter of jezebel herself is lying against me….”
“did you just call me daughter of jezebel, Goldie?” Rosita interrupted.
“bit-ch you are worst than that, you are a demon. But I don’t want anymore trouble, so plea-se I back down, but plea-se tell them the truth, tell them that everything you said were all opposite of what you did to me in high school..”
“what! Jesus Christ, Rosita” Belinda exclaimed.
“I knew it, I suspected it. Now I know why Vanilla was laughing, she saw it before us” Andora stated.
“No, it’s not true, Goldie, my goodness, thought you must have changed by now…” Rosita cried.
“and I thought you would have come up with a better lie cause that’s the only thing you are good at” Goldie blasted.
“you know what, Jason? plea-se can you take me homw, if I had known you called me here to exchange words with this shameless girl, wouldn’t have comei hate exchanging words with people, I hate fighting with people, so plea-se take me home.” Rosita requested, she stood up and picked up her bag. “are you happy now Andora and Belinda, you’ve succeeded in chasing her away, I told you guys that Goldie is bad news, but you didn’t get it” Jason fired as he stood up.
“you are the one who’s not getting it Jason, something is fishy about this whole thing, try to un-derstand” Belinda fired back.
“the only thing I un-derstand is that you two are trying to push me to an early grave but it won’t work” Jason blasted.
“you are the one pushing yourself to early grave, Jesus Christ, Jason what has come over you..” Andora fired.
“you know what, let’s talk about this when you get back, take Rosita home” Belinda said calmly.
“thank you” Jason fired sarcastically, he turned to Rosita. “plea-se let me get my car key, I’ll be down in a minute” he said and ran upstairs.
“lady B, I have to go” Goldie sighed and stood up.
“don’t take anything that Jason said to heart, he’s just so confused right now, he will surely calm down, and I promise, we will get to the root of this” Belinda as-sured her.
“thanks” Goldie said and walked out.
Rosita stood up immediately. “plea-se tell Jason I’m waiting for him outside” she said calmly.
“get lost bit-ch” Andora fired at her.
“Andora let it be, Rosita we will deliver your message.” Belinda stated, Rosita nodded slightly and left, when she got outside, she saw Goldie going towards her car, she rushed and drew her by the arm and turned her to face her.
“so you think you can challenge me Zombie” she fires at Goldie
“for the last time, the name’s Goldie” Goldie fired back.
“and for the last time, I don’t care dummy” Rosita rolled at her. “so you think you can challenge me and I’ll let you go, well I guess you now realized you made a very big mistake reporting me. Oh, how it was so easy for me to oppositize our story and turn the gun to you, and now I’ve won, even your precious husband wants to take me home, you lost Goldie” Rosita stated with a mocking sm-irk.
“I’m glad you remembered he’s my husband.”
“oh, baby like I said before, it won’t be for long, cause I’ve hatched another plan to make him get rig of you immediately after your wedding, that is if he will you after everything he heard today” she grinned evilly at her.
“you can do whatever you like Rosita but I just want to tell you that what God has joined together, no man can put asun-der.”Goldie stated and walked to her car.
“God did not join you together dummy, it was your stupid parents and his foolish parents that joined you both together which is why I can easily put you asun-der, fool” Rosita yelled at Goldie who was alre-ady driving out of the compound.
Suddenly something bouncy hit her on the back, she turned and saw Vanilla glaring daggers at her.
“do I have your attention now bit-ch?” Vanilla asked her.
“how long have you been standing there” Rosita asked her nervously, scared that she might have heard her talking with Goldie.
“long enough to hear everything, long enough.” Vanilla replied.
Rosita slowly walked to her with a smile.
“Vanilla, I have a feeling you don’t like me”
“that’s the feeling I want you to be feeling, you feeling me” Vanilla replied and Rosita stared at her blankly.
“I’m sorry, one more time”
“and I’m sorry cause I don’t repeat stuff” Vanilla stated, Rosita scoffed.
“you are a fan of henry danger huh? That’s a line from one of the episodes” Rosita asked.
“my favourite TV show has nothing to do with you”
“What do you know about me that made you not like me” Rosita asked her.
“like I usually say, I judge people by their words, well I didn’t really hate you that much before but right now, you just defined yourself more by ‘it was so easy for me to oppositize our story and turn the gun to you’, Rosita I’m glad that you are a little smart, you noticed that I don’t like easily, easier than I wanted. Yes I don’t like you, the very first time I met you that night my brother took us both out to dinner, I realized you are nothing but a fake face, the way you throw yourself at him speaks of how cheap you are, you just wanted him to have your attention alone, you made it seem as if I was invisible, the way you were acting so goody goody Rosy, a s-en-sible person will notice you are just fake” Vanilla blasted.
“are you indirectly saying that your brother is not s-en-sible?” Rosita asked with an amused smile.
“my brother is s-en-sible, but your goody goody Rosy attitude has blinded him, but just note that whatever you do, my brother will still marry Goldie, get that into your stupid dumb skull” Vanilla fired.
Rosita laughed and turned to her. “no, you get this, as long as your brother trusts and likes me, he will rather s£nd Goldie to hell and marry me, if not now, then few weeks after their wedding, you will see” she boasted.
“not when Vanilla is sweeter than Rose flower” Vanilla replied.
“is that a bet?” Rosita asked with a sm-irk.
“it’s a promise” Vanilla replied with a deadly glare, she threw the ball at Rosita but she was fast enough to catch it, Vanilla scoffed and walked into the house.
*I go crush this girl like bu-tter if she no take her time oo*Rosita muttered angrily.
Vanilla got to the sitting room and met Andora and Belinda.
“Vanilla, what were you two talking about” Andora asked.
“who and I” Vanilla asked.
You and Rosita of course, we saw you two throu-gh the window” Belinda answered.
“oh, that, it’s nothing serious” she answered.
Andora saw Jason coming down stairs.
“what took you so long, don’t you want to take your princess home again” she asked him.
“mind your language” Jason fired at her.
“what language, the princess or what took you so long, and why did you talk to her like that as if she stole your Golden chocolate” Belinda asked.
“look, I’m sorry ok, I’m just not in a good mood right now” he said and was about to leave when Vanilla called him.
“brother jay, I just want you to have a rethink about your goody goody Rosy, be very careful” she advised.
“ I thought you used like her, what changed Vanilla” Jason asked her quietly.
“the story brother Jay, the story changed.” Vanilla answered.
“if it’s the story then the person you should hate is Goldie” Jason stated.
“did you hear something like I oppositized our story and turned the gun to you” she asked him.
“Goldie said something like that, although that’s not the way she said” Belinda answered.
“I still don’t believe her” Jason argued.
“I don’t care bro, but sometimes the story told by the cry –baby could be the opposite of what actually happened, just saying though” Vanilla stated and ran upstairs.
😘👄CHAPTER 18👄😘
“I don’t care bro, but sometimes the story told by the cry –baby could be the opposite of what actually happened, just saying though” Vanilla stated and ran upstairs. Andora followed.
“she meant that you should be very careful about the one you acuse, the one you are supporting could be the offender” Belinda said to him.
“why are you all supporting Goldie so much, there could be s-en-se in any nons-en-se and there could be truth in any lies.” Jason replied and walked out while Belinda sighed and went upstairs.
As Jason was driving Rosita home, half way to the journey she began to sob. Jason turned to her looking all concerned. “Rosy why are you crying, what’s wrong” he asked.
“why did you call me to your house just to refresh my dried wound Jason, iv’e forgotten everything that happened between Goldie and I but seeing her today has reminded me of everything she did to me, and not just that, she also made me sound like a liar, as if I’m the daughter of jezebel like she called me, while she’s actually the demon here, but because f exactly what I don’t know she did for your sisters, they all believed her and called me the bad one even when they don’t know me. Jason to the extent that your youngest sister, the ice-cream girl, eh, what’s that her name… Vanilla… Jason Vanilla insulted me, she called me all sort of names, just because I c@m£ to honour my friend’s … I mean my boss’s call, not just that, she also said that I was throwing myself at you the day you took the both of us out to dinner….” With that Jason stepped on the break without warning, swinging the car to an abrupt halt.
“what! Vanilla said that” he asked in disbelief.
“she said so many things to me, she even called me a fake face” Rosita continued her complaint as she cried ha-rder.
“NO…. no… if it’s Andora I’ll believe it without a question, but Vanilla, no” he argued.
Rosita turned and stared at him with her most sincere and innocent look. “Jason you don’t believe me? Have I ever lied to you since we met” she asked.
“no you’ve not, and neither has Vanilla said such a thing to anyone”
“weren’t you the one who said Vanill can be crazy sometimes, and she says whatever she wants and to whomever” Rosita fired in tears.
“she does, but I’ve not seen her talk to you like that, not over the phone and not when you guys met, she respects you” Jason argued.
“Jason I’m telling you the truth, she did say all those things to me, why can’t you believe m.…. wait a minute, I know why you, because she’s your best friend, you wouldn’t want anything bad to be said about her, fine then, I’ll just take my defeated soul home, and cry for the rest of my life.” She whined, and wanted to open the door but Jason st©pped her.
“don’t do that plea-se, fine, I’ll ask Vanilla and if she admits that it’s true, then I’ll discipline her” he stated.
“are you indirectly calling me a liar” Rosita fired.
“no, that’s not what I meant, plea-se…”
“ok, but what if she lies?” Rosita asked, she crossed her hands on her che-st and watched him.
“Vanilla doesn’t lie, she’s the most honest in the house, ok, don’t worry, I’ll discipline her when I get home so that she won’t do it again. I promise”
“you better. And plea-se help me beg Goldie to stay away from me” Rosita pleaded with a staged sad face.
“are you kidding, do you think I would want to see her wicked face again. I wanted to consider the because I thought there was anything good about her, but not anymore.”
“no plea-se boss, you have to marry her, if you don’t, everyone will think that it’s all my fault, and they will all hate me, so plea-se marry her” Rosita pleaded.
“not after what she did to you”
“plea-se Jason, for my sake” she pleaded, Jason sighed and finally nodded.
“ok. But promise me you’ll always visit me when I get married, because staying in my house without a friend and with her will be so lonely” Jason requested.
*hello ticket to victory* Rosita thought to herself.
“Rosy” Jason called.
“I promise Jason. Now can you plea-se take me home” she asked.
“not with teary eyes, you have to cheer up before I’ll take you home, so let’s go somewhere and have some fun” Jason requested, Rosita smiled broadly and nodded, Jason smiled back and zoomed off.
Goldie ban-ged on Ciara’a door with embarras-sment written all over her face. In 3 seconds, the door flung open and Ciara popped her head out.
“my baby” she hvgged Goldie with a worried look. She took her hand and led her to the sitting room, she led her to a cushion and she sat down.
“a cu-p of coffee?” Goldie nodded. Ciara dashed into the kitchen and c@m£ back with a cu-p of coffee, she handed it over to Goldie and sat down, Goldie sipped from the cu-p and rested her back on the cushion.
“should I know what happened baby?” Ciara asked calmly.
“it’s Rosita” Goldie replied as she looked into space.
“tell me about it” Ciara requested.
“Goldie told Ciara everything that happened at the jackson’s.
“oh my God, what exactly is that girl’s wahala, she such a br@tty bit-ch. And what did Jason say about it” Ciara asked asa soon as Goldie concluded her story.
“what else C.J, he believed it without a question, he can believe everything bad anyone said about me, be it a mad woman, as long as what she said about me is negative, he will believe it, dude hates me so much” Goldie answered and sipped her coffee.
“mmh, babe, remember when I told you that if he turns out to be a j£rk, reverse your car?” Ciara asked and Goldie nodded.
“I think it’s time for you to reverse”
“you are right C.J and I know that but I can’t” Goldie stated.
“what do you mean you can’t, do you prefer getting married to a guy who doesn’t care about you. Someone who can’t defend you, someone who wouldn’t want to hear your own side of the story, someone who chose to believe another girl over the one he’s getting married to. A total j£rk. I mean what makes you so blind to still want this marriage…. I mean unless you have….. (she g@sped) …. You have fallen for him. plea-se tell me that I’m wrong, have you fallen for him” Cira fired, but Goldie didn’t reply, she just stared narrowly at her.
“oh my God, oh my God, oh my God. Goldie how could you… it’s not been up to 3 days and you… the mighty iroko fell just because of an apple tree…”
“well it’s not my fault that I love that apple tree” Goldie replied with a light smile.
“you are a badas-s bit-ch. So tell me, how did you know you love him” Ciara asked.
“I’m not actually sure this is love, but it’s what I’ll call it until I find out what it really is. I just kind feel this electric shock inside of me, I feel my stomach rumbling, and I think about him all the time ‘since I met him actually. And seeing his angry and confused face makes me wanna hvg him…..”
“bit-ch you just met him twice and you are alre-ady floating In bubbles”
“tree times actually, truth is if not for his j£rkiness at the drug sto-re, I would have asked for his number….”
“badas-s, no $h!t. No dulling, I trust you motherfv¢ker.” Ciara hyped her.
“but I only just crushed on him that night”
“but now, you are sure that you love him”
“I guess, I mean, seeing him with Rosita today burnt my heart, seriously it fried my br@in, and I think Rosita noticed it and decided to take advantage of that cause she knows that Jason won’t give me his attention, she started acting like his girlfriend or best friend to make me jealous, and I must confess, she got me, I felt like roasting her at that moment” Goldie whined.
“girl you are really in-love” Ciara said with a mocking laugh.
“st©p it” Goldie threw a pillow at her.
“but do you think he would still marry you after what Rosita said?”
“I don’t know but I can’t let him marry Rosita, that will be like digging his own grave, even if I don’t love him, I have a conscience, I will never let a cute, love, nice responsible prince die like a fowl” Goldie snapped. Ciara stared at her with ‘I-can’t-believe-this’ kind of look.
“what is it” Goldie asked.
“this is unbelievable, I can remember when you were crying, was it yesterday, that you don’t want to marry a man you ba-rely knew”
“just st©p it C.J, is it my fault?” Goldie asked with heated cherry red cheeks.
“no, it’s my fault, I was the one who planted that apple” Cira replied and they both laughed.
“I’m so happy you are my friend C.J, you always know how to cheer me up”
“oh come off it, what are friends for? By the way, how are his siters.?”
“they are fine”
“I hope they supported you”
“they tried, but then, the youngest one said something”
“what did she say”
“’someone is trying t wipe your name from this family and you are just watching…” Goldie told Ciara what Vanilla had said to her.
“Goodness me, she knows.”
“I guess”
“smart kiddo, she knows what Rosita is doing or at least she knows she’s fake, but how did she know?”
“didn’t ask her”
“you should”
“I will.”
Jason drove into the compound around 7:15pm, he alighted from the car and marched to into the house, she met Andora and Belinda discussing in the living room. “where’s Anita” he fired.
“excuse me?” Belinda asked in disbelief cause she it’s being like ages since Jason called Vanilla by her real name. he only does that whenever he’s angry, as in realy, furiously angry with her and the last time that happened was when Vanilla got a very bad grade in her first term SS1 whish is almost three years now. So Andora and Belinda were so shocked to hear Jason call her Anita. Ths could only mean one thing, there’s fire on the mountain, Jason is furious with her.
“woah, what spell from a wicked witch got into you this evening” Andora asked.
“when did this start Jason” Belinda asked.
“and when did she start insulting my friends especially the ones I cherish a lot” Jason fired.
“excuse me, what friend are you talking about and when did I insult someone?” Vanilla asked as she was climbing down the stairs. Jason turned to her direction.
“I don’t know, you tell me, what exactly did you tell Rosita that made her cry all the way home” he asked angrily. Andora gro-an ed.
“Rosita again” Belinda asked with an eye roll.
“Jason what’s up with you and Rosita” Andora asked.
“you two should stay out of this, Anita answer my question”
“what did you just call me” Vanilla asked with shaky voice.
“my friend will you answer my question, what did you tell Rosita that made her cry”
“if she cried to you, that’s her own bad choice, but sincerely speaking I didn’t tell her anything out of the truth” Vanilla replied coldly.
“I don’t care what your truth is, I even thought she was kidding when she said you insulted her but….. in fact Anita first thing tomorrow morning, you will go to work with me and apologize to her” Jason stated.
Vanilla kept calm but one thing that was hurting her badly was the fact that her sweet darling brother is yelling badly at her and called her by her real name all because of some bit-chy fake face.
“I don’t know what you guys are holding against Rosita but” Jason continued. “you guys are very lucky she begged me to marry Goldie, if not to hell with your Goldie…”
“what did you say” Vanilla exclaimed coldly, she remembered when Jason promised her that he would marry Goldie because of her, tears dropped down her cheeks and she went mad.
“I really thought you are the best brother ever, but I guess I was wrong, you are the worst person in my life and the fact that you broke your promise to me doesn’t hurt that much but doing it because of some undeserving bit-ch is so totally insane and out of it, I hate you Jason.” She fired and ran back to her room. That was when Jason realized he has been talking without thinking.
“great, you finally made her cry, my only anger is that you did it because of a girl who doesn’t worth it” Andora barked.
“it’s not what you think, I didn’t mean to.. I’m sorry…..”
“well since you are showing remorse, you can go and do it in her room, it will work better there” Belinda advised.
Jason nodded and went to Vanilla’s room. The door was wi-de open, he stepped in and saw her sitting like a baby on her be-d.
“Vanilla plea-se I’m sor…”
“Anita plea-se” Vanilla interrupted as she wiped tears off her face.
“come on V…”
“I said Anita, there’s no nee-d bearing Vanilla when the person who gave me the name no longer value it, so plea-se call me Anita” Vanilla half yelled.