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Love in a coat of hate Episode 13 & 14

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
©Gift Okorie💃
😘👄CHAPTER 13👄😘
“something like what?” Goldie asked in confusion.
“something about marriage” Ciara answered.
They exchanged glances and [email protected] “ROSITA”
“so you mean your parents are forcing you to marry a girl you don’t know” Rosita asked Jason over the phone.
“yes” Jason breathed out, he [email protected] his temple to ease the headache he was starting to feel.
“why? Why will they be forcing you to marry a someone out of your own will. I mean does that even still exist, why would they chose a wife for you when you are old enough to make your own decisions” Rosita asked.
“I just don’t know what to do, and my two sisters are now pressuring me to marry her just because she helped them out in some certain things”
“what did she do for them?” Rosita asked.
“long story, I can’t go in to that right now.” Jason replied. “and another thing, she was the same girl that bu-mped into me that night at the drug store which got my phone shattered”
“what!” Rosita exclaimed. “plea-se tell me you are joking” she pleaded.
“I’m not, it was her”
*Goldie, that witch, Goldie was the girl he bu-mped into at the drug store, I saw them throu-gh the window. How did this happen, how did she and her worthless family get to know Jason, what’s all this rubbish, what did I do to this girl, everything I want, she wants and the most annoying [email protected] is that she always gets it. What am I going to do now, and I’ve alre-ady [email protected] to her that I will be getting married to Jackson jay, what if she has alre-ady met him before I told her? She will mock me for life if Jason eventually marries her, what will I do now? I can’t let this happen, I won’t let this happen, even if he succeeds in marrying her, I ROSITA McCURLY will destroy that marriage the very first week, I must marry Jackson jay, I must get hold of his wealth, I must.” Rosita thought to herself.
“rose… Rosy.. are you still there” Jason asked, bringing her back to reality.
“yes, I’m here
“then can you plea-se advice me on what to do, I’m really confused.” Jason pleaded.
“listen to me boss, you can’t make such mistake, I care so much about you which is why I can’t let you enter a burning house, you can’t marry that girl, I mean if your first meeting was that bad, then she’s likely to be bad luck. Secondly, if you marry someone out of your own wish, you will regret it for the rest of your life” Rosita stated.
“actually it’s begging to be my wish, I think I’m beginning to get interested, is just that…”
“are out of your mind” Rosita interrupted.
“I’m sorry boss, but seriously what is wrong with you? You want to marry a girl who calls your name with so much disrespect, you just told me she called you jay, I mean yes, people call you jay, but with Jackson attached to it, ma-king it sound so respectful, but she, she just called you jay, as if she gave you the name. and also you two alre-ady argued just at your very first real meet, and you also told me how rudely she spoke to you, now tell me, is that the kind of woman you want? Someone who would destroy your life in just a flash. someone who lacks respect. Do you want a marriage whereby the foundation is la-id on hatred, disrespectfulness and lies”
“lies? How do you mean” Jason asked.
“oh come on boss, you and I know that this girl only accepted to marry you because of your wealthy, I mean, no woman in her right s-en-ses would want to marry a man she doesn’t know, or a man she doesn’t love. Every woman dreams of a fantacy life after marriage, so since love is not there, there has to be something else, which in your case is money. The girl wants your money and nothing else, can’t you see?”
“if not for one thing, I would have said you are right, but I guess you are not. The thing is her parent are filthy rich, chief and Mrs. Anderson, the owners of ANDERSON PETROLEUM COMPANY. And she is also a barrister, so money is not her problem at all.” Jason corrected.
“boss some women can be greedy”
“you are right, but I didn’t see greediness in her eyes”
*w€tin dey worry this guy, what was he even looking for in her eyes in the first place? I hope he’s not falling for that bit-ch otherwise why will he be supporting her like this* Rosita thought to herself.
“greediness is not written on the face or eyes boss but in the heart which you can’t see. I’m just trying to help you, I’m a woman and I know how such women are” Rosita stated.
“so… you think I shouldn’t go into it?” Jason asked.
“yes, don’t even try it, unless you want to die young”
“of course not, thanks a lot Rose, I’ll think about it”
“there’s nothing to think about, just reject it”
“I’ll see what I can do. I’m gonna hang up now, I’ll talk to you later. Bye”
“take care of yourself” Rosita replied.
“you too” Jason said and hung up.
“you are not thinkg about it” Vanilla said as she enetered the room and shut the door. And Jason gro-an ed and fell back on his be-d.
“what now, don’t you girls rest? Belinda [email protected]£ in, said her own and left, Adnora did the same. I’ve heard you guys, I got the message, now must you also talk” he whined and used a pillow to cover his face.
“yes, I must, cause it seems like someone just gave you poison ivy in order to change your mind about this marriage” Vanilla stated as she walked to the be-d, she gently re-moved the pillow from his face.
“I never accepted it in the first place”
“yes you did, you know you did, but from the way you sounded from the phone, it seems like someone has poisoned your mind against it”
“why do you always eavesdrop on people’s conversation?”
“I don’t always eavesdrop, I just listen to people’s conversation”
“it’s the same thing”
“you are the same thing” Vanilla fired.
“ok, that’s it, get out of my room” Jason commanded.
“not until I achieve my aim of coming here” she said and crossed her legs, she stretched her hand to relax on her legs and then turned to face him.
“you have a problem, I swear, you are a piece of work” Jason complained as he sat up and crossed his legs like an Indian during prayer.
“you are the worst” Vanilla fired.
“is not the same Jackson jay Rosita was [email protected] about or is there another Jackson jay?” Goldie asked Ciara.
“I’ve never heard of anyone else. Which means this is the one she was talking about. But why would his family want you to marry him since they know virtually well that he will soon marry the girl after his heart” Ciara asked back.
“I don’t know, but Jay didn’t tell me he’s in-love with someone else, he only said he doesn’t want to marry someone like me because I’m a NERD, he never mentioned any other woman” Goldie replied.
“are you sure he’s not hiding it?”
“how can he hide such a thing, it’s not possible, especially not now that he’s being f0rç£d to marry a woman he doesn’t know, even if he was hiding it, then he would be f0rç£s to say it because of the situation on ground, but he didn’t” Goldie defended.
“in that case then, that means….”
“Rosita lied” they both said in unison.
“it was an empty boast” Ciara said with a mocking laugh.
“I’m sure he hasn’t even met him before” Goldie added.
“You can’t be too sure though, maybe you should as Jason or any of his sisters or even his parents” Ciara advised.
“I just pray Jason is not the one she was talking about, otherwise I’m in h0t soup, I can’t stand that girl’s pres£nce not to talk of when Jason is around, she always try to make me look stupid and inferior to her, and with Jason’s attitude towards me, it would feel as if they both joined f0rç£s to get rid of me, I’m really scared C.J” Goldie complained in a shaky voice.
“ don’t be Gold, even if you are, never let Rosita notice it, cause she will take advantage of that and deal with you mercilessly. And as for Jason not being the Jackson Jay she was talking about, you better pray [email protected] cause I’m pretty sure he’s the one” Ciara stated.
“I better call him” Goldie said, she brou-ght of her phone but suddenly stamped her temple. “damn it, I don’t have the dude’s number” she cursed and Ciara began to laugh.
“you don’t have your hubby’s 11 digits, Goldie you are cray cray, you should have asked him for it na”
“when he almost chewed me raw”
“right. Well, then call his sister” Ciara beckoned.
“yea, let me call Andora, and if it’s true, I’m gonna kill someb©dy”
“who exactly will you kill, because from the look of things, I don’t think any of his family knows about Rosita, that is if she actually exists in Jason’s life, you know say that girl fit lie eehh” Ciara said and started another round of laughter.
Goldie dialed Andora’s number and she picked on the first ring.
“hello Dora” Goldie called.
“my wife, what’s up” ANdora asked from the receiver.
“I’m good, can I plea-se ask you a ques if you don’t mind” Goldie asked.
Can you tell me one good and tangible reason why I should marry that girl” Jason asked Vanilla.
“because if you are allowed to make your choice and get married anytime you want, you will literary do that a day after forever” Vanilla stated.
“that’s not true… I would have made my choice in 45 years time” Jason said and Vanilla glared at him.
“ok, fine, you are right, it’s just that I don’t have the courage to tie the knot” he confessed.
“brother Jay”
“don’t call me Jay”
“don’t be dramatic, that she omitted the Jackson does not mean that you should hate the short version of your name, or is it because you don’t like her? If I were the one whi started calling you Jay, would you ask me to st©p?” Vanilla asked, Jason kept quiet.
“as I was saying, I heard when you told sis B that you scared….”
“you really need to st©p eavesdropping on people”
“and you really need to st©p interrupting people’s speech” Vanilla fired back, and Jason shook his head and [email protected]£ quiet.
“thank you, now as I was saying, I just want to tell you that marriage is sweet, it’s fellowsh!p, it’s friendsh!p, it’s companionsh!p, it’s every positive thing that has sh!pon it. I’ve witnessed it in mum and dad and also sis B’s marriage, I’m sure that yours with Goldie is not going to be exceptional. Instead it’s gonna be the best. The way I see her, I believe she’s gonna make a good wife, she’s a very likeable person, she’s a wonderful and lovable lady.” Vanilla stated.
“you all keep saying that when you’ve just met her once, you don’t know what her real life is like.” Jason complained.
“so you still have that in mind” Vanilla asked.
“You phone” Vanilla replied.
“it’s not about the phone…..”
“exactly, but you are using the phone against her, you want her to look so unlikable and that’s why you kept the picture of that accident in your head, and here you are saying that we keep saying so many positive things about her when we’ve met her just once, brother Jay what about you, do I need to remind you that you’ve also met her just once as well, and also the phone was nothing but an accident, so plea-se if you don’t mind, I would like you to delete that picture from your head, got it?”
“you sound like dad.” Jason tea-sed.
“wrong, I sound like Vanilla” she argued.
“Jason you may not see it that way but you are my best friend and I can’t deceive you, I love you very much and I only want the best for you. I know this marriage will seem a little bad from the start, but as time goes on, I’m pretty sure there’s gonna be a change, a positive change, I’ll always be there for you, to support you at any time, I promise” Vanilla concluded. Jason stared at her for a moment and then dragged her to himself for a hvg.
“come here” when the hvg ended, he said. “thanks a lot V, because of you, I’ll give this a try, you maybe right, it could get better someday. And yes, I see it that way, you are my best friend, and I love you more than very much, I’ll tell mum and dad that I’ll do this, ok?” He said and patted her.
“you’ve made the right decision big brother, and you will never regret it” Vanilla said.
“not if there are two women” they heard Andora say, they looked up and saw her standing at the door with Belinda behind her. They walked in with their hands crossed on their che-sts.
“what do you mean Andora” Vanilla asked. But Andora ignored her as hse watched Jason keenly,
Belinda walked closer to Jason and asked.
“Jason who the hell is Rosita?….”
😘👄CHAPTER 14👄😘
“what do you mean Andora” Vanilla asked. But Andora ignored her as she watched Jason keenly,
Belinda walked closer to Jason and asked.
“Jason, who the hell is Rosita?”
“I only know one Rosita and she’s my employee in my company, if she’s the one you are talking about, do you mind telling me how you got to know about her cause I’ve not told anyone else about her, except Vanilla” Jason stated.
“Goldie just called when I was at a friend’s place. Jason plea-se be honest, are you [email protected]!ngthis Rosita girl” Andora asked.
“what kind of a question is that, of course not, I just told you, she’s my employee and a friend. And what has Goldie got to do with this” Jason asked.
“Goldie said that this Rosita called her even before you two met and told her that she ‘which is Rosita’ is getting married to Jackson jay, she said that she didn’t remember to tell you about it when she [email protected]£ here.” Andora said.
“I’m sorry, but did you say that Rosita called Goldie and told her that she and I are getting married?” Jason asked with an amused smile.
“I wasn’t speaking French” Andora replied.
“”but how did they get to know each other, what’s their relationsh!p” Vanilla asked.
“exactly what I was about to ask, how did Goldie know Rosita? Must she know everyone related to me before she get some rest, like Vanilla asked, what’s their relationsh!p?” Jason backed up.
“she didn’t really say, she only asked me if you actually proposed to Rosita.” Andora replied.
“this is confusing, Rosita will never lie against me” Jason complained.
“Jason you can’t trust anyone” Belinda advised.
“exactly my point, which is why I believe that Goldie lied” Jason fired.
“excuse me? Uh oh, uh oh, Jason that’s what I won’t take from you, don’t you dare accuse her in order to paint her black so that you won’t marry her. And since you don’t trust the message, why don’t you call the s£nder to verify.” Andora fired back.
“yea, Jason call Rosita” Belinda said.
“and put it on speak out” Vanilla added.
Jason dialed Rosita’s number and she picked immediately. “hey bossy boss, what’s up” Rosita asked in a flir-ty voice.
“I’m good, you?” Jason answered.
“better than ususal, hope there’s no problem.” She asked.
“not really Rose, just wanna ask you something”
“ok, shoot me”
“do you know Goldie in person” Jason asked but no reply [email protected]£ from Rosita, the receiver went silent for a while. “see she’s the guilty one” Andora scoffed.
“I highly doubt that, Rosy … Rosy…. Are you there” Jason asked.
“hello, Jason, hello” Rosita’s voice finally [email protected]£ back.
“see it’s the network” Jason said and Andora rolled her eyes. “hello Rosy, I can hear you, can’t you hear me”
“I can hear you now, plea-se come again with the question” Rosita demanded.
“I asked if you know Goldie in person, as in the one I told you about, ‘my wife to be’” Jason asked.
“I don’t get it Jason, how will I know her, you only just told me about her and you said you will introduce me to her, so am I supposed to know whom I’ve never met, it’s not possible” Rosita defended.
“get to the point lady, do you know her or not” Andora fired.
“I don’t and who are you?” Rosita asked in confusion and with a sting of jealousy but nob©dy noticed it.
“you don’t need to kn…..”
“she’s my sister and plea-se pardon her manners, I’m not sure she has one though. Anyway that’s just by the way, look, I’m so sorry for querying you, I just wanted to prove to them that you are not a….”
“ok, bye bye lady, that’s enough” Belinda said, she stretched her hand towards the phone and tapped on the end call.
“why did you do that? Wait let me guess, because you are so angry that she’s innocent, so now do you believe that Goldie lied to you” Jason asked with an amused smile.
“Goldie didn’t lie to me, she’s not a liar, I’ll get to the root of this” Andora said and left.
“you get your sorry @ss together and st©p blaming Goldie for everything” Blinda stated.
“I might try” Jason replied with a sm-irk.
“you better” Belinda said and left the room. Vanilla stood up to leave.
“do you also believe that Rosita did such a thing?” Jason asked her quietly. Vanilla looked at him but didn’t reply.
“V, I’ve promised to marry Goldie, but that won’t make me turn my back on my friend, you knoe her V, do you think she’s capable of such?” Jason asked.
“Jason, there’s something you didn’t un-derstand in this matter. How do I put it, ok, let me put it this way. Jason Andora [email protected]£ in here to ask you ‘if you proposed to some girl named Rosita’, Jason do you really think that girl is telling you the truth?” Vanilla asked.
“yes V, I’m sure of that” Jason answered with a shrug.
“so tell me, how did Rosita get to know that you have a friend named Rosita? Is she a witch, how did she know, it’s not as if you guys talked about your lives and friends earlier. And also neither Andora nor Belinda knew about her, and I didn’t tell Goldie anything either, so tell me Jason, how on earth did Goldie get to know Rosita and why would she say something like this if they haven’t met before? Think about it” Vanilla concluded and left. Jason stood transfixed pondering over what she said.
Rosita’s [email protected]🏠
Why did your mood suddenly change, just now you were so jovial, what’s wrong, what did he say to you, did he break up the relationsh!pyou formed in your head” Natasha asked Rosita with a mocking giggle.
“why did he ask me that question? Wait a minute, I hope Goldie hasn’t told him about us. Oh my God, this is not good at all, and now I’ve alre-ady advised him not to marry Goldie, if she tells him I’m her sister which is so disgusting, and also if she tell him about what I said about my marriage to him, my life will officially be over” Rosita lamented as she paced furiously up and down the living room.
“she won’t dare tell him, doesn’t she know what you are capable of” Natasha asked as she tapped on Rosita’s phone.
“you are right, she doesn’t know what I’m capable of, if she dares tell him anything or if she dares get married to him, I’ll do everything to get him back. What I want, I will always get, and I want Jackson jay, and I will get him” Rosita stated with a sm-irk.
“and when is that gonna happen” Natasha asked with her hand still busy with Rosita’s phone.
“I’ll exercise some patience until they get married.”
“when they get married? Why” Natasha asked, lifting her head a little bit to meet Rosita’s sm-irking face.
“because I just realized it would be better then, the way I’ll make Jason hate her, nob©dy will suspect me, everone will think that it’s because he never liked her, and then I’ll continue with my plans until he divorces her, then when she leaves his life, I’ll go and console him, with that his heart will melt so much that he won’t hesitate to marry me, and the after I get hold of his wealth, I’ll take care of him” Rosita concluded with wicked grin.
“and what do you by you will take care of him?”
“why are you so dumb Natasha… wait… that’s not you voice” Rosita complained and swiftly twirled around to meet Natasha’s gaze.
“that’s because it’s your sister’s, she called and I picked it. I wanted to give it to you but you were talking, so I put it on loud speaker and waited for her to talk first, so that you will hear it, that way I won’t be the one interrupting you” Natasha stated.
“why are you such a dummy Natasha, now she heard everything I said” Rosita whispered in anger.
“that’s right, I heard everything, and I would like you to explain exactly what you mean by taking care of my husband.” Goldie fired and Rosita let out a mocking laugh.
“your husband? Trust me dummy, it won’t be for long”
“wrong, it will last forever” Goldie said.
“not when he loves and trusts Rosita more than you, now get out of my phone bronzie” Rosita said and hung up the call.
“and you Natasha don’t ever pick my calls without my permission, had it been it was Jason.” Rosita warned and Natasha nodded.
What’s wrong” Ciara asked Goldie.
“she hung up on me” Goldie answered.
“that bit-ch”
“that’s not even the problem, what bother me is that she said something like ‘the way I’ll make Jason hate her, nob©dy will suspect me, everyone will think that it’s because he never liked her, and then I’ll continue with my plans until he divorces her, then when she leaves his life, I’ll go and console him, with that his heart will melt so much that he won’t hesitate to marry me, and the after I get hold of his wealth, I’ll take care of him’, C.J that [email protected], ‘after I get hold of his wealth, I’ll take care of him’. That [email protected] is so much disturbing me, it means she wants to marry him for money but taking care of him is what I don’t un-derstand” Goldie complained.
“what don’t you un-derstand Gold, taking care of him means killing him of course…” Ciara answered.
“oh my God, you are right, you are, you are so right, it means killing him.” Goldie shuddered.
“but why does she want his money, I thought her parents are very rich, they have an estate and a company” Ciara asked.
“you mean the ones my parents built for them” Goldie asked.
“wait. You mean your father was the one who built the estate and company for her parents?”Ciara asked and Goldie nodded. “wow, but it’s still the same thing, the estate and the company are theirs now, which means they are rich, what else is Rosita looking for” Ciara asked.
“is it that I didn’t tell you the story or what, my dad retrieved everything from them after Rosita’s father stole millions of dollars from him and killed their younger brother who was the accountant manager in my dad’s company. According to Rosita’s father, he wanted to invest on a business to boost the company my dad gave to him but he didn’t have the money, he asked my dad but daddy refused and told him to face his business and one day he will get more than the money he’s asking for. But Rosita’s father refused, he went to the accountant manager and lied to him that my dad asked him (the accountant manager) to give him (Rosita’s father) some money, but….”
“just to be clear, the accountant manager was your uncle right?” Ciara interrupted.
“yes, I mentioned before”
“ok, continue”
“but the accountant manager said he didn’t trust him and insisted on calling my dad to verify, but Rosita’s father strangled him and used his thumb print and opened the safe and took some mo….”
“why was the money in the safe and not in the bank” Ciara asked.
“they usually put some in the safe in case of emergency”
“oh, ok continue.”
“he took some money, but when he was about to leave, my dad stepped into the office and saw him….”
“which means he’s supposed to be in jail by now for committing murder” Ciara interrupted.
“You are right, but my dad saved his @ss, my dad told the police that the manager’s death was an accident, he prevented the doctor from re-leasing his lab report” Goldie stated.
“so your uncle’s punishment was your dad taking back the estate and the company, everything he built for him” ciara asked.
“yes, although he gave a job in the same company but with minimum income just for him to be able to feed his family” Goldie concluded.
“wow, what a story, I’m not surprise about Rosita’s ability to kill, it’s in their linage, now I know why she wants jason’s wealth, because she’s a poor girl in rich girl’s clothing” Ciara said.
“but I won’t let her harm him, not when I’m still alive, not that I like the fool, but because I have a conciense, as far as I’m concerned, her greediness has boundaries when it comes to Jason” Goldie spat.
“that’s my girl, save the love of your life” Ciara tea-sed and laughed.
“I’ll kill you one of this days C.J”
“that would be when you come back from your honey moon” Ciara said, still laughing.
“crazy girl, I have to go now, 8:pm, my parents wil…..”
“don’t worry very soon, it will be my husband might be worried about me”
“I go kee this girl oo, anyways I don’t blame you. Good night”
“sleep ti-ght honey” Goldie waved at her as she entered her car and zoomed off.
Rosita d fake faker 😂
Goldie don’t let Rosita harm my Jason oo. My cute, handsom husband 🙈
I’m pregnant for him oo 😁🤰🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️

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