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Love in a coat of hate Episode 11 & 12

🥀🌹2 TO BE 1🌹🥀
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All rights reserved 🙅‍♀️
😘👄CHAPTER 11👄😘
Goldie smiled a little and replied. “much better” she stood up and walked to him.
“you make me sick” Jason whispered to her when she got closer.
“you are the worst” Goldie replied and brushed past him.
As they left, the rest continued with their conversation. “they are gonna make a cute couple” Vanilla stated.
“I pray he won’t mess this up, I really want her to be [email protected] of this family, she is such a virtuous, strong, determined and beautiful woman” Andora commented.
“I’ve not met her before, but I know I love her alre-ady” Vanilla whined.
”I’m not sure Jason will accept this union easily, it’s gonna take prophet Elijah or even angel from heaven to persuade him” Belinda said.
“of course he will accept it, I’m sure he likes her, but he will find it difficult to accept” Dr Jackson replied.
“you are right my friend, they like each other and that’s why they are arguing, very soon it will all be settled” Chief Anderson stated.
“so when should we come and do the traditional rights” Dr Jackson asked.
“I’ll meet with my kinsmen, then I’ll s£nd words to you” Chief Anderson replied.
Jason was walking fast while Goldie was running behind him as they were going down to the flower garden.
“can you just wait for me” Goldie asked but Jason ignored her. When they got to the garden, Goldie sat on the flower be-d while Jason kept standing, Goldie sniffed in the sweet fresh air.
“it smells so good, so many flowers, so beautiful” she commented with her eyes closed. They [email protected]£ silent, none of them said a word to each other, Jason looked up at the sky, while Goldie looked around for a moment, when the atmosphere [email protected]£ too uncomfortable, she asked him.
“aren’t you gonna talk”
“if you start the conversation, will you die? And get your bu-tt off my mother’s flowers” Jason asked, still looking up at the sky. Goldie rolled her eyes and stood up and faced him.
“in situations like this, men do start the conversation” she fired.
“girl, we are not on a [email protected]£, and thank God you know that this is a very big awkward situation” he stated. “fine, if you want me to start a conversation, I’ll start by taking my apology back” he added.
“because I owe you non” he gestured nonchalantly. “and why did you even accept this whole nons-en-se”
“because I want my parents to be happy, and I also want to be happy… I think” Goldie answered.
“you think? You know what? plea-se reject this marriage because I can’t marry someone like you”
“what do you mean by someone like me?” Goldie asked with a sad tone.
“someone who.. someone… you know what?, forget the explanation, I just don’t want to marry someone like you, take it like that” he spat, Goldie stared at him as if he was gradually running mad.
“and why are you staring at me like that?” he asked her in confusion.
“you know, I just realized who you are, when I heard about you, I pictured you to be a responsible man, though stubborn, but a little calm, a nice guy, I pictured you to be so dreamy, mature and humble, but it turns out that I was wrong.” Goldie stated with a sm-irk.
“how do you mean” Jason asked like a defeated warrior.
“you are so arrogant, immature, irresponsible, self centered, almighty Jackson Jay, the same guy my bestie [email protected] about and has been dying to see, how will I tell her that he is nothing but a fool”
“hey st©p that” Jason fired with shaking voice.
“an arrogant, self centered, annoying guy…”
“I said st©p” he yelled, Goldie kept quiet and stared childishly at him.
“are you re-ady to start a conversation now, I mean real conversation or should I go ahead and make you think negative about yourself?” she asked with her hands crossed on her che-st, and with a light sm-irk.
“wait, so you were actually pu-lling my legs” Jason asked and Goldie nodded
“this is exactly why I said I don’t want to marry someone like you, you are such a nerd” Jason insulted.
“I’m not a nerd”
“you are a nerd.”
“I’m not”
“yes, you are”
“do you derive joy in annoying people” Goldie asked.
“very well then, you better get prepared Jay, because it’s on” Goldie said and turned to leave.
“my name is Jason, not jay” he corrected.
“whatever” Goldie said as she was walking away.
“I hope you know we didn’t talk about anything” Jason shouted.
“and who’s fault is that, yours” Goldie shouted back.
“hey, st©p there, I didn’t cause anything” Jason said as he ran after her.
“yes, you did jay”
“and st©p calling me jay, it’s not gonna make me like you” he said as he caught up with her.
“yes, it will”
“it won’t”
“you will forget that you made that statement one day”
“go to hell”
“as long as you will be there before me, no problem”
“I didn’t hear you”
“you don’t need to” Goldie said.
They kept arguing until they got back to the main building, when they got to the door, Jason asked Goldie to go in first.
“so that I’ll be the one to be questioned, it won’t work for you jay, you go first” Goldie replied.
“oh, so I’m the one who has answers to question righ?” Jason asked.
“maybe” Goldie said with a sm-irk as she admired her manicured f!ngers.
Jason glared at her for some seconds, he scoffed and opened the door.
“you are such a NERD” he said as he entered.
“I am not” Goldie argued as she followed him.
Everyone heard their voices and turned to their direction, they stared at them as they argued, when the argument died down, Dr Jackson asked. “well, how did it go” they both kept quiet.
“maybe, they didn’t hear you, ask again.” Vanilla nudged her dad.
“ok, Jason, Goldie, I asked, how did it go”
Goldie sighed and started. “I will tell you, when we first got to the garden, the first thing he did was to take back the apology he rendered to me over his phone..”
“what?” everyone exclaimed.
“you promised to buy a new phone for me, I’ve not see the phone up till now” Jason complained.
“motherfv¢ker were you not the one who asked me to go to hell with my ‘fv¢king phone’, and I did went to hell with it, I’m not back from hell yet, maybe when I get back, I’ll give you 3310 Nokia, or motor roller, fool” Goldie blasted.
“bit-ch I’ll kill you, dad I’m going to strangle her” Jason spat.
Everyone began to laugh.
“and then he said he can’t marry someone like me” Goldie said and everyone [email protected]£ quiet.
“he said that?” mrs Jackson asked.
“yes, he did, but you know what? That is even the best decision, because I can’t stand an arrogant person like you” Goldie stated.
“good, that makes the both of us, you can’t stand an arrogant person like you, and I can’t stand a nerd like you, so we are cool then”
“I’m not a nerd”
“you are”
“jeez, you are so unbelievable, so annoying” Goldie blasted.
“you make me sick” Jason retorted.
“and you make me feel like I’m suffering from a bad disease. Mum plea-se, I’ll appreciate it if you tell him to st©p calling me a nerd, or else I’m gonna kill someb©dy” Goldie blurted out.
“start from yourself” Jason said and ran upstairs. Goldie felt like picking up a knife and bury it in his stomach.
“mum, dad, when you guys are done, plea-se meet me in the car. Dora I’ll call you later, and you too lady B” Goldie said and walked out.
“what do we do” Mrs Anderson asked.
“nothing, we will do nothing, I’m sure Goldie must be really angry, go home and try to calm her down” Belinda suggested.
“what of Jason” Dr Jackson asked.
“leave him to us, we are his sister, we will take care of him” Andora said.
“you mean you will talk to him” mrs Jackson asked.
“yes we will, and when are done, he will be such in a hurry to marry Goldie, even if you don’t trust Belinda and I, trust vanilla, this kind of situation is one of the reasons why she is Jason’s best friend” Andora stated.
“you’ve heard them my friend, go home and take care of your daughter, they will handle Jason” Dr Jackson said, chief Anderson shook hands with him, and they bid each other good buy.
The drive home was very quiet, when chief Anderson looked at the rear-view mirror, he saw a drop of tear roll down Goldie’s cheek, he didn’t bother to ask what the problem was cause she will definitely not answer. He continued driving until they got home. When the car [email protected]£ to a halt in their compound, they all alighted. Chief Anderson watched his always jovial daughter walk slowly into the living room with his wife following behind. When he entered into the house, Goldie was alre-ady going upstairs, he made up his mind to st©p the marriage if Goldie says no for the last time.
“Goldie” he called and she st©pped and turned back, holding the banister rail.
“yes dad”
“should I st©p all this, or do you want to go ahead with the marriage, do you want to marry him…”
😘👄CHAPTER 12👄😘
“Goldie” he called and she st©pped and turned back, holding the banister rail.
“yes dad”
“should I st©p all this, or do you want to go ahead with the marriage, do you want to marry him?’
“am I dreaming or did you actually ask that question dad” Goldie asked in disbelief.
“my dear, Jason is responsible and I really wanted you to marry him, but since you are not happy with that arrangement, I want to withdraw, I don’t want to be responsible for my daughter’s unhappiness, I really want you to be happy. Whatever your answer will be, I’ll take it my dear, so I asked again, would you like to marry Jason or not”
Goldie climbe-d down the stairs and walked to him. “thank you so much dad, thank you for allowing me make my own decision, you are the best” Goldie commented and hvgged him. “and my decision is yes, I would like to marry him”
“my dear don’t say yes because…”
“no mum, I am not saying yes because I want to plea-se you guys, I said yes because I …. I have a feelig that he will make a good husband, he just doesn’t know it yet, but if he gets too stubborn, I’m gonna drag him by the ear, dad I promise, I’ll do everything humanly possible to make the marriage work and I pray that we will grow to love each other someday” Goldie stated.
“amen dear” her parents chorused.
“I’m re-ady to walk down the isle with that arrogant and annoying guy, I’m so gonna teach him how to respect women” Goldie blurted out and her parents laughed. “but you guys will have to be praying for me, I’m a little scared”
“God will always be with you my dear, you will make your marriage work and you will succeed alright” her mother prayed.
“thanks mum, plea-se I need to go and see Ciara, we have a lot to talk about.”
“no problem, just make sure to be back early” chief Anderson warned.
“ok dad, I will” she ran to her room, picked up her car key, and drove out.
The jackson’s mansion.🏘
Jason was lying on his be-d when Belinda entered the room.
“hey kid brother” she called and sat on the be-d.
“hey big sis” Jason responded.
Belinda looked at him for a while before asking. “are you ok?”
“I’ll be getting marrined to a woman I don’t know, an annoying one at that, so I’m perfectly fine” Jason blurted out. Belinda scoffed.
“you don’t know her right? So how did you get to know she’s annoying” she asked.
“she portrayed every of her annoying spirit today, the way she talked to me, she doesn’t even have any atom of respect” Jason spat out.
“do you, no, answer me, do you have respect, especially for women?”
“of course I do”
“then why did you yell at her like that just because she bu-mped into you, I mean you were also at fault, but you made it sound as if it was all her fault, even though she apologized to you, yet you treated her like the wicked with from the west, is that proper Jason? So tell me, between you two, who’s more respectful” Belinda asked.
“you are just supporting….”
“I am not”
“yes you are, you are just supporting her just because she saved your @ss from going to jail. Here you are saying that I just met her, and I’m complaining, sis do I need to remind you that you also just met her once, so how do you know that she’s a nice girl?”Jason asked.
“Jason I’m a woman, if I see the bad ones I’ll know, and if I see the good ones, I’ll aldo know, may the day I set my eyes on that girl be blessed. When I was talking to her outside the store, after the incident, I realized there was something about her that made her different from other girls…..”
“that is her annoying nature” Jason interrupted.
“no, that is her calm, jovial, always re-ady to help nature, she’s such a gold, Jason you [email protected] see virtuous women, and the one that has been arranged for you, you want to toss it into the trash can, are you ok?”
“yes, and if she is so lit as you said, then why don’t you ask your husband to marry her”
“Jason” Belinda confronted angrily.
“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say that, just that I’m very confused, I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how I will spend the rest of my life with someone I ba-rely know, someone I don’t un-derstand, but the pressure to get married is too much, it’s getting on my n£¢k, and I don’t know what to do. Yes I would have loved to get married sooner, but I never wanted it to be someone I don’t know, I’m just scared I think” Jason confessed.
“wow, I never knew you felt that way, but Jason listen me, Goldie is every man’s dream wife according to mum and dad, imagine a woman mum accepted. There’s no need to be scared, Goldie is so respectful according to mum and dad also, despite her educational background. Goldie will make a good wife, I promise you that” Belinda concluded.
“I don’t know..”
“don’t worry, you will be fine, you will enjoy it alright” she @ssured him but he did not respond”
“I have to go now, I want to go down town and buy some stuff. I’ll be back in a flash. Just ponder over this, I’m sure you will decide something positive” Belinda said as she stood up and walked out.
“sounds convincing, but I’m not convinced. Imagine, just the very first day, she alre-ady called me jay, just jay, no respect at all. Why will she even call me jay?”
“because she means well for you” Andora said as she walked in, ahe sat on the be-d and stared at him.
“jay is just Jason for short, let’s say it’s a pet name she gave you, if she could make you name so easier to call the first she met you, she could make you a better man in few minutes and…”
“so you are saying that I’m not a better man” Jason interrupted.
“no, that’s not what I mean, but you know the saying that says ‘a man is a fool until he gets married’ ….”
“so I’m a fool”
“you are not a fool Jason, try and un-derstand proverbs will you, by the way everyone calls you Jackson jay” Andora stated. “let me tell you how I met her, and what she did for me, you are the first person I’m telling this, I don’t know how to tell mum and dad but I believe you will help me apologize to them after tellin you, and plea-se don’t beat me up” she pleaed. She told him everything that transpired between her and zack. Immediately she ended the story, Jason bounced to his feet.
“that bastard, son of abit-ch, why didn’t you tell me about this, why did you keep it from me all these years Andora, I can’t believe my own sister was into drugs, my own sister….”
“plea-se lower your voice” Andora interrupted.
“don’t tell me to lower my voice, whtat was your offence, because you attended a club, that’s his only reason for his wickedness,, what does he care if you attend a club or not, how does it concern him, you should have asked him to call me, why did you accept his proposal, that guy is crazy” Jason barked.
“calm down bro, plea-se. He’s been arrested, all thanks to Goldie.even that day that I went to the hospital to apologize to him, it was his girlfriend that I met and she almost arrested me, but Goldie intervened…”
“how did she get there”
“she’s the best friend to Zack’s girlfriend, she pleaded with her to let me go, after the girl forgave me and asked me go, I turned to thank Goldieshe said something, and the way she looked at me made me feel like she could see throu-gh me, I so baffled, I tried to cover myself but my response sold me out. I wondered what kind of woman she was, she saw the hand writing on the wall. If not because of Goldie, I would have dead by now cause I’m pretty sure that Zack would have killed me as soon as he recovers. Jason, you marrying Goldie is like I’m paying her the debt I didn’t know how to pay, plea-se Jason. She also promised to take me to the rehabilitation center if we explain things to mum and dad. What kind of woman will make my brother happy if not the one who saved his helpless sister. Don’t think negative about her, because everything about her is positive.” Andora concluded.
“you people keep saying, I’m so confused. Ok, fine, I’ll think about it” he promised.
“really? Thank you so much, I love you.” She hvgged him. “alright, I have to go now, I want to go and see a friend down the street, see you later, bye” she said and ran out.
“Jason sighed and slumped on his be-d.
“what do I do now, by the way, God why did you allow her do positive things for my sisters, you should have made her offend one of them so that I can use it against her, but you just… how do I handle this now, just ….” As he was talking, his phone began to ring, he looked at the screen and saw ‘Rosy’. “perfect timing, as if she knew that I’m dying to talk to someone.” He picked the call. “hello…”
Goldie knocked on Ciara’s metal door3 times before the door swung open and baby cute face of Ciara pooped out.
“sup bae, you know? Normal people use door bell” Ciara whined.
“I’m not normal, am I coming in or not” Goldie asked.
“get in here bit-ch” Goldie stepped in, ciara rumpled her hair as she walked past her.
“ok, you look dull, angry, [email protected] and…”
“I know, I look everything bad” Goldie interrupted.
“you didn’t let me finish, ok, you look dull, angry, [email protected] and cray cray with a mix of a little happiness. What’s up” Ciara asked.
“you may want to sit down and listen as the bomb explodes” Goldie said and Ciara ran to a chair. “uuuuu, I love listening to exploding bombs, so hit me”
“it’s Jackson jay” Goldie started.
“I don’t un-derstand” Ciara asked in confusion.
“the guy I’ll be getting married to is Jackson jay”
“aaahhhhhhhhh! OMG, oh my Gosh. This bomb is too, way too loud. What!. Tell me you are pu-lling my legs, just tell me you are joking” Ciara asked with wi-de smile.
“I wish” Goldie replied.
“what do you mean ‘you wish’? babe we are talking about Jackson Jay, like you will be getting married to Jackson jay, and you are telling me you wish you were joking. Goldie plea-se, don’t tell me you rejected it.”
“you misun-derstand me C.J, I did not reject him, is just that the way you talked about him, when I realized the guy was the same person you were talking about, I expected more from him but what I saw was completely out of my expectation” Goldie complained.
“what did you see? How does he look, I mean how does his voice sound like?” Ciara asked excitedly.
“are you sure you don’t have feelings for him” Goldie asked tea-singly.
“babe I’m not, I just love his paintings and him as a person, I can’t be crushing on a guy who turned out to be my bestie’s arranged husband na”
“you better not, cause I won’t take it lightly with” Goldie spat and Ciara bur-st into laughter.
“see this ode, I thought you said you didn’t like what you saw, na w€tin come change fa?”
“you know when I first set my eyes on him at the drug store, I felt this electric, like a shock, I felt my stomach bubbling, the bu-tterflies in my stomach [email protected]£ to life as if I swallowed sun flowers, I could still see the image, he just stood there with his angry face, his shoulders broad and high, his cute face, a very sharp chin, his skin color, not too fair and not too dark, just perfect. His tall feature, like babe I nearly [email protected] out, but I managed to comport my self” Goldie said dreamily. “But I realized that he finds it difficult to keep his mouth shut, he talks too much, and he is so disrespectful, so annoying” she spat in disgust.
“what did he do to you Gold” Ciara asked suspiciously.
“what did he not do, he would have cut my ‘girl power’ to pieces if I had let him just because of the accident that got his phone shattered at the drug store”
“wait a minute, he was the dude you bu-mped into at the drug store” Ciara asked in shock and Goldie nodded. “why didn’t you tell me it was him” Ciara fired.
“I didn’t know it was him, I didn’t know who Jackson jay was, I mean his face until I saw him today” Goldie defended.
“so how did your conversation go”
“really bad, it wasn’t even a conversation, it was more of an argument, we ended up yelling at each other, he kept blamimg me for his phone, and the annoying [email protected] was when he said he can’t marry someone like me, that I’m a nerd wshich means I’m stupid, boring and old fashion”
“he called you a nerd? Has motherfv¢ker met you, as in the real you?” Ciara asked as she pointed at Goldie. “although I really believed he’s not that kind of person” she added in a low tone.
“talking as if you know real life, do you see his character in his paintings? But anyways, I know he’s not like that, he was just angry over this marriage thing. But the way he expressed his anger was irritating, he behaved as if this whole thing is affecting only him and that’s annoying, that’s why I though I didn’t like him, but I actually do” Goldie confess with a smile
“so you do like him” Ciara tea-sed. And Goldie blu-shed.
“somehow, even though he didn’t behave like it, but I he’s responsible, nice, a very wonderful s-en-se of humor, he behaved arrongantly and proud but I know that inside him lives a very humble man, and boy did I mention he’s charming.”
“love is in the air, you are in love” Ciara cooed.
“I’m not, I’m just trying to give all this a chance. And let me drop another bomb”
“hit me”
“the lady that I saved at the jewelry store is his elder sister..”
“wada fv¢k”
“relax, the bomb is not over yet. The girl Zack pla-yed like football, Andora, is his younger sister”
“you’ve got to be kidding me, wow, they will so welcome you and if that’s the case then you have no problem, he is alre-ady your husband. I mean who wouldn’t want to marry the girl who saved his two sister from a deadly dungeon” Ciara asked rhetorically.
“”but I don’t want him to marry me because I saved his sisters, I want hims to marry me because he wants to just like I’ve decided to marry him because I want to” Goldie stated.
“don’t worry, this marriage will work, just put it in prayer and God will do it for you, ok?” Ciara said and Goldie nodded. They [email protected]£ silent for a while, but Ciara finally broke it.
“Jackson Jay, Jackson Jay, wait a minute Goldie, aren’t we forgetting something about him” she asked.
“something like what?” Goldie asked in confusion.
“something about marriage” Ciara answered.
They exchanged glances and [email protected] “ROSITA”

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