Love at risk Episode 39

Love At Risk
Episode 39
” I’m so sorry Malia”
she didn’t reply so I breathed in heavily and walked away.
I sat still in my car
my heart was heavy
I turned on the engine and drived out.
I found myself throwing things away in my room
” Adrian”
mom ran in
” what’s going on”
I sat on the be-d and buried my face in my palms
” Adrian
can you just talk to me”
I looked up and ran my f!ngersthrou-gh my hair
” Malia is mad at me
I couldn’t stay for her p@rty”
” Adrian
why don’t you just tell her
don’t you think she deserves to know”
” what if she doesn’t love me any more
I can’t stand that”
” she’s going to find out
and it has to be from you”
” no
she can’t find out”
” Adrian”
” she’ll see me as a monster”
She sat beside me
” son
you just have to”
she held my hand
” I’m sorry
it’s time to chain up”
Tears rolled down my cheeks
I don’t deserve all of these.
Malia’s pov
I was so heart broken but I couldn’t ruin my p@rty
” hey Malia
nice to see you again”
I turned
” Ken”
I jumped on him
he was my crush in junior grade
” nice to see you too Ken”
” still looking beautiful
I hope your not still a pain in the as-s”
” ouch”
I said and laughed
” Malia”
a tiny voice screamed
I turned
” Gosh
Zoe is that you”
I really love Amy for this
all of my friends c@m£
Then D walked in
along with the other guys
I squealed and ran to them.
The p@rty was raging
then D pu-ll-ed me aside
” there’s something I nee-d to tell you” he said.
Adrian’s pov
The next morning, I went to Malia’s room
she wasn’t back.
I went down and sat at the cabinet
she walked in with Dylan
my blood boiled
She said something to him
” okay”
he said and threw me a glance before walking away
she c@m£ to me
” we nee-d to talk”
her voice was ha-rd
” I’m sorry
I wish I could explain”
” were you with another girl last night”
” no”
” D saw you with another girl”
that son of a bit-ch
” you can’t believe him”
” why shouldn’t I
you left my p@rty for no reason”
” I had a reason”
” to meet up with someone else”
” no
you just have to believe me
he lied to you”
she scoffed
” you know what
You can hang out with whoever you want
it’s your choice”
with that she stormed to her room
leaving me speechless.
Dylan will make things worse.