Love at risk Episode 38

Love At Risk
Episode 38
” common
we can make breakfast together if you want ”
I said and walked to him
” I would love that”
he said and gave me a light k!ss.
When it was just evening, he c@m£ to my room and dragged me outside
” Adrian”
there was a helicopter with his name boldly written on it
” my mom gave it to me
on my birthday ”
oh my gosh
it’s beautiful
” common”
he said and held me in.
It was one of the best moment of my life
Flying up in the clouds
sometimes we went closer to the buildings
and the big river
it was all so enchanting.
I was so sad when it was over
” promise me we’ll do this again”
” I’m taking you some where”
he said and
my cheeks bubbled with excitement
we got in his car
he drived us to the green garden
it was dark
we stepped down from the car
” wait here”
he said and left me
I waited impatiently
” Adrian?
I moved a step and blue lights went on
” Adrian” I called and stepped another foot
red lights were on
showing a table for two
designed with flowers
Adrian was standing right beside it with some flowers
I smiled and walked up to him,
he k!$$£d me on thel-ips and handed me the flowers
” thanks Adrian
they are beautiful”
he gave me a light smile and pu-ll-ed out a chair for me
soon we were eating
” so Adrian
my mom told me to come over by nine
mind dropping me off”
” sure
I get to see your mom
She must be beautiful”
” Yah
she’s beautiful and young
but I think I look pretty much like my dad”
” sorry he’s late”
I simply nodded
we talked for a long time
got to know each other more,
” I have something for you”
he said giving me a small parcel
I collected it with curiosity and opened it in a minute
a car key
I pressed the bu-tton and a car honked just near us
I ran to it
oh my gosh
I ran back to Adrian and jumped on him
” thank you so much
it’s beautiful”
I said almost in tears
” that’s a first”
I squealed and k!$$£d him all over his face
he laughed
” we better get going”
” okay” I said with excitement.
I jumped out from the car and ran to the house
I couldn’t wait to tell everything to Amy.
Adrian’s pov
Malia was so excited
they have a small nice ap@rtment
looks like they were having a p@rty
she couldn’t st©p talking to people then
she dragged me to an older woman
” hey Adrian
this is my mom”
” nice meeting you ” I said with a smile
” Adrian
my daughter is lucky to have you”
She was told alre-ady
she walked to another person
” p@rty starts at eleven”
Malia said to me
” I can’t stay for the p@rty”
her look changed
” why?
Oh no
” I just have to get home”
she walked away
” Malia”
” just get going Adrian”
I held her hand
” its not that way”
” then stay
I nee-d you to stay ”
I held my breath
” I can’t
I’m sorry”
she ran into what I think was her room
I ran to the door
it was locked
I knocked
” leave me alone”
she was crying.
Big problem Adrian.