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Love at risk Episode 40

Love Ar Risk
Episode 40
I kept on pacing around my room
I just have to tell her
I groaned and kicked a table
I can’t
I really can’t
I went to my cabinet and took an alcoholic wine
I emptied it down and took another one.
Malia’s pov
I got dressed for Ken’s beach party
I’ll be going with the crew
I tied my hair in a messy bun and took my bag
it was a night beach party
I just needed to take my mind off Adrian
I just thought that there could be a us
but I was just being unrealistic
I blinked away tears.
D took me to the party with his car
the other guys were there
I don’t just know but Derek had this weird look
I felt uncomfortable around him
I slipped away from them to get a drink
Ken showed up behind me
” hey”
I startled and turned with a drink
” hey Ken”
” your looking good”
” Uhhh
I did crush on this guy but he never crushed on me too
so I’m not so comfortable with the compliments
” care for a dance?
” I don’t dance hip hop”
I said hoping that I sounded convincing enough
he chuckled
” you belong to a dance crew Malia
what do you dance
Oh? Crap
” common”
he held me into the midst of mad teenagers,
I felt uncomfortable
he held me close
I released a weak laughter
” What are you doing?
” your so pretty Malia
and I love your lips too”
oh boy
I have to get out from here
before I knew it
he was kissing me desperately
I struggled but he held me tight
then he squeezed my boobs
my eyes bulged out
then someone pulled him away and landed a punch on his face,
Adrian’s pov
After drinking a whole lot
I fell asleep
a call from my phone dragged me from my dead sleep
” Yah”
I said with a husky voice
” hey
I thought you might want to see this”
he hanged up and I checked my messages
a guy with Malia
I stood up and got dressed
an address entered.
Malia’s pov
He pushed Ken to the floor and kept on kicking him
” Adrian stop”
I shouted but there was something weird about him
A guy tried holding him
he got bitten in the neck and blood gushed out
everyone screamed and ran into different directions
my mouth flew open.
So the cat is out of the bag.


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