Love at risk Episode 40

Love Ar Risk
Episode 40
I kept on pacing around my room
I just have to tell her
I gro-an ed and kicked a table
I can’t
I really can’t
I went to my cabinet and took an alcoholic wine
I emptied it down and took another one.
Malia’s pov
I got dressed for Ken’s beach p@rty
I’ll be going with the crew
I tied my hair in a messy bun and took my bag
it was a night beach p@rty
I just nee-ded to take my mind off Adrian
I just thought that there could be a us
but I was just being unrealistic
I blinked away tears.
D took me to the p@rty with his car
the other guys were there
I don’t just know but Derek had this weird look
I felt uncomfortable around him
I sli-pped away from them to get a drink
Ken showed up behind me
” hey”
I startled and turned with a drink
” hey Ken”
” your looking good”
” Uhhh
I did crush on this guy but he never crushed on me too
so I’m not so comfortable with the compliments
” care for a dance?
” I don’t dance h!phop”
I said hoping that I sounded convincing enough
he chuckled
” you belong to a dance crew Malia
what do you dance
Oh? Cra-p
” common”
he held me into the midst of mad teenagers,
I felt uncomfortable
he held me close
I re-leased a weak laughter
” What are you doing?
” your so pretty Malia
and I love yourl-ips too”
oh boy
I have to get out from here
before I knew it
he was k!ss!ngme desperately
I struggled but he held me ti-ght
then he squee-zed my bo-ob s
my eyes bulged out
then someone pu-ll-ed him away and landed a punch on his face,
Adrian’s pov
After drinking a whole lot
I fell asleep
a call from my phone dragged me from my dead sleep
” Yah”
I said with a husky voice
” hey
I thought you might want to see this”
he hanged up and I checked my messages
a guy with Malia
I stood up and got dressed
an address entered.
Malia’s pov
He pushed Ken to the floor and kept on kicking him
” Adrian st©p”
I shouted but there was something weird about him
A guy tried holding him
he got bitten in the n£¢k and blood gushed out
everyone screamed and ran into different directions
my mouth flew open.
So the cat is out of the bag.