Love at risk Episode 30

Love At Risk
Episode 30
Stella’s POV
” Unbelievable!!” I screamed
“Their dance totally su-cked! We deserved to win!! ”
“Well…. But, their dance…..was uhh… Kinda nice ,you know” Anna said then bit her nails and looked away from me
“Whose side are you on Anna?” Lisa asked
” Yeah, answer that.. You always find a way to make us feel bad and silly” I fired
Looking up at us she said
“Not that, I’m just being honest, I mean, you guys , I’m tired of always being the bad guy…. That role never ends well… And if you’re being honest, then you’d know their dance was totally awesome”
Lisa and I exchange disgusted glances and looked back at her
I rolled my eyes ” whatever has gotten into you”
Lisa cleared her throat. She spoke up with her evil smile
” About our revenge plan? ”
” Oh yeah… that” I smiled wistfully
” At the competition, I met a really nice girl”
I looked at their faces..
” How does that relate?” Anna asked
” Let her talk Anna” Lisa defended
Smiling again I continued
” We talked, laughed and had a real good time…
But you see, she is Malia’s friend” I paused
” Her name is Sasha”I continued ” she told me a couple of things about Malia because I told her that I would love to be friends with Malia but I felt she was mean… The girl tried convincing me that Malia is pretty much the opposite of mean. She blabbe-d a whole lot of things” I paused
” Okay?” Lisa muttered
” But one thing caught my attention” I resumed ” Malia’s fear for water” I smiled mischievously
” So ? You’re gonna pour a cu-p of water on her ?” Anna asked
My smile dried
” Are you this dumb?” Lisa asked Anna
” What? I was just asking a question” Anna defended
” A question? I’m beginning to think you have something up your sleeves”
” You’re kidding me Lisa”
” Guyss!!” I ch!pped trying to calm them down.
It was obviously a wasted effort as Lisa bawled
” I don’t think we can trust you again Anna”
” That’s your fv¢ken problem bit-ch!”
“Enough!” I yelled at the t©p of my voice
They all kept quiet…
” Y’all arguing like children because of what? Water?” I scolded
” And to your question Anna, large b©dy water not a cu-p!!!”
” So what’s the plan?” Anna asked
” Tomorrow evening, we lure her to the swimming pool by my house and……”
“Wait! ” Lisa cut me off
” I say Anna should leave, she might betray us”
There was a whole lot of s-en-se in that, I turned a questioning look at Anna
” Really now?” Anna asked
” It’s obvious Lisa doesn’t want me around.. you know what? I’m done here!” Anna said and stormed out
“Back to the plan” I smiled more
Adrian’s POV
I opened my eyelids slowly.. they were heavy.
Stirring, I realized I was on a soft be-d.. my be-d
I closed my eyes again and popped it open at the realization that it was morning and I wasn’t in chains so that meant that I wasn’t chained at night..
Then last night’s event flooded my memory. Who pu-ll-ed me out and what happened then?
I sat up but felt a bit dizzy
” l@yback down Adrian”
I turned back and saw my mom
” What happened? ” I asked
” I should ask you that Adrian” my mom was obviously displea-sed
” Your dad is mad at you!”
Like I care
” How did I end up here?”
“Adrian when did you start doing drugs! You transformed last night, it’s a blessing that you didn’t do that in the p@rty! I hope no one saw you! .. you promised me that you would come home before 12: am!”
” Mom I don’t do drugs and you know! .. I really don’t un-derstand what happened.. My drink was drugged”
“. By who??” She asked alarmed
” The guy I beat up..the one who sh0t me”
“Oh Adrian! ”
” He knows I am the monster that beat him up”
” How? Did Malia tell him??Did you tell Malia?
” No! She doesn’t know”
” Are you sure?”
” I’m sure Mom , Malia would never do a thing like that.. can’t believe you’re blaming her”
“I’m sorry..” she said
” While I was transforming in the p@rty, someone drew me out”
” So that’s why I found you in the woods. The person dropped you there and left”
“Who could that be”
” Me” a voice spoke up, we turned to see the person.
He looked familiar.
But I was disturbe-d by the look on my mom’s face.
She was shocked. She recognized him
” Dylan.. one of the six” he said to me
” Mike?” My mom called out still shocked
” Mike is that you?”
” His name is Dylan mom, not Mike”
“Yes.. it’s me, Mike”
He said smiling softly at my mom
She walked slowly to him and ran her hand throu-gh his face, there was a scar on his lower chin.. she st©pped her f!nger on the scar
” Mike” she whispered and tears spilled from her eyes.
He hvgged her very ti-ght
” What’s happening here? You two know each other?” I was completely lost
“There’s something you should know Adrian” my mom said facing me
“He is your brother.. Lost for 10 years”
I looked at them both in disbelief..
” Brother? How ? When? .. I’m your only child mom!”
” Follow me the both of you, there’s a story I must tell you”
Okay now, what’s happening here?