Love at risk Episode 29

Love At Risk
Episode 29
Malia’s POV
It’s been two weeks now and we’ve been practicing for the competition…. God knows I’m nervous! Tomorrow is the D-DAY!!
And about Derek? I totally told him off at school… He tried bringing up the ‘Vampire’ talk again, and trust me I got maaaaaad!
But thinking of it, Adrian hasn’t even asked me to be girlfriend! And I’m alre-ady defending him… Hope he isn’t pla-ying me
But no, it’s not possible for him to pl@yme… I vividly remember that night after our outing and the whole competition practice stuff, I feel sick when Derek dropped me off..
Oh heavens, you had to see Adrian run to the room to be beside me, and out to find help, and in again!!
I know he loves me… And Derek is totally wrong to say such about him …
I get sometimes he can be mean but, he still has a sweet nice side to him…
“Uuuh” I j£rked! I turned and saw Sasha staring at me
” I’ve been calling you for how many times now? What are you thinking about?”
“Well” I blu-shed
” Ooooh! So you’re still thinking about him huh?” Sasha said sitting beside me on my be-d
” I can’t help it” I bit myl-ips and blu-shed more
” Earth to Malia!” Sasha said between giggles
” Heyy!” I said throwing a pillow at her.
“Ouch!! You smug! I’m so gonna kill you!!” She took two pillows and hit me mercilessly
I laughed ha-rd and tears sli-pped from my eye
” I sure made a wrong decision”
” Yeah…. Apologize!” Sasha said acting like a thvg
” I’m sorry Sasha!”
“You’ve forgotten my name huh?” She said hitting the pillows on me again
” Nooooo! Sorry Harely Quinn!”
” Good! ” She said standing up from me
We laughed again…
” But you’re lucky Malia… Really lucky” she said dropping the pillows
” C’mon Sasha.. You deserve better! And whoever isn’t with you is running on a loss… I mean every moment with you is bliss Sasha!”
“Awwwn” she cooed ” you always find a way to see white in black”
I laughed” there’s nothing black in your situation….. Harely….”
“Well except for joker” we laughed again
“Enough of the chit chat girls.. back to work!”
A voice spoke
” Alright ma’am” we said alre-ady knowing who it is
— One day later—
” C’mon Adrian! plea-se just this one … It’s gonna be my first time dancing on stage and I want you to be there!”
I pleaded
” Malia plea-se! You know I really want to be there but I can’t.. it’s at night and you know I don’t like staying outside at night” he said sounding as soft as possible
I felt disappointed.. really really disappointed
” Is there anything I should know?” I tried ma-king s-en-se of why he can’t be there
He fidgeted with his f!ngersand looked away
” Adrian” I said resting and my hands on his hands” are you hiding something from me?”
He opened his mouth to say something but closed it again.. his breathing tensed and he re-moved my hands from his
.” Nothing” he said and walked away
Tears welled up in my eyes
He is definitely hiding something
But I trusted him and told him everything and he is keeping secrets?
Oh so I’m the big mouth that can’t keep secrets or?
Cleaning my tears, I walked out of the house, today is a big day and I wouldn’t ruin it for some sort of… Some sort of…? Uuh!!
–7 hours later–
The hall was booming, the competition was over and people were drinking and dancing and yelling at the t©p of their voice
” It was a total blast guys!!”
” Yeah… You had to see the look on the face of the other group”
” What’s their name again?”
” Ultimates!!”
The guys laughed on..
” Yeah Ultimate loosers!!”
The six of them laughed while drinking.
But I wasn’t listening so I couldn’t tell who said what
We had won the competition..
I know I was supposed to be happy but…
I danced so well ….
.. and he wasn’t even there to see me
” Hey” A voice interrupted my thinking.
I wasn’t re-ady for another round of ” you danced so well’ compliment from people that didn’t matter to me.
I pretended not to hear and behaved like I was so engrossed in my drink
” Your dance was terrific”
I see, whoever the guy is, he isn’t gonna let me off the hook easily….
But I pla-yed deaf
“I’m really sorry for earlier Malia”
My head spun…
It was Adrian!
I smiled “You c@m£”
“You know it’s ha-rd to say no to your lovely eyes” he tea-sed me
I laughed and hvgged him ti-ght
“But I’ve gotta leave before twelve”
” Oh yeah…. Before you transform… I see you’re the male version of Cinderella”I sm-irked
He only gave a dry grin.. I wonder if I said something wrong..
Amy and Sasha walked to us with their arms linked together
” I’m not quite sure I’m comfortable with your clos£ness” I joked
” That’s your problem” Amy said
“Hey Adrian, I’ve heard a whole lot about you from your lil girl here”
I nudged her. My cheeks flu-shed
Adrian laughed
” You must be Amy, her aunt… She talks alot about you”
” Yeah I know… She’s such a big mouth”
They all laughed except me
” I’m still here guys” I said trying to sound angry
They laughed even more!
” Mind if we borrowed your Cinderella a little?”Sasha asked
“Alright” he k!$$£d my hands and they dragged me away
Adrian’s POV
” Hey bro”
I turned and looked at the person..
Looked familiar..
” I’m Derek”
” What’s up?” I said extending my hand for a shake
I was quite sure his face was familiar but I couldn’t place where I saw him
He took my hand in a shake.
” You probably don’t know me… We school together”
” Oh” I mouthed, no wonder his face was familiar
“Care for a drink?” He said giving me a glas-s of wine
I took it, lifted it in a cheers to him and gulped the content
The wine was good
He sm-irked
” I’m Derek, the one that you beat up on prom night… I know you..”
He walked away
My head spun… My pulse raced… The drink was drugged!
I remember him!
I glanced at the time.. 11:57
“fv¢k” I cussed un-der my breath
I’ve got three damn minutes to leave the hall
I pressed my way throu-gh the crowd.. I ba-rely made progress. The drug made me weak
He wanted me to transform in front of this people
Glancing at the time again 11:59
I was quite close to the door when one of the dancers hit me down..
I feel to the floor
My nails bec@m£ stiff
My pulse raced fas-ter
I could feel my face crinkle..
I dragged myself on the ground
My vision blurred..
I couldn’t let them know…
Malia shouldn’t know.. I’ll lose her
My heart and throbbe-d as my teeth began forming..
The color of the environment changed to red
I no longer had strength in me…
I would transform into a vampire and l@ydown here
They’ll all see….. she’ll see
My heart ached as tears sli-pped from my eyes
Malia I’m sorry
I closed my eyes to the influence of the drink
It is over
But then…
I felt someone drag me out the hall in a haste..
Who was that? I tried looking up but my vision failed.
Dark… Silence…
Oh my ward!😥
Who is Adrian’s savior??