Love at risk Episode 28

Love At Risk
Episode 28
Ad..?.. Adrian??
” You are just ma-king as-sumptions aren’t you?”
He looked at me then back at the road but didn’t reply.
I swallowed ha-rd and bit myl-ips.
I could still feel it, the k!ss.
I couldn’t possibly have k!$$£d a vampire few hours ago….
I mean, there was no sign of anything beastly in him.
The way he worked hisl-ips on mine tenderly, how his hands swept over my b©dy and w@!st pas-sionately but tender.
I closed my eyes and this time it watered.
My head didn’t just ache.
My head throbbe-d.
I began feeling feverish, my bones felt weak.
Then he spoke up ” I am probably ma-king as-sumptions you know, don’t take it too seriously… Sorry if what I said affected you” he probably s-en-sed that I wasn’t taking in the information well.
I glanced at him but shut my eyes immediately. My eyes hurt when I move them.
” You okay?”
” Yeah….. I just nee-d some sleep and I’ll be fine” I swallowed again to control the heat in my throat ” what is your proof?” I asked.
” Don’t worry about it Malia”
” I want to know”
” Alright, at first, you know how he is always mean and cold toward people right? I had always suspected that there was something fishy about him..
Then to fuel my suspicion…..
I don’t know… The human monster…. I don’t know how to say it….. But it looked like it had a semblance to him”
My heart sank.. literally…
“Continue” I said dryly
” And you remember that night at prom? When Adrian took you out f0rç£fully? Well Stella told me that she saw him park the car and run out into the woods… and from my knowledge, some of them transform at a p@rticular time of the night, so that might mean that he transformed and ran into the woods”
My mind flashed to that night, Adrian was yelling at me to stay away from him.
I could also remember his mom’s words ” Adrian doesn’t eat dinner with us”.
Adrian said ” I prefer staying indoors at night”
WTF is going on… And who the fv¢k is Stella and how did she see Adrian run into the woods? Was she stalking us?
” Who the fv¢k is Stella?”I asked rather angrily
” She’s a friend, the slim blonde in your clas-s”
“Oh” I mouthed… The girl that c@m£ to sit with Adrian during lunch because she saw me sit with him.
” She kinda has a crush on Adrian.. every girl does” he rolled his eyes.
I heaved… We were silent again…
“I could just be ma-king as-sumptions you know” he said as he st©pped at the traffic light.
” You know it isn’t nice to make such nas-ty and scary as-sumptions about people.. I’m not with you on this… For christsakes are you crazy! You could ruin someone’s life with these so called as-sumptions” I raised my voice.
My b©dy disciplined me and I shut up.
My sickness wors£ned and my eyes grew heavy and painful.
Derek drove silently as he rolled to a st©p at Adrian’s house
“I’m not crazy… I’ll prove it”
“Don’t do anything nas-ty Derek!”
He got out of the car, turned and opened the door for me as I got out..
I was angry but still had some manners left in me
” Thanks for the ride. Bye”
I walked into the house…
Stella’s POV
” Oh Stella you had to see them! Like a couple! Adrian literally carried her into the shop, you had to see it!!!! ” Lisa whined
” The h0t p@rt was the k!ss!! Oh heavens I couldn’t stand it!! Too t©uçhy, she was all over him .. she messed with his hair, she messed with the hair of the son of the riche-st man in France!!” Anna ch!pped in
“Enough! Adrian is mine… He will not belong to anyone, and that Malia girl, I’m sure she charmed him.. that night he ran away from her into the woods, who knows what she was trying to do to him… I’ll make sure that she regrets messing with my guy”
” And guys! She is in the dance team that is competing with us”
Anna ch!pped again
“Really?” I smiled wistfully ru-bbing my palms
” You have any plans?” Lisa asked
” Not yet…I’m cooking something up” I sm-irked