Love at risk Episode 31

Love At Risk
Episode 31
Malia’s POV
“Buzzzz” c@m£ a notification from my phone.
I got up hurriedly and opened the phone. It was a message from Sasha, it re-ad,
” Malia plea-se can you come over immediately to Rue de Rivoli street behind the theater we usually visit. plea-se be quic-k and come alone.!”
I got up immediately and put on my purple bu-m short and white singlet, it was quite sunny today.
Wearing my white fli-p-flop I ran out of my room.
Getting to the road I realized that I forgot my phone in the room but I couldn’t go back for it. Whatever made Sasha text me, it sounded like an emergency.
I boarded a public vehicle.
Whatever made my pulse race, I don’t know. My stomach churned.. I had a bad feeling about whatever made Sasha text me.
The vehicle slowed down when it got close to the theater
I got down from the vehicle and paid the driver and ran off.
I couldn’t sight Sasha, I wish I was with my phone so I could call her
” Hey” I turned and saw Stella
” Hi” I smiled
” I suppose you’re waiting for Sasha, she pleaded with me to show you to where she is hiding.” Stella said, with a nice smile
” Oh.. okay… Is she okay” I asked
” I really don’t know what the heck is wrong with her, she insists it’s urgent”
” Right” I mumbled
We started walking, she took me behind the theater and entered another route, the place was quiet and deserted.. my stomach knotted again
” Are you sure this is the way?” I asked
” Don’t worry, I asked her the same question when she brou-ght me here.. beside you should trust her, she’s your friend” she said walking fas-ter
“plea-se walk fast I’ve got something else to do” she added
“Right” I said walking fas-ter
” I didn’t get the chance to talk to you after the competition. I wanted telling you that your dance was really nice” she said still walking fas-ter
” Oh thanks, you guys did great too”
I sighted the river Seine from afar but there was no trace of Sasha, I st©pped in my track .
” C’mon let’s go”she urged
Sasha would never ask me to come to a swimming pool let alone a river.
Wait! Didn’t Sasha complain that she missed her phone last night ?
Then how did she text me
I bec@m£ suspicious
” Sasha didn’t s£nd you, did she?”
Stella faced me with a confused expression but in a second it dissolved to laughter.
I s-en-sed something awful then I began running back, but I was too late, two muscular guys held me.
I recognized one from the day Adrian and I went outting, the guy I bu-mped into.
I was alarmed, my heart beat fas-ter
“Let me go!!” I screamed repeatedly
The guys sm-irked
I struggled and hit the other one on his pe-nis
In return he hit my head.
I felt dizzy, then I saw Lizzy with a tape. She c@m£ to put it on my mouth
I bit her hand and kicked her
Ouch!!” She cried
” You guys be quic-k”Stella urged
Lizzy stood up and sl@pped me thrice as the guys pinned me down
She put the tape on my mouth and I couldn’t shout again
They tied me up
My stomach ti-ght£ñed as they dragged me to the river
Nooo! I screamed in my mind, not the river plea-se!
My flesh grew goose bu-mps
My mouth dried. I kicked and struggled but they were stronger than me.
Tears sli-pped from my eyes as they were about to lower me into the water.
Stella st©pped them
” Wait! ”
” Dear Malia, I really don’t have much to say to you… You see, if you had any s-en-se at all you would have avoided what is mine, what were you feeling like with my Adrian? Just so you know, I hate you and this is for taking Adrian away from me”
With that they dumped me into the water.
I kicked and struggled, I couldn’t differentiate the water from my tears.
My mind went blank. The only thing left was the word that meant so much to me
‘Father, daddy!’
I breathe in more water as I struggled, I cried more..
I couldn’t hold on any longer.
I felt nauseous, I urinated…
I couldn’t fight the water any more
Is this how death feels?
I closed my eyes and I saw him.. daddy…
His b©dy was lifeless and swollen and ugly
I threw my eyes open and saw his face looking sadly at me, it faded in seconds..
Daddy…. daddy…
Death wasn’t so bad , I would see what is beyond all meet with him
The last bubble swimmed out of my nose….