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Love at risk Episode 24

Love At Risk
Episode 24
I really enjoyed the show, Adrian was quiet the whole while
like I care,
” can we just have a walk
the weather is nice”
I said
” ple@sssse”
I gave him cute puppy eyes
” st©p giving me those eyes”
he said
I dimpled my cheek
” fine”
he said,
We stepped into the walking lane
I love the breeze
but this boots are hurting my feet
” Ice cream”
I screamed seeing an ice cream shop
” buy me ice cream”
I said to him
” can you act a little matured for once
you didn’t have to scream”
he said
” whatever
I want ice cream”
I said and we st©pped to get it
he didn’t get one for himself,
we continued with the walk
I decided to pick on him
” do you want some ice cream”
” I don’t take ice cream”
” you have to”
I said and stepped in front of him
I carried it to his mouth
” what are you doing”
” what does it look like
just take a bite”
” I don’t take ice cream”
He said again
here we go
I li-cked it and remained some on myl-ips
he chuckled
getting the trick
I know he won’t
so there’s no harm picking on him
he held me by the w@!st
wait! What?
” I might start taking ice cream”
he said and took myl-ips,he slowly li-cked the ice cream off
I was shocked
his mouth was so h0t
I blu-shed and pu-ll-ed myself from him
why is he so sweet.
I grew comfortable around him
” so
you have a basement in your room”
I said
he didn’t reply
” I’ve been wondering what’s inside”
he still remained quiet
” why did you come home sh0t that morning”
I continued talking
” what happened”
he didn’t say a word
” st©p acting deaf
I’m talking to you”
I said getting pissed off
” I don’t have answers to your questions
so don’t nag on me”
this minute he’s sweet
the next minute
he’s a total j£rk
I don’t just un-derstand him
I’ll keep quiet
” why do you love painting”
Staying quiet is not my thing
” you never go out
and you don’t do things in school like basket ball
I’m talking to you”
Why is he acting so cold all of a sudden,
” who do you think you are
playing cold with me
I never asked to hang out with you
so st©p acting like a complete j£rk”
I said angrily,
my feet hurts
I need to get rid of these boots
I st©pped and un Zi-pped them
” what are you doing”
Now he talks
” I can’t hear you”
I said as I re-moved the boots
” do you plan on walking ba-refooted”
he said in disbelieve
” will you borrow me your shoes”
I snapped
” are you insane?
” do I look insane”
” without your shoes
you look insane”
” I don’t care
my feets hurt
I can’t murder myself”
I said and picked the boots up
he gro-an ed and carried me up in a bridal way
my cheeks turned red
I’m mad at him for ignoring me
” drop me down”
I shouted,
his cologne is so nice
my heart is beating so fast
mr cute is carrying me,
I hope my cheeks are not red,
I felt like leaning on him,
I kicked my legs
” drop me down you j£rk”
Malia can pretend eh.

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