Love at risk Episode 23

Love At Risk
Episode 23
I went home feeling so excited
To be honest
I really can’t wait to hang out with him
What if
I just ignore cleaning today
I hope mrs Georgia never finds out
I took a shower and fell on the be-d
I closed my eyes and dozed off.
Some noise woke me up
I realised that someone was knocking
I went down to open it
it was Adrian
did he make himself this cute all for me
He was wearing a baggy black trou-sers with a white sleeveless polo
he had a tatoo on his arm
How come I never saw it
he must have just drawn it
there was a letter M
I snapped my br@in out of it
” why aren’t you dressed up”
” oh?
It sli-pped my mind”
He walked in and I closed the door
I went to my wardrobe
let me seeee
These are all regular cloths
not like I want to impress him
I picked a black bu-m short with a black singlet
I roamed my eyes for shoes
I picked a long black boot which st©pped at my knee.
He was sitting there
busy with his phone
I nee-d to change up
” Adrian”
I called and he looked up
” I nee-d to change up”
” I’m not with your cloths”
he said rudely
” don’t you get it
I nee-d you to leave”
he looked at me
his eyes roamed all over me
a mischevious smile curved hisl-ips
” I won’t look”
he said putting on one of his spoilt look
” can you be serious for once”
” I’m being serious”
I gro-an ed and stormed to the bathroom
why does he keep acting like a j£rk.
The weather was cold
the sun wasn’t out
a good weather for a walk,
but I guess we’re using his car.
I sat still in the car
the t©p was open
and the air splitted his hair all over his face
I was trying ha-rd to act tough and not look at him
but I couldn’t help
hisl-ips are so cute
they look really soft
he turned and caught me staring
I looked away quic-kly
a smile curved hisl-ips
now he’ll think I was drooling,
he increa-sed the volume of the music in the car
it was pop
kind of ra-p too
looks like his best type of music
he even ra-pped along
and oh my gosh
I almost melted listening to him
his voice was de-ep and soft at the same time,
I really enjoyed the ride
another song c@m£ in
one of my favourite
I jumped in before I realised it
And he sang along too
then every car we pas-sed by turned to look
I heard a man from a close car say
crazy teenagers
who cares
I love being crazy.
We st©pped at the movies
” they are having kids show”
he said
” its a cartoon
not kids show”
I defended
I really love cartoons
” I don’t care
we’re leaving”
” no
I’m staying”
” don’t be so difficult
your not a kid”
he said
” look
adults are buying tickets”
” they are with kids”
he said
” not all of them”
I said
” common”
I said and dragged him to get tickets
” two tickets plea-se”
I said and he paid,
I bought two popcorns.
We went in and sat down
the lights went off
and we could only see the big screen
” I can’t believe I’m watching this”
I heard him say.
Adrian doesn’t have a choice .