Love at risk Episode 22

Love At Risk
Episode 22
Should I say yes,
I should say no right?
But what if I say yes
Common Malia
” I’ll un-derstand if you say no”
he added
putting on a pathetic look
oh my God
he really knows how to t©uçh my soft sp©t
” okay
but we won’t stay long”
” tomorrow then”
he said
” that’s fine with me”
I said.
” you mean sire Adrian asked you out”
Sasha shouted
thank God we’re in my room
” he didn’t ask me out
he asked me to hang out with him
there’s a difference”
” gosh girl
your so lucky
I swear
every girl he pas-ses by will be rushed to the hospital”
” don’t exaggerate
He’s not that cute”
” You really nee-d an eye check up”
she said
I rolled my eyes
” oh my
have been dreaming of him
br@iding my hair”
she said holding her hair
” don’t quote me wrong
I’m not obsessed with him
I just have a crush on him”
” whatever”
I said and rolled my eyes again
” hey”
she said and punched my arm
” what”
I said
” your jealous”
” what?
I threw a pillow on her
she threw it back
” your so annoying
why should I be jealous
his face is disgusting”
” your very good at pretending”
she said
” Whatever”
I said boiling up
” I think he has a crush on you”
I pla-yed deaf
” first
he gave you your own room
and now he’s asking you out”
I gro-an ed
” he’s not asking me out
I told you
there’s a big difference”
” fine fine
I give up
let’s just see how tomorrow goes with mr handsome”
I rolled my eyes again
” whatever”
I muttered un-der my breath.
My mind wasn’t even in clas-s, he was busy with his phone
he never pays attention in clas-s.
The bell rang for lunch and we poured out to the cafeteria
he sat at his own table
I picked my food and headed to a table
I changed my mind and went to his
I dropped my food and sat down
he looked up
” don’t tell me to stand up
cause I won’t”
I snapped
he went back to his phone
Won’t he say something
I don’t care
I started eating
a girl walked to the table and dropped her food
” hi handsome”
she said to him then gave me a deadly look
she started eating
Adrian looked up at her
” what are you doing”
he said
” she’s sitting at your table
I thought I could too ”
” this isn’t a table for commoners
so get your as-s up”
” what? That’s not fair
I’m not a commoner”
He pushed her food off the table
she screamed in fright
” I hate repeating myself”
he said and she stood up
all eyes were on us
mostly on me
the girl ran out
he sat back and continued with whatever he was doing on his phone
his food was unt©uçhed
I went back to my food
I could see the envy in the girls’ eyes
I’m sitting with Adrian Allen
I think my head is three.
Malia should make her head four.