Love at risk Episode 21

Love At Risk
Episode 21
Malia’s POV
I went home feeling confused,
is Adrian some kind of monster
I nee-d to find out the truth.
I went to the kitchen to have breakfast
his mom c@m£ in
” everyone out”
she said
” except you Malia”
she said
the rest went out
” goodmorning ma’am”
” Malia
I have something important to discuss with you”
” okay ma’am”
she st©pped and looked at me
” Nevermind”
she said and turned out
I stood there with puzzled eyes
the rest c@m£ in
” hey
what did she say”
Sasha asked
” nothing”
” nothing?
” yeah
but I think she had something to say”
I said and kept my food on a table
I lost appetite all of a sudden.
I went to his painting room for cleaning,
I sang while I cleaned
then I felt someone behind me
I turned to see Adrian
he looked so cute
some kind of demi god
His looks are just killing
I cleared my throat
I think he wants to apologise
” I nee-d to paint alone”
is he telling me to leave
and he won’t even apologise
” I don’t think I have to repeat myself”
” I’ll leave
when you explain everything to me
dragging me out from Prom”
” I’m not in the mood to talk”
” well?
You should be in the mood to apologise”
” can you just leave me alone”
he said
” I know your a monster”
I said not even sure
I think
I shouldn’t have said that
” what did you just say”
he said looking deadly
I gulped in nervously
my mouth will certainly put me in a hell hole
” ummmm
I said twisting my f!ngersbehind me
” you know what”
I said and headed to the door
” I’ll just leave”
” wait”
he said and I turned
” I”
he said and st©pped
finding it difficult to complete whatever he has to say
” I’ve never been really anywhere else ap@rt from school”
how does that have to do with me
” can you hang out with me”
He can’t be serious
” plea-se”
he added with a really soft voice
my br@in bec@m£ confused
should I say yes.