Love at risk Episode 25

Love At Risk
Episode 25
” No Adrian! Put me down” I said trying to sound commanding, I bit myl-ips looking down,this feels too?? Lovely! br@ins before the hearts right?
” Adrian!!” I shouted kicking my legs, people kept throwing glancing at us on the road.. He continued carrying me sternly into a well furnished shop finally he lowered me and I stood.
Shoes, bags, clothes, jewelries and the likes where displa-yed behind the glas-s doors, people trooped in and out with bags and trolleys, you’d be careful not to bu-mpe into someone…
Adrian sighted a boy wearing the worker’s uniform and gestured to him
” bring shoes her size, sneakers to be specific” wait! Is he buying me a shoe!
” No, don’t bother dude, I didn’t go out with you because I was poor or in nee-d of money”
I crossed my arms and pouted myl-ips. He looked stunned, I could see his brows were raised, yea I love that look, I felt unpredictable, but there was another disturbing look, somewhat giving away an excruciating pain.
He swallowed ha-rd and to-re his gaze from me
” excuse me” he said to me and motioned to the boy
” show me to the restroom”. The boy nodded and walked away with him, I noticed Adrian hold his shoulder while they br@nched a corridor.
Cra-p! That’s it! His wound wasn’t healed and he carried me,my weight must have further bruised the wound.
A sting of guilt surrounded me but I waved it away, I asked him to put me down after all.
Stri-ding out of the shop with my shoe in my left hand, I saw something sparkle, I went close , it was a silver br@celet made in a twist manner with several little star pendants, I g@sped, honestly the sight was breath taking.
A young lady with the uniform walked to me with a smile plastered on her face, probably wondering what I was doing there
” May I help you find something miss?” I smiled and looked at the br@celet, she followed my gaze and sm-irked
” It is made of pure silver, it is really expensive but worth it. It has a special lock on it ma-king it almost impossible to steal, and you can customize it, place orders for a specific design you wish for, even with your name on it”
” Really?. You know it’s really tempting to buy” I said with a smile ba-rely taking my eyes of it
” You can ask your b©yfri£ndto get it you” she said referring to Adrian, she must have seen him carry me in
” My?? No…he isn’t my b©yfri£nd” I laughed dryly to wave off her statement. Turning back I saw Adrian staring at us, how long had he been there? Did he hear the b©yfri£ndthing?!
My nerves twitched at the thought of that.
“Uuhh, you done?” I asked swinging my shoes gently by my side while using my free hand to tuck in the scattered strands of my hair behind my ear, it was a struggle to get my eyes it meet his, my eyes kept cowarding away to the ground while he kept staring at me expressionlessly..weird
Finally out of the shop, we walked side by side, our skin brushed against each other, the silence between us was uncomfortable, so I started
” What did you eat this morning?” He gave a questioning glance at me but kept on walking with hands in his pocket, I smiled wistfully,
“Just saying you know, seems like you had a good one back there in the restroom” I smiled giving him that ‘ if you know what I mean’ look.
He got the message and laughed, his voice was coarse and de-ep, my heart ti-ght£ñed, I watched every movement of his face, how he rolled his eyes and how his cheeks went up and something began forming on his cheeks, then I realized! Adrian has dimples!
” You know you’re some crazy girl Malia” he said with chuckles, I couldn’t get my eyes off him.
I am quite sure that myl-ips t©uçhed my ears while I smiled, I couldn’t hold back so I closed my eyes and laughed, closing my eyes was the only way to st©p drooling, still in the middle of an ecstatic laugh, I bu-mped into someone,my eyes flew open
” Watch where you’re going imbecile” a short muscular guy of our age range blurted. WTF!
” What the heck did you call me short scrote!” I retorted. He carried his hands up with f0rç£, it was in a fist!!! Oh dear, I saw it coming to my face, my b©dy stiffened, I closed my eyes, my heart skipped an actual beat, I swear I felt the breeze coming with the fist…
Oh dear Malia, after that punch, you’ll learn mouth control 😂
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