Love at risk Episode 12

Love At Risk
Episode 12
Gosh! I’m in a dance crew, I twisted my b©dy to silly moves
” Malia?
Sasha said laughing at my crazy moves
” you’ll make a good dancer”
” I can’t wait”
I said and jumped on the be-d.
The next morning, I stood by the table while he had breakfast
he ate alone and didn’t even eat much
He stood up and walked out without sparing me a glance
I took a two hours permit from mrs Georgia to be practicing with the crew
mrs Georgia is the chief servant
” are you so sure of this”
Sasha said
” I’m so excited
don’t worry about me”
” they are six dudes girl”
” I know
they won’t hurt me”
I gr@bb£d my backpack
” you’ll fill in for me whenever Adrian eats lunch”
” be careful”
” I will”
I said and walked out.
I was too excited, I couldn’t even pay attenton in clas-s
I couldn’t wait for clas-ses to end
Maybe Adrian noticed
he kept on glancing.
I ran out immediately the final bell rang
I took a cab to the address given to me.
It was a tall building
I walked in
there was a man in front
” St©p miss
you can’t get in”
” what do you mean”
” hey”
I turned to see the guy from yesterday
” let her go Josh
she’s practicing with us”
He stepped aside
I turned to the guy
” hi”
he said with a smile
” this way”
he said and I followed him.
We pas-sed by a room with little girls dancing ballet
we took an elevator stairs
we got to a large room
more like a hall
” this is where we practise
let me introduce you to the boys”
we walked to the five other guys
” Woah
she’s h0t” one said
” yeah”
the rest said smiling at me
now they’ll make me freak out,
” hey
get your dirty eyes off her”
the guy said
” this is Mason”
he said pointing to a really slim guy with brown hair
” hi” he said with a cool smile
” this is Liam”
he pointed at another guy with curly brown hair
” hi” he said flashing me a smile too
” and Theo”
he said pointing to a guy with a long black hair which he tied together
he had sparkling brown eyes
he just gave me a smile
” and Derek”
a guy with brown skin, nice pinkl-ips and beautiful corn rows
” and Scott”
A guy with sharp green eyes
” I’m Dylan
but just call me D”
the guy said
he had short golden hair
” and guys” he said to them
” this is Malia
the Black Crew’s girl”
oh no
I really dont nee-d special treatment
” shall we”
he said to me giving me some Sneakers
” they are comfortable dancing with” he said with a smile
” I love them”
I said
they turned on a music
the guys made crazy dance moves which made me laugh
this will be real fun.
D dropped me off with his car
” see you tomorrow
I’m glad you pick up fast”
” I have great teachers”
I said with a smile
” we have a great girl too”
I smiled and stepped down
” see you tomorrow”
I said and he drove off,
I love them alre-ady.
I kicked some steps
dancing into the house.
I had lunch and left to clean Adrian’s room
I knocked
and went in
he wasn’t in
must be in his painting room
I plugged in my headphones
and sli-pped my phone into my dress pocket
I stood at the mirror
I unpacked my hair and tied it again neatly
I hummed and bent
wiggling my w@!st and shaking my bu-tt,
I turned to see Adrian behind me with a towel
you are in a guy’s room oh
try those moves outside.