Love at risk Episode 13

Love At Risk
Episode 13
He didn’t just see me shake my bu-tt
I gulped in nothing
his silence was killing me
” nice moves”
he said and my breathe almost seized
I have to appear tough
” I really don’t nee-d your compliment”
he sm-irked and c@m£ close
what’s he doing
I stepped backward
he moved closer
” don’t come near me”
I said still moving back
My back leaned on the wall and he tra-pped me in
” I was hoping you could step into the wall”
he said with a mischevious smile
” let me go”
I said
He li-cked hisl-ips ma-king it more pink
” on one condition”
he said looking into my eyes
not again
” what’s going on here”
I turned to see his mom at the door
he looked at her
then back at me
” your as-s just got saved”
He stepped away from me and I hurried out
Thank goodness
she c@m£ to my rescue
Adrian can really be a j£rk.
After practise the next day, the guys took me out to
a sort of str!p place
There were halve n-ked ladies everywhere
the whole place was dark with red and blue lights.
I drank some wine and my head spinned
The guys laughed and I took more.
Adrian’s Pov
I sat at the cabinet drinking when Malia walked in
looking drun!kto stupor
She ran her f!ngersthrou-gh her hair and walked to me with unsteady steps
” hi handsome”
she said and sat on the table in front of me
” Malia”
I said but she held my collars
” shhhh”
she said and ran her f!ngersthrou-gh my hair
the feeling was electrifying
” why are you so cute”
she said ru-bbing my cheeks
I loved the feeling
I didn’t want her to st©p
She brou-ght her face closer and took myl-ips
she pla-yed with it for some time
I held her w@!st and took over the k!ss.
One word for drun!kMalia.