Love at risk Episode 11

Love At Risk
Episode 11
God! The whole coffee had emptied on him
That wasn’t the problem
I’m laying on him
” get off me”
he said pushing me aside
I stood up and he did too
I chuckled
I’m always spilling things on him
” what’s so funny
you just ruined my outfit”
” it was an accident
” you were eavesdropping”
” what?
Why would I eavesdrop on you ”
” I was wondering the same thing”
he said and I rolled my eyes
” do you nee-d another coffee
I said with a mocking tone
he slammed the door on my face
” that’s a no”
I shouted but didn’t get a reply
” whatever”
I said and walked away.
Gosh I’m so late
I gr@bb£d my bag and ran out.
I was p@n-ting as I ran to clas-s
I barged in and all eyes turned on me
I gulped in nervously
” hi”
I said smiling and sounding stupid
the teacher
a short man with tiny lence
” get in miss
and don’t waste our time”
I walked in to my seat
the j£rk was there
he didn’t even look up
I sat down and tugged my hair behind my ear
I remembered falling on him
a smile curved myl-ips
It would be any girl’s honor to fall on a guy so cute.
After school, I ran to him
” hey
can I ask for a ride”
” what do I look like
your driver?
” just be kind this once”
he arched an eyebrow
” pleas-sssse”
I said giving him puppy eyes
He threw some money on me
” take a cab”
” what?
” I’m being kind”
he said and walked away
I took the money
Big Spender
The money is more than I expected.
There’s this girl Sasha, we share the same room
and she’s kind of my friend
” your so lucky to go to Allen High”
she said while we ate dinner
” thanks
how long have you been working here”
” two years”
” when does sire Adrian leave the house”
I know your wondering
I want to break into the basement
” he doesn’t really go out
but he spends a lot of time in his painting room”
he doesn’t go out
” do girls visit him”
” that was before
I think they were paid, cause I never saw a face twice
but they suddenly st©pped visiting
I think he just changed”
” so he doesn’t have a girlfriend”
” I don’t think so
why do you ask”
” just asking”
” you have feelings for him”
She said and I choked on my food
” hey”
she said laughing
” he’s so ugly”
I said to my rescue
” common
even a blind girl can die for his looks
like literally”
” wait! Are you crushing on him”
she laughed
” every girl is crushing on him
no one told him to have killer looks”
” I’m not crushing on him”
I said picking my food
” not yet”
she said
” don’t stay there gossiping”
mrs Brianna
the chief cook said
these women act like they own the house.
Adrian’s Pov
I had a cool shower and went to my painting room,
I painted a girl for a long time
I st©pped and looked at it
She looks just like Malia
I didn’t just paint her
its all co- incidence
she looks like my painting and that’s all
I tossed it aside and walked to the balcony
I leaned on the cold steel and looked at the clouds
I saw a face with puppy eyes.
Malia’s Pov
I went out for a walk with Sasha
it was fun
we bought some ice cream cone
we st©pped by a group of
street dancers
I loved their dance steps
They were six guys
they were freaking good at dancing
After the dance
one of them walked up to me
” hi” he said to me
” hi” I said
” um
I know its weird to ask
but we’ve been looking for a girl to join our crew”
” what?
I can’t dance”
” we could train you”
” you perform on the street for money”
” no
for fun,
plea-se say yes”
I really love their dance
those crazy moves
” yes
I’ll join your crew”
He gave me a captivating smile
” welcome to Black Crew”
” Malia” I said.
how many times have I called you
six guys and one girl.