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love again episode 33

➡➡➡⏺️LOVE AGAIN ⏺️⬅️⬅️
*👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨EPISODE 33👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨*

From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽


The driver stopped the car in front of a
mansion after the drive of half an hour. The
mansion illuminated by hundreds of lights was
visible from the end of the road. There was a
huge crowd in front of the house that elevated
my social anxiety a little.
The driver opened the door for me and I
gripped my dress before stepping out. Evan
reached me and then placed his arm on my
wa-ist, his warmth seeping through the thin
fabric of the dress.
“Smile,” he leaned down and whispered in my
ears. He had guessed my nervousness which
was probably dripping from my face. Nodding,
I stretched my l!ps into a forced smile and
together, we made our way inside.
The hall was filled with people dressed in their
best. This was not my type of party. My type
was more of a low-budget party with chicken
tenders as food and everyone playing funny
games and laughing around.
“Mr. Parker.” A man came towards us to shake
Evan’s hand. He was a tall, broad man with
salt and pepper hair and a light beard.
“Mr. Glenn,” Evan shook his hand. “Meet my
lovely wife, Scarlet,” he smiled at me and then
pulled me close to him. His masculine scent
filled me and I inhaled deeply.
“Mrs. Parker, you look absolutely
mesmerising.” he said. I extended my arm and
he leaned down to klzz the back of my hand.
“You both enjoy the party. If you need anything,
I’m here. I’ll go check on other guests.” he
said in a pleading tone and then left.
I pulled myself away from Evan and recreated
the distance between us, which earned me a
scowl from him.
One by one, many people came to meet us.
They all praised us and specifically me; some
on the dress, some on my beauty, some on
my smile. I don’t know if those praises were
fake or not but they succeeded in making me
“Why is everyone being so nice with us?” I
asked him once we were at the food corner.
“You are married to a successful businessman.
You should get used to it.” he said and placed
prawns in his plate.
“Wow, do they know a ‘successul
businessman’ like you is an @ss inside the
house?” I said and his hands stopped in the
He lifted his head and narrowed his eyes at
me. “When am I an @ss?” he glowered.
“Always.” I shrugged and put a sandwich in my
“Give me an instance, dear.” he co-cked his
head to a side and asked.
“Well, for example, just before leaving for the
party.” I stated honestly and his frown
He was about to ask further when one of the
women I met before came and took me along
her. She took me to a group of ladies, all of
which were talking about different designers
and jewelers.
“Your dress looks amazing. Is it designer?”
One woman asked.
“Um… Yeah.” I said and remembered how
Nate practically dragged me to a boutique.
Guess I should thank him for that.
“Your skin looks flawless. What products do
you use?” Another woman asked.
“I… I use soap.” I said honestly and they all
started grinning at my answer.
“Are these real diamonds?” The first woman
asked me, pointing at the necklace.
“Um… I don’t know.” I shrugged nervously.
“Evan gave me this.”
“I’m sure it is real. The sparkle gives it away.”
A blonde woman said.
“Maybe.” I replied uncomfortably.

I didn’t like the scrutiny they were giving to
me. I felt out of place in them and my
continuous shifting on my feet probably made
it obvious. I wanted to run away and go to
someone who would ask me about me and my
likes or dislikes, not about my skin or dress or
hair or jewelry.
“Can I steal my wife for a dance?” I heard
Evan’s voice behind me. He placed his arm on
my wa-ist and pulled me along him to the
darker area of the hall where some couples
were busy in slow dancing. It reminded me of
the party right after our marriage. “You look
like you were having a terrible time.” he said
as he rested his arm on my wa-ist and
extended the other arm for me to hold.
“Hmm,” I shrugged, lacing my f!ng£rs with his.
The dark lightning helped curbed my anxiety
and I started moving along the slow rhythm.
His piercing blue eyes were focused on my
face, @ssessing my actions.
Leaning forwards, he rested his chin on my
bare shoulder in a way that the side of his face
was touching mine, his stubble tickling my
skin. We stayed like that, dancing slowly and
feeling each other’s heartbeat against our
“What were you saying before? About me being
an @ss before leaving the house.” he asked.
“You insulted me by insinuating that I was
trying to take Eliza’s place. Your words
sometimes make me feel so small.” I said,
closing my eyes and letting him guide me on
the floor.
“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” he mumbled.
“But you did,” I replied in a dry tone.
He went silent for a moment at this. Our feet
moved in synchronisation as he slowly swayed
me in rhythm.
“Have you ever been in love?” he whispered as
he nuzzled his nose along my neck. My breath
hitched and warmth settled in my belly.
“No,” I said.
“Have you ever looked at a person and think
you want to spend the rest of your life with
him?” he asked further.
“No,” I said but for some reason, Evan’s face
appeared in front of my eyes. I am screwed.
“Then you won’t understand the guilt of moving
on in life without that person, the guilt of
breaking all the promises you made together.
Every breath, every [email protected] day feels like a
crime.” he said and his voice was dripping
with grief. Tears pricked the back of my eyes
at his misery and I took a deep breath.
“If the roles were reversed, would you want her
to spend her life with just your memory,
forgetting about every other person in her life?”
I asked, fighting the urge to cry.
He didn’t reply for a minute. The only sound I
could hear was the sound of the soft music. I
wished I could see his face right now that he
was hiding on my shoulder.
“No.” he said.
“Then how can she want that? Did you love her
more than she loved you? Do you think her
love was that shallow?” I asked. I knew I was
stepping inside dangerous territory but
someone had to say this to him.
He didn’t reply this time. Instead he pulled
away and told me that we were leaving. There
was a hint of moisture in his eyes and my
heart clenched on seeing this.
Silently, I followed him out of the house. It was
raining outside and the driver was waiting for
us with an umbrella. He drove us back to the
beach house, amidst the heavy rain and the
rumbling of clouds.
Throughout the drive, my eyes kept averting to
him. I wanted to console him, I wanted to tell
him that it was okay, but I couldn’t. So I sat
there silently, observing the huge drops of
water trickling against the [email protected]
When the car stopped in front of the house
and we stepped inside, darkness welcomed
us. “The electricity sometimes goes off when
the weather here is bad. I will call the
technician,” the driver told me.
Nodding, I used the moonlight coming through
the [email protected] door illuminating the lounge as a
source of light and treaded towards our room.
Entering the dark room, Evan went into the
bathroom using his mobile torch while I made
my way to the [email protected] wall separating the room
from the beach.
The beach looked much more serene in the
rain. The sight of water dissolving into the
mighty sea was soothing. It was the perfect
description of the havoc going inside me. I
was the small drop of water trying to make my
room in Evan’s life but somewhere in the way,
I was losing myself and failing miserably.
“Beautiful, isn’t it?” I heard Evan’s voice behind
me. I hadn’t noticed when he walked out of the
bathroom or reached me.
“Yeah,” I whispered and closed my eyes,
relishing in the sound of rain.
I felt his cold f!ng£rs on the nape of my neck
and he slowly pushed all my hair to one
shoulder, like they were styled before. He
slowly undid the necklace and took it off my
My heart starting pounding against my ribcage
when I felt his breath on my shoulder. I angled
my neck and sighed when I felt his l!ps on the
place connecting my shoulder to my neck.
Slowly, he trailed a path from that junction to
my ear, peppering soft klzzes along the way.
His l!ps were unbelievably soft and they felt
like feathers against my skin. My lungs
stopped working at his small klzzes and I
balled my fists on my sides in nervousness.
His right hand rested on my wa-ist and he drew
small circles over the fabric. His tongue darted
to li-ck a part beneath my earlobe and an
involuntary [email protected] escaped my l!ps. Feeling
light and dizzy, I rested my head back on his
chest and let him continue his soft torture.


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