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love again episode 31 & 32

➡➡➡⏺️LOVE AGAIN ⏺️⬅️⬅️
*👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨EPISODE 31👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨*

From U.S Bah ❤✌🏽


As Evan slowly pulled off his shirt, my throat
suddenly dried up. This was the first time I
was seeing him without his shirt and to say
that he was handsome would be an
His tan, ripped body glistened under the
sunlight. His abs stood out the most and
made me wonder when does he work out. He
wasn’t overly muscular like those boxers or
wrestlers, just the perfect amount of lean
ruggedness to make him look like a Greek
“Old you say?” he said, breaking my chain of
thoughts and that’s when he shifted in front of
me to pick up the ball. He dribbled it up and
down in quick speed and I just watched him
I had never played it before so I was just
doing it for fun but he looked like he could
play it well. It reminded me of when he told
me he used to play sports in college. And here
I was, the ultimate potato, challenging him.
I tried to take the ball out of his hand but he
was constantly bouncing it up and down, all
the while flashing me a stupid smirk, as if
making fun of me. Every time I extended my
arm, he would slightly tilt towards the other
direction to protect the ball from me. It took
him few seconds to score his first basket and
he jumped upwards to catch the ball once
“Ugh, give it to me.” I whined when I failed to
take the ball from him.
“Whine [email protected] I can’t hear you over the sound
of victory.” he said and I [email protected] And then,
with a swift motion, he scored another basket.
“When you are old enough to play with me, we
will talk.” he grinned at me, stretching his arm
over his head. His muscles rippled with every
motion and I had to gulp [email protected] to swallow
the ball of nerves down my throat.
“It’s not fair, I am a girl.” I said and crossed
my arms in front of my chest. My actions
urged him to move his eyes lower to my
bosoms. “We tend to be shorter.”
“Excuses, excuses.” he smirked again, lifting
his gaze from my chest once again.
“Go to hell,” I shouted in [email protected] as I
stomped towards the folding wooden chair. I
lay down on it and closed my eyes, resting my
arm over my eyes.
I could feel his eyes on me and it made me
self-conscious of being in a swimwear. But I
didn’t want to show him his effect on me so I
kept my face confident, as if his attentive gaze
on me didn’t affect me at all.
My thoughts moved to last night when he had
placed small klzzes on my jaw. I hated how
once again, I let him come near me the way he
wants. It was bad for my self-respect and I
hated myself for it but I couldn’t stop. His
touch was too tempting to leave.
“I didn’t know you are a sore loser.” I heard
his voice from a distance.
“You are a loser.” I yelled back, still with eyes
The sound of another deep chuckle
reverberated through my body and I clenched
my eyes [email protected] He was making feel different
things and I wasn’t ready for this. So when I
finally heard the sound of door, I let out a
When I opened my eyes, the sun had already
started to set which meant I was sleeping for
last two hours. The reddish hue of the
drowning sun was decorating the sky. The
contrast of it with the blue waves of water was
too beautiful to be real.
Stretching my limbs, I stood up and wore a
poncho over my bikini. I slowly made my way
back to the house and the tentalising aroma of
something on the stove pulled me to the
My eyes widened when I saw Evan cooking
something. It was the first time I saw him
cook anything and the scene was a sight to
behold. He looked so focused and calculating,
as if it was another one of his projects.
“Go take a shower. I will set the table.” he
said. Surprised and impatient to taste his food,
I nodded and hurried towards the bathroom to
take a quick shower to wash off all the dust.
I wore the floral maxi dress I had bought and
then let my W-et hair loose. Spraying some
perfume on me and applying some l!pstick to
color my l!ps, I made my way back to the
He had set up the table in front of the [email protected]
door through which the beautiful scenery was
visible. Two plates of spaghetti and meatballs
and two [email protected] of wine were already set on
the table, waiting to be devoured.
“Is it a date?” I joked as I settled in front of
“Would you like it to be?” he asked with a
teasing smile. He looked good in a the light
blue T-shirt he was wearing. Such colors
suited his eyes and made him look more
boyish and young.
Is he flirting with me? This was not the Evan I
had married. He was never in such a good
mood and flirting was an unknown deal to him.
“I’d rather not,” I said and refused to let him
get to my mind once again.
“Then it’s not,” he shrugged and took a sip of
the wine. I mimicked him and took a sip,
feeling the sharp taste burning my tongue.
After this, I took a bite and closed my eyes in
relief when it didn’t turn out to be bitter or
sweet. I remember the first time Liam cooked
pasta; he added one tablespoon of sugar to
‘less£n the acidity’ according to him.
“We are invited to a party tomorrow night.” he
said. “It’s hosted by our investors.”
“Oh, okay. Thank God, I brought a black
evening gown with me. Nate said the color
suits me.” I told him.
“Ahan? Nate said that?” he raised his
“Yeah,” I said and took another large sip of the
wine. The first sip was a torture but the
second sip made me feel good and light.
“Maybe he is interested in you.” he said
“Oh, come on. He was just being nice.” I
defended, taking another sip of the liquid.
“You said the same about Liam.” he said in
“Yes, because not every guy is interested in
every girl. Can’t a guy just be courteous to a
girl without wanting anything in return?” I
replied. I had finished the whole [email protected] of wine
and although I didn’t feel drunk, it helped lower
my inhibitions.
“Not when the girl looks like you.” he said,
pouring some more wine in his [email protected] I took
the bottle from him and then poured some in
my [email protected] as well.
“And what is that supposed to mean?” I asked.
I didn’t understand if he praised me or insulted
He smiled at this and then leaned back in his
seat. “You don’t get this, do you? You are
fu-cking beautiful Scarlet, too beautiful for your
own good.” he said and my cheeks felt warm
all of sudden.
I had no idea how to reply so I lowered my
gaze to my plate, fighting the smile that
wanted to appear on my face.
The rest of the dinner went in silence, with his
keen eyes on me and my eyes on the wine. By
the time I stood up, I felt a little dizzy. The
three [email protected] of wine had started to show its
effect and I started to feel drunk. I should have
thought about this earlier. Alcohol and I never
went along, if my late teenage had taught me
“Is the world spinning?” I asked and then tried
to take a step but ended up faltering back in
my seat.
“Why am I surprised? Of course you are a
lightweight.” I heard him say after which he
stood up and walked towards me.
He picked me up with my hips and guided my
legs around my wa-ist. I snak-ed my arms
around his neck and rested my head on his
shoulder. He started walking with me in his
arms and I smiled at our approximate position.
When we finally reached our room, he lowered
me down to the bed. With blurry vision, I
watched him as he covered me with blanket,
his dark hair looking exceptionally soft today.
“Evan,” I whispered and he looked at me.
“You are beautiful too,” I mumbled under my
breath. His mouth curved into a beautiful smile
and he nodded sheepishly.
Walking around the bed, he lay down beside
me. It was still early to sleep but we both were
somehow tired because of the heavy dinner
and the alcohol.
His warm pres£nce beside me was too inviting
so I scooted closer to him and rested my arm
over his torso. He looked at me with sleepy
and confused as eyes when I did that. “Good
night husband,” I smiled, squinting my eyes to
get a better look at him.
“Good night, wife,” he replied and then pulled
me close and wrapped his arm around me. I
succ-umbed to sleep in his warm [email protected],
wishing every night was like this between us.
How amazing would it be!

➡➡➡⏺️LOVE AGAIN ⏺️⬅️⬅️
*👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨EPISODE 32👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨*

From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽


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Last night, I forgot to slide the curtains over
the huge [email protected] door and next morning, the rays
of sun woke me up from the peaceful sleep.
Something had kept me warm and protected
the whole night. Now that I opened my eyes, I
could clear see what it was, or more correctly
who it was.
It was Evan, who had pulled me close to
himself. Our legs were intertwined together and
our bodies were practically glued to each
other. A warm feeling filled me at our proximity
and I blushed deeply. The comfort of his arm
was too much to handle for my fragile heart.
I shifted in my seat and that’s when his eyes
shot open. At first, confusion filled his face,
followed by surprise and then finally something
softer and warmer.
“I guess I drank too much last night.” I said,
staring into his deep blue eyes that were
casting a spell over me.
“Yeah,” he answered and his voice sounded
rough and se-xy. Up close, he was more
beautiful and the urge to trace his face
overwhelmed me. He still hadn’t loos£n his
hold on me, not that I was complaining.
“Thanks,” he whispered and his eyes lowered
to my l!ps.
“For what?” I asked, li-cking my l!ps to W-et
“I slept great last night, after a long time.” he
said and the hair on my arms stood up in
excitement. I loved that I could be the reason
of his comfort and I loved that he was still
being sweet instead of his usual rude self.
“Glad I could be of any help.” I smiled. The
corners of l!ps lifted upwards and he raised his
hand to care-ss my cheeks. His touch caused
my cheeks to heat up more and I struggled to
keep my eyes open.
At an annoyingly slow speed, his f!ng£rs
reached my l!ps and he traced my lower l!p
with his thumb. My chest heaved up and down
as my breaths came out rough.
When he slowly scooted his face closer to me,
the desire to feel his l!ps over mine filled me
and I closed my eyes in anticipation. His l!ps
hovered over mine, his surprisingly minty
breath tingled my skin and the my stomach
tightened in many knots.
“fu-ck,” he [email protected] when suddenly, the sound
of my phone appeared from somewhere
between us. My eyes shot open and I looked
around for my mobile, refusing to meet his
“It’s Geena,” I said and my voice sounded
hoarse. I rose to sitting position and behind
me, Evan stretched himself on the bed.
I slid the screen and answered the video call.
Cara’s face appeared on the screen and her
sight brightened my day. “Mama,” she
screamed excitedly when she saw me.
“Cara,” I smiled on seeing her. “How are you,
baby?” I asked.
“I am fine, Mama. And I miss you and Daddy.”
she said with a pout.
“We miss you too. Here, say hi to daddy.” I
said and turned the screen to Evan.
“Hello, Daddy.” she brought her hand to screen
and waved it.
“Hello. Do you need anything, Cara?” he asked
in a serious voice.
“No,” she said.
“Great.” he said and handed me the phone
“Don’t be a jerk.” I glared at him while
I [email protected] the mobile black to him again, all the
while frowning in displeasure. He rolled his
eyes at my reaction and then added, “I miss
you, sweetheart.”
Cara giggled in return and then told him,
“Geena made me pancakes in the breakfast.”
His eyes moved to me. “Smile,” I motioned
with my hand.
Giving me a scowl, he smiled at the screen
and then said, “That’s great. I wish I could eat
breakfast with you.”
“I will save some for you.” she exclaimed
excitedly. After talking for few minutes, Cara
cut the call and Evan left to take a shower.
Sliding the curtains, I lay down again and
closed my eyes to sleep some more, although
the memory of our almost klzz kept me
After Evan left for some work, I changed into
my swimwear and took a novel with me to the
beach. I spent the day there, lying on the
folding chair, letting my skin tan a little.
It was 5 when Evan called me and told me that
I should get ready for the party. I made my
way back to the house and took a long bath,
using all the bathing products until I was
smelling like flowers.
Wearing the bathrobe, I came out and dried my
hair. I decided to put on the dress at the end
so my clumsy self won’t end up spilling
anything on it.
I did my makeup first. The party was probably
going to be all fancy shmancy so I used all
the makeup skills I had. I even used a red
l!pstick that I never wears usually because it
doesn’t suit my face. For hair, I straightened
them and then curled the ends to make them
look bouncier and more voluminous.
Once I was done, I sl!pped into the stunning
black dress. It was a plain silk evening gown
that reached the floor. It had spaghetti str-aps
and a low neckline but the fitting of the dress
was amazing. Even though it hugged me like a
glove, my stomach didn’t felt flabby like they
usually did in such tight dresses. I smiled in
amusement when I ran my hands along my
curves, the fabric of the dress feeling amazing
against my touch.
I heard the sound of footsteps and excitement
filled me on seeing Evan’s reaction. I swept all
my hair to one shoulder and then stood silently
until he opened the door and walked inside.
He stopped when he saw me and a wave of
surprise filled his face. His eyes travelled
down my body, making me feel warm and
“How do I look?” I asked, controlling my
“Um… You…” he took a pause. “You look….
Like you need some jewelry to go with this
dress.” he said and my eyebrows dipped on
the unexpected answer.
“Well, um… I forgot to bring anything.” I said.
He stared at me and looked like he was in
some deep thought. After a minute or so, he
made his way to the cupboard and looked
inside for something.
He returned with a black box. He gave it to me
and motioned me to open it. Confused, I
opened its small hinge and my eyes widened
when they fell on the dazzling piece of
necklace inside, with matching earring. It was
plain yet simple silver piece but it’s sparkle
was enough to blind someone.
“It belonged to Eliza. I gave her when she
announced her pregnancy to me but she never
got to wear it. I don’t know if it would feel
weird for you to wear it.” he said, his face
“Um… It’s hers. I would feel bad for using it.” I
said. If dead people actually look over the
alive ones, she would definitely want to kill me
on wearing her jewelry. After all, she was a
woman and a woman hates to share her
husband’s gift.
“Well, you share a bed with her husband and
her daughter calls you mama. I think she won’t
care much about this necklace.” he said with a
sad smile on his face. The look in his eyes
reminded me that I was not his choice; I was a
compromise he had to made for her daughter.
“Okay,” I said. He took the box from me and
then asked me to turn around. He walked
behind me and then I lifted my hair so that he
could [email protected] the chain.
Through the mirror, our eyes met and both pair
of eyes were filled with emptiness. His, for not
being with the love of his life right now and
mine, for the dreadful feeling that I would
never see the love in his eyes. Knowingly or
unknowingly, I was falling for him and I hated
myself for it.


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