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love again episode 34 & 35

➡➡➡⏺️LOVE AGAIN ⏺️⬅️⬅️
*👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨EPISODE 34👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨*

From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽


I licked the soft spot behind her earlobe and
she sighed deeply. She fitted perfectly in my
arms, her soft body resting against mine,
making me feel some long-forgotten emotions.
What she said earlier made me ponder over my
behaviour. Would Eliza want me to forget
everyone else around me? Would she want me
to make an innocent girl cry? Would she want
me to hurt a girl over an over again? Would
she want me to be irresponsible towards Cara?
No, absolutely not.
In her love, I forgot about every other
responsibility I had towards my family. Eliza
didn’t fell in love with a brooding, rude and
gloomy person; she fell in love with the old
me. The part of me which was happy,
optimistic and joyful.
“You make me feel things, Scarlet,” I said and
gently nibbled on her earlobe. Her breaths
turned ragged at this and she shivered in my
hold. “You make me want to try to be a better
man for you.” I said.
“And you… you make me want to punch you in
your handsome face.” she responded. I
chuckled and made a path with my l!ps back
to her shoulder. “You are an insufferable human
being. And I hate when you… Ah.” She
stopped when I bit her soft skin of neck
slightly. A small m-oan left her l!ps and she
leaned further into me.
“So what were you saying?” I asked
mischievously and turned her around with her
waist to see her face. Her face was flushed
and her eyes were hooded with desire.
“I said I hate you,” she said angrily.
“Do you?” I asked, snaking my arm around her
waist and pulling her towards me.
She gulped nervously as her eyes switched
between my eyes and my l!ps. “Ye… Yes.” she
A corner of my mouth lifted up while I tucked
her loose hair behind her ears. Leaning
forwards, I klzzed her adorable dimple and her
soft skin inviting me to continue klzzing.
“Tell me Scarlet, do you really hate me?” I said
and placed another klzz on her rosy cheeks.
“Y… Y… Yeah,” she whispered with closed
“So would you hate if I steal a klzz right now?”
I asked, enjoying the way her face paled and
her closed eyes became wide opened.
Her gaze lowered to my l!ps and she gulped
nervously. She licked her l!ps to w€t them and
her harmless action caused all the blood of
my body rush south.
I wanted to taste her l!ps and I couldn’t stop
now, at any cost. And the abs£nce of
reluctance on her face didn’t help either. So I
closed my eyes and finally did what I had been
dying to do for weeks now.
I klzzed her, on her l!ps. She stilled in my
arms and her breath hitched. Our mouths
moved again each other in a torturing slow
speed at first. Her l!ps felt heavenly against
mine, causing my heart to skip a beat. The
speed then became fast as I traced my tongue
all over her plump l!ps. Taking her lower l!p in
between my teeth, I su-cked [email protected] to elicit a
reaction out of her.
Her hands went to my hair and she gripped the
locks in her fist, urging me to keep going. My
tongue traced the entrance of her l!ps, dying to
get her permission to devour her mouth. When
she finally opened her mouth, my tongue
entered inside and tasted each and every nook
of her delicious mouth.
Without breaking the klzz, I picked her up and
took her to the bed, hovering over her. Our
small m-oans mixed with each other, until we
both were a breathing mess. My hands ran all
over her body while her hands kept glued to
my hair. When I finally parted my mouth, she
was lying beneath me, all breathless. The dark
didn’t allow me to see her reaction but I knew
she was feeling just as much as me.
“I am sorry for being an @ss,” I said and rested
my hand on her cheeks.
“I am sorry for calling you an @ss,” she replied,
her voice thick and hoarse.
I chuckled and placed a klzz on her forehead.
Lying on my back, I pulled her closer to me
and then tightened my hold around her. She in
return rested her head on my chest and
wrapped her arm around my torso.
For the second time in a row, I woke up with
Scarlet in my arms. She was still in her fancy
gown which must have been really
uncomfortable for her to sleep in. The vanilla
scent of her silky hair was filling my nostrils,
urging me to inhale.
I rolled her around to lay her straight on the
bed. Propping my head up with my elbow, I
@ssessed her face. She was different than all
the girls I have been with. She was kind but
she knew when to stand up for people she
loves. She was innocent but not stupidly naive.
She was beautiful but not too obsessed with
her looks. She was smart but not foxy clever.
She was everything a man would want in her
girlfriend or wife.
If I had met her before Eliza, I might have
fallen in love with her first. She was the kind of
girl you see in high-school when nobody is
watching. The kind of girl whose silly
expressions made you smile like a crazy
person from a distance. She was that girl who
makes you want to go to her and tell her that
she is too special to hide in the library.
Maybe, some day, I would fall for her. Maybe,
some day, she would teach me how to be in
love again. Till then, I can at least be nice to
her instead of being a plain jerk.
I was lost in these thoughts when I felt a touch
on my cheeks. Opening my eyes, I found her
looking at me with her big, brown eyes. She
had caught me staring at her like a creepy
“Good morning,” I said to her.
“Good morning.” she replied with a warm
“How was your sleep?” I asked softly.
“Great.” she said. “How was yours?” she asked
“Great,” I replied.
“Great.” she repeated. Her voice was so sweet,
so melodious that one could get lost in it. “I
should… Um… Go change then.” she said and
rose to sitting position.
I observed her with amusement as she
nervously tugged her neckline upwards to hide
her cl£@[email protected]£. Her hair was a mess right now, a
wild, se-xy mess. Different thoughts ran through
my mind; thoughts that involved pulling her on
top of me and freeing her of this tight,
suffocating dress.
“Scarlet,” I called her name when she reached
the bathroom door.
“Yes,” she whispered meekly.
“Wear something nice. We are going to eat out
for breakfast.” I said to her. A smile appeared
on her l!ps which she tried to hide but failed

➡➡➡⏺️LOVE AGAIN ⏺️⬅️⬅️
*👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨EPISODE 35👁‍🗨👁‍🗨👁‍🗨*

From U.S Bah ❤ ✌🏽


Our last day in Malibu went great. We spent
the whole day out, visiting some famous
tourist attractions and shopping some gifts for
everyone back at home.
I found out that Evan can be a very friendly
person if he wants to. Thankfully, he didn’t act
like a closed-off workaholic the whole day and
actually put some effort in conversing with me.
He told me about his life before; about his
school life, his college life and his work life.
He wasn’t someone who was given everything
in a silver platter. He told me that when he
started working in his late father’s small
company at the age of 21, they didn’t have
enough money. He ran it together with his
then-girlfriend Eliza for two years until she got
pregnant with Cara. They both suffered many
financial issues but their perseverance kept
their work going. After her death, he handled
the company alone and soon, it started to rise
to sky due to his [email protected]
I truly felt like I bonded with him in a day and
now, we were on our way back to our house.
His driver had picked us from the airport. Both
of us were sitting in the backseat silently,
scrolling our phones. The car entered through
the [email protected] gate of Evan’s mansion. The
driver opened the door and I stepped outside.
“Ma’am, sir,” George rushed out to take our
luggage. “Welcome back.”
“Thank you,” I smiled at him and then turned to
Evan and narrowed my eyes. “Be nice to Cara.”
I told him.
He glared back at me with his piercing gaze.
“You can be so bossy sometimes.” he replied,
on which I shrugged.
Together, we both made our way inside. When
we stepped through the door, Cara came
rushing towards us with her arms wide open.
Kelly and Diana both were running after her,
trying to stop her from running so fast.
“Mama,” she exclaimed excitedly as she
jumped on me. I wrapped my arms around her
and engulfed her in a bear hug.
“I missed you so much, Cara.” I said, klzzing
her hair.
“I missed you too. Geena didn’t make me
cookies.” she said, pulling apart, her mouth
formed a cute pout.
“Oh, don’t worry sweetheart. I’ll bake you your
favourite cookies today.” I said.
“Didn’t you miss Daddy?” Evan asked her in a
gentle voice.
“I did. But I missed mama more.” she
answered innocently and Evan chuckled at this.
He leaned forwards and placed a small peck
on her forehead. Cara looked surprised at his
changed behaviour and her smile clearly
reflected that. My heart warmed on seeing his
fatherly side and together, we three walked
“Mama, did you enjoy in Mal… Mal… Malibu?”
Cara asked while we were walking.
“Yeah,” I blushed as the memory of Evan’s
klzzes made an appearance in my mind. “I
enjoyed a lot.”
“What exactly did you enjoy?” Evan asked, his
eyes filled with mischievousness.
Giving him a glare, I turned to Cara and said, “I
enjoyed swimming.”
I sat down on the couch and asked George to
give me my red bag in which there were gifts
for everyone. Cara observed me with curious
eyes, probably waiting for her gift. Amused at
her cute expression, I opened the bag and
pulled out the first box.
It was a huge @ssortment of beads and other
accessories to make handmade jewelries. Cara
loved wearing beaded bracelets and
headbands so this seemed like the perfect gift
that would entertain her as well as teach her
this skill.
“Wow,” she said and opened it hurriedly.
Picking a handful of colorful pieces, she
grinned wide. “It’s so pw€tty.”
“Just like you,” I replied and ruffled her hair.
“Geena, let’s go make these.” she said to her
babysitter. Before they could leave, I stopped
Geena and gave her a makeup palette that I
bought for her. She was a young girl, few years
younger than mine and it looks like she loved
to experiment with makeup. Her face
brightened on seeing this. She refused to take
this at first but then took it after I asked her
multiple times.
Then, I gave George a watch and Kelly a
handbag. They both looked so happy when I
gave them their gifts and the look was worth
all the money I spent… Well, Evan spent. He
didn’t let me pay for anything I bought
I put Liam’s [email protected] and Catheryn’s
bracelet aside so that I can give them later.
One by one, everyone left the lounge, leaving
Evan and I sitting behind alone.
I turned towards him to give him a glance and
found him already staring at me. “How come I
paid for these gifts yet you got all the
gratitude?” he asked.
“The thought counts.” I shrugged.
[email protected],” he said sarcastically.
After few minutes, the villain of my lovestory
aka Gabe entered through the door to welcome
his dear boss. He took Evan to the study room
to discuss everything that happened behind
Evan, leaving me sulking in the lounge.
I took some rest and then went into the kitchen
to cook dinner. It had been four days since I
cooked anything for Cara so I decided to make
her favourite lasagna today.
Evan hadn’t left the study for the whole day. I
was craving for his attention and his company
but guess, I should compromise on the fact
that I married someone who would always
prefer his work to his wife.
I was cooking the sauce for lasagna when my
phone started ringing. Nate’s name appeared
on my mobile screen. I turned off the stove
and then answered the call.
“Hi,” I said.
“Hi, how are you?” he asked in his deep voice.
“I am fine. Just got back from Malibu.” I told
him while shredding the cheese for lasagna.
“Oh, wish I could have meet you before
leaving. But I had work pending.” he said.
“Oh, it’s totally fine. I hope we will get to meet
again.” I replied.
I was busy on the phonecall when my eyes
averted to the doorframe of the kitchen where
Evan was standing with a frown plastered on
his face.
“I will talk to you later, Nate.” I said and cut
the call.
Moving to the counter, I picked up the boiled
sheets, shredded cheese and the [email protected] tray. I
began to @ssemble every component of my
dish, ignoring Evan’s heated gaze on me.
When I didn’t acknowledge him for some time,
he walked behind me and rested both his arms
on the counter, caging me in. “What are you
making?” he asked, more like whispered.
“L… Lasagna.” I said, trying my best to work
with my trembling hands.
“Okay,” he mumbled. “By the way, you sounded
quite friendly with Nate.”
“Really? I didn’t notice.” I replied casually.
He lowered his head so it was resting on my
shoulder. “I don’t like him.”
“I do,” I said to tease him. “He is nice.”
“Really?” he said and put his hand on my
waist. His f!ng£rs rested there gently, tickling
the skin. “Do you like him more than me?” I
could hear the jealousy in his voice and it
won’t be a lie to say it felt good.
“I’ll have to weigh both options.” I teased. “I
mean, he is an architect, that’s a plus.”
I got his response when he bent his face and
nuzzled his nose against my neck.
Goosebumps appeared on my skin and a
shiver ran down my spine. “Can he do this?” he
Shoulder and neck klzzes were my weakness,
that’s what I explored with his touch. Whenever
he slowly klzzed my s£n-sitive skin there, I
can’t control the [email protected] noices that my
throat makes.
“Mama,” A soft voice reached my ears and I
jumped up in Evan’s arms. He backed away
immediately and we turned around to look at
Cara whose face was paled. “Is Daddy hurting
you?” she asked innocently.
Both Evan I exchanged an [email protected] and
worried look, having no idea what to tell her.
“No, not at all. He… Um…”
“I… I was…” Evan stammered as well.
“He was klzz… klzzing my wound so it… It
would hurt less. I fell down and injured my
neck on the beach.” I lied blatantly.
“Oh, are you okay now?” she asked innocently
and I blushed deeper.
“Yes.” I said.
“Okay. Next time when you feel any pain, I will
give you a klzz and you will get better quickly.”
she stated with a smile and my eyes widened
even more in [email protected] Once she left, I
turned around to glare at Evan for mortifying
me like that. He grinned sheepishly in return
and made his way out of the kitchen.


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