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Lesbian high school Episode 11 to 13

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👡🍆{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}🍆👠

Episode 11



Amanda Brooms.

What…! No! No!

I starred plainly at the Doctor in shock, trying to digest all what he just spurted out.
How can it be?? I’m not pregnant! No I’m not! I’ve never had $ex all through my life before, guys never courted me and I never foreplayed with anyone before, so how could this Pregnancy Test Result says otherwise huh? How? Mom starred at me disappointedly, standing up. Before I could blink twice, a massive slap landed on my face immediately, bombarding my eardrums and I couldn’t hear a word for good two seconds. Tears filled my eyes as I looked down to my feet in immense shame.

‘Mrs, Brooms. Please you don’t have to hurt her physically. We can sort this out amicably ’ The Doctor said, putting his stethoscope to quick adjustment, Mom starred at me disdainfully, spurting out her fingers at me.

‘You worthless child! After everything I did for you ever since your father died, you were still not contented?? You had to go sleeping around with guys, opening your legs cheaply for them?? Oh God, I can’t believe this. How could you do this to me Amanda?? How could you get pregnant??!’ She yelled angrily, disappointment and hatred entangling her voice, and it made more tears rushed out increasingly.

‘Miss. Care to explain what happened ? Were you raped or deceived?’ He asked softly as I sobbed the more. I don’t even know what’s happening to me. I haven’t slept with anyone before, how could this be? Why is all these happening? I’m innocent!

‘Doctor, you don’t need to ask unnecessary questions that aren’t beneficial. This whore that calls herself a daughter can’t just deny the fact that she had been flirtatious this past few weeks! I’m so disappointed in you and I’m so ashamed to even call you a daughter!’ She spat out making the tears flow gushingly the more. She stole one quick glance at me, hurriedly picking the black bag on the table. I followed suit, crying very loudly.

I can’t just assimilate the horrible fact that I’m pregnant. I’ve heard terrible stories about premature pregnancy and the effect on teenagers like me. How the fallopian tube of the female organism dismantle if care is not taken.

Oh God! I’m not ready to be a mother yet. I’m not! I can’t!

I watched tearfully as Mom entered the Car, I walked slowly behind her, but she screamed loudly at me, making me blench fearfully.

I quickened my pace, hopping inside the Car. I can’t just believe this! I can’t keep that thing in my stomach, I have to get rid of it totally.
The drive was a very silent one coz Mom was trying her possible best not to meet her gaze with mine

There’s only but just one way to end this and that’s to kill myself once and for all. My mom now hates me. I have no one in this world, so what’s the essence of living?? Absolutely nothing.

Nothing at all. I shut my eyes close, opening the Car, ignoring the fact that it was still in activation. I heard the loud calls of Mom but I jumped out of the Car to the nearby fly over, letting one of those cars hit me. I heard the sound of honks from different cars, and then I slowly faded to ultimate darkness.


Lorraine Ohmshford

I sprinted out to my Car igniting the Car-Engine, as I quickly stepped on the brake, placing my hands on the steering wheel. I played one of my favourite song “Stuck with you ft. Justin bieber and Ariana grande. I nod my head rhythmically to the slow song. The gate opened, automatically, as I drove off.

It’s time to attend Black ville high, and get my Xavier back.
I smirked grinningly at the bare thought of it, when a girl jumped on my car deliberately.

What the fuck! What the hell was she thinking?? I loosed control of the brake and it made a loud screech. Blood filled the tarred road and the girl seemed dead, the blaring of the police alarm engulfed the atmosphere and I quickly zoomed off to avoid implications.

That was close! But wait! Did she really died? Oh my gawd! How could someone in her right senses hop in front of a speedy moving Car. Just how??

Well, that’s none of my business, it’s her fault, not mine at all. I breathed out a huge sigh as I starred at the road ahead carefully this time. I halted the car at the Parking lot of the School.

Sliding my spectacles on, I hopped out of the Car and wowed at the massive teal blue building that stood triumphantly before me.

So this is the new school Xavier got admitted to?? Humph! Time to take him back and make him mine permanently.

I catwalked inside the School premises, slinging my fashion backpack around my shoulders. My heels made clicking sounds as I walked through the hallway. I got to the House Mistress ’s office, knocking severally on the Door, but it wasn’t opened. I made to knock again, but was disrupted by the unmistakable moans and screams that excavated out of the atmosphere

What the hell could be actually happening?? Isn’t it what I’m thinking??? No. No it can’t. I sighed exasperatedly, making an attempt to knock on the door, but a very loud scream boomed out again, confirming my suspicion. I rolled my eyes in sarcasm, cracking the door, open. My eyes almost dropped out of it’s sockets as I starred shockingly at the events occurring before me!

A female teacher?? With a student? Grazing on each other’s p**y? WTF?? Is this the school my Xavier is attending?? I watched in awe as they increased their pace and loud screams. I wanted to head back, when I felt a strong grasp on my palm.

A bitch cupped my ass forcefully, squeezing my breasts. What the hell?? I slapped her loudly, making her gasp surprisingly in shock.

‘Whoa! We have a feisty Bitch here! Can’t wait to have a taste’ One of them whispered, pinning me to the wall as I gulped hard nervously.

It seems they don’t know I practiced Martial Art. Before I could blink an eye or move a finger, one of them took off my skirt, leaving me half naked. Mocking laughs polarized the room as my heartbeat accelerated nervously.

No…! This isn’t happening..! No…!!!


Liana Ohmshford

I gasped loudly in shock, using my palm to cover my mouth from screaming as I starred at the plasma T. V before me.

They were actually watching pornography while one of the X. O. X. O guys was masturbating with a pink fluffy pillow, in shape of a doll. Roosevelt Christ!


My eyes lingered around the room and I found Xavier on the other side of the room, inhaling Cocaine. He kept hitting his two hands with his head habitually.

Different stenches filled the room and I couldn’t help but cough out loudly, my throat was starting to seize and my breath was becoming unbreathable. I was practically choking. They all turned to stare at me coz my presence was already made known. I starred at Xavier who tried to talk but he stopped immediately.

Oh my gawd! He’s a freaking Drug Addict!

Silence followed, but Xavier Martins eradicated it.

‘Liana, it’s not really what you think’ he stood up trying to explain himself, but I ignored him, finding my way to an empty room. I finally found one and I quickly settled myself on the Huge bed that was gigantic enough to harbor twenty people.

I still couldn’t get the thoughts off my mind. Now I’m fluctuating whether to Stay here or not. It’s like I made the most stupidest decision.

“From frypan to fire!”
Yeah, you could use that as an idiomatic expression coz it corresponds to what I’m feeling right now.


The rest of the day seemed really boring to me, coz I snubbed Xavier throughout the whole time, anytime he tries to start up a conversation with me, I discard it instantly.
We had classes, real classes this time around. I couldn’t really hang out with Sherry coz I had loads of assignments to solve, especially Math-bowl.

It was already late in the Evening, and I decided to have a quick shower. I tied the white short towel firmly, walking back towards the dorm room, only to meet one of the X. O. X. O guys smirking at me lustfully. His gaze raked all over my body, especially my wet laps. Water was dripping from my hair to chest, coz of the recent bath I just had. I gulped hard to nothing as the atmosphere became tensed.

What’s he doing here??

‘Chill..! I don’t bite’ he whispered pinning me to the wall forcefully. I tried to scream but he palmed my lips strongly.



Episode 12&13


Jeannette Blues

I slid my legs into a white denim pants, which outlined every bit of my fresh smooth skin. I was about to put on my blue embroidery crop top when I heard giggles from the dorm. Curiosity got the ultimate best of me and I gave into it by tiptoeing suspiciously from my room only to find Onita making stupid calls.

“Awwwwwwwn, I love you too Andy”

What??? How dare she??

How dare she hangout with another guy when she’s still part of the J. O. Y girls?? Didn’t she remember the promise she made??
My fist clenched furiously as she muttered a kissing sound towards him and I clearly heard the A$$hole giggle from the other side of the ongoing call.

“What the fuck is going on here??” making my presence known unexpectedly to her, she slowly turned back, gasping in shock as her gaze met mine. How dare her??

“I..I’m sorry.. I..it’s isn’t…w..what y..you..t..think” stutter found smooth path into her mouth, it was obvious she didn’t expect me to catch her red handed in that way. Come to think of it, She inculcated the look of Seductiveness. Can’t stay annoyed with her for long, but she’ll have to pay the price anyways. No one cheats on me and go scot free. No one!

“Good now bitch, go on your knees..!” I commanded authoritatively, she quickly obeyed, hopping down from the bed. She crawled to the tiled floor, going on her fours as expected.. Good!

I bent down at the back of her, dipping my finger into her already exposed backside. I cupped her full fleshly bossom, squeezing them softly. It soon had effects on her coz a silent moan escaped out of her mouth, driving me immensely crazy. I increased my fingers to two, moving in and out of her, I placed my legs on her back, the other leg rapped around her waist tightly, barely giving her enough space to breath. I whacked my fingers in and out as I changed it to three fingers, my legs corresponding with the pace, as her hips moved in rhythm. Her liquid-juice rushed out, and I didn’t hesitate to shove them down to my throat, kicking my thumb in delight and pleasure.

“Arrrrhhhhhh……!” Her moans increased the more, as I twirled her pretty toes, slurping on it expertly and consecutively. I chuckled slightly, getting rid of her white brazier instantly, throwing it roughly to the ground.

I took her b**s into my mouth, biting on it expertly, massaging the other one, as I played with it. Trailing hot kisses down from her abdomen to her chest. I tactically engaged her into a rough kiss, and she reciprocated, deepening the kiss the more, my tongue did wonders to hers as hers did mine. My hands went to her a$$, I grabbed it, squeezing it the more enhancing a sharp moan from her. I entangled my legs with hers, while she did the same with my waist pulling me closer intensively. Our slurping kisses and moans filled the atmosphere and I bent to stare at my juice that rushed out. She giggled excitedly, squatting her head down. My hands delved into her hair, while she cleaned off the juice from my honeypot making me scream slightly in pleasure.

“The next time you ever cheat or try such again, I won’t hesitate to make you pay badly, do you understand??!” I asked strictly, with anger lacing through my voice. She gulped hard nodding positively in response.


I changed my outfit into a leather skirt, and a sport bra, completing it with a denim jacket.

“Any news about that new girl that claimed she got hooked up with the one of the X. O. X. O guys??” I asked, lighting a cigarette, letting it take full dominion over my throat.

“I don’t think you can get her that easy again. She’s gat protection now, especially coupled with the enormous fact that she’s gotten hooked up and disvirgined ”

“Do I look stupid to you huh??” I scoffed sarcastically in disbelief, puffing out the smoke from my mouth, making it inhale out from my nostrils. The stench engulfed the entire room.

“W.. What do you mean?” She picked up a black strapless gown, wearing it. “She Can fool you all, but she can’t do the same to me. Before you arrive at this highschool, weren’t you taught Symptoms of a Disvirgined female? Or better still, didn’t you search for it?” I asked and she shook her head negatively.

“Exactly my point!” I hopped down from the Bed discarding the used cigarette sticks, facing Onita with my hands on my hips.

“Does that girl assimilate the look of a Disvirgined girl??” I asked again and she mumbled a No.
Exactly my point! She can’t fool me. I’m not a stupid bitch.

“So what do you suggest we do?”

“I want you to kidnap her friend. Sherry Washington. That Sissy can give us information about her, of course she’ll be tortured if she doesn’t comply. Do what you have to do” my gaze lingered around the room and Yvonne was no where in sight.

Humph! Where could she be anyways??


Yvonne Andrews

I muttered strings of prayers as I jammed my fingers on the button that was placed on the pink diary.
Could you believe the Bitch added a password to her diary??

I had removed the files and then it revealed a diary. Who knows maybe her secrets could be revealed right here??

I racked my brain for a perfect password and jammed the word *Frustrations* into it. Surprisingly, it worked. Balls of sweats rolled down from my forehead as I opened the first page of the Diary, gasping shockingly.


I read it out aloud.

On the 21st of December, I made to shop Christmas stuffs from a grocery not far from our penthouse. I decided stupidly to take a shortcut and I did. I walked peacefully until I heard footsteps trailing behind me, Atfirst I thought is was mere hallucinations, until the pace of the footstep increased. My heart began to accelerate and I ran as fast as my legs could carry, but it came to a moment when I couldn’t run again. I bent down tiredly, with my hands on my thigh, panting hard heavily. But I heard distorted laughters behind me.
Out of fear, I slowly turned back and saw four guys. I asked them what they wanted with me but they didn’t bulge, instead their laughter increased and the next thing I know. I was being bundled to an uncompleted building. I screamed, I struggled, I helped, I pleaded, I cursed, but it was all pointless because that didn’t stop them from taking away my pride and dignity. My heart is filled with deceit, anger and pure hatred. Those guys that committed this atrocity towards me will have their blood to pay I swear. That was why I came to Black ville high in the first place, I didn’t care if they were practicing lesbianism coz life itself didn’t really matter to me. Because of that terrible event that occurred to me, I became a laughing stock to everyone. People who I called family abandoned me. I will not know peace until I Jeanette Blues make those people pay! ”

I didn’t realize when tears started dropping from my eyes, I had to wipe it off immediately.

All these happened to her? And she never told any of us about it?? Life made her cruel, but does it justifies her callous actions?? What about the innocent souls that had to pay for this?? Won’t they get the justice that they deserve?? I opened to the next page of the Diary which inscribed. “History Hidden Secret of Black ville high school” I wanted to read it when the door cracked open unexpectedly, revealing Onita with a smug look.

“Isn’t that Jeanette’s Secret Diary?? Didn’t she tell us to stay away from it??” She asked starring at me murderously and that sent cold shills to my spine.

“Hey.. Hey! Please don’t tell her okay?” I pleased but her face wasn’t holding any iota of remorse or resentment at all. Her gaze went to a kitchen knife and she grabbed it, sneaking close towards me

“Hey! Back off! What’re you trying to do??!” I stuttered nervously as a laugh drove off through her lips as she walked closer towards me. The sight of the knife made my heart thump fearfully.

“I wonder what Jeanette does, when she finds out that you’ve been snitching on her” She whispered, finally reaching my presence, pinning me to the wall. “You aren’t really a Lesbian? Are you??” She added placing the cold knife on my neck.

“What’re you trying to do??” I asked shakily.

“Incase you forgot. Rule number 1 of the J. O. Y girls. If you’re caught spying. Your life would be ended immediately” She replied, wanting to thrust the knife to my neck, but I got hold of it immediately.
We both struggled for the knife, and it accidentally thrust into her stomach. Blood rushed out from her mouth and she held her stomach, gasping in pain.

What did I do??? Oh my gawd!


Xazix Bahamas

I made sure I heard the sound of the shower dripping, which made me had the idea she would still be in the bathroom. I’ve eyed Liana the moment she arrived this highschool and nothing or anyone’s gonna stop me until I get into her pant. I sneaked to her room, anticipating patiently for her to come out of the bathroom. She finally did, and what caught my attention was her smooth wet laps which made blood rush through my groin, making me hard.

I walked closer to her, pinning her to the wall forcibly. “W… What’re you trying to do?? Let me go!!” She tried to yell but i palmed her mouth, hushing her as i lifted up her white short towel.

Gawd! This girl is naturally gifted from above.
No doubt!

My eyes almost popped out of it’s sockets as I starred lustfully at her clean spotless Laps.

“Please, I beg you, release me, I swear I won’t tell anyone” She pleaded but I wasn’t listening. My hardness sprang out to life, but I let it rest on her V. Walls, grazing it teasingly as a loud gasp ran across her seductive lips. I leaned closer to her grabbing her full a$$, She winced in pain tearfully, sobbing loudly. I starred at her pink lips up to her Nubian nose.

I grabbed her hair and turned her to the wall, resting my d!ck on her ass, teasing it in pleasure. “You’re so sweet babyy” I moaned out , teasing it more hardly the more.

“P…please, stop!” She cried out but the shape of her seductive body didn’t allow me to listen to her plead. I trailed kisses from her ears to neck, grabbing her waist tightly to myself. She sobbed loudly but I didn’t let that get into me, I lifted up her towel, caressing her exposed backside in delight, resting my d!ck on it again, moving it softly on her @$$. She cried out, tearful, holding the wall for support, as I bit her earlobe, squatting down, adding kisses from her fresh moderate leg to her smooth skin. I tucked her long curly hair, in between her ears, grabbing her waist in the process.

Carrying her immediately to the bed, i widened both of her legs, her voice broke helplessly as I dipped my head into the sidewalls of her Laps, slurping on it consecutively.


She’s too alluring…..! Damn!

I encircled her legs around my waist, positioning her properly, wanting to penetrate into her, when I heard angry growls, the next thing I saw, was Xavier kicking me ferociously to the ground, making me cough out blood. The Bitch ran to him, and hugged him, crying in his arms.


“You bastard!” He yelled angrily sending blows to my abdomen. I winced loudly in pain.


Xavier Martins

“That Whore isn’t my type Oval, and you know it. I screwed her and I’m done with her” I heard Oliver say to Oval assuredly. I wasn’t engaged in their dirty discussion. Am still mad at myself for letting Liana see me that way.

Suddenly I heard loud sobs, then cries. And instantly, I recognized it. That’s Liana’s!

Without contemplating twice, I stood up immediately, ignoring the calls of the guys. I matched to her room and pushed it open, only to see that Mother Fucker trying to take advantage of her, and that got me really angry.

I sent him kicks and he fell to the ground cowardly. Liana ran to me with tears on her eyes, she cried in my arms, and I didn’t care if her salivary sniffs was all over my chest. At that moment, all I wanted was for her to be okay. I patted her back soothingly but she kept on crying.

This Bastard! How dare he??

“How dare you try to hurt her huh??” I screamed angrily, running my hands through my hair feeling exasperated.

“And why would you be pissed off?? Are you in love with her??” I turned back to face the person who made that statement.

Lorraine Ohmshford???



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