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May 11, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Lesbian high school Episode 14 to 16

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🍆👡{Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined} 👠🍆
Genre: Romance, Comedy, Erotica, Suspense, Highschool.

Written by Olivia Pope A. K. A Candy Bella

Episode 14



Xavier Martins

I ran my hands through my hair, feeling exasperated. This fucking bastard!

“How dare you??!” I yelled angrily, imminent to punch him on the face again, when a familiar voice impeded my actions abruptly.

“Why’re you pissed off?? Are you in love with her??”

I turned slowly, almost gasping in ultimate shock.
What?? Lorraine Ohmshford?? She flapped her lashes sarcastically at Liana who gulped hard, moving backwards slowly.

“How’d you…???”

“Oh! You mean, how did I escape from those lesbian bitches?? Have you forgotten that your girlfriend is a martialed person? You’ve forgotten so much about me Xavier. I called, I texted non stop, but it seems you’ve been busy drilling another bitch’s p**y!!” She screamed angrily, facing Liana. I gulped hard nervously.

How on earth did she get to know that I was attending this School?? How?? If she’s here, it means trouble, serious trouble.

“Anyways, I’ve come to stay, to take back what’s mine and that’s you” She finalized swaying her hips vigorously, but not before pecking my lips forcefully, stepping out of the room. Xazix followed suit, winking flirtatiously at Liana and I was almost forced to cast out one of his


“Liana, it’s not what you think… Look….I..” She waved her hands to the air, clutching her short towel to her Chest tightly. I was tempted to f**k her right that moment coz of the unceasing blood that kept rushing through my groin.

“Xavier, use the door, as you can see I need to dress up” Sarcasm screamed out in her voice. I starred at her one last time before breathing out, scrambling out of her room.

This is gonna be really hard.


Liana Ohmshford

“You mean that Whore said that to you” Sherry exclaimed in disbelief, starring at the so-called girl who called herself Xavier’s girlfriend. She was all over him in class today. Sometimes, she forcibly kiss him on the Lips deeply, especially when I’m around, and that always make my bullet boil.

“Yeah” I replied simply packing my booklets into my locker, getting ready for planetary subject.

“Jeez! She’s so arrogant and really sassy”

I sighted her from afar as she suddenly smirked walking closer towards me. Okay! What does she wants?? “Hey stalker”

“Okay?? First of all you don’t call her stalker, and secondly what’re you doing here??” Sherry scowled, glaring daggers at her angrily. She lingered her gaze around her sarcastically, turning to me.

“Hey bitch! I just came here to warn you briefly. Stay away from Xavier. He’s owned” She uttered, showing off her inscribed “XAVIER” necklace. I scoffed, crossing my hands on my chest, vocalizing my eyebrows into an arc.

“Or what?” I dared and she laughs.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you” She replied

walking out


Episode 15


Yvonne Andrews

Oh no…..!!!

What did I do?? Is she dead??
I gulped hard nervously, squatting down, as I placed both my hands ambidextrously on her chest, tapping it movingly, but she didn’t even open her eyes. I breathed out as tears filled my eyes.

I don’t wanna be a murderer.. No, I’m not! She was attacking me with the knife and then I had to defend myself. If the whole school hears about this, I’m in for sure.
Blood was already all over the tiled floor, and I was starting to get really scared.

The door suddenly plunged open, revealing Jeanette. She starred at me suspiciously before walking in fully. I stylishly his the diary under the Bed without her noticing.
Her gaze went to the dead Onita and she gasped loudly in Shock.

“What did you do??!”

“I didn’t kill her!”

“You did bitch! You murdered her!!” She yelled angrily, also squatting down to the position of Onita, whose face was pale deadly. Jeanette laughed maniacally, slowly it turned to cries. Murderous look was pasted all over her face clearly and I quickly stood up immediately, but that didn’t reduce the Anger that was written on her face. I gulped hard, moving backwards.

“I swear I didn’t kill her, I was just walking in here..and I saw her lying there helplessly with blood all over the floor. Believe, me I’m innocent!” I yelled, hoping she would believe my lies.
Her hands slowly snaked under my laps, lifting my skirt up, her other hands went to my @$$, she squeezed it consecutively, drawing my body closer towards herself possessively. She trailed hot kisses down from my abdomen to breasts, sucking on it like it was her lifeline, I was tempted to slap her hands off, thrusting the knife into her stomach, but I didn’t wanna create suspicions from her, so I hesitantly drew her hair, closer to myself, engaging her into a hot deep kiss. She giggled, taking off my blouse, tossing it roughly to the ground.. My mouth didn’t leave hers while she placed both of my laps around her waist, pushing me to the wall. She also walked towards me very closely, grazing her p**y on mine.

“You’re so sweet” She moaned out, taking off my pant, balls of sweats rolled down from my forehead as she grazed her p**y harder and rougher on mine, quickly taking the knife. She turned the knife, inserting the bottom of the knife into me making me scream out loudly. She laughed callously, inserting it more deeper again, throwing it to the ground after on. She pushed me closer to herself, pulling me into a long slurping kiss before my juice rushed out sporadically. The bitch didn’t hesitated before drinking it all up, finally pushing away from me.

“In order to confirm your loyalty you’ll help me kidnap Sherry Washington, Liana Ohmshford’s very best friend. She seems tough and I love tough bitches. Their moans keep you going to suck their cl**ts with passion.
Kidnap her and she’ll tell us whether her friend is disvirgined or not, coz I don’t believe the whole makeup story about her being hooked up. If you don’t do it, I’ll announce to the whole school that you killed your lesbian mate, and you know what happens next right? You’ll be going to the school’s juvenile detention centre!” She added, making my heart accelerate.


Nathan Davidson

“N-nathannn!” She screamed loudly as I penetrated very deep into her shallow p**y. I turned her over, angrily shoving my d!ck into her p**y consecutively. She let out a loud gasp as I added one last deep thrust, wiping off my sweats. I walked to my wardrobe, throwing bundles of cash on the gigantic bed, walking towards the door. I opened it up, after dressing. The guards trailed behind me as I walked into my Car, driving off.

They’re all gonna pay for what they did to my sister, I swear they’re gonna pay endlessly.

“Boss, are you sure you wanna go for this mission?” One of the close guards to me asked as I increased the volume of the ongoing music playing, sliding my spectacles over my face.

“Fuck I am!”


Liana Ohmshford

I blinked my lashes back repeatedly, trying to process all what that Sassy girl said to me. She really got the nerve huh. “That girl makes me sick” Sherry replied settling on her seat. The teacher did all the necessities on the projector, facing us.

“Who can list just one planet out of all the planet we have??”
I raised up my hands and she gave me a little nod, I stood up, but not without hearing a sarcastic scoff from her.


“Sorry, Stupid!” The sassy girl mocked standing up as well “But Pluto’s not longer a planet” She objected, smiling at me mischievously .
The teacher approved of her answer and everyone started clapping for her. She raised her eyebrows mockingly at me, settling down very close to Xavier.

“Hey! It’s okay not to know everything” Sherry soothed as I sat down, gulping hard. Heaven knows I felt like ripping off her fake hair from her scalp.

“Okay class you’ll be paired up in two’s, and also asked to make planet Mars. Based on scientific research, that planet is too sunny and really not suitable for dwelling. Each group would make the planet and submit it here early tomorrow. I’ll group you guys now for the project” She elaborated.

“Lorraine Ohmshford” She called out from her list and the Sassy bitch stood up, showing off her coral pink polished nails.. Wait! Why the heck does she bears the same last name with mine??

“Grayson Ramirez” she called out and a cute chubby guy stood up, making a frown activate on her face.. I was extremely glad she didn’t get paired up with Xavier.

Suddenly, the lights went off and a blue light flashed in making us gasp.. Next thing we heard was a very loud bombarding robotic voices.

“Attention all units!! Attention all units!”


Episode 16


Liana Ohmshford

‘What the heck is happening right now’ Sherry spurted out, her voice entangling with fear. The loud blaring sound got louder and scarier, as I felt a strong firm hands rapped around my waist.
I breathed out in ultimate relief when I managed to see it was Xavier. His exotic fragrance cooled my nose as I rested my head on his broad chest.

‘I’m always here, okay?? Whenever you’re afraid’ he soothed assuredly, caressing my hair, as I shut my eyes closed, nodding in response.

The blue lights went off, making the white lights boom in again. Two robots appeared before us, and I heard Sherry mutter strings of curses. ‘All Students should exit the school premises now! All students should evacuate now!’ Their distorted voice rhymed robotic-ally, as I quickly exited the building.

‘Wtf??!’ I heard someone gasp surprisingly, I turned to the direction of where their gaze averted to and a loud scream escaped from my mouth.

A dead Student?? Oh my gawd!

My heart began to thump intermittently than its ribcage as my gaze never abandoned the corpse that was placed on the stretcher.

‘Isn’t that??….’

‘One of the J. O. Y girls! She was stabbed in her dormitory an hour ago’ Sherry completed, holding my hands firmly. It was obvious that she was really getting scared, and I wasn’t excluded too.

They searched all of us respectively, and couldn’t find any weapon or anything that was suspicious. We later walked back to Class, and students couldn’t stop murmuring.

‘Are we here to learn or watch dead people’ Lorraine scoffed sarcastically, not affected one bit about what happened. Sometimes I wonder if she’s really a human being, coz she doesn’t have any sense of humor at all.

We were asked to stay in our respective dorm rooms, I bade Sherry goodbye before emerging into the X. O. X. O guys abode. I was really surprised when that Sassy girl walked with us too.

Wait??! Is she actually staying with us?? Like… We’re living under the same roof??! I watched disgustingly as she kissed and pecked Xavier all over, clinging unto him like he was her lifeline.

‘Let’s all play a game! ‘ She shrieked excitedly leaning unto Xavier’s jacket. None of the X. O. X. O guys replied her which got her really infuriated. She scoffed in total embarrassment, jerking her Chin towards him.

‘Xavier?? Are you just goanna watch them? While they snub me intentionally??!’

‘Well, what’d you want me to do about it??? C-mon Lorraine! I can’t force them to do what you want’ He tried to reason but she flickered her teal blue eyeball in dissatisfaction, nudging Xavier’s shoulders in an annoying manner. The rest of the guys rolled their eyes at her, continuing with whatever they were engaged in, while I just starred intently, watching the whole scenario.

I mean.. I don’t get?? Why’s she acting annoyingly, especially towards me.

‘No! No one ignores me and you know it. I want you to force them to join this game right now!!! I don’t know how you’re gonna do it, but they’re participating in the game by force!!’ She yelled angrily, almost bombarding my eardrums with her squeaky voice.

He ran his hands through his hair, sighing deeply, muttering dint of curses before starring at the rest of us, with pleading eyes. ‘Oval? Oliver? Guys please just join, I don’t have time for her troubles’ He starred at me but I threw my face away.


‘i can’t’

He sighed again, walking towards me, piercing his green alluring eyeballs with mine, and that made my heart really accelerate excitedly.

‘Please’ His Voice was soft but demanding. Seeing that i was in a non-argumentative situation, I raised my hands up in defeat.

‘Fine! I’ll join’ A smile curved into the Witch’s face as she sat down on the tiled floor. We all mimicked her actions, anticipating for the so-called game she forcibly dragged us in.

‘So we’re playing. Seven minutes in heaven. This is how its done! I ask you a question, if you get it wrong, I’ll hook you up with a guy of my choice and you’ll both spend seven minutes in the Lavatory!!’

What type of a game is that??? I turned sideways only to meet Xavier’s pleading eyes. I exaggerated a sigh, turning back to the supposed direction.

‘Liana!!’ She called with sarcasm as if being forced to mention my name. I rolled my eyes st her, sinking my fingers through my chin anticipating for her question.

‘When was Washington DC created??!’

I mentally racked my brain but couldn’t find a perfect answer to her question. A smirk plastered on her face as she starred at me.

‘Uhm…. 1340?’ I replied unsure.

‘Wrong!! Now I want you to hook up with Xazix for seven minutes’ She replied smiling as Everyone gasped loudly except Xazix who had a victorious smirk on.



Nathan Davidson

I removed my shades, stepping out of the Car, walking majestically into the School building. At the Entrance, the figures there seemed really busy, but that was none of my business. On getting inside, the girls that passed my direction gasped surprisingly as she starred dreamily at me.

Well, I wouldn’t blame her though.. Who would view me and not drool helplessly?

I watched gloatingly as one of the girls that was outfitted in a bumshort and a embroidered crop top, winked at me naughtily, caressing her hands on my groin. I smirked grinningly at her, spanking her a$$ in return. She giggled satisfactorily, cat walking away with her hips swaying vigorously.

The girls here are really gifted naturally from above, and it seems they’ve gat eyes for hot guys like me, which is gonna make my plans flow easily. On arriving at the house mistress ’s office, I wasn’t surprised or perplexed to hear moans and loud bombarding screams. I plunged the door open, and the scenario revealed a pretty girl crying profusely. I bit my lower lips, checking her exposed laps out.

Damn! She’s really hot! I can’t wait to stick my rod into her Barbie-hole. ‘Welcome to black ville high Mr. Davidson, but before you’re fully a student here. You need to prove your worthiness, by screwing her’ A female replied with a smile as the girl shook her head negatively, with tears slipping from her eyes. I wasn’t touched or emotional a bit. They made my Sister pass through the same thing, and so I’m goanna give them a taste of my revenge, but it’s gonna be little by little to eradicate any form of suspicions from them.

I nodded affirmatively ‘Let’s do it!’

‘No! No! No!! Please, I beg you!!’ She pleaded tearily but I ignored, dragging her to kneel on her fours, I bent behind her taking off my pants. I shifted hers to one side, penetrating into her with full force unceasingly, while her loud screams filled the atmosphere.


Sherry Washington


I can’t still believe this! One of the J. O. Y girls? Stabbed and dead??

Oh my gawd!

What is happening?? This has never happened in this highschool before, not even once! That got me really scared and extra confused.

I sighed frustratedly, drying my hair as I moved to my costmestics-table, picking up a cream, I settled on the bed finally, pressing the cream slowly on my chest, massaging it. A moan almost popped out from my mouth as I remembered what happened between Oliver and I in the hookup night…….Gawd! He rode me so perfectly the way I wanted it. I laughed silently at my own naughty thoughts as I wore a nightdress.

I was about to settle in to Bed when the door barged open revealing a girl in a black hoodie. My heart raced as I starred fearfully at her.

‘Who are you??’

Before I could blink an eye or move a finger, she already tied me up, bundling me into a sack, as I struggled with her weakly.





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