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July 23, 2021


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Lesbian high school Episode 9 & 10

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🍆👠 {Stay Holy And Get Disvirgined}👢🍆

Written by Olivia Pope A. K. A Candy Bella

Episode 9



Sherry Washington

Music blared around the large atmosphere, and screams of students could be heard. Everyone was having fun and they engaged themselves in a heated dance, so there was possibly no way you wouldn’t change your perspective about not dancing coz you’re really gonna feel left out all alone. At the left side of the room, moans and screams engulfed the area, followed by loud quacking of skins.

I gulped the last contents of the drink, walking to a table filled of drinks.

So many people were there, and I had to snuggle my way in there forcefully. I placed the empty bottle on it and felt someone spank my ass. Out of anger, I turned back only to see the intimidating face of a scary guy.

“Don’t ever try that again” I warned, spurting out my index finger to his face, but a smirk plastered on his face, he didn’t look apologetic at all. I starred at him glaringly, walking out of the crowd.

Wait…..! Where the hell is Linda?? Could she be with Xavier??
No she isn’t…! It’s not yet time for the matching hour… Where could she be??? Where??

Fear resonated all over me as I gallivanted my gaze around the room, but I didn’t see her figure nor anything relating to her.

“Liana?? Where are you?”

The loud sound of the ongoing music increased abruptly and everyone screamed excitedly.

We came to partyyyyy, and have a good time…!

We came to party, and have a good time…!

We came to party, and have a good time..!

We came to party and have a good time…!

They all blithered out, dancing to the rhythmic sound of the bombarding music. A hot girl cat walked towards me slowly with a glass of wine on her left hand. “Would you love to dance” She’d drawled seductively, blinking her fake lashes, I assumed she fixed up for this party. I wasn’t focused on her, coz all that was on my mind was Liana Ohmshford. I just hope she didn’t get laid by one of those psychotic rough rider. The bitch in my presence wasn’t ready to give up soon, from the look of the awkward situation. She smiled cheerfully forcing my hands inside her cleavages but I was quick to withdraw it, turning away from her immediately.

“You’re pushing too hard. Move!” I retorted, walking off.

My gaze landed on Oliver and he seemed to be enjoying the party with his bunch of whores, which brought hurt and pain to my heart.

Why am I feeling hurt?? He’s a Playboy as it is. I tried to get my mind off him by waving the thoughts off, but I couldn’t.

My heart tore to unenumerated pieces as he grabbed one of the Hoe’s a$$, squeezing it, while they pleasured him by moving their waist for him, making him gloat.

His eyeball pierced mine, making my heart accelerate intermittently. All my anger was neutralized instantly he starred up at me. My heart increased it’s beats as his gaze digressed to my exposed cleavages making me gulp hard to nothing in particular. His diamond shaped Lips excavated out a “Woww” He pushed the whores off, walking towards me.

Huh?? He’s coming to me??

Jeanette Blues

“Position yourself steadily girls. We strike tonight!” I smirked grinningly, unbuttoning Yvonne’s bumshort. Everyone seemed to have immense fun and I was more than gleeful. Onita’s eyebrow vocalized an arc. “What strike are you talking about??”
She’s been acting strange and weird lately, I examined her and she quickly covered her face up with a Stern look.

“We’re raping that new girl today and we’re using the red code on her!”

“You plan to eliminate her after that?” She gasped loudly and I rolled my eyes at her.

Why’s she surprised?? This is not the first time she’s witnessing me doing this, and now she’s suddenly shocked? She had better not try anything stupid to ruin my plans, coz I won’t hesitate killing her too.
Yvonne dipped my fingers deeply into her cleavages while I grabbed her creamy full b***s, massaging the other one, as a moan escaped from her lips. “I think not! Look at that!” She gestured, and I disengaged from her, standing up, jerking my neck to the direction she pointed at. I gasped angrily.


One of the X. O. X. O guys was with her, holding her possessively as if she was his treasure.

A smile curved Onita lips, while Yvonne shrugged casually as if it wasn’t a big deal. My fist clenched furiously as I starred at them.

She can’t get hooked up with one of them.
No… The Fuck no!


Liana Ohmshford

I felt someone grabbed my waist tightly, turning back staggeringly, my hazy gaze met with the person’s. A Cute guy!

He rubbed his hands against my abdomen, drawing me closer to himself, feeling his hot breath. Suddenly I heard growls and in a blink, the guy was already on the floor. Blood was oozing from his nose. I looked closely at the person that sent him to the ground.

. X-xavier?? He hit him??

“You fucking bastard” He growled, using his fists on him consecutively. My hands travelled to my mouth and I exclaimed fearfully in ultimate shock. “Xavier , stop you’re gonna kill him!” I shrilled out, but he didn’t bulge, instead he increased the pace of his kicks. We’d already become the centre of attraction and I was starting to feel very scared.

“I said stop!”

“Xavier please!”

“I told you to stop” I yelled angrily slapping him loudly on his face, shocking everyone in the room.

Did she just touch him??

She’s so dead!

She just slapped one of the X.O.X.O guys

What was she thinking?

Different comments elapsed from their mouths but I was less concerned. Xavier’s fist clenched furiously, starring at me like I’ve grown two horns. He grabbed my hands, dragging me to a private area, I tried to struggle from his strong hold but I couldn’t, coz he was way more stronger and heftier than me.

“Let me go” I struggled weakly, but he didn’t reply, he tightened his hold on me, pushing me into a dark room.

“What the hell are you doing??” I asked, with fear laced in my Voice. His eyebrows drew up into an arc and he hit his knuckles vehemently on the wall, rummaging through his brown hair.

“Fuck! Liana, what’re you doing to me??” Whispering, he caged me to the wall as I manoeuvred with it, thrusting my eyeball into his that flickered to the corners. Our breaths became intense and we couldn’t resist it any longer. I couldn’t hold it anymore. My hands went to his back drawing him closer, while his hands travelled through my short gown, lifting it up with his bare hands. His hot breath fanned my neck passionately as my chest heaved up and down. W couldn’t talk. Every action was made by silence. I drew his neck more closer to my awaiting lips.


Episode 10


Sherry Washington

Wait? He’s actually walking towards me?
Oh my gawd!
He had this smirk on as he finally reached my direction dragging me to a secluded area, shutting me up before I could even talk, he impeded me with a rough hungry kiss.

I’ve always wanted this..! The feeling is pleasurably irresistible.

He didn’t give me dominion over the Kiss, instead he held my waist possessively, dipping his hands under my C-string, foreplaying with it tremendously. I moaned out loudly thrusting my hands through his hair. He carried me slowly towards a couch, placing me on it.
I know this is wrong, and unwise. I know this is not advisable but I shut my eyes closed, letting him take full charge of my body. He took off my pant, tossing it roughly to the ground, squatting his head to the direction of my laps. My lips quivered in pleasure as his tongue found way deep into my honeypot, mating and tongue rolling it repeatedly.

“O…Oliver, Oh my…!” I gasped loudly in pleasure as he sucked on it expertly, slurping it softly.

Damn…, He’s just too good in stuffs like this. I encircled my legs around his waist, with my hands placed on his smooth back. With his head dipped on the sidewalls of my laps, I moved my hips closer to his lips, giving him the full comfortability he needed at that very moment.

“Oliver…, oh my gawd!” I exclaimed in moans as he grabbed my waist more closer to his lips, sucking on it, like he was Frenchkissing it, and I loved every single thing he did to me. After some minutes of slurping and biting, he took off his glittery shirt, smirking unsatisfactorily to my face. I dispersed my gown to my chest, making me look half-Naked to him. His eyes found way to my breasts, and he took it straight to his mouth, massaging the other one with so much effort. “Oliver, are you an e..expert?” I asked rhetorically, moaning out loud, but he only chucked slightly, taking off my gown eventually, with his hands still around my bossom, he squeezed it and also groaned out in pleasure. He leaned unto me and I could feel his hardness grazing on my V. Walls, teasing them exasperatedly.

I furrowed my eyebrows, pressing my lips closed the moment he shoved into me with full force. Without hesitation I pushed his back more closer to my naked body. He grinned widely as his oceanic eyeball glittered in the corners. I gasped loudly as he thrusted again deeply, making me jerk up on the Couch. The thrusts he made, enhance me to crave for more, it made me want him desperately to myself. Each feelings that elapsed from me was nothing but the pure undeniable love I had for him.

“Why’re you still tight huh?’ He whispered, using his lips to brush my ears, kissing me back roughly, while his other finger found way into my honeypot, moving in and out, a Sharp breath escaped from my lips consecutively.., He positioned himself well, and penetrated into me, slowly, fastly, then roughly.

Each thrust and pace from him to me, made the sofa quacked repeatedly, making the sounds of our skins whacking each other.

Oh gawd….!

I shrilled out his name, as my chest heaved up and down to his fast pace, my mouth bringing out circles of breaths.

” I..I’m cumming…a..already ” I stuttered moan-ingly coz his fast pace barely gave me breath to talk properly. He released his orgasm to my laps, slurping it into his throat.
I crazily loved the way his tongue danced on my laps swiftly.
He added one last thrust, before kissing me longingly, I drew his neck more closer, playing my tongues with his, it excavated out the taste of I and him together which brought chills to my spine. We both made slurping sounds as his hands suddenly grabbed my waist and I arched my eyebrows at him questioningly.

“Junior wants another round. Won’t you give him?” He whispered hoarsely, and I laughed, rolling on my belly for him.


Oliver Dane

After that statement, she rolled on her abdomen, and I immediately trailed hot kisses from her back to her hips, thrusting in deeply.

Gawd..! She’s gonna be the end of me. I penetrated again, for five minutes before reaching my climax. I pulled out of her with a satisfied grin. She pressed her cheeks to the sofa, and deep shades of pink appeared on it.

Wait! Was she actually blushing?? Guess she dosen’t have full idea that I don’t love her, just, screw her up, and toss her aside.
No strings attached.

“Keep telling yourself that” My inner mind retorted, making me practically roll my eyes, but why does my heart says otherwise? I starred intently down at her red thin lips, to her moderate nose, up to her brunette scattered hair that covered half of her face, she was trying hard to catch her breath.
Why do I have this sudden feeling that I’m doing something wrong to her??

Gawd! Is this girl a Mermaid or what? Her long seductive legs wobbled to the ground, as she picked up her clothes on the floor, avoiding eye contact with me. Seriously now??

She wore her clothes expeditiously, putting on her pants, she adjusted herself, but let out a silent wince, before placing her legs inside her heels. Each action she made got me starring helplessly at her. Normally, when I screw whores, I pay them their money and disperse them instantly, but with her, it felt that she could stay with me forever. Her butt wiggled to the right and left side as she walked. Blood rushed through my groin, making me hard.

I breathed out, running my hands through my hair, I put on my outfit, grabbing my phone. I need to get those cocaine delivered as soon as possible. Mr. Fitzgerald is way too slow in business.

I got into my bike riding it fastly as it made sounds of the collision of the tarred street and the tyre.

I got to the destination, and I saw whores parading his front.

Seriously?? I never thought someone like him is interested in stuffs like this. He noticed my presence and alerted his men, they immediately brought out a bag, I walked slowly, taking it from them.

“What’s in it for me?” He whispered, standing up. Wait! Is he kidding me right now? After I sent a hundred thousand dollars to him, and now he’s double crossing me??

“I already sent the money to you” I muttered audibly, he eyetalked his men and they all pointed guns at me.


“This wasn’t our agreement” I replied, gulping hard, moving backwards. “One more move from you and I disperse your Brain” he yelped out in his baritone voice, pulling the trigger. My eyes travelled to one of his men beside me and I quickly hijacked the gun from him, pointing it at them, smirking audaciously.

“Now I’m gonna need you to shut the Fuck up with your hands above your head” I shrilled out, with the bag of cocaine still placed in my hands, moving back slowly, wanting to leave when he pulled the trigger and I quickly fired my shot expertly, shooting at the whole trios. Sounds of loud gunshots engulfed the area as the bitches screamed, running out immediately in fear.

I tossed the gun away, running off instantly.
That was close!


Xavier Martins

So bad that I wanna hold her close to myself and kiss the strawberry out of that pouty lips of hers, but I can’t. I wanna hold her waist so close to myself, i wanna f***k the hell out of her and sleep by her side, telling her how much I freakishly want her, but I can’t. I wanna get my head buried deep inside that smooth fresh Laps of hers that drives me immensely crazy but I can’t. I can’t because I don’t wanna hurt her. I don’t wanna make her think that I’m a monster, with all the dark terrible things I’ve done in this highschool, to be one of the X.O.X.O guys, I don’t think that footstep is gonna fade for the rest of my entire life.

I’m just gonna have to put on a façade that we’re hooked up, so that those J. O. Y girls can stay off her back, but I don’t think I can love her without hurting her.

No the Fuck I can’t…!

I pulled away from her instantly, and she starred at me with shock written on her face.

“Get prepared tomorrow, you’ll be living in my dormitory” I whispered, avoiding intense stares with her.

Liana Ohmshford


After everything that happened at the party, with Xavier, I couldn’t just get my mind off him totally. I’ve never been so embarrassed and disappointed all my life. He just tossed me away like garbage. Rejecting me?? Jeez!
One part of me was glad that my cherry wasn’t bursted, I still have my virginity with me so I was kinda cool about it. Sherry helped me pack my luggage’s successfully.

“I’m gonna miss you. But not to worry, I’m a free student, and we’ll be attending the same class. Real class this time” She emphasized laughing and I joined her. Her skin glowed so much and she looked really happy and excited.

Wait! Did she……….??

“What?” She snapped, when she realized have been starring weirdly at her for long. Tell me , what really happened when I got stranded at the party yesterday night? ” I asked as we walked through the second stairs. She stopped and her cheeks heated a bit.

“Why do you ask?”

“Your skin is glowing brightly, it’s called the After-Sex glow” I rolled my eyes sarcastically, remembering the fact that I and Xavier almost had it. I didn’t realize when I started blushing helplessly too.

“Yeah, I and Oliver actually hooked up yesterday night”


“Are you guys now a thing?” I asked eagerly but her lips bisected into a frown which got me wondering. Did I say something wrong???

“Actually” She breathed out, dragging the travelling bags to the last stairs. “No, he..uhm… I don’t think he wanna involve in a serious relationship with me”

Ohhh, the sadness was obvious in her voice though. “So how was it with Xavier?”
I wanted to tell her nothing happened between us but I kept my mouth shut, tactically changing the topic, she noticed it, but didn’t press further and to say I was glad was a perfect understatement.

“And We’re here! To the X. O. X. O guys dormitory” She smiled and I thanked her before taking my luggage’s from her. I breathed out before pushing the door open, meeting the entire Shock of my life.


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