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last day at mystery high episode 15



(It should all be kept a secret)

Episode 15


By : Kebby NG Media Services

“So Sharon? Will you let me help you and you do the same in return too?”She asked.

Sharon stood for a while wondering how come Nina knew that she was searching for a way to get Louis out of her life, she must have heard her when she was talking to her self a while ago.

“Am still waiting for a reply Sharon or dont you mean it, are you after all longing for Louis?”She said
“Of course not, I don’t Louis,I never did and besides why aren’t you angry? You knew Louis was trying to get close to me by using you!” Sharon said
“I knew and I thought that if I got more close to him ,he would look my way but it seems like he is serious with you, he even took you to his father ” she said
“That’s all a farce, we had to lie to him just to save Louis from being dethroned”Sharon said quickly
“Is that so? You didn’t do it because you feel some thing for him?”Nina asked
“I didn’t, I only did it for just that reason”Sharon replied again
“Fine then, I will take it as you have said, so back to our discussion, are you willing to help me so I can help you in return ?”She asked
“Yes”Sharon replied with out hesitation.

She felt she like she owed Nina, why can’t Louis see that Nina likes him, if he asked her to do any thing, she would, he is only throwing away a real gem and going after her in return.
Nina walked toward the front door and p
Locked it completely, she did the same to every other toilet, making sure no one was listening to their conversation .

“Is that really necessary?”Sharon asked
“What am about to ask you is some thing very delicate ” Nina said

“Help me get a bit of Louis hair “She said
“Of Louis hair?”Sharon asked puzzled
“Yes,it’s the only way, you get to get him out of your way while I get to have him for myself”Nina said


“But nothing Sharon! Are you getting cold feet already?” She asked
Sharon stood still for a while thinking about what she said,it’s the only way for her to get rid of Louis and if it would be that way then she would do it.
“Forget it! You won’t do!”She said as she turned to leave but Sharon pulled her back

“I will do it, I will take a piece of his hair and bring it to you”Sharon said quickly and she was rewarded with a smile
“You won’t regret it Sharon, I will make sure Nick is out of your way for good, I promise”She said and turned to leave .
Sharon couldn’t stop her self from asking the question that have been bothering her all day long
“You have change Nina, you are different”Sharon said and that stopped her .
She turned giving Sharon a smile and then put her hand in her pocket to bring out her reading [email protected]
“I haven’t change at all and I want his hair today after school, I will be waiting In front of the gate” She said and left the rest room.
It took a while for Sharon to leave the rest room and when she did leave, she made a decision to start with her plan as soon as possible.
She went to the room given to the Lord of the school expecting to see Louis there but there was no one there.
She left the room intent on finding him on time. The only time given to her was now until the end of the day.

She was heading to [email protected] when some one suddenly pulled her by her hand.
She turned to see Harvey starring at her, having a smile on his face

“Finally have found you!”He said

“Have been searching for you? Where were you?”He asked
“Doing some necessary thing, look I need to …… ”

“Wait! Are you going out, I would like to Invite you for lunch”He said

“I….I can’t come for lunch Harvey”she said looking around her


“Because i have something important to do”She said and pulled her hand from him.
She got to [email protected] and there was still no sign of him.
She head to the garden only to see him find him there laying on the [email protected]
Judging by emptiness of the garden, he has made every one leave just to have the whole place to himself.
She walked towards him expecting him to open his eyes and to acknowledge her pres£nce but then he didn’t do that.
Seems like he was asleep, she thought as She coughed twice trying to see if he was still asleep but he didn’t even budge.
She brought out a little scissors she had found at the school infirmary when she was searching for him.
She knelt beside him and took a strand cutting it and quickly putting it in her pocket.
She was about to leave when he spoke startling her
“Stop right there”She stopped and turned to see him starring at her.
She was shaking softly as she thought of what she just did, was he asleep when she was cutting his hair.
“W…. why?”She said softly
“Why?”He replied starring at her angrily
“Why did you ask me to stop?”She questioned knowing that she was caught already
“Aren’t you here to tell me some thing?”he asked
“Tell you what?”
“Are you playing with me Sharon?”He asked getting up fully
She better say the truth now before he strangles her neck again
“I….I didn’t mean…..”

“You are here to still tell me to go to hell right!” He said interrupting her

“You rejected to help Mary and I and so you being here now is to make it clear to me that we will never get your help right?”He asked

“No save it, you have said enough as it is,I thought that by making Mary tell you the reason for us doing this,you would agree to it easily but then it seems I will have to force you as it is !”he said starring at her angrily.
“What do you mean?”She asked
” That am going to be a bother to you from now on and I will do all I can till you have become mine, I mean it”He said and walk off leaving Sharon shivering in fear.
Would he really do as he said? She thought clutching his hair in her pocket.
No he wouldn’t, not when she had help from Nina,she has to look for Nina and give her the hair on time, she thought as she went to [email protected] in search of Nina.
Unfortunately for her Nina was no where to be found.
Not even Mary now Harvey who had wanted. To have lunch with her and then Louis..
None of them were around, where could all of them be? She thought as the bell for the end of the day was rung.

Nina had told her to meet her at the school gate once she has the hair and so she might be there, she thought as she packed her book and head out of the [email protected]

She got to the front gate only to find no one there.
She decided to wait, Nina might show up and then she would give her the hair and be rid of Louis for good.

“Sharon!”Nina called suddenly from behind her and she turned to Find her standing close to her

“Where have you been, have been looking for you”sharon said
“Have been here waiting for you, so tell me! Did you bring it?”Nina asked
“Of course I do,I manage to get a bit of his hair and I ……”
“That’s enough, hand the hair over to me now”She said and Sharon did as she said
“Have done my part, all you have to do now is to get Louis off my back ” Sharon said
“I will but first you have got to do some thing”Nina said
“What’s that?”
“Come with me, you will have to see it your self “She said and before Sharon could protest, she pulled her off .
Sharon had no idea where she was headed to with Nina but she knew that she had never been to this part of the school, how could shd not have noticed this plsce, she thought.
They got to a small house and Nina stopped, starring at her
“What’s this place?”she asked
“A place that is not meant for you but now that you are seeing it, then it is, why don’t you go in”She said

“In? But why?”Sharon asked
“Trust me and go in”Nina said.

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